40 Yrs Old, 350-375cc Ideal Saline Implant, 2 Kids, Deflated. 5ft4" 126lbs - Toronto, ON

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So excited and scared going to meet my 2nd doctor...

So excited and scared going to meet my 2nd doctor for consultation. Not sure if I will need a lift with my Ba but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get my ideal BA. Hopefully I can have a full D again. Thinking of 350cc ideal saline implants. I will get to try on sizes Monday March 14th when I go.
I have 2 kids 4yrs and 2yrs and now I want to feel good about myself again, have the confidence and feel sexy. My husband is so supportive I'm thankfull to have help with this decision. I'm still stalking more realself profiles to find anyone who had BL with BA.

Wish Boobs!!

Decisions!! I'm sure this will be one of the hardest things to choose...size. The thought of looking fab in a bikini this summer gives me the giggles! lol After my last kid (now 2) I have lost 35lbs and managed to get my butt to the gym to tone up and be ready for beach volleyball this summer. I am excited for this consult with Dr Jugenburg, he has great reviews and the facility is beautiful. My first consult with different doc left me feeling I needed more...he was informative but I did not have a chance to be measured or try on sizes. If things go good hopefully my BA will happen within the first couple weeks of April. Thank you ladies for you Realself posts to help me through my decisions... YOU are all Beautiful!!! I will post my whole adventure so I can pass on the help. :)

Right size for me?

Loved my consult! Tried on 365cc sizer and I think that's the one. I'm going to make rice sizers tomorrow and I'll post pics to see more options. I think if I walk around the house all afternoon it will give me a better idea of what I like.

Trying on rice sizers.

I made rice sizers this am. Approximately 1 1/2 cups = 360cc. I liked the 365cc when I tried it on in my PS office. I was told with my width 11, I could go with a size from 300cc to 400cc. I wear a 34 C bra but I would say I'm a full C it just covers my deflated girls better than squishing out of a push up size B. I feel like I don't have much substance to them "flapjack boobs" after breastfeeding. So here are my pics wearing the 360cc sizers and with my normal bra.

Quick booking

BA is booked for April 3rd. I've only met the doc once and I have a 3 hr drive there and back. Good thing is they have me stay overnight in the beautiful Fairmont hotel where the nurse will check on me the next day. Hubby of course will be there with me. I'm super excited and scared at the same time as I read most women are at this point. I have no idea what to buy or will need for after surgery. I read some use ice packs, when did you use them and for how long? What type of bras did you buy for recovery? My doc will provide one I'm sure but I'm sure some extra comfy ones will help. It's going to be so hard not picking up my little one for 6 weeks!! He's such a mommy cuddler too. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

9 days till BA

More before pics.

9 days till BA

More before pics. I'm so blessed to have been able to breastfeed both my kids. It's has left me with deflated boobs that are squishy and feel not much substance to them. Before kids I was a perky 34C, hoping to be a 34D with adding 350cc to my now droopy 34Bs. I am borderline lift but choosing a more natural look without one.

4 more sleeps

"D" DAY is coming fast! I've tried on a couple bikini tops today to have before and after pics to view. Felt good looking at my itty bitty bras knowing I can throw them out soon. Surgery is 12:30pm on Sunday April 3rd. Picked up all my meds today and gravel for the long ride home Monday.

So excited!

3 more sleeps. I have asked countless questions to my nurse Kim and it's been such a blessing to be able to email and chat with her for this big decision. She has always taken the time to chat with me and I feel confident in my decisions because of her.
My ideal size choice is based on the right fit for my body. I have 11cm boob width so the Ideal Implant size is 11.4cm width with a projection of 4.6cm. The Ideal implants come in one profile, moderate-HP. Meaning it's not mod or high, it's the ideal in between. As for cc's I've chose 350-375cc. The most my Implant will be filled is 375. I'm leaving it up to the Dr to adjust for asymmetry. We'll see Sunday what the final cc ends up but either way I'm confident it will be perfect. Incision will be in the breast fold, Implant under the muscle. I could not go through armpit for BA, with my droop in boobs they said the implants may not drop enough even with massaging. I have a decent fold in my breasts so I'm not concerned for any scars to be visible.

Surgery done!

They put me out at 2:30pm and 4pm I woke up with my new ideal boobs. I was too groggy to post this right away. I'm taking my Oxycodone every 4 hours and that is letting me sleep in between each dose. It's 3:30am now....need more sleep so I'll post more details in the afternoon.

Woke up with new boobs!

Woke up with new boobs after 1hr surgery then 1hr recovery. I've never had anaesthesia before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Dr had me count down from 15...14...13...12...OUT!! I'm a good sleeper! Lol I woke up feeling rested and not in a lot of pain on a different bed in recovery, my male nurse had some good muscles so I'm assuming he had helped move me. ;) Through the next 10 min of trying to wake up totally they called hubby to come get me then helped me get dressed. I confirmed with nurse Jovaline (pretty name) that I had 375cc in left and 350cc in right. They wheeled me next to our hotel room (convenient having clinic in the Fairmont Royal York Toronto) where I stayed the night with hubby for the convenience of having the nurse check on me in the morning. I kept up on my pain meds all night and this afternoon and I feel pretty good. It's constantly achy and can't quite get a full big breath without it feeling tight but I'm not in pain much. I have to wear a band above to push down swelling and one underneath for support. The bands bug me more right now so tight on my ribs and in my arm pits. I can loosen them a bit while sitting which helps. I go back on the 13th to have tape removed and hopefully ditch a band or two. The 3 hr ride home was rough at first but took a Oxycodone and was comfortable the rest of way. So bloated! Pain meds are already backing me up. Yuck! Prune juice, lots of water, Fiber, stool softener and probiotic hopefully helps things soon. Have any of you used bio-oil for scars?

Day 3

Swelling has come down. They are still high and tight. I'm only taking one Tylenol 3 at night to help me sleep. I took muscle relaxer this afternoon, my back is sore from being tense and sleeping sitting up. Looking forward to having the tape taken off next Wednesday so I can have a full shower.

Day 11

At my check up yesterday they took the tape off (didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would) and re-taped the stitches till they come out in two more weeks. I can finally have a full shower! The boobs have dropped a bit but still more to go. Still achy but not painful. I'm now in desperate need of a couple good sports bras so shopping soon. I posted a couple pics showing day 1 vs day 11. Next apt I will be taught how to massage them.

2 weeks

All is healing and settling perfectly. Sat by the pool in my bikini top a few days ago, it was such a great feeling to be comfortable with my new boobs

Week 4

Right boob still a bit higher than left. Stitches out a few days ago. (didn't hurt) I bought silicone strips to apply for next 6 weeks to help the scar healing process. I'm totally in love with my new boobs! I've started massages this week too. Hopefully it does help them get in place faster. Nipples are still sensitive but I've been told that's normal.
Fyi...350cc right 375 cc left, under muscle, under boob incision, ideal saline implant.

11 weeks

They have settled in nice now. Right one is still slightly higher. Bought 2 new bathingsuits today...felt so amazingly awesome! Back to playing beach volleyball (competitive) and absolutely no sloshing feeling and they do not get in the way.

How do they feel?

That's the big question right? Do they feel real? No is my answer, not real but here is how I feel about them. I can feel the difference from what is my boob and where the implant is. My boob is more squishy then the implant but the implant is nice and soft with the firmness I like, to give me the perkiness and shape. I didn't expect them to feel real but was hoping and succeeded in having them feel so comfortable that I forget any different. I can feel some aches still when I over due it on lifting but I know that muscle needs the time to heal. (yard work using heavy wheel barrel gave me small pains in left muscle but went away in about a week). My nipples are fine now with no sensitivity to touch (no nip issues after 8 weeks) I finally bought my first under wire bra (34 D) last week. Fits awesome, so pretty, but by the end of the day I wished I had my sports bra back on. I almost forgot how sore they get wearing wire all day...urggh what we go though to feel pretty and put together!

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