36 Years Old, 5'4, 125 Pounds - I'm Doing This! Toronto, ON

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I've been thinking of doing this for about five...

I've been thinking of doing this for about five years. When my I lost my mom to breast cancer a couple of years ago, I decided it was time to invest in myself. After consulting with three surgeons, all of whom were referrals, I selected the one that I felt was most approachable. He has recommended that I go with 265 cc low plus profile shaped gel implants. I was given the option of 235 or 265 and low profile versus moderate profile. After my sizing appointment I requested a second appointment to reconfirm my decision. I figure that if I had a boyfriend coming with me to these appointments, he would obviously like me to choose the bigger ones! I don't have pictures yet but will post soon. My surgery date is in one week. I've told a select few people and I'm relieved that everyone has been very supportive.

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Sizing appointment

I went for my second sizing appointment and it went really well. It confirmed that the 265 cc are definitely the right choice. I even got tempted to go with a moderate profile because I found I was getting more used to them as I was wearing them. Unfortunately didn't have any samples of the low plus profile on hand so we finally decided that the doctor will make the call on the morning of. It seems like if I go with a higher profile then I have to go with an overall higher number of cc like 275. I've been looking at other people's results but it's very interesting how much they vary from one person to another so it's honestly hard to tell what to do. I posted a couple of pictures. There a natural looking size and I feel like they are going to balance out my body well. I am trying not to think about the surgery next week because it's really too late to get too worried about it now! I have been doing lots of research on what sorts of things to have on hand and reading posts from other people is SO helpful for mentally preparing myself for the day of. I feel so much more informed from reading other people's posts that it has inspired me to track my own journey. I've been really happy with the level of support I received from friends who I have told that I am doing this. Everyone has been so awesome about it.

One day post op

The surgery was yesterday and it went very smoothly. I'm so pleasantly surprised, I had been mentally preparing myself for the worst, feeling really sick and being in a lot of pain and honestly, it was so smooth!
I was the first procedure of the day so got up at 5:30 and was there at 7 am. The doctor marked me up and we made the final decision for 275 cc moderate profile because he thought I would get the best overall result with that choice. I was taken to a small operating room and the anesthesiologist was joking around as I was quickly and painlessly put under. Next thing I knew I was in recovery in a bed with a lovely warm fan blowing hot air into the sheets. The nurses were all very nice and the recovery nurse took good care of me. The whole time I felt cared for and safe, never really afraid or in pain or anxious which was amazing because I've had other procedures (laser eye surgery and wisdom teeth out) that were actually much scarier! Probably because I was more awake for those.
Another great thing was that I literally didn't see any other people when I was going in or coming out. They wheelchaired me down to my friends car in the parking lot and I was home by 11:30 am. Yesterday I iced every hour and did arm raises every hour.
I slept well last night, took an oxy before bed and slept on lots of pillows with two pillows and airplane pillow for neck support, two pillows on either side for my arms and one beneath small of my back. I feel bloated and my stomach is hard and round. I have a little more pain today and feel a bit shaky but I am still very pleasantly surprised at how easy I've had it. I've had period pain that was worse than this!
I'm happy with my results so far, they are obviously a bit high and torpedo-like but that seems to be the normal effect so soon after surgery. I am happy that I still feel like myself and I doubt it will be very noticeable if I'm wearing a blazer or scarf, but will certainly look better in a bathing suit! I'm going to rest and chill out today. They said today would be about as bad as it gets.
I have some swelling - it seems to be mostly swelling sideways but they told me that's normal.
One funny thing, is that I can feel air bubbles moving sometimes almost like a little fart. It's a weird sensation, sometimes it makes a little noise LOL. Apparently overtime the body will reabsorb the air and this will stop Lol.
I haven't seen what they actually look like yet but I'm almost waiting until they calm down a bit to take a look. Overall a very positive experience :-)

First couple days

It's been two and a half days and I'm sooooooo bloated! I'm up 10 lbs since Tuesday! Did this happen to anyone else? Any suggestions?

First post-op went well

I saw my breasts today without the bandages for the first time at the doctors office for my first post-op. He started showing me how to do the 'massage' and between that and not having much to eat before hand I went white and almost fainted! It was a bit overwhelming to be honest.
I'm still adjusting to the idea that this is my body. I've never felt super sexy in my body before and I have a lot of healing to do before I get there. I'm basically numb on one side but I was told that will go away in time. I get weird sensations in my breasts and nipples which I imagine are the nerves getting regenerated.
Anyways, I'm still feeling good about the results so far but I need to be further along the road of healing to really know for sure. I've lost a few pounds of the 10 lbs I gained from the surgery but still don't feel like myself. Not working out is killing me; I'm normally very active. I have bruising on my chest and everything feels tight and high. Bought some sports bras today to transition into next.

Getting much easier

It's been about one and a half weeks and every day gets easier. I'm gradually get back to normal day to day activities. Still not working out but I have a lot more use of my upper body which is a relief. Also getting the feeling back on my right side, so unbelievably thankful for that. They are settling down. Not so sore anymore but it has been more painful the second week I think because of trying to get back to work. I haven't decided yet whether I 'love' them lol. It is kind of hard when I can only wear a sports bra or ugly surgical bra. Happy though, I think they were worth it at the end of the day!

Too small?

I honestly didn't expect to feel this way but I'm concerned that I went too small. I like them and with they were a little more of a statement!

Full body

Just adding full body photos to show my results better in proportion to the rest of my body. I'm wishing they were bigger now that I have the roundness I never had before. Overall very happy but haven't been sized yet because I'm still in a sports bra. Maybe if I can push them up that will help!
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