So happy!! 400cc saline, mod profile, under muscle - Toronto, ON

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I found all the reviews and info on everyone's...

I found all the reviews and info on everyone's experiences really helpful so I thought I would write my own! I am 23, 5'3" and 125 pounds, no kids and physically active. Currently wearing a 32A and hoping to be a 32C by Thursday! ;) I have wanted boobs since I was 17 as I cannot wear strapless garments or regular bras, only the double push up type. I went for one consultation with my doctor and his head nurse and I knew I had found the perfect doctor. I have chosen to be roughly 365cc as an end result so I will be getting a 300cc saline implant, under the muscle and the incision will be in the armpit. I had my pre-op yesterday and everything is in order and set to go. I am beyond excited, no nerves and not stressed at all. I just wish I could fast forward time and have it be Wednesday already. I'm sure I will hardly sleep come Tuesday. My surgery is at 11am and I am planning to return to work on Monday, my doctor thinks this will be fine as I sit at a desk all day. What are everyone's thoughts on how they felt 4-5 days after their surgery? I haven't had an issue with going under or being on prescription pain meds before so I am hoping to have that same result this time. I do a lot of typing and reaching so I am guessing that will be quite difficult as well as finding clothes that can cover the bra I will be wearing for the next 6 weeks! I will post before and after photos as well!

Before Pics!

I took a couple pictures to add as before pics. I am excited to put them side by side with the afters. I will try to get some front shots posted too. Only a couple more sleeps and I am so excited!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Well I packed up everything this morning and left for work! I'll leave right from work to stay in the city with my friend who will be my caretaker for the first 24 hours. I packed a few zip up sweaters, track pants, couple pairs of undies and two pairs of socks. Since I stay in the hotel for the first night I brought some pretzels and crackers to munch on as well as a bottle of ginger ale. I brought a blanket from home as well. Am I forgetting anything? They give me a bra that I will need to wear for the first couple of weeks so I was told not to worry about that. I've got my meds ready and the house and pets cared for. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. I was thinking of picking up some stool softener after work today. Sounds like most have trouble with BMs so I may as well prepare ahead of time! I'm back to work on Monday as long as I feel okay. I'm not sure how I will manage reaching for the phone and files and such for 8 hours straight but we shall see!!

Today's the big day!!

Well it's finally here and I still have zero nerves just pure excitement! I will update after and of course I will post after pics as soon as I can :)

All done!

I survived! I decided to go a bit bigger and ended up doing 400cc. I'm happy I did. They look great but lots of pain, probably about a 7 on pain scale. My elbows really hurt but I have tendinitis so maybe it's flared up from having them stretched out. Hopefully my meds kick in soon! No unbearable but definitely not comfortable.

Here they are!!

Just wanted to add a pic for everyone! I'm feeling much better now no real pain just tightness but nothing horrible at all. I am absolutely in love with them! So glad I went a little bigger and I just want to stare at them all night! I was able to eat some crossers around 5pm and had a nice nap after I washed them down with ginger ale. I took another oxy at 545 before nap and woke up feeling great! I also have all nipple feeling!

3am Night #1!

Hi Ladies!
Still feeling very minimal pain. Just got up to have a pee and decided to take my pain meds and antibiotics as well. I'm not taking any risks with the pain meds wearing off because of how much pain I was in when I woke up from surgery. My incisions are still the only place I really have any pain. My boobs are more swollen today and a little pain in between and under when I touch them but nothing horrible. They feel like they are bruised and I'm having no problem massaging so far.

The nurse is coming in by 10am to take off my wrap and check me then release me. I'm really hoping she gives me a bra to wear and I don't have to continue to wear the wrap. It sits right on my incisions and it's just not very comfortable at all in general. I haven't had much problem sleeping on my back which is surprising to me, hopefully it stays that way.

Still over the moon when I look in the mirror at myself. I will post pictures when the wrap is off today! Totally love my size choice, my doctor, my nurses and my outcome!

Forgot to add these pics...

Night #2

So far Los of pain sadly. I think I left my wrap off too long and my bra felt like it pushed my implants up. Now that I have my bra on and my strap over top I'm feeling a bit better but still about a 6 for pain. Lots f pressure and tightness. The strap is pretty uncomfortable on my incisions and I look ridiculous with my neck pillow. I took two more oxy at 845 so kinda sucky. I was able to eat one meal today of cheese and cucumbers and dip. Most of my pain is in the sides of my boobs and under my arms and a bit down the centre from massaging. The air bubbles moving about inside is super weird but funny to feel. Still not too bad but not as good as I was earlier that's for sure. Hopefully I wake up feeling better. I can't wait to shower tomorrow! I will take pics tomorrow after my shower too!

Feeling better!

My pain is much better when I keep my bra and strap on. My body wakes up automatically every 4 hours to medicate. Sleeping propped up isn't the most fun but it could be worse. Still no real appetite but I just wanted to update you guys on pain. I know pain is everyone's biggest question. I have some bruising on the sides but just a very small amount.

Finally Showered!

Today went well, I slept most of the day and didn't have really any pain. I love the new me more and more every time I look at me. I finally was able to shower and my boyfriend washed my hair so now I feel much better. Here are a couple pictures, sorry they are crappy quality.

Everything makes me irritated and I still don't have much of an appetite but I am trying my best to be civil and not irrational lol. I hate not being able to do stuff on my own! Oh well I guess I should enjoy it while I can. I think I'm going to try on some clothes and bikinis in the morning!

Quick update because I'm bored!

I didn't sleep well tonight and it's currently almost 630. I went almost 6 hours in between this time but woke up to my right boob being pretty sore. I tried to carry my little dog up the stairs and I think that may have been a bad choice and made me sore. She's just a small 7-8 pounds but I think it was too soon.

I keep getting itchy on my stomach from all the air bubbles trapped in me. It's sorta funny being like human bubble wrap. I just got up to pee and take my meds and reset the girls and now I am back in bed to try and sleep more! Hopefully I will wake up feeling less pain in my right so I can go outside and walk around and get out of my bedroom!

Tried on some clothes!

This morning I tried on a few bikinis and I attempted a few shirts. I took two oxys this morning and then I just switched over to 1 t3 just now. My right is more swollen than the left and I have a little bit of pain on the side. Feeling great though! My appetite is coming back and my step mother brought me a lasagna and some goodies so munch on yesterday! I'm still unsure if I will feel up to going to work on Monday but I'm not going to worry about it right now. I need to try and make it out I get a nude coloured bra as this black one shows under everything I could possibly wear to work haha. Anyway here are a few pictures from today. Still feeling great!

I ventured out today!

I made it out for a couple hours to go to walmart to get some stuff to make spinach dip. I tried to find a nude coloured bra that would work but couldn't find any front close bras in nude or anything close to a 32 around. How do woman wear those ugly boxed bras every day? If you are one of them do yourself a favour and go to Victorias Secret, get properly fitted and buy yourself two nice sets. After working there for 2 years I really appreciate the amount if different styles and fits they have. Anyone have any idea where I can locate a nude coloured front close bra I can wear while healing? I have one shirt I can wear to work with this black one. I don't even think I am allowed to wear a wireless bra from VS at this point I think it has to be the full support? Any help is appreciated!

My incisions!

I showered myself and my steri strips fell off! I even washed my own hair! It was interesting bending and moving trying to wash my whole head without raising my arms but I managed! My arm pits are still pretty bruised but I took some pics so you guys could see!

Worst Swelling

It's 3am here and I am up! I woke up to take my compression strap off because it was causing me a lot of pain. The whole bra really is squishing my swollen ladies and causing me pain. I feel like this is the worst I've been swollen. My bra is leaving imprints on my skin and creases under my boobs in the swollen fleshy skin. Whenever I take my bra off for a minute I'm instantly itchy. I had to take some pain meds because my boobs feel like they are being squished constantly. When did everyone else have the worst swelling? My nurse warned me it would get worse before it would get better. I was really hoping for just the better part lol! This still isn't very bad though, nothing horrible or unbearable. I am totally sick of sleeping on my back and I still have months left of that.

Swelling and Icing

I just heard back from my nurse, seriously love Dr. Jugenberg a office and staff! She said I am allowed to take the bra and strap off for periods of time for some relief so u have bee doing that and rubbing them when I take off the bra. She also suggested adding gauze to the areas where it is tightest. As for icing it was never suggested to ice them so I haven't been doing any of that. Again for fear of damage or freezing. Rubbing is really helping me out. Once the girls get some relief outside the bra they feel better with it back on. I put a load of laundry in and a load in the dishwasher so hopefully I won't feel any additional pain later today! No pain meds since early this morning still :)

The girls today!

Here's a pic of the girls today ;) swelling is going down and they seem to have dropped a bit. I love them.

Work is hard...

I don't advise anyone to go back to work so fast lol. I'm an hour in and I am in pain and exhausted! Wearing the compression strap makes everything harder and I work a desk job. I took some extra strength Advil so hopefully it kicks in soon. The trapped air is all stuck under my boobs at the top of my abs so it's some what painful. I have been laying in bed since surgery so sitting upright is hard!

I survived my first day!

Having my monthly and going to work to be asked 100 questions about my surgery was too much this morning! Once I got my pain meds into me my day got better and after I got some lunch I was down to just stomach pain. I got home and had a bath now I am feeling much better. The pain was mostly from being restricted by the strap and trying to do simple tasks. I have very limited arm movement because of the bruising in my arm pits and of course the stitches. I haven't spent much time sitting upright so having the strap across my chest and taking deep breaths would cause some pain. Overall not that bad, I wasn't in tears or anything but I would've preferred staying in bed for a couple more days! Here are a couple photos from today, they seem to have dropped a little more. I love them more and more every day!!

Post-op Tomorrow!

My day at work was much better today. I wore a shirt that showed the top of my strap so a lot more looky-loos than yesterday. I am so excited to get my stitches out tomorrow because they are driving me crazy. I am hoping that will solve all the shooting firey pain I get when I move my arms at certain angles. I still love my boobs and can't wait to go bra, swimsuit and clothes shopping! I just want to dress them up! Hopefully I will only have to wear my strap/bandeau thing for another week...if at all. I also can't wait to get rid of this bra! Seems so far away...

Post Op and Bra Fitting

My post-op went well, quick and painless! ;) the stitches stay in for another week which really sucks but oh well. The nurse did some measurements and took pictures then we discussed massaging and new bras! I got the okay to buy a different wireless bra as long as it was supportive and sport bra type. I went to Victoria's Secret and got measured as a 32D or DD. They didn't have anything in 32 for wireless which I knew was going to happen from working there. Off to lulu lemon to try and find something. I bought the "ta ta tamer" but wasn't convinced. I tried it in in 32 and 34 but I didn't try the 32DD which I think may have fit better. I didn't love it but bought the 32D just in case because I needed a lighter colour and something with some form of padding as I have perky nipples ;). I went to a little bra boutique just outside of my town and tried on a few. The girls were awesome and said my boobs are some of the best they have seen - such an amazing compliment!!! Being a flat chested woman up until last week those are words I've always wanted to hear haha! I fell in love with two bras that are soooooo comfy but one was $70 and the other $99 (so pretty with lace) so I bought the nude boring $70 one. Since I only have 5 weeks left of wearing it I figured I may as well save my money and only buy the one. It's way more comfy and supportive than the bra the clinic gave me. I couldn't wait to get back home and put it on! I did try on a wireless bra in 34C at Victoria's Secret but the band was just too big. I bought a cute little lace bralette with matching panty as well and it is totally awesome being able to buy bras with zero padding. I am so excited for future shopping!

My boobs feel great, no pain anymore! Massaging them and squeezing them doesn't hurt at all. I am still I love with them and so happy with the new me. I tried on some of my tops with my new bra and I am so happy with the results. Clothes fit so much better with boobs! This weekend I have a birthday gathering to attend and I can't wait to take them out for the first time lol!

Forgot to add...

I only have to wear that pesky bandeau/strap at night now! So exciting.

Back to Normal

Today I felt like I was basically back to normal, my most normal day yet! Of course I'm still unable to put my hands above my head or lift and also limited due to my stitches. But I was motoring along at work until about lunch time when I got some pain. My poor boobs just felt tired, a achey and puffy. I didn't get a lunch break today and I usually take them out and do my massages on my lunch, so I think that really through me off. I got home and have them lots of attention and they feel better now. I may have also slept with my bandeau on too tight or something because the right one was more sore than the left. I stopped by the mall to return the bra I bought from lulu's and bought another Lacey one from Victoria's the shopping obsession for my new boobs starts. Ughhh sorry wallet!!

I'm happy with the way they are dropping, slowly but surely. I'm so happy I'm able to wear some normal clothes too! I took some pics but excuse my bloated-after dinner belly ;) I will try to remember to post a picture in the little lace number I bought!

My Incision!

I just wanted to post a picture of my incision for you guys. It's only the slightest bit visible, so crazy how small it is!!! I shaved my arm pits again tonight...carefully in the mirror! Sometimes they still feel a tiny bit bruised but not too bad. Sorry they aren't the best photos, all the lighting in my house sucks. I'm going to try and take better pics tomorrow in the sunlight.

2 Weeks!

I made it to the two week mark and tomorrow I meet with my PS and also get my stitches out! Can't wait for that. It's hard to try and stay as inactive as possible when I feel totally normal but I am doing my best so I don't hurt myself or ruin what my PS has done. The massaging is painless much like everything else and they already feel like they are apart of me. People told me it would be months before I felt normal again or that they were part of me but it's only taken 2 weeks. Once I get these darn stitches out I will feel even better! I miss sleeping in my side but I am coping with that for the time being. Today I felt the implant pretty distinctly on the sides near the bottom of my breasts which was totally weird - like poking a milk bag lol! I haven't really been able to find any sports bras I really like the fit of so I am wearing my nude wireless bra during the day and the black one I was given after surgery at night. I'm excited for my appointment and I will update again tomorrow and maybe add some pictures if I remember!

2 Week Follow-up!

My appointment yesterday was again quick and painless. Got my two stitches out and the scars are so tiny it's incredible. I ripped my left open a little putting in a shirt a couple days ago so I have to keep applying polysporin till it closes up but nothing too serious. The nurse said I look like I am at 6 weeks, now 2!! So awesome. My twins are in a great spot and I just have to work on moving the implant side to side more so than up and down. I no longer have to sleep on my back and only have to wear the bandeau strap twice a week at night or for a few hours during the day! So happy my boobs are in a good spot and I'm not stuck wearing that pesky thing all the time. The staff was a pleasure to Han out with, as always! I won't see them for a month now which is sorta sad lol! I was given the okay to go braless so today I am wearing a little lace bralette under my shirt at work and I attached a pic. So nice to be braless lol. I will try and post some nudey pics later!


Sorry ladies I am posting from my phone and it autocorrects little words to other words such as on to in and not to now...sorry! Maybe I should reread before piston lol.

3 weeks update!

Hi Ladies!
Some of you may noticed I deleted most of my photos due to a creepy message so I am going to add some back now as comparisons. Not much has changed really. They still feel amazing, no pain ever, massages are going well. I love sleeping on my sides again and braless. I think it's really helped with them becoming softer and with being able to move the implant around. My left scar that I had ripped open is healing well but it is still tight to move my arm sometimes. The right one I don't even notice!

I did 40 sit-ups on Monday and I am still in pain LOL talk about out of shape now. No pain in my boobs or anything just sore abs. I am now sick with the flu or something which sucks so I likely won't be working out again for a few days.

Some of my pics didn't show up...

Here are the rest of the pics...

Sorry this one didn't show up either...

1 month update!

Hi Ladies!
I have made it to the one month mark and I am more in love with my new girls than I was before. I am back to doing minimal farm work as well as doing my ab workouts. I haven't gone on the treadmill yet but hopefully at my 6 week check up it will get the okay to do so. They are nice and soft and the implants move all around with no issues. I think sleeping without the bra and strap while sleeping on my sides really helped make them more versatile lol. I am excited to get a new bra wardrobe in a couple of weeks, so excited to try on swim, lingerie and paddingless bras!! I get lots of compliments on my girls (lol) and have even inspired a few of my friends to go ahead and get theirs done! My boyfriend is also a huge fan of them, sorry if that's tmi. I love being able to wear just a plain tank top out, my new favourite shirt for sure. It is the absolute best being able to go braless too, I'm like the braless wonder. I'm sorry if my update is all over the map, posting from my phone is hard because I can't re-read. I've attached some pictures from today, I don't have much else to say except I love them!

Before and Afters

I think the afters are from my 1 week? Or maybe 2 week check up?

Hey Everyone: 3 months+

Sorry I have been MIA on you guys! I've been getting a lot of requests to post an update so here I am!

I feel great and still love my new boobs, more and more every day!! They are much softer now than they were before and they are getting more bouncey now as well - lol. Fitting bras is still hard as the 32dd fits band wise but my boobs do not sit in the bottom of the cup like a real boob would. Almost like the cup isn't wide enough. This is with VS bras but bras from boutiques seem to fit better. I've found two styles at VS that I like which are the Fabulous Demi and the Very Sexy Push-up! I will be going in vacation in a couple of weeks and I have purchased several itty bitty bikinis to go along with my new boobs that I am quite excited about!

I never have any pain except for when it is that time of the month which is normal for me. I sleep on my sides and stomach comfortably and easily. Something I put a neck pillow in between my boobs if I feel like I am squishing them horribly but it never hurts when I do squish them. I've been working out and running, but I do need to get a good sports bra before I run too much cause they bounce all over the place. ;)

As for shape and size I don't feel my size has changed that much but hey have definitely dropped and fluffed. They look even more real and fantastic now. My nipples never changed and I am so thankful for that. They are exact same shape, size and sensitivity they were prior to my surgery. I've always had perky nipples so I did invest in some nipple covers which I use often because I love going without a bra.

Tank tops are my favourite thing to wear now, no bra of course ;). I can't wait to get some strapless numbers to wear this summer. The one downfall of going through the armpit is the space between is a little wider than going under the boob. I think i am paranoid the gap between my boobs is huge because I'm the only one who notices! My scars are still hardly visible and they don't bother me at all, no issues shaving or anything and I have full range in my movement.

I've added a few pictures, I will try and take some more tonight in better light. Both are swim tops!

Almost at the 6 month mark!

Hey Ladies!
I'm bored at work so I figured I would write an update since the 6 month mark is sneaking up on me. No pictures to update with sadly lol, but I will try to remember to attach some next week.

I have had no issues with my new boobs. No pain, no discomfort, no regret, no saddness...just lovin them!! It is hard to find bras that fit well because La Senza and VS don't carry small enough band and a big enough cup. I went back to the bra boutique that I got my first wireless bra at because they were so helpful and the bra fit so well. I still love it. I was measured at a 32D but the cup was far too small and the band was even too big. I tried on both 28 and 30 inch bands in cup sizes from DD to G. I felt best in a 30F! I know it sounds scary but it's equivalent to a DDD but the band made the world of difference. I found Simone Perele bras fit really well if anyone needs suggestions. I purchased the Andora model for $165, I know scary..but worth every penny. I suggest anyone who bought new boobs and has a small frame go to a bra boutique and invest in at least one really good bra. You will thank me later! I was wearing a 32DD at VS and the bra sat really low on my rib cage and felt very boxy. They even wanted me to go up in the cup but it sat half way down my rib cage like a corset would. Not comfy at all. I also found the cups at VS to be too wide, the European bras have narrower cups so the cup doesn't start under my armpit on my side it actually starts where my boobs starts.

I haven't gone for any check-ups or anything so no new news from that standpoint. My boyfriend says they feel very real and I find that they bounce and move like real boobs. I sleep on my stomach, run on the treadmill and workout just like I did when I had small boobs. It's the weirdest feeling to shiver and have your muscle quiver over the implant. It makes me giggle every time.

That's all for now. I just wanted to share my bra-wisdom!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. J and all of his staff. Kim was fantastic through the first part of my consultation right through the my follow-up. She answered endless, annoying questions for me by email promptly and friendly. I appreciate all of her help, honesty and advice. She was amazing through the whole experience. All the other girls at the clinic are amazing from reception to Grace the OR nurse, everyone is very friendly, professional, welcoming and helpful. Dr. J gave me exactly what I asked for and could ever dream of - I am sooo happy! He was professional and friendly from beginning to end and he is certainly an artist when it comes to his work. I am over the moon with my results and each day I only love them more!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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