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It took me 5 years and a few months to work up the...

It took me 5 years and a few months to work up the courage to finally set foot in a plastic surgeons office. After emailing, Kim (RN) at Dr Jugenburg's office in Toronto, a few times with a couple questions. I decided early one morning that if it was meant to be, I would be able to get in to see him that day. At 3pm, I finally walked into the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. First I had a consultation with Kim, she is absolutely wonderful! She takes her time to really get to know you and what you want. She reminded me of a mother, welcoming you into her home with open arms. Next, I met with Dr Jugenburg. He is really friendly and helpful. I got to try on sizers, I decided to go with 400cc & 410cc saline unders through the transauxilliary incision. It should bring me up 2 cupsizes. I've also been thinking more and more about going a bit bigger with high profile but I'm still considering it.

I havent set a date yet, because I'm still saving up but I'm hoping to book a date by the summer.

Inspo Pics

I forgot to attached the inspiration pics.



Have any of you financed your procedure with Medicard? If you have, how was your experience?

Before Photos

Here's some pics of my boobies before!

Booking my second consult

So I have booked my second consult date with my Dr, to ask a few more questions, focusing more on the fees/financing & to try on sizers once more. I want to double check if I like what I have chosen or if I should go alittle bit bigger. Then I hope to book my pre-op & op date! I'm thinking the end of January/Early Feb of 2014? Start the year off right!

Medicard is a no go

So i applied to Medicard to see if i could finance a portion (3000$) of my procedure, and without a cosigner it's a no go. That's alright, I was hoping I could get approved for it but I will have to go with my original plan of writing out a check and paying it all upfront. Also, i will continue to update you all on everything. I'm super excited and find you all very helpful and supportive!

anyone tried to convinc you otherwise?

Good Morning Ladies!

Have any of you had friends and loved one try and convince you that it's a waste of money and you shouldn't get the surgery? What did you say and how did you deal with it?

Hurry Up Monday!!

I swear Monday is not coming fast enough! I've pretty much decided to book my op appointment for the last week of January, first week of February. It's probably the best time to do it, before I get too involved in my courses at school and before I spend any of my Christmas money (haha!)

Still won't know if i will go a bit bigger than 400cc (left), 330cc (right) (I'm definitely not symmetrical)


I havent actually written a post with my stats so I figured I should..

Here are my stats:
Almost 25 years old..(dec 21st)
No kids
161.5 lbs and losing weight
small 32C - i think..some days it may even be a D..(at least near my period)

My breasts are bottom heavy/deflated, I have hoping to be a full DD after my surgery.

First Consultation: I decided on saline unders through the armpit incision, left: 400cc and right 330cc (my right is bigger than my left)

Boobie Birthday has been booked!

This morning I had my second consult! I retried on the sizers and decided to go with the 450cc high profile saline implants, they are a bit wider and fit my profile better! I also set a date! JANUARY 22nd 2014 is the date set for my op!! Countdown starts now!! I'm super impressed with the entire staff at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, they are all outstanding and I absolutely can't wait!

Next to cross off the list, is to get my blood work and physical done.

Losing Weight with Implants?

Just curious if any of you have lost weight with implants?

I never really had much boobs until I gained weight, and now that I am starting to lose weight, I havent noticed my boobs changing much. But I am curious, as to whether or not any of you, have lost weight after you had your implants. And if your breasts have shrunk at all?

this is a little off topic..

This is a bit off topic, but I am posting this because I have had a shitty day & a good friend of mine sent me this and it helped cheer me up. I hope this does the same for any of you ladies. :

Thought of the Day:
Do not let the shadows of your past darken the doorstep of your present and future. Let go, forgive and move forward. Just because the past didn’t turn out like you had hoped, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you had envisioned. In fact, we often grow stronger in the places we were once broken. Because it’s not until you’re broken for a while that you truly learn what you’re made of on the inside. And this insight gives you the ability to rebuild yourself, stronger than ever before. Most of the time the only difference between long-term happiness and long-term despair is not quitting on yourself. As long as you are breathing it’s never too late.

Today is a new beginning.

Vitamins & Prep [I know its early]

Curious, what vitamins can I take now that will help my body heal later?

Also, I don't have much pectoral muscle (not-athletic at all!), I'm going under the muscle. Should I try and build some pec muscle now or should I just leave it/will i be fine?

Sore boobs before period?

Anyone else experience sore boobs before their period? Will it get worse with implants?

Paperwork done! This is getting realer every minute!

So today I completed my paperwork and on Monday I will fax it into the office!

I asked my best friend to be my person (yes, I'm a huge greys fan!); she accepted her duties (haha). All I have left to do is: see my doctor for a history & physical, get bloodwork done, and pay off my fees! It's still early, but I'd like to get everything done before exams roll around. This past week was midterms and was pretty hectic! January still seems too far away, but its most definitely worth it!

Three Months Pre-Op!

So 3 months today, I should have my boobies!! Everyday it gets real-er and real-er!

Crazy Dreams..

So the crazy dreams have started! I dont know if any of you ladies have had dreams or nightmares before the big day, but last night I dreamt that Boobie Day came and I didnt have enough money! Maybe its just because Ive been over stressed with school, work and starting a new internship that I havent had much time to relax!

Am I crazy or any one else have weird dreams before?

More Random Thoughts..

I've come to realize this is one the the places I've posted some of my random thoughts towards my BA, because I'm tired of talking everyone's ear off about it. And I know most of you ladies share my excitement. I've realized my op date is exactly one month & one day after my birthday and this is the best belated birthday gift I have ever bought myself. Some days I cant believe that I'm actually going through with this. It took me forever to do my research and build up the courage to walk into the doctor's office. Now I have 74 more days to wait...and it feels like foreverrrr!

More before

Passing my knowledge on...

So I've recently started working seasonal part time sales at The Bay (for my american boobie buddies, its the Hudson Bay Company that also owns Lord & Taylor), I am working in the lingerie section..coincidence much? I have learned that I am actually a 34B (meaning LaSenza & Victoria Secret bras are made that much smaller than I thought) and now for the knowledge sharing...

We do not carry any wireless front closure bras :(..Spanx does offer a over-your-head wireless compression bra BUT if you are looking for a front closure wireless bra..PLAYTEX makes one and are ONLY AVAILABLE at SEARS.

I am also being trained on learning how to size & fits bras and I will keep you all updated with more knowledge and any brands that come in that offer wireless/compression bras for our first few new boobie weeks!!


Traveling after a BA?

I know a few of you have already answered this question somewhere on here. Has anyone noticed a difference when flying with implants? Do you feel any pressure? I am planning on traveling to Jamaica a month post op, will it be alright?

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all my american boobie sisters! Hope your day is filled with happiness and lots of turkey! (or ham)

Make sure to wear comfy shoes for your early black friday shopping trips tomorrow!


36 days until my pre-op appointment! 48 days until my new boobies arrive!

I finally had my blood work done, last week..im just waiting for the Dr to call and let me know I have low iron..I bruised pretty bad after having the blood drawn (but the bruise is quickly fading) and have really been pushing the green smoothies so at last resort I will have to take the supplements (yuck!)

I've noticed lately, that I have been really nervous and almost scared to get it done!

My mom has always told me I go to the beat of my own drummer.

I knew from about the age of 9 or 10 that if I never got big boobs naturally I would have a boob job. A large majority of girls that have very small boobs want bigger ones but never do anything about it. I wasn’t prepared to spend my life wanting something and not having it. I always do everything that I want to do.. My mom has always told me I go to the beat of my own drummer..

Post Bra Question..

Anyone try the jockey sports bra? or the bali wire-free bras?

More Boobie Wish Pics

This is the look that I have decided I would like to go with. Some of the pictures are users here, they are truly lucky they have had their boobies turn out this good!

A Bump In the Road..

I dont know if any of you will understand it. I dont know how hard or easy it is for you to tell your loved ones. My mother is an extremely judgemental person, and she thinks all girls that have a "boob job" are bimbos and she's really outspoken about it. Thats her in a nutshell. I don't know how to make this sound any better than what it is, so here it is at face value...

This evening I received a call from my doctor's office to remind me of my pre-op appointment on Friday.
1) I dont have my pre-op until January 10th,
2) I specifically told the office not to call me at home the last appointment and gave them my new cell number
3) They left a voicemail...who checks the voicemail? My mom.

I havent told anyone yet about my BA, especially my mother. She's pretty condescending, controlling and not supportive at all (in general, so why would this be any different). She became all worried that something was wrong and was pretty inquisitive about the phone call and pushing me to tell her and telling me all these things about what i should make sure to tell the doctor about previous health issues...I really dont know what to do.

I tell her: She will convince me otherwise and make me out to be a bad person, to be pathetic for wanting to enhance myself.

I dont tell her: I know I will have to tell her eventually, but for now I need to keep things to myself. I decided to go with the size that I am with a double push up padded bra, so the transformation isnt huge. And I will be staying at my friends during the post op recovery times. I feel terrible, for lying to her. But I really want this. I'm almost 25 years old and Im freaking out over my mom making decisions for me...omg..

Because of this incident tonight I'm pretty sure I might have to move my op date...and I'm a wreck about it.


So today was my pre-op, I moved it up to day (originally January 10th) and I also put another $3,000 down! Only 3345$ more to go and my girls will be fully paid off. I was also shown the massages briefly, and went over the procedure completely. I also decided to go with the 500cc HP Saline. And now I am over the top excited!

i think i have psyched myself out a bit...

i think i may have psyched myself out a bit, i decided to watch a procedure on youtube of what im getting, yet i couldnt find one with saline implants? only silicone. 2 things...1 it made me cringed and 2 im happy im getting saline and not silicone..

Happy New Year! 21 Days + Post Op Bra?

Happy New Year Ladies! Best of Luck to you All with your BA's in the new year! 21 days to go before I join you all on the other side. I went to Sears before work on Monday and tried on the Playtex front closure bra, I will attach the picture of the box. It fit well, only thing that worries me is that I tried a 38D and with one of my double push up bras on, so I can get an idea since I'm going a bit bigger than my bras I wear. I might have to go with a DD Playtex bra. Let me know what you think please!


Side note: I am starting to get really nervous the more I think about it. Ive more so been thinking that I shouldnt go through with this and its all negative thoughts. I know it will pass. I'm actually trying not to think about it.

This morning I checked my bank account to see my second last big pay check from the Christmas season, and I must say that working my ass off and picking up the the "on call" shifts, have paid off! *drumroll pleaseee*


I am so proud of myself for actually being able to save up for them! I have always spent spent spent like the money was burning a hole in my pocket. 19 Days and the twins arrive...

13 days...

Thirteen days to go and the nerves are really starting to kick in! More nervous about the size and how many people will notice right off!

I bought the Playtex bra I mentioned in an earlier review in a 38DD and can ways return it if it doesn't fit. I'm thinking the extra space will accommodate any swelling.

11 days

11 days..10 more sleeps.

Where did the time go? Most days I wake up and can't believe I'm actually doing this! The nerves have really started to kick in and I'm scared of going to big or not liking them afterwards. I feel like I'm processing all the emotions at once and ahead of time. I have the tendency to do that, maybe as a defence mechanism? So when it actually happens I'm not effected as much? Who knows!

Today I'm headed into Toronto, for a last minute girls days with my best friend. And to pick up some snacks and stuff because I will be staying the 22nd-26th with her. I'm really thankful for her and her support. I don't think she realizes how much I appreciate it.

underwire blues

Is it odd that I can't wait to wear wireless bras? I'm so tired of this under wire!

Curious Question..

For you Ladies you have had your BA'S already and had your left Breast drop sooner, are you right handed?

How to Sleep Upright

While studying for my undergrad I took a couple religion classes and I remember reading an article one day about how Tibetan monks sleep sitting up. They even have a special “box” to sleep in at night and this allows them fall asleep facing their shrines and contributes to good meditation posture. So I did some research into sleeping sitting up, to see what other girls prefer and just in general and found this article: http://www.theminimalists.com/drew/ and it truly gives you the best way to successfully sleep sitting up, without the back pain. I am definitely going to try it out!

carrying stuff after BA

Anyone know how awkward it is carrying a backpack after a BA? Just wondering because of class the week after my surgery.. I know I can't lift anything heavy, my laptop is only 3 pounds and it will be in my backpack..

Also Wednesday I'm heading in to drop off my last payment. Can you say excited?!

One Week!

One week and I will just be going in! I was told my surgery time is at 5pm! how am i going to not be able to eat all day?!?!! Tomorrow I have to pick up my prescriptions & I'm all ready!

Good News

I just picked up my antibiotics, I was prescribed 7 different ones, Celebrex, Ativan, Tylenol3s, Percocets, an antibiotics and antinausant (i dont remember the last one). Good News is that my school health coverage most of it, and I only had to pay 27$! Now its starting to really sink in that this is happening


So I got the call today from Kim (the RN), my schedule time isnt until 7pm instead of 5! So I now have to be there at 5, but can check in at the hotel at 3. The clinic is located in the Royal York Hotel downtown Toronto with the procedure, I get to stay a night in the hotel (packaged deal) and the nurses will be on call in the evening. I get to eat breakfast at 6am the day of, and then cant eat for 12 hours! its going to be a long day!

3 More Days..

3 More days and I dont think its fully settled in that this happening..

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night is my op! So excited!

Also, as of last night the wild dreams have started! dreamt that i had watermelons (ACTUAL watermelons) duct taped to my chest. Also, someone tried to put low profile on me, not high. and then they came out all purple and swollen and looked funny.


todays the day ladies!

I'm currently on my way downtown, haven't eaten or drank since the 2 pieces of toast and smoothie since 6am this morning. I'm starving!

I was more nervous thus morning when I woke up but now I'm excited! I did feel sick to my stomach after I ate this morning but I wasn't sick! (thank god)

Here's a couple of pics taken this morning, last day of the old me!

Thanks you

Thank you Ladies! I'm just about to head down to the clinic, in my bright pink butterfly pj's.

I'm scared and excited. See you all on the other side, I can't believe I'm actually doing this!

I wish I was wasting away im margaritaville..

Surgery was pushed back a bit and I'm waiting for them to call me down. They're running late. Now I'm really nervous, have a headache and having second thoughts

really hungry

It's 615 and I'm still waiting for a phone call to go back down..

I'm tired and just want to eat something!

im done

Done I'll post tomorrow

I did it!

So surgery was a lot later then than I thought it would be. I went in at about 8-something and was back in my room, close to 11. I've been taking the pain meds constantly in rotation between a Percocet every 4 hours and T3 every 6. Pain is minimal. I find my right side to hurt more and when I look down my left is bigger. I'm quite swollen at the moment.

Sorry if I sound repetitive. I threw up my apple sauce I had after my surgery, it was pleasant. My BFF has been amazing! She's helped me up to pee and keeps my pain meds going. I have talked her ear off constantly. I will update a pic of what I took last night and I pic of later

Meds are kicking in, back to sleep my lovelies! Xx,

drum roll please....

I'm a little swollen but not sore!

Day One

Still sore. Been talking my antibiotic every 6 hour, percs for pain every 4. I have been taking nondrowsy gravol for my constant nausea and I also took a senokot for a stool softner.

Anyone else been icing? I have. It's helping. Also my steristrips are coming off early and the top band is really bothering me!

nasty bruise

post op bra cuttiing of my circulation?

When is it okay to switch bras? I know it's too early but it feels like my post op bra is cutting off my circulation. I can see the indents of the pattern of the bra on my boobs! I'm thinking about switching into my other bra I got from Walmart, that's bigger and comfier...opinions? thoughts?

new pic

Sorry it looks funny, I just took an antibiotic and 2 percs and just waiting to kick in and head to sleep. Good night ladies! Xo

Day Two

Good Morning my Beauties!

I was awake a few times in the night with minor pain, and woke up this morning at 6 to take my antibiotic. I definitely was able to sleep last night. Pain this morning is about a 2 or a 3, mainly just at incision site. This evening I get to bathe and take off my steristrips finally. The steps are half off and driving me crazy. And a nice bathe should help bruising. When my friend gets home from work, I'm going to go to the pharmacy or health food store for some arnica cream to help with my bruising. It was a lot easier to do my massages this morning. I was told to squeeze together for 30 seconds and to push down on the top of my implant and massage my sternum 2-3 times a day. I think I did it 5-6 times yesterday and it's been helping a lot with the pain and they are already starting to feel softer. Especially since I switched bras.

I feel like yesterday I had the hardest time doing the littlest things. Like being able to stand up by myself especially up off of this couch, and opening up my pill bottles. The amount of times I got up to pee on the night, I can stand a little bit easier by myself and I was able to open my meds by myself. I took another perc to sleep while my friend heads to work and I think I may make the switch to T3's at some point today. I have yet to have a BM but have been having some gas! Also my arm movement is good,havent been able to put my arms above my head yet, but can get dressed by myself.

I feel like I definitely freaked out and thought this was going to be way worse than it actually had been. *fingers are crossed* as its only day two. BUT my high pain tolerance has definitely made this easy for me.

I will try and post more pictures today, to show the sides and how bad my bruising is now. (I noticed last night there were new bruises) but bruises is a good sign that I am healing properly!

to add...

Also, I've noticed my boobs are similar to my wish pic. A bit smaller (as of right now). BUT Dr J and I have seemed to pic the PERFECT size for my body and even tho they have yet to unswell or drop I LOVE them. He is absolutely amazing!

steri- strips

okay maybe they are more like my wish pics..

I did my massages this morning and now I'm laying half asleep on the couch EXTREMELY nauseous. Anyone know why I'm still so nauseous?

anyone one itchy?

Anyone skin super itchy? Also I've decided not to take my percs or t3s until I absolutely have to! Im so tired of feeling drowsy and nauseous and uncomfortable!

First Shower

I have bathed! And no longer stink! Showering was interesting, easier than I thought. One steristrip fell off and it was easier to massage them with the heat on them. I laid off the pain killers this afternoon, and felt a lot better. I'm not as itchy or nauseous.

Day 4...

Today is a lot better then the past 3 days! My boobs are a lot softer and I have a lot more movement. I was able to get dressed this morning all by myself! I've still stuck with the black bra I got from Walmart. It's like the coobie bra. I've stopped the pain killers except for an occasional T3 before bed. I haven't had a BM since a few hours before my surgery.


So I just got out of the shower and I was drying my self off and after putting on a sports bra, I went to put my shirt on and I heard a loud pop noise?! There was a few almost like the sound of pop corn?! There isn't any more pain in my right boob, and no more pressure. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing! Any ideas? I've emailed the Dr already to see if I have to make a trip in to see him or if it's OK to wait until Wednesdays post op!

Day 5

So I received an email back from my PS today, and the popping sound is completely normal! PHEW! Today my chest feels a bit tighter than usual and I have a lot of slight burning like pins and needles in my sternum and bottom of my breasts. From research, I've learned that its nerve regeneration pain. I feel like my body is taking really well to the implants and healing quick. My bruising seems to be going down by itself.

I've added in some photos I took this morning, I changed into my blue Jockey bra, and it is THE BEST bra I have support wise. It holds the girls in. I tried on my pink lace bralette and its a bit too small, I'm hoping that after the swelling goes away it will fit a bit better. I am very happy with my new girls!

Incision Site Pain?

Has anyone with the transax incision had a aching pain in one side that also is felt in the breast?

A Week + PostOp

Hey Ladies! I haven't had a chance to update since my one week post op appointment this passed Wednesday. I have another week of wearing the top compression band as my left side hasn't dropped yet and still sitting high. Sutures come out next Thursday morning.

I haven't had to take much pain pills, only in the evening as my nerves are re generating in my armpits and it HURTS.

Also, I need to find a supportive sports bra, as the ones I have aren't.


So I'm starting to wish I went a little bit bigger...but at the same time I am happy with them. Its an on again off again feeling. I think its because all my swelling is gone, and they turned out smaller than I thought they would be. I think IF I did go a bit bigger, they would be too big for my chest? and noticeably fake.

My left breast still hasnt dropped fully, and I'm starting to get impatient. I've been wearing the top and bottom band 24/7, and it makes me itch, but when I take the top band off to readjust its a bit painful without it? My stitches come out Thursday, and I think I may have funny scars..

I cant wait to wear regular clothes again that don't have to hide the ugly band!

2 Weeks PO!

2 Weeks Post Op already!

Not much has changed, my life is still higher than my right even though I've worn the band 24/7 and did the massages more! I wish they would just drop a bit lower or I could find a better bra to wear that was comfortable. I have been living in my George bra from Walmart & Jockey Sports Bra(blue). The Jockey is the most comfortable because I feel like it holds the girls up better and helps the bottom band give better support. I have been wearing alot of sweaters and boatneck style tops, I haven't really showed the girls off much. BUT I have tried on some old shirts that I bought prior to surgery and I fill them out MUCH better now:)

Yesterday and today, I have been sore. Prickly pain throughout my boobs, especially nipples. I haven't lost feeling throughout the procedure, but this is definitely nerves regenerating Tomorrow, my sutures come out.

Sorry if I neglect you guys a bit in the next few weeks, midterms are coming up and I have been hectic busy!

Also - I know, I'm due for a picture update! Soon!

15 days PO

So the weather delayed my transportation into Toronto today, so I rescheduled to get my sutures out tomorrow afternoon. I have no pain and the boobs are dropping nicely. Sometimes in the evening when I have done too much with my arms I get Frankenboob a bit and I can really feel my chest muscle squeezing the implant.

I have attached a couple pictures. One is of my side, I have a couple sores on it from the band's velcro rubbing me the wrong way. Anyone else have this? Also I've noticed a weird line, that's also from the band moving down and cutting off a bit of my circulation. Like when you wear socks and the band is too tight.

it would help if I attached the pictures..

almost a month post op

This is just a small update before I head to work..I was measured, I'm a 34DD depending on the bra! And they haven't completely settled yet.
My left boob still hasn't dropped. And I get morning boob still!

One Month Post Op

Today I had my one month post op appointment! Time really flies! I still have to wear the bands for another 2 months...my left boob still needs to drop. No swimming and no upper body exercise for another 2 weeks, but I am allowed to have sex (BUT no bouncing!! HAHA!)

Ive noticed I have a few stretch marks and so I've been using Palmers Skin Therapy Oil.

so ive been bra shopping..

So over the weekend I went bra shopping, bought a couple 34DD bras. Didn't like them (didn't sit on my chest properly), so I returned them. Bought new ones a different style, came home and tried to wear it, lasted half a day.. so I returned it and decided to try Victoria's Secret. I tried on their 34DD Tshirt bra (it's new), it's fantastic! BUT I spill out the top a bit, so after trying on about 30 bras there I finally realized I'm a 34DDD.

I'm a bit shocked. I didn't buy the DDD, it wasn't that comfortable, because my cleavage is so close together bras that have a higher gore (center part) hurt me. Maybe this will change when they fluff out? I ended up buying the 34DD Tshirt bra because it was comfortable and even tho I bulge out at the top a bit of extra cleavage won't hurt..but I might return it..

Here's some pics of the whole bra debacle.

sorry ive been MIA

Small update, not much is new, the left is finally dropping. I get random pains lately in my right boob, not sure what it is. Different than nerve pain.

3 Month Anniversary coming up

Hey Ladies! Hope you are all well!

Sorry Ive been MIA, I've been pretty busy with school, the end of the semester is near! The girls are doing better everyday. My left is still higher than my right and it looks a bit smaller. I'm sure it will look for even once it drops. My stretch marks are getting a bit better, everyday is different. Only pain I've noticed recently is the week of my period. My nipples are sore.

I will try and post pictures, in the next few days.

I've also been formally fitted, first at VS and again at The Bay by a sales rep. Both measured me at a 34DDD. I've had a few issues finding a bra that is comfortable because they sit different in the cups. I've tried a 36DD, and the band is simply too big! I'm quite surprised at the size, as they don't really look like DDDs until I am actually trying on bras!

Really hot implant?

So I've been getting this weird feeling for the last week and I don't know if I should be concerned. Lately if I sit a certain way and then moved I get this really warm feeling right under my boob or in my side boob..and then it goes away. My next appointment isn't until May 1st.

Have anyone you guys felt this sensation before?


So i have discovered the weird warm feeling! It is the implant moving around in the pocket! is this weird?


Hey ladies! It's been awhile since I've last updated, I've been extremely busy with life, and since its been 6 months I figured I should update you all. Both breasts have dropped nicely, incisions are healed but still a bit dark in color but are slowly fading. I have no pain at all, minus the week week before my period...my nipples get oversensitive and its painful to wear a bra. My left boob is a bit bigger and hangs a bit lower than my right, but when I was measured at my 3 month check up, there was only a .5 of an inch difference between the two. I sometimes wish i was a bit bigger, and then I remember how hard it is to find a comfortable bra and well, I'm pretty happy and content I went through with this.

I have be formally fitted as a 34DDD also known as a 34F or 36DD. I have a hard time finding bras that are comfortable without spending a ton of money. My favourite is a Calvin Klein 36DD; I still havent found a preper 34DDD Victorias Secret bra that is comfortable.

25 Months Post Op! Best Decision I've Ever Made!

Haven't had a chance to log on and update in a long time, I'm a year and about a month post op and I have to say this is the best decision I've ever made. The last year has been amazing, and I absolutely love the twins!!

Everything has healed perfectly and my scars are still a bit noticeable but are still fading, and are on the crease so they are not really noticeable. I've noticed more recently that they swell and chance throughout my cycle. My boobs have always done this but its just more noticeable now. I still have some numbness on my right side, and once and awhile I will get some brief nerve pain or pain from my chest muscle contracting.

I really feel like I lucked out on the size! As I stated before in my previous posts, I was only hoping to go up to a 34DD but I'm currently a 34G!!!!

I will post pictures, when I log onto my computer tomorrow!!

1Yr PO pic!

2yr PO (almost 3yrs)

It's been awhile RS..I keep meaning to post another update. Boobs are doing well, they have fully settled and I still firmly believe this was the best thing I could ever do to improve my self confidence. Everything that has followed since has been great! The only complaint I have is that they don't sit as close as I would like them to, and I may have a revision in my future to fix this.

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Words cannot express how happy I am with Dr Jugenburg & his wonderful staff!!!!!! Dr J is truly an artist, a master of art! I am so delighted with how well my breasts turned out and the service I received from the clinic!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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