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Well, right or wrong for good or evil I have...

Well, right or wrong for good or evil I have decided I would like to have breast implants. I am 37 years old, I have 3 kids (twins). I'm sad that I've always been embarrassed by my 34A's but it's true - I have been my whole life. As a teen, young adult, wife, mother. So, today I booked the date. A touch rushed I think - I will go in for consult to pick the cc's later this month.

Quick Update

My appt is Thursday this week to decide on the cc size and to learn about all the pre-op etc. I don't know the size, but I think have settled on Natrelle Silicone and under muscle. I am terrified of the recovery. REALLY. It scares me a lot to go "under the knife" but at the same time I get really very excited. Very confusing time.

Pre-Op Consult

Well, this morning was the big day to pick size, incision, type... I had gone in thinking I was doing areola, silicone, under muscle. And left, with Saline and Armpit, under muscle. I completely trust the Director and PS. They both felt with my breast tissue that Saline would give me the exact same look, there is not a higher incidence of rupture, the appearance will be the same - the only difference will be the feel when touching them. Well, I'm turning 38 and happily married - my husband was with me (said nothing supports whatever and has no idea what to say!) he knows they're not real! So, if it means salt and water instead of Silicone then I think I'm ok with that. I was under the impression there was a less natural look to them or they "deflated". Since this is not the case, I save $2000 (plus 13% TAX!) So, I have changed cost to 6500+. They make it sound so very "simple". I'd say I have a high tolerance and pain threshold. I decided today on 365cc, moderate, saline, under muscle, through armpit for most invisible / to no scar whatsoever. Finished bloodwork today and it's officially less than 2 weeks away now.

I week Pre-Op

WOW, one more week. I have paid in full and my scripts have been called in. Crazy surreal! I'm super scared and super pumped! Caught my profile today with my padded bra and thought, wow - I cannot even imagine how this will be when they are FOR REAL!

2 more sleeps and mind is reeling

My PS and their director recommended transax for me. It makes me nervous, afraid I'll never be able to lift my arms over my head again with tearing something or feeling pain... The incision location I think is one of the most difficult choices, for me anyway. Silicone and Saline is tough too. But, I guess because I don't know how my body will feel different or the same with arm pit, crease or nipple it scares me. Well, 48 hours.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Ok, I think I was being silly. All recovery would be the same no matter where the incision is. The implant is all going to the same place! Incisions heal :) Well, the countdown is on. In about 12 hrs it will be done. I still can't believe I am doing this. I feel like a kid, an old kid but one just the same. Tomorrow with no food will be awful! No Coffee even ... so cruel :) I'll update when I can of final everything, short but sweet.

Wowzers ...

Literally right up to the last minutes I was like ... crease or transax - transax scared me thinking I'd lose all mobility or something or not have even breasts. But, I know its the skill of the surgeon, He is a reconstructive surgeon and he did an amazing job. And it such a great incision site. I know its only been a couple of hours but I definitely can't feel the incision at all. My chest is tight and there is some pressure. I don't feel pain. I'm a little out of it with the meds. Just chilling :) I know this incision does take time like all do to finally drop into the pocket. I will start the massages tomorrow. So I will choose my "worth it thumbs up after I've healed". I will definitely say that the staff has been amazing, The nurses were absolutely wonderful, anesthetic was great. Dr Jugenburg was really amazing - I really trust him and should. I was awake and then woke up with breasts. Kim (director) and my husband brought me to my room for the night. I'm not nauseous or anything ... first stop Starbucks :) I think I'm fine to eat too, they gave me some soup but I feel just fine. Will take it easy of course. So, WOW ... this is all so surreal. Ladies, I have breasts :) Just like having babies, this rosy period may end after a day and then you feel the pain but I am going with the glass is half FULL - total optimist on this! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support.

Quick Update

Day one, still in the hotel and the nurse has come to see me to show me the massages. For me, it's like good pain. I'm tight but I'm totally fine. I am taking the percocet but not too many, I think I've had 3. Slept well-ish but really what kept me up was my husband snoring!!! Was nervous to do the massages, pressing on them - I was like, will the break :) Ummm no! Take Care All! I will probably post some photo's all at once if I get the nerve, showing the progress. Right now, definitely sitting high but that was totally expected. Very Happy.

3 days post-op

Was NOT a fan of Day 2. I switched to T3's as I was not a fan of percocet. My belly is insanely bloated. Picture a basketball and that is my tummy. Not a great feeling at all. I have a shower today which was glorious. Today I am feeling much better but I wish so much the 6wks were behind me! I'm not a big fan of down time. My next apt is Wed so hopefully I can lose the white support band below my breasts as it is most uncomfortable. I do like the support bra they gave me from Stella's Corset. I was doing the massage every 2hours on day 1. Yesterday, I did it a bit more often and will continue that today. When I woke up in the night (I am sleeping completely upright) I did my massage (2x) and felt better this morning. I am very high, tight, and a funny shape but this sounds very normal and right on track. Ok, chin up- this will pass and keep your eye on the prize, I want breasts!!!

Day 5 post op - feeling better

I didn't take any pain meds yesterday but I did take 2 T3's this morning as I had a sharp twinge in my right breast that I wanted to stop! Worked well. I still have the white band below my breasts and am calling in today just to understand why mine is different as it seems most women have theirs on top of the breast. I did ask Kim at the clinic and she said this is where Dr J wanted mine but I just want to understand why that is. I have been doing my 3 massages very regularly and when I do them in the middle of the night I really think it makes for a better morning. There is one where I have to take my thumb firmly down my sternum in between my breasts and doing so has caused quite a bruise. This is the only bruising I've experienced, one I've caused my self but will continue to do this. I still hate this down time and it's really dragging - only 5 days, really? I can't wait until 2 weeks and 6 weeks have passed. Patience! I think it's tough right now mostly because I feel like I do not "love" my body - I wanted my breasts bigger then my stomach and right now that is NOT the case!! It would be impossible to have changed the rest of my figure in 5 days, I know but it sucks ... I don't think I have any specific pre-op pics of my breasts but I can check. I do have one of a few hours after the surgery which I think I might post. After I get the kids off to school I plan to take a pic and perhaps post :) I took 3 days off last week, I could not have imagined working. This week I will work from home. I have a lot to do but I can accomplish most from home. I definitely am NOT ready to commute or see people. Depending how I am this Friday I'll make the decision for next week. My husband is travelling this week so my wonderful mother is staying with me this week to help me out. I need to go, thanks for listening and I'll be in touch later today. Woop Woop to recovered body!! It's coming I know it!

Post Op Pics

can't believe I'm posting this but here goes. My right is bigger than my left but it was filled a bit more so I'm thinking it makes sense that it is bigger and a bit more swollen for now and they should even out. I'm not the pro but this is my guess, will discuss at my post op apt Wed.

Day 8 after post of apt

Had my 1st post op apt yesterday. It felt good to get out of the house and dressed! My breasts are still uneven, left is much higher - which is weird I'm right handed so you'd think the right would be tighter. O well. PS re-did the exercises with me, holy I was not doing it firm enough for sure. Hope I get it right at home! Unfortunately I still have the support bra and the white band. I don't mind the support bra at all, I like it. The white band brings me strife but only one more week of that. I'll go back to the office when I get my stitches out which is next week. Someone from HR called me yesterday and actually asked, "what type of surgery did you have?" Can you believe that? I was so taken aback a literally had nothing to say which is very unusual for me. Haven't had any more pain meds since Sat night and finished the antibiotics. My stomach is still inflated - better but not great. I was told a mixture of anesthetic, stress, pain meds ... I asked about exercise even though I am certain it's too early. The more I take it easy now the faster the healing process. I can do some moderate lower body and walks, just like everyone else. It has been a realllly long 8 days - can't wait until everything is settled, I'm excited for that. Also, some new bras... No, like any bra I want ... I don't have to touch the cup padding and look for the most ridiculous! I can get whatever I want :) woo hoo - I'll probably wear the support bra for a long time. Concealing too so it's not so obvious when I, "re-surface" and it doesn't bother me at all. I like the support - I've never needed it before!!!

Day 9 Pic Update

Just updating because earlier this week I was super concerned about this but have noticed a difference. My Right side seemed to drop right away as my left still making it's way to it's new home. Still lopsided but getting there. Hope this helps if anyone is struggling with the same concern.


On-line Bra Calculator

For fun :)
Stitches out tomorrow & I'm back to work - will give an update tomorrow!

Freaked out at apt

First, a question - I posted a good review on ratemd and it was removed with no reason given and I've been "blocked" can't figure out why.
Went to post op today. Have to wear the white band below breast religiously. Right is low and needs to heal a bit higher in the crease. Have to keep the band below so it sits there. I almost hit the floor/ passed out. Best case I wear the band and it heals as it should. Worse case he needs to do a small inframmary incision and put a couple of stitches in the pocket. DR said not to worry - life would be as normal can go to work whatever just keep on the band. I am panicking. 6wks sounded like maybe 6mths but he said that was not the case at all. My recovery will be fine. I'm at Starbucks was heading back to work but I just want to cry. What the hell!??? Am I over-reacting? I hope so, happy thoughts happy thoughts...,


So, best case the breasts become symmetrical. Worst case is in about 3 months he needs to make a small inframmary incision, put 3 stitches in the pocket just to push the right breast up. So, I don't know, maybe I over-reacted I had "dread ... doom ... this is the end ... how could this happen ... my life is over" but my sister and husband are telling me it's fine and it will all be ok. If worst case happens it won't be anything like the BA. In/ Out no recovery time. I've already done the hard work. You can't tell when my bra is on. The dreaded white band. Quite attractive. Now, I have breasts, a white band pushing up my boobs and my belly fat into a bulge. People are going to think I'm pregnant! Hubby says no one will see anything it's my crazy imagination. He really doesn't seem to have any reaction at all so perhaps my over-reaction (yes, I did nearly pass out) was over the top. Not sure if anyone has ever had this happen to them. I shall search a bit and find out. Thanks for listening :) I can't believe how much I'm using this site or that my naked breasts are on it .... who is this person!!???

Feel Great!

Officially, 2 weeks! It was a very long day at work. I can't believe how normal I feel (despite the white band cutting the circulation off under my breasts) but other than that - I carried my laptop bag with no trouble. Opened and closed the trunk (reaching high) Was all over the place. So what's weirder then taking pictures of your boobies in the mirror? Probably posting them to the web :) I'm posting these because of the angst I talked about yesterday. It's weird though. "They" say a picture says a thousand words ... I now think that means a thousand different optical illusions. I think in every picture they look different. And when I look in the mirror, they look totally different. I used to think pictures were the "truth and nothing but the truth". I now think wow, change angle slightly and it's a whole different ball game. I still have that one bruise that will not go away. I checked out my scars, they look pretty good (never thought I'd say that). Anyway, I've been instructed only soap and water to keep it clean and then they will provide me with a scar cream. I promise pics moving forward will have clothes on :) at 6 weeks or so when I go and buy some bras - any bra I like! BTW, those who write about the padded bra and "chicken cutlets" it took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about - actually like a day - when I realized what the cutlets were ... well makes me laugh every time. I had ones called, "cupcakes" one of my kids bit into it ... O ya.

breast aug vs breast implant review

isn't it weird that BA on this site has a 94% worth it rating but breast implant only 84%, that's a 10% delta ... I wonder why? Plus, what with the different categories, shouldn't it just be one? deep thoughts :)

RealSelf the New Facebook?

LOL, RS is like my new FB :) No pics today but I am feeling that my breasts are really coming along. Righty is still lower but I really see an improvement ... I have left that white band cinching my skin religiously, I always did but now I get the purpose more. Before I just wanted to ditch it. I'm feeling great! I was sooo tempted to try some more advanced yoga today but bc I did transax my arms are not ready to stretch and wrap quite like they used to. I am very confident tho that if only after 2.5 weeks I feel so much better that I will return back to everything I used to do. This was my biggest fear. I'm a passionate person and give my all to everything I do :) I was going to update my status to "worth it" but in all fairness to the procedure I've decided to wait until 6 weeks. I'm not flaunting anything, I have the white band and support bra still. My husband who would not say a single word about the BA ... he was afraid to say anything!! I think one of the sweetest moments was when we were at the Royal York about 1 hr from my surgery and I was still so scared about TransAx. I met with Kim the director again and was still not able to make any decision ... I imagine it's quite typical to have a zillion doubts right before surgery. I was on board - do Inframmary (how do I spell that/ Crease!) To me seemed like the easier way ... hubby goes, Let me so those beautiful breasts one more time ... I lifted my shirt (which believe me was like the first time I ever showed my Acups) and he said, you are so beautiful, do the transax. Hopefully, it was the right decision and the one I felt comfortable with based on the surgeon I had chosen. Like everything in life, it's all about interpretation. So many doctors, so much skill, so many opinions. Today I actually defended plastic surgery (BA) on someone's post. I never thought I would do that. I was so much ,,, "it's not fair if no one could get plastic surgery it would be a level playing field!" However, we live in 2013 in a world of mass marketing where we aren't even free from it on our apple stickers! C'est la vie. I think I've tortured my body enough thru my life .. I'd say this was the kindest thing I've done thus far! I'll post more pics soon, the reason is for those considering Saline (under muscle). :) Ciao!

18 day pics

Mirror is tricky!

I was looking at my boobies (because well that's what I do :) studying them and I was like O NO is my left one dropping too far and now I've reversed the situation! It took me a few moments to realize in some of the photos it's a reflection and in some I've take the photo with the iPhone turned so it's not a reflection :) D;OH

For My Yogi Friends

Here was the response from my PS Director, Kim when I asked about my advanced Yoga Positions of deep twists, inversions and quite flexible, unusual positions post transax, sub muscular:

Sub muscular placement is the choice of 95% of our patients. The look is more natural, and capsule contracture rates are less.

Even women who compete in body building, often choose sub-muscular, for the better choice in the greatest part of their life.

I have NEVER seen in our patients, and only on YouTube, that this has happened.

Take it a a bit easier from 6 weeks to 3 months, with really contorted positions. Once the pocket has fully healed. You will be just fine.

23 day update

Quick note to say, feeling really great. Will post a pic this weekend. I'm not sure if my breasts will ever be perfectly aligned (most aren't anyway) but I'm loving it. It feels like I had them all along ... I don't feel any different, except the bother of the white band, but hey it's good support which might be helping after all. At the end of the day ... I LOVE finally having breasts and it's not even been a month. No regrets and no apologies! :) AND a GIANT XO!

Sunday Pics

I said I'd post new pics - for fun I put a shot of my old lululemon sports bra :) I never needed one but the back straps were so cute - lol

1 month post op

Hello Hello,
Had my 4 week yesterday. PS thinks they are looking great. Keep the band for another 2 weeks. They are pretty strict on the 6wk pocket healing so activity is still very limited until that point. Feeling great. Carried some heavy bags yesterday. I have no tightness or pain or twinges at all. Boring updates can be good!!! :)

Scar cream

Hi, Just wanted to update that my Nurse does not recommend scar creams until the scars are flat and no longer red, so I'm not using anything. That makes me nervous but they know what they're doing! No shaving armpits - boooooo

Specialty Bra Store Update :0)

So, today I went out for the first time to buy a bra "or 2"... I still have to wear my support bra and band so it was more of a treat to look forward to! I went to a shop called Linea in the Toronto area ... the woman was a bit older and probably like an H cup and she said, o you're so tiny in width and cup ... talk about heart sinking!!! Anyway, she said measurements are really only good for the width/waist not so much for the cup. So, she gave me a B, I was like - Please be too small ... then she gave me a C ... which I said I wanted to be but secretly wished for a D now that it's time ... YAY 32D. Now, I know many of you talk about Victoria Secret, so I'm not sure about there yet but I bought 2 bras ... $142 for one and $133 for the other!!! Are you kidding me?? I'll admit I paid an extra $9 for the one bra b/c it actually had sworoskvi crystals in it but it seemed worth it... I was TOO CHEAP to buy the matching panties at $69 each but I did buy ones that matched for $23 each :) So, 2 bras and 2 panties $360 (keeping in mind we have 13% sales tax here!) I feel guilty ... not really :) My hubby was pretty excited, he's like don't get a Grandma bra, get something pretty! It's funny, I always covered up before even in front of my husband I would get so mad if he saw me ... Now, I am totally cool with showing my breasts. Even in the shop, I went out of the change room in my bra (I was the only shopper at the time but still) that would not have happened 2 months ago! Now, chilling with some wine 32D AS IF!? LOL XO Ladies

5 weeks 2 days

Feeling great - a few photos to share. Love having breasts - ;)

A RS Friend who asked about "overs"?

I must apologize, I commented on a post where I was asked about why I chose Saline and Unders for someone who was debating overs... I said I would ask my sister who did Silicone Overs a few questions if she had any - please send me a message :) Your note isn't in my stream - but yours - My sister is happy to answer any question she had her's done about 3 years ago - so solid info :) For the Canadian's out there - Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Weekend! :) BTW, saw a lot of my aunts and uncles yesterday - BIG hug from one Uncle - I little tender but he's french so what do you expect? LOL - anyway, no one noticed. I was wearing clothes I always do and I've always been in my bra +3 cup size but now I know I have breasts ... It's funny, I used to think ... I could never do yoga with anyone I know because then they would know how flat I am ... things like that. Also, I can't wear sundresses, and can only buy certain dresses, that do not show bra straps etc ... I'm coning up to 6 weeks. I think PushUps and Chatarunga will be about 3 months and then I am back in the game! :)

6.5 weeks :)

Had the 6wk check up- all looks good but I am still wearing the band but was cleared for no 2nd operation needed :) great news but the band still kind of kills the greatness of freedom of having breasts! However, I feel good. I am sleeping on my side - kind of don't miss sleeping on my belly, I can but don't want too. Have found comfort in sleeping on back! Who would have thought? Plus, I hear it's actually good for "anti"aging :) I have no pain, no numbness or sensitivity, tightness or regrets :) I'll post some more pics thru the week - Week 7 on Wednesday!

7wk update

Quick pics and will add some comments later

Ok a few more pics and yoga update...

So, I was told to wear the band for another 2 months - the pics I posted are in the mirror so L&R are reversed. I'm on the fence about the band. I don't like the thought that it's helping still ... or is it still early days? I was told 3 months ... Anyway, have been cleared for activity including yoga. So, I did my own not in class. Do NOT love Chatarunga. I can do it but I feel pressure. I think this will disappear. My balance was a little off from lack or practise and when I was doing arm balances ... it was my wrists that hurt! So, a result of 7wks of not doing it not the boob job. Anyway, Crow jump back to chatarunga I could do. Bird Of Paradise, NP, King Pigeon NP, I was afraid of Wheel but after I did King Pigeon I did it no problem there either. I haven't tried any crazy twisting but outside of that it's been good. Just starting back slowly. I haven't done pushups but I don't have a problem with shoulders, biceps or triceps. Chest, I'm waiting :)

9 weeks post op- off to my first yoga class !

Here goes! Can't wait - excited :)

After yoga - update

I did take some more pics - I don't know which is "right" the left or the right!? Grrrr

A week of Yoga ...

Just a quick update to say I did feel better with Chatarunga even a week later. I may always feel some pressure - maybe not - I do notice it's different still and not the same as pre-surgery. Everything else is the same, like I never had surgery :) It's funny though, before surgery I used to hide in the change room when taking off my shirt for embarrassment of my flat chest, now I still kind of hide afraid I look fake … Aye yi yi!! I still consider it early days, almost 11 weeks :)!


Take that A cup - just went into VS / yes that was 3 D's WOOHOO now I'm having a great day!

Riddle me this... 3 months post op

Ladies. Is my right to low or is my left too high? I've stopped wearing the band and have a f/u next week. Yoga is going really well. Chatarunga is going well and I'm doing them now. Hopefully it doesn't wear them out! No other problems with any poses except getting my groove back after the break! Talk soon.

Feeling a bit ambivalent

I've been wearing that band for so long and I was using it as almost a "sling" to ensure my right breast didn't drop any lower - but, as a result my left didn't drop properly. And, it has that weird slope from being too high. I see my PS on Tue. I'm wondering if after 3 months the implant will still drop?


I also don't think I'm a DDD, more a DD - I think if my left breast settles lower then a DD will be fine. Although, I don' t look like I'm that size at all. It's weird.


Had my apt yesterday. Happy with results, just need left to lower now. Massage down and go back in 3 months - So, come on lefty - lets get this party started!!! :)

4 months … Yoga is great

I do have some pics to post - but because of the fear my right would go too low it held up lefty and they are definitely not symmetrical. really the pics are not much of an update. I want the left to drop more but I've been holding up the whole time so what can I expect? Maybe it will subtly come down on it's own :) it's been 4 months. I love having boobs now, I would never know they weren't part of me. For the Saline Girls - I thought up to 3 months they felt like little water balloons but - you know what - they feel pretty good now. Squishy, natural - I know silicone is more natural feeling but I'm quite impressed. So Yogi's - I am as strong as ever at 4 months. No fear, no debate - I wrapped by legs behind my head on Sunday and can Chatarunga stronger than anyone!

4 Month Pics

Just showing they are still not symmetrical, with the band like a sling to hold the right in place it hindered the left from falling - I hope this will correct itself. I see my PS in 2 more months. As an FYI though my right shoulder is naturally lower than my left - My shoulders are NOT a straight line. But, this shouldn't impact the surgery as it was like that before so PS would have created the pockets even to each other. Right was also filled a bit more. I nursed more on this side so it was even more deflated then Left.

Yogi love! 5.5months

Absolutely happy with my decision. Sometimes I do wonder if I should have gone bigger but I think I chose wisely. I can sleep on my belly, I can chatarunga now with zero weird feeling. I feel no pressure like I did up till about 4 months which makes me very happy. I feel nothing different then before and have not lost the ability to do anything which was by far one of my biggest concerns ;)

Need a Revision

Well, it's been just over a year. I had my appointment and as noted in my posts above I was concerned about my right breast and I do need a revision. It has dropped below where it should be even though my nipples are pretty aligned it's like there is no shelf to hold it in place. I should add a picture later this week. I am concerned about the surgery. I thought this was going to be super simple with speedy recovery - meaning no pain meds back on my feet 100% in a week. I'm not so sure that's the way it will play out! Getting some more info and in the process of getting my appointment which is likely early in the new year. C'est la vie.

Updated Pics

My appointment is January 7. Fix the pocket on my right breast.

Today is the Day of My revision - Jan 7

Wow, it's been 15 months since the surgery... Pretty bummed that I need this revision to my right breast. However, fully optimistic this will be a quick recovery and a seamless surgery! I'm in good hands and I trust this will be perfect and I'll barely need any pain meds! I know it :)

Revisions Status

The revision went well. I believe it was about 30 minutes. From what I understand the pocket was sewn to my ribs. For the first 3 days I felt kind of luck a bruised rib and then it really dissipated. I took pain meds for the first 60 hours or so. I have no internal pain. I am taped and wearing a band which are both uncomfortable and the tape is itchy. I can't shower for 6 weeks! The stitches come out on the 28th. But I'll be re-taped afterward for up to 6 weeks. Trying to take it easy so I don't rip any stitches. Have to fly tomorrow, should be fine though. I'll post a pic when the tape has been removed. As far as care by Dr Jugenburg and team, it is of course fantastic. Day of and follow up. The clinic did not charge me any money at all for the revision. This is exceptional and speaks to their commitment. Of course bummed that I need this revision but I hope to feel back to normal in under 2 months. Totally normal. Even after this I do not regret the augmentation. I would do it again. I might have gone with under my breast as the incision opposed to trans-ax.

4 months post revision

It was my right - wore the band up to 3 months and now it will drop a bit further. All is well!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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