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It's 13 days before my surgery and as the date...

It's 13 days before my surgery and as the date draws nearer, I'm becoming more obsessed with reading up on breast augmentation surgeries and experiences. Just like I do before a trip or any other new experience, I try to soak up as much information as I can so I can mentally prepare myself for all possible experiences and any possible outcome. Finding this site feels like a goldmine! I'm like a sponge soaking up all your stories!

I'm 41 years old with 2 children that I had in my early 30's. Both were breast-fed. I was a 34-B before breast feeding and now I'm a deflated, slightly droopy, asymmetrical 34A/34B. My breasts have always been slightly different in size but the difference between more noticable after breast feeding.

I have thought about getting breast implants since my 20's but wanted to wait until after I was done having children and breast feeding. And so here I am, done having children, divorced, in another committed relationship and really enjoying intimacy again. My only area where I continue to be self-conscious is my breasts so I'm finally making it happen.

I remember walking up to the plastic surgery clinic on November 14th and thinking how surreal it felt to be finally going through with this. The whole appointment was an out-of-body experience, like watching one of those reality shows. The surgeon was fantastic and the interview was very well done but the whole experience definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

I'm a self-employed high-tech professional and training for triathlons keeps me sane in this hectic but rewarding life of mine. So deciding on a size was difficult given my participation in the three endurance sports but with the technology they put in sports bras and athletic gear now, I'm not too worried about it. My research has shown that the running (the highest impact of the three) shouldn't be an issue for the implants once I've recovered. I just need them not to get in the way when I rotate my arms during the swim.

My love for running, biking and swimming, however, wasn't enough to override my need to feel sexy again. I've always been frustrated that I can control the way the rest of my body looks through exercise and nutrition but I can't do anything about my breast size. I tried herbal supplements, creams, and building chest muscles through weights, but of course nothing worked. I am so ready to say good bye to my "athletic build" and hello to my "va-va-va-voom build". :) I can't wait to put on a bikini without worrying about the padding falling out. I can't wait to not have to fuss with my bras because the "ultra" padding keeps shifting across my chest.

With these goals in mind, my PS recommended three sizes for my frame, knowing that I was very active. In my pre-op last week, they used the Vectra 3D imaging to show me what those sizes would look like on a digitized version of my body. That was another very surreal experience; seeing your boobies grow before your eyes. I ended up choosing the middle of the three sizes: 365 grams on the right; 335 grams on the left. That was really hard to do so I picked the middle of the road option between the two extremes.

So, the implants have been ordered, my blood work done, I have my prescriptions, and time has been booked off. Over the next 13 days, I need to fill my prescriptions, get a mammogram (first one for me), and find a wireless, front clasp bra, which is not an easy task, I'm quickly learning!

My surgery is 2 days away so I thought that I'd...

My surgery is 2 days away so I thought that I'd post an update of what has happened over the last week. After reading others' reviews of their surgeries and conducting rice tests with the sizes I had chosen (comparing pure cc's with a lowered value to accommodate for the compression with sub-muscular implants), I became worried that I wouldn't be happy with the size I had chosen.

When I called my PS's office to talk this through and ask more questions about the reliability and accuracy of the rice test, I was informed that it provides a better value of weight, not profile or projection. Well, a week had passed since my original imaging with the office and, honestly, I had forgotten what the profile and projection was going to look like. I didn't take photos of the images and wish I'd had. In retrospect, I also realized that I was very overwhelmed by the whole experience of watching my breasts grow to different sizes before my eyes and trying to make a decision on my own. The doctor had given us upper and lower limits based on my body size and lifestyle but choosing the final size was very difficult. I found myself talking it through for the most part with the technician and nurse answering my questions about size and weight from one size to the next but not really adding much value.

While speaking with the Patient Care Coordinator at the PS's office to have my questions answered, she pulled up my before and "after" images from the 3D Vectra scan and felt that I would probably be better off with one size up but that there should also be a greater difference in cc's between my two breasts. this is the kind of feedback I wish that I had received when I was there the week before. It gave me much more confidence that she knew what she was talking about. In fact, she felt that the cc's the nurse, technician and I had chosen were still providing an uneven projection. Hmmm. That's not good. So she suggested I come in again the next day to rescan my upper body and play around with the sizes a little more so I jumped at the chance. This time I brought my significant other along as a second set of eyes and also as someone to remind me why I made the decision I made if I started to second guess myself in the coming week. Boy am I glad I did this.

In the end, we ended up going with 345 cc's on the left side and 415 cc's on the right size. A difference of 70 cc's! My previous size selection only had a difference of 30 cc's (335/365). When we plugged in the original numbers again and I was able to compare the new sizes with the old sizes, the choice was obvious. I have uploaded a photo of the digital scan results. The image with 3 versions of my body/breasts shows my current size (far left), my newly selected size (far right - 410/345), and the size I had originally chosen (middle - 365/335). The one on the far right looks much closer to how I wanted it to look. I have also uploaded the image showing the top-down view of the difference between my current breast size and the newly selected size. This was really useful to get a sense of how much more projection I would have.

From an emotional perspective, on the weekend I found myself getting a little panicky, stressed and scared for the first time since making this decision. I originally thought this would be a good time of year to do this because of the forced down time at my office but I neglected to realize how quickly it would sneak up on me and the effect that the added pressure of Christmas shopping and getting the house ready for the holidays would have on my emotional state. Little things got to me way too quickly over the weekend and I snapped at every member of my family at some point. Having this as a focus has made it very difficult to focus on and get excited about Christmas. I finally put up the tree on Sunday but that's the latest I've ever left it.

Today, however, I felt the panic cloud lift when I got the call from the surgeon's office confirming my time of surgery. I can feel the excitement building again now that there's nothing left to do but show up for the operation, which is scheduled for 9 AM on Thursday and so we're required to be there at 7:30 AM. I have all my medications, my "front-loading" bra :), and my nail polish has been removed. I just need to pick a button-up or zipper front shirt to wear that has extra room for my new breasts (woo hoo!). All my shirts are fairly fitted so this may prove to be another unexpected challenge but worse case scenario is that I will bring a zip up hoodie.

It's Saturday and I had my surgery on Thursday...

It's Saturday and I had my surgery on Thursday morning. I have my new boobies and I'm in recovery mode. Woo hoo! Thanks to all the reviews I've read, my recovery has been text book and it has helped immensely knowing what to expect so thank you all!!

The operation went off without a hitch and I was done in 1.5 hours. I was at the clinic for another 2 hours for observation and was home by 2:00 PM. The drive home was hard. I had some Demerol in me but I felt almost all the pain and every bump on the drive felt like a pothole. I slept most of the way as a means of coping. I was a bit nauseaus but once I got some liquid in me, I started to feel better. When I got home, I started the rotation of meds (oxycodone and another less potent pain/anti inflammatory drug and my antibiotics). I got a couple hours of sleep and woke up feeling much more like myself. I was able to eat a light dinner and watch movies for the rest of the night. I have been sleeping inclined on my back for the last 2 nights.

To help with the swelling and early discomfort, my PS uses drains that come out of each armpit. These drains have been removing about 10 to 25 cc's of blood and fluid from my breasts every 5 hours or so. Without them, the fluid would be adding to my swelling. They're an annoyance but I'd rather have the fluid on the outside than inside me. The amount of fluid is steadily decreasing and so they'll get removed on Monday when my swelling has stopped. I have to record the amounts I empty and bring it to the office with me as it will give them a better idea of how my body has been adjusting to the implants. The upper swelling has gone done quite a bit in the last day and my breasts are beginning to soften.

I find that I feel the most discomfort when I stand up from sitting for a while. I get a little sharp pain for about 10 seconds until everything readjusts to gravity. Otherwise, I've been managing well without the oxycodones all day today. I think I'll be fine with the anti-inflammatory/pain meds for the next day and then off everything except the antibiotics.

I have posted a photo of what they look like today in the bra that I've been wearing since surgery. I was told not to take it off until I see the doctor on Monday. I've peeked at my new breasts a few times and I'm so pleased with the size and fullness. Once they settle into their proper shape they'll be absolutely perfect for my proportions and active lifestyle but still full enough to make me feel sexy. I'm so excited about the bathing suit, clothing, lingerie and even athletic gear possibilities that lie ahead! Bring on those horribly chest-flattening competitive swimsuits now! You know I won't be crossing my arms anymore at the start of my triathlon competitions this summer, that's for sure!

I also forgot to mention the other side benefit...

I also forgot to mention the other side benefit from my BA procedure. My PS will, in creating a natural fold under the breast, pull up about an inch of skin from your tummy and then he uses a stitch to attach the fold to your rib cage permanently. He does this so that the implant will never drop or sag, it will always stay in place as your skin ages. The unexpected and added bonus to this approach, however, is that I got a bit of a tummy tuck! I used to have a belly button that had a frown along the top fold, due to my skin loosening during my pregnancies. No matter how flat I got my belly, my bellybutton frown was always there. Amazingly, though, my belly button is now back to its original pre-pregnancy shape because of the extra skin being pulled up! How cool is that!? And, he removed an unsightly skin tag from my upper breast that I had tried unsuccessfully to remove myself a month ago. I didn't even mention this to him. He just knew what had to be done. He saved me hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist by doing that. I was so excited to see it gone when I woke up that the nurses probably thought I was delirious. :).

It's been one week today since my surgery and...

It's been one week today since my surgery and every day I feel a little better. I'm finally able to sleep on my side for a bit now and I can lie flat in bed again. My boobs still feel tight during the day and get very tight and hard at night but its slowly getting better. I find that the rib stitch by PS used to create and hold the pocket under by breast is the most tender spot. It feels bruised. And the fact that he pulled extra tummy skin to create the under breast pocket makes me feel like I want to hunch over so I need to keep reminding myself to stand straight. I'm still sleeping with my bra on at night. I'll find out tomorrow if I can stop doing this.

I returned to work on Tuesday when I worked from home but was back in the office yesterday. So far my kids haven't noticed anything different (I'm wearing baggy clothes around them) and my dressy work clothes hid the size increase as well. I notice the weight of the implants most when I walk around. I had to trot across the street once to avoid traffic and that was really difficult. I wanted to hold my breasts when I was running but it was a busy downtown street and I thought better of it. This was a sharp wake-up call for a runner who normally has no problem jumping into a run. :) It will definitely be awhile before I'm able to get back into the running, I think. I've been told 4 weeks from my PS's office. I'm walking my little dog but still kind of slowly.

I've posted some new photos of my breasts 1 week post op. For the first time in my life they're nice and even now with the 345 (left) and 415 (right) cc implants! I love the way they look in clothes and in my new Calvin Klein bra which is amazingly comfortable without any underwire and padding. It's the first sexy one I've found that molds to my breast instead of having a built in "cup". I found that the VS ones, even with no underwire and padding, are still gappy at the bottom of the cup because they're pre-formed and my breasts haven't yet dropped. You can can also see the stitch in my upper left breast from where my PS removed a skin tag for me.

I get my stitches out tomorrow so I'll post photos after of my incision and the fold that my PS made under my breast to create a more natural breast look.

I am one month post-op today and so far I am happy...

I am one month post-op today and so far I am happy with my implants with the exception of one of my incisions. It refuses to stay closed on the outside edge. I wasn't supposed to go back into the clinic until March but because the incision site hasn't improved since my appointment last week, I need to go back in tomorrow. This is very frustrating. I've only exercised a few times and it was always lower body with no impact. My main issue seems to be just reaching on my left side. The nurse said last week that the PS won't restitch in this case but I'm not sure how it closes otherwise. Just normal daily activity seems to prevent it from getting better. This is a bit depressing because I was really hoping to be able to start running at my four week mark. I'm nowhere near that milestone now.

As for shape, they've dropped quite a bit. The one with the more natural breast tissue and smaller implant feels like it has dropped more as there is more weight/heft on the lower portion of the breast when I do my massages. The right one still feels more firm and higher. I imagine one is just slower than the other to drop in place. Time will tell.

I'm somewhat disappointed in my PS, who I haven't seen since he drew the lines on me for the surgery. I wish that I had asked in my consultation about who I would be seeing in my post-ops. So far in the 4 appointments I have only seen the nurses. They're very nice and helpful but it feels weird not seeing the guy who is responsible for this change. In fact, I won't see him until 3 months post-op!! Doesn't that seem weird?? If I have a lesson learned from this to others, make sure you ask who will be doing your post-op reviews. Mine seems too busy with media appearances and other surgeries to be bothered with past patients. I think I'll be a little more pushy in my appointment tomorrow because I want to make sure this delay in healing isn't going to cause long-term scarring issues.

I am still loving the size I went with. They will look very close to the 3D image that I saw. They are sexy but not too big that I won't be able to exercise comfortably with them. I especially love the way they look in a bikini but I also love the fact that my enlargement isn't really obvious when I'm wearing clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I went shopping last week and bought a whole set of new clothes that show off my new figure. It was so exciting to know that I was finally proportioned properly for designers. Everything fell where it was meant to fall and I would put on low cut dresses with have cleavage without a bra. The best saleswoman in the store were my new breasts! Very exciting.
Now, I just need to get the incision to heal and I'll be all good.

It has been 5 weeks today since my BA and I am...

It has been 5 weeks today since my BA and I am posting some new pictures. My last ones were from one week post-op. They have changed a lot since then. There is much more weight to the bottom half as they drop and they look much different from the front view but there is still a discernible cone shape when you look at them from the side so more dropping still to come. I'm so fascinated by the fact that they look so much bigger from the front compared to the side view. It must be the round fullness that gives this illusion. I remember thinking the same thing when I looked at before and after photos of other BAs. I used to wonder how that could be the same person when their boobs looked so different from one view to the other!

Last Friday I had a last minute appointment at the clinic because my left incision wasn't healing well as I described in my last post. I also said in my last post that I hadn't seen my PS since the surgery. Well I was very pleased to see him check in on me on Friday. He looked at the incision and told me not to worry but to send in photos of it once a week for a few more weeks so they could monitor its progress. So last night I took another photo and it's still not closed, which is disheartening, but when I compared the week-over-week images, there was definite improvement in the incision. Feedback from the PS this morning in response to my photo said it is healing slowly but headed in the right direction. The main issue seems to be that air can't get to this incision because of the breast fold. The incision is tucked away between my breast and torso so its easy for sweat and bacteria to cause issues there. I've been instructed to keep it clean with pure hydrogen peroxide twice a day and put a guauze pad between the two skin surfaces to allow air to get to it.

I have a cruise booked over March Break and I never thought my recovery might be an issue for that trip given that it was 3 months away from my surgery but as the weeks pass and my incision still hasn't closed, I'm starting to worry. It would be awful to not be able to go in the salt water or hot tubs so I'm being super-cautious in everything I do now which is hard. I'm hoping by this time next week I'll have a fully closed incision. I did some research on supplements to help heal wounds and so I'm going to up my vitamin C dosage and look into a few other natural remedies to see if I can help my skin and tissue heal better. Hopefully this helps because I'm really bummed that I'm not able to run right now. I might have good looking boobs for the trip but I feel like the rest of me will look like crap. As someone who has always been able to control weight and muscle through exercise, having no control over this and still having to lay-low is really hard!

But on a positive note, none of this incision business makes me regret my decision for a second. I love putting on my unpadded bras in the morning. I love waking up and looking in the mirror with just a t-shirt or tank top on and not having those saggy, flat breasts staring back at me. And, oddly enough, I feel so sexy when I walk around and feel the weight of my new breasts moving beneath my clothes (although running with these babies will feel so odd, I'm sure!). They feel so real to me, too!. I can honestly say that I haven't been able to feel or see where my natural breast tissue ends and the implant starts. It just feels like one cohesive breast to me, which is really, really cool and a pleasant surprise. This might change over time as the implant drops lower but so far I'm loving the aesthetics of them. My boyfriend said the same thing and was quite blown away at how real they feel.

One odd thing that I've noticed since the surgery that I haven't seen anyone else mention is the sensation I get when I drink something cold. I can feel the coolness through the middle of my chest as the liquid makes it way down my tracheal tube and right into my stomach! It's almost like the part of my body that carries the liquid has moved closer to my chest cavity. Has anyone else noticed this? It's hard to describe but definitely something has changed here since the surgery. The morning boob effect has gone away - probably since week 3 - and I no longer get that tight, full feeling in the shower which I'm very pleased about. That wasn't painful but it was somewhat uncomfortable. Oh! As for sensation, I can feel everything on the upper part of my breasts and on both areolas and nipples (although still somewhat diminished) but I still have numbness on the lower part of my left breast (the one with the ongoing incision issue). I get the occasional zinger and both breasts are itching more now. I'm hoping that's because of the healing that's going on.

Well that's it for me for this week. I'm still loving reading everyone's updates and I'm learning so much from you. It's nice to know that we're all going through the same thing. Keep posting!

I'm now 6 weeks PO and I've definitely turned a...

I'm now 6 weeks PO and I've definitely turned a huge corner. I now understand why this is a magical number for doctors. My incisions are getting so much better and there isn't any pain there anymore, there is no longer any discomfort in my breasts, they feel very much a part of me now, and I'm able to work out more. My stamina and energy have all returned to pretty normal levels. I've noticed in this past week alone a big difference in my comfort level and my ability and desire to work out. I'm able to ride my indoor bike without issues, I'm able to do resistance training on both my upper and lower body again with weights, and my bras are starting to fit better and no longer bug me along the band like they did before. I'm back to having an active sex life again with my man so he's happy!

Running is the only thing I haven't tried yet but mainly because I wanted to make sure my incisions were fully healed before putting them through the bouncing. I think I'll be good to get my first run in during the next week sometime. I'm excited but also nervous about that. I've stocked up on all kinds of high impact sports bras for the event. :) I got a "Ta Ta Tamer" bra from Lu Lu Lemon that the saleslady assured me would hold everything solidly in place. Gotta love the name of that bra!!

I've posted some new photos of what my breasts are looking like at the 6 week mark. I have moderate profile silicone implants so they are starting to settle nicely into the "natural" look that I was going after. The slope from my upper chest to the nipple is now more flat like a natural breast would be but I know that they still have lots of dropping to do. Every week they are starting to look more like the "after" photos on my PS's website that I so coveted 6+ weeks ago. Yippee!

I'm still just as breast-obsessed as I was when I started this journey, learning and growing through your stories on this web site so keep them coming! Have a great weekend everyone.
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My PS has done quite a few media appearances and was a regular on a local daytime talk show in the city. I knew years ago that he would be the one I would go see first. Once I decided to proceed with the surgery, I reviewed his website and before and after photos and did some research on his reviews. My opinion was confirmed during the consultation with him.

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