29yrs, 5'8, 120lbs, 32A - got silicone 385cc full profile Natrelle Inspiras, under muscle, thru fold, in Toronto

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A little about myself... I've been researching on...

A little about myself...
I've been researching on RealSelf for a couple years now, and I'm finally starting my own journey. I am a small 32A, about 125lbs, and 5'9 so I'm fairly tall and skinny. My chest size has bothered me my whole adult life. I've been thinking about getting this surgery for over ten years, but wanted to make sure I felt ready to make the decision. Now that I'm about to turn 30, I feel like it's time. I would like to go to a full C cup. I've been mostly considering silicone cohesive gel, under the muscle, with infra mammary incision.

Now for the exciting stuff...
I booked my consultations back in January, but there was a bit of a wait and this week was the earliest I could get. So on Monday I saw Dr Jugenburg in the morning, and Dr Edelstein in the afternoon annnnnd I'm excited to say that I just booked my surgery with Dr Jugenburg!! It was a really tough decision, way harder than I thought it would be. Both doctors were great, no complaints. They're also quite different from each other. I had to sleep on it a couple nights before I could really decide, and I went back and forth a lot. I think either of them would do fantastic work, and I'm guessing I would probably be just as happy either way. Anyway now that I've made my choice and booked my surgery, I'm super excited. My date is just over a month from now, on April 29.

For any ladies that are looking into these doctors, I can tell you a little about my experience with them...

Dr Jugenburg's office is in the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto (breast augmentation patients are able to spend the night after surgery at the hotel to recover, cost included in the procedure). When my husband and I first went in, we met with Kim who's the RN. She is very pleasant and easy to talk to. I've read many reviews on Dr J and they always mention Kim for this very reason. She started out by getting my history and an idea of what I might like - silicone vs saline. I told her I was thinking about silicone but wasn't sure. We had a discussion about that and I appreciated her input. I'm still deciding on what I want for sure... After a few minutes Dr J came in and went over my history before taking photos and measurements. He looked at my "wish boob" pics and talked about my goals as far as shape and size were concerned. He was pretty detailed in going over my measurements with me, talked about what would work best, and made sure my expectations were realistic. He was straightforward and to-the-point. He was attentive, answered all my questions, and most importantly: I felt like he knew exactly what I wanted and how to achieve it. I think it was this discussion about my goals (combined with Kim's amiability) that stuck with me and ultimately made me decide to go with Dr J. Next I tried on sizers with Kim's help. They gave me a couple options and they were pretty much exactly what I had in mind. I liked the Natrelle 330cc moderate profile cohesive gel implant. That was it for the appointment... Probably close to an hour long in total. It cost $200 that comes off the cost of surgery. I should also mention that a couple days later I had more questions... I emailed Kim and she responded within the hour. She offered to have me come by again (as many times as I would like) to speak with her or Dr J and try on the sizes again.

Now for Dr Edelstein .... His office is located in uptown Toronto near Avenue Rd and Lawrence. My husband and I first met with Dr Edelstein. He took my measurements and went over my medical history. We then went into his office and had a detailed discussion about the surgery itself - incision options, silicone vs saline, textured vs smooth, possible risks, etc. He was friendly, knowledgable, and answered all of my questions. It was very relaxed, we covered a lot of info and never felt rushed. Additionally he helped to put me at ease (I've been nervous about having surgery and anesthetic). As he said, "I've never had anyone not wake up"... I laughed. Next we met with his nurse, Heather, to try on sizing. Heather was very nice, and she was good to talk to because she has had the procedure done herself. They didn't have the Natrelle 330cc implants I had tried earlier, but I tried on many in that general range. That was the end. This cost $113, applicable to surgery fee. Overall I really liked Dr Jugenburg AND Edelstein, which made my decision really hard!!

Well that's all for now.... I finalized my surgery booking today with Dr Jugenburg's office, and I'm going back next week to try on sizing again with Kim. I've already booked my appointment with my family physician to have my physical and blood work done. Sometime this week I'm going to pick up a bra and make myself some rice sizers... Pretty excited!!

I will be sure to add photos soon.

Telling my family / STRESSED / Rethinking size options

This week has been an emotional roller coaster. I've had a few conversations with my family about the surgery, and they're very upset that I'm doing this. I come from a very modest family, and my father cannot understand why I would want this. He says it's all about vanity, and I should just be happy being natural. My mother is a little less vocal about her opinions, but she mostly agrees with my dad. Also she has this way (like moms do) of manipulating me into feeling bad when I do something against her wishes. My parents haven't done any research whatsoever on this surgery, but they've read all the horror stories in the news, and see that as the reality behind plastic surgery. They think I haven't adequately considered the risks, but they're wrong. I know about the possible complications, and they really do scare me. But I also know that implants and plastic surgery in general has come a long way since the 80's and 90's, and I've carefully chosen a surgeon that I think has the ability to give me a good result. My parents won't even look up the doctor online to check him out. They just refuse to be any part of this.

On the topic of complications... This week I've been researching nonstop... It's so hard to sort out valid information from skewed statistics and websites with their own agendas and biases. Some of the things I find online about complications are very anecdotal, and it's difficult to find solid information -- like the rates of capsular contracture or bottoming out over different time spans. I've gone back and forth whether I want silicone or saline... I'm leaning toward silicone, but I've read articles that say that even the new cohesive gel turns to liquid once in the body and will leak and spread through the body if the shell is ruptured (not sure I believe that, but how do I know what's true?!)... Then I've read that saline can grow mold?! UGHHH... I go from being super excited about my surgery, to absolutely dreading it.

On the other hand.... My husband is very supportive. He won't encourage me in either direction, because he wants it to be entirely my decision whether I have a BA, but he's actively involved in my research and comes to appointments with me. He's helped to calm me down a bit when I get really nervous.

I went back to the surgeon's office yesterday to try on sizers again... During my previous visit I liked the Natrelle 330cc moderate profiles, but after trying them again yesterday, I'm thinking about a little more profile. So now I like the 385cc high profiles. There's not too much of a difference but I like that they have a little more projection. Still thinking about what exactly I want to do.... Lucky I have lots of time before my surgery on April 29.

Well anyway here are some before pics, and a couple pics of me trying on sizers (330cc moderates and 385cc HP).

Final Week Countdown, nervous & excited!!

My surgery is one week today. This morning I had my last appointment before my surgery date. My husband and I met with the nurse, Kim, and went over sizing again. I have now decided on the 385cc Natrelle Inspira full profiles. I am very excited about my decision... I think the 330cc moderates would have been too small in the end, and I wanted a little bit more profile. Anyway Kim assured me that I wouldn't be going too big (I was nervous about that), and I think she's right. It's really not a huge difference between 330 and 385 anyway so I can't go too wrong! Over the past couple weeks I had somehow gotten myself more confused over different kinds of implants than ever before. Reading all these reviews online there's so many different terms for the same things (I guess depending on what manufacturer you go with) like full vs high or ultra high profile... lol how do I know what the difference is?! And I had learned that there are two different gel options for the round silicone Inspira implants. Anyway Kim helped clarify this all for me so that made me feel a lot better! Dr Jugenburg came in to answer any final questions, but Kim had already answered them all for me so I was just like "umm I'm good" lol. But I really appreciated that I had this last opportunity to meet with both of them and ease my anxiety. Right now I'm just super excited (but I'm sure I'll be nervous again closer to the day!!)

12 hours to go!

Well my surgery is tomorrow... I'm still pretty calm but I have had moments of nervousness today and been doing silly things because I'm distracted and not paying attention to stuff! I picked up my prescriptions and I think I'm more afraid of the pills now than the actual surgery. The antibiotics I have to take for a week are HUGE and I really suck at taking pills... and apparently they cause nausea. All in all I have seven prescriptions! Three different pain pills, the antibiotics, an anti-nausea pill, anti-anxiety pill and something else for swelling. I didn't realize there would be so much... yikes.

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart today and had a bit of a shopping spree to get ready. I picked up some bottled water and juice, straws, protein shakes, pill organizer and cutter, wipes (for while I can't shower), and some easy snacks. I've packed my overnight bag and tried to get my house cleaned up a bit. I have to change the cat litter in the morning bc my husband is already complaining about having to clean it for the next couple weeks while I'm recovering.

While I don't really have much to say tonight... just hoping I'll get some sleep!

All done!! Surgery details

I came out of surgery about six hours ago and I'm feeling pretty good. The worst part of all of it has just been being tired and a little out of it, sometimes dizzy. Stuff that happened two minutes ago feels like two days ago.

Here are some details from my surgery for any ladies that are nervous about the process... It's kinda long but I hope this might answer some questions ...

I checked in at the hotel just before my appointment time so I could drop off my stuff. When I went down to the clinic they told me I could wait in my room and come back in 45 minutes. Everything was on time. So I waited in the room with my husband. When I went back down they had me go alone to the pre-op room. They told my husband they would call and update him once I was in recovery. In the pre-op room the nurse went over my medications and answered last minute questions. It was helpful because she had also had the surgery done so she could answer from personal experience. That helped to calm my nerves, but really (surprisingly) I was pretty calm and cool the whole time. I never really had a "freak-out" even thought I kinda expected to. I had to take some meds, get into a gown, and then it was a waiting thing while the dr finished up with his previous patient. Fortunately I had my phone to keep me occupied and distracted. Dr Jugenburg came in after about an hour, took some photos, confirmed what we were doing, did the sharpie art on my chest and that was it. Not long after, he was escorting me into the OR. There were four or five people in there, all very friendly. The anaesthesiologist (I feel so bad I forgot his name - I was pretty out of it) was very nice... He had a good manner that just made me feel relaxed, as well as the other nurses.... Everyone was pleasant. They put a pad on my thigh and some on my back with those electrode things. A blood pressure cuff on my arm, heart monitor on my finger, oxygen mask, and of course an iv in my hand. They put my arms to the side and strapped down my arms and legs. They covered me with a soft blanket and had me keep my gown on until I was asleep, which was nice because it made me more comfortable. They told me they were putting in the sedative which burned a bit. I was told to take deep breaths and I fell asleep after only two or three breaths.

Next thing I knew I was waking up and I must've tried rolling onto my side because I heard them saying "on your back sweetie, stay on your back" lol idunno if that really happened tho - maybe I was hallucinating! Anyway I was SUPER tired for the first half hour... I tried to talk and lift my head and it would just fall back down. And I was shaking A LOT which was annoying because all of my muscles kept tensing and I just wanted to relax. I wasn't nauseous at all. I only felt a lot of pressure on my chest, and really tight. Not really any pain per se. So I was pretty happy. I knew they were using a ventilator for the surgery and I had been worried about having a really dry mouth or sore throat, but I was totally fine. Mostly I was just scared to stand up bc I felt tired and kinda dizzy, and I was excited to see them. I could move my hands and lower arms and legs just fine so I could rest comfortably.

They kept me in recovery for an hour. The time flew by bc I was pretty out of it. Once I was ready to go the nurse (I think her name was AnnMarie) helped me get dressed. When my husband came down to meet me, he and the nurse, Jessica, rolled me up to my hotel room in a wheelchair. They gave me a little care bag with some ginger ale, water, crackers, soup, and kelocote. I was SO excited about the soup bc I had meant to bring one from home and forgotten. I ate it pretty much right away... It was delicious.

Since getting back to my room I've had very little pain, just tightness, and absolutely nothing unmanageable. I did get nauseous for a couple hours but I just rested and had some ginger ale and it subsided. I never puked. I've been keeping up with my pain meds - taking the lower dose but right on time and so far that's been just fine. Once my nausea went away I ordered room service and it was delicious, I ate a lot lol.

Well that's all I guess for now... Still really excited and feeling pretty good.., I hope it only gets better from here;)

Post-op Day 1... Feeling good / Photos

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. Still no pain, just tightness. Have some stomach bloating too. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, due to waking up to take meds in the middle of the night, and then being too excited to fall back asleep lol. The nurse came up to my room and showed me how to massage. I just have to rub right down the centre every two hours. It's like there are rice krispies in there... kinda weird! Here are some pics from before and after. I did end up with the 385cc full profile Natrelle Inspiras. I'm really glad I chose the larger size -- originally I wanted the 330's but I think they would've been too small looking since I am pretty tall and have a long torso.

72 hours in...

I have to say I'm pretty crusty today. My stomach is huge and round, it feels lik I'm carrying a bowling ball in there. I hate that feeling and I'm definitely on the irritable side! I stopped taking percocets yesterday and I'm only taking a single Tylenol every six hours, which has been totally fine so far pain-wise. Been taking senokot to help with my bloating and now having stomach cramps:( Also annoyed bc I can't shower for another four days... I had been using wet wipes but now I just really want to clean up for real. At least I can stay home all week and be smelly and dirty by myself lol. Really it's the stomach bloating that is bothering me the most. I'm reading through the q&a's and dr's say that the bloating can last weeks?! UGHH!! I'm trying to get used to the implants in me. Lying/sitting is fine, but when I walk around I feel lots of pressure like they're going to fall right out! Lol I'm sure that won't happen, but the sensation of the weight and them being there makes me nervous!!

I guess I should try to say something positive instead of being so miserable... I do really like how they look so far, and the size seems perfect for what I wanted. Also I think they definitely make me more proportionate and look good in my clothes. I managed to try on some of my work clothes (button up shirts and cardigans) and they still fit well so that's a plus.

Well I know a lot of people say the worst part is the first 48-72 hours so hopefully that means I'm about to turn a corner and feel better:)

Day 5, 1st Post-Op Tomorrow

It's day 5 and I'm feeling pretty good today. Finally started getting some relief from my stomach issues and bloating (I've been drinking prune juice and taking senokot all weekend) I can honestly say that has been the worst part of this process. I didn't really do anything the last couple days bc with my stomach I just didn't feel like going out. I only left the house once - to get my hair washed since I'm still not allowed to shower.

Today was a lot better... My husband and I went on a date: grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Hey, it's not so romantic sounding but I had fun getting out of the house lol;) I haven't taken any pain meds at all since yesterday and I feel totally okay. At the end of the day today my right beast feels a little more tight. Since I'm right handed I'm wondering if I just tired it out too much today. I'm following all the rules about not lifting my arms and not carrying anything heavy, but sometimes I don't realize until I'm doing something that it's using that muscle - like I feel it tense when I'm just opening the car door! Oh well, gotta be careful to keep going really gentle on it.

Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment and I'm excited to see what my PS says about the healing so far. Will also be posting some 1 week post photos.

One Week Post

It's been eight days since my surgery. I wanted to make this post yesterday for my one week mark, but I didn't feel like taking photos (or moving my lazy self off the couch) because I was struggling with stomach bloating again. I finished my antibiotics yesterday and I'm off all meds now, so hopefully that will help.

The first week has gone well; still no pain, and I haven't taken Tylenol in days. I'm tight when I wake up in the morning. My right breast always feels tighter and more tender than my left. I asked my PS about that at my one week follow up, he said it's not of any concern. For the first few days when I walked around it felt like the implants were going to fall out - like a really odd, heavy sensation. That is slowly going away. I get it a lot more on my right side than on my left. My bruising seems to be slowly clearing up, but I never had much to begin with.

I have another follow up in two weeks. For now I still have my dressings on and have to wear the support bra with a band underneath at least until my next appointment. Good news is I finally got to shower! I took my first shower today and it was a long, careful process lol. Annnnnd it's back to work tomorrow for me... Yuck! It was really nice to have the first week off so I could just relax. I'm also really happy I was able to be off all meds before returning to work, they were really messing me up!

That's it for now, honestly it's been a really boring week! I am happy so far, just anxious anticipating the final results:)

Two Weeks Post

Tomorrow is my two week mark and I'm doing well. No complaints so far. I'm still having some tightness and they feel heavy at the end of a long day. My right one continues to feel more tender, but it looks good and is softening slowly. The muscle feels odd sometimes when I move a certain way - like the implant is being pushed on. It's a strange sensation! This morning after my shower I notice a spot of bleeding through the dressings. I emailed a pic to the PS' office and the nurse responded right away. It's not a concern right now, I just have to keep an eye on it. I don't have any pain around there so I'm not worried at all.

I returned to work five days ago. I'm lucky my work is not physical - it's a desk job - but I work 12hr shifts and my job requires intense concentration so I've been a little tired! Still finding I'm having to get extra sleep since the surgery.

I haven't had to take any pain meds, not even Tylenol, so think I'm doing pretty well! I have my next post op in a week and I'm looking forward to hopefully being freed from these dressings which are annoying and itchy! I've been following a lot of the ladies on RealSelf with surgeries earlier in April and I'm looking forward to seeing similar results to them as time passes:)

3 Weeks Post & ~*BRA SHOPPING*~!!

First thing's first... My 3 weeks post-op:
Yesterday was exactly three weeks since my surgery. I'm feeling well. Occasionally have some extra tightness on my right side, which is also a little higher, but they are both softening nicely. I had my appointment yesterday and finally got my dressings off and stitches out (which did not hurt AT ALL). I feel so much more free without that huge bandage across my body! Now I just have two small dressings over the incisions. Annnnd sadly still have to wear my tensor band underneath for a little longer. The nurse, Marina, was really nice and answered all my questions about recovery. She said everything was looking great, and I don't have to go back for two months (unless I want to of course). I'm still supposed to avoid lifting my arms over my head, or lifting anything heavy for the next few weeks. I'm also looking forward to being able to start working out in a few more weeks.

BRA SHOPPING!!!! (Yay!!!)
I got the go-ahead to wear my own bras now, as long as there's no underwire and no push up. They just have to be kinda simple bras that don't affect the shape of the breasts. I decided to go to a boutique in Toronto called Melmira - they sell regular bras along with post-surgical ones, so I figured they would have a good selection for me and would be familiar with the post-augmentation requirements. Well, I expected to go and get "a bra", but I ended up with three!! I love them all. They're all non-padded, just really pretty. And I got two from my favourite designer called Fortnight. They're a 30E / 32D!! Yikes!! Lol hard to believe... Anyway for the FIRST time EVER, I left a bra boutique happy, and feeling great. I couldn't wait to get home and try them on with my clothes.

That's all for now... Looking forward to them dropping more over the next few months;) Happy healing to everyone else too!!

4 Weeks Post Photos & Feeling Good

Today is four weeks exactly since my surgery. I am very excited about my results so far... I've been nervous to say how much I like them because I feel like the second I allow myself to enjoy having them, something will go wrong. I'm a little paranoid lol. They are feeling softer and softer. The right is still a little tighter but it's much less noticeable now. Despite my moisturizing efforts, my skin is still very dry and peeling. I guess that's what happens when your skin gets stretched! Most of my discomfort now is toward the bottom of my breasts where it still feels pretty tender.

I've been careful to follow the rules about physical activity, but I am super excited to slowly start working out in a couple weeks. I'm getting impatient! I've never really been into fitness before, but I figure since I've spent so much money and effort on this surgery, I would really like to have the body to match;) I've been reading so many ladies on RS who are totally inspirational when it comes to working out and staying fit, and I want to make that my goal too.

I've also been reading some ladies' reviews who wish they had gone bigger. I am definitely happy with the size I chose (I got exactly what I wanted), but it's strange how they look so much bigger naked than they do with clothes on... Lol it doesn't make any sense!! I posted a couple t-shirt pics that show what I'm talking about. Anyway I guess once I'm all healed and can wear regular bras they will look larger in clothes.

It has been a very boring week so I don't have anything interesting going on. So far very happy and just really looking forward to seeing how things progress over the next couple months. Hope all the other April/May surgery ladies are doing well too;)

Weeks 5 & 6... Questions about bras and bands

I didn't update last week but honestly my life is boring anyway! My skin finally stopped peeling, it's just a little sensitive on the lower half but otherwise I'm feeling really good. Since I'm now at the six week mark I'm allowed to slowly start working out, which I am really looking forward to... I'm going to check out a new gym next week and might buy a bicycle too lol.

So I've been wearing this band under my breasts 24/7 since my surgery (the same one a lot of girls have to wear overtop). I'm really getting sick of wearing it! It's apparently to support the fold... At my last appointment three weeks ago the nurse said to keep wearing it but she didn't say for how long... Now that I'm six weeks in, I'm wondering if it's been long enough yet?! I emailed my PS's office four days ago but haven't heard back yet (which is really unusual)... So I sent them another email today and hoping I hear back soon. I also asked them how much longer I should be wearing my bra night and day for... Lol I feel so restrained and uncomfortable with all of this stuff on all the time!! Plus, I STILL have dressings on over my incisions. I'm supposed to leave those on until they fall off.

Well clearly I am becoming impatient! I'm just really looking forward to wearing a normal bra, normal clothes, and most of all actually ENJOYING them!!

Incisions 7 weeks post

I'm 7 weeks post (as of tomorrow) and up until this weekend I had never even seen my incisions!! My dressings were changed once by a nurse a few weeks ago and I was told to leave the new ones on until they fell off. So here I am 7 weeks in, and they finally came off in the shower a couple days ago. It feels different without them!! And I'm kinda nervous not having anything there protecting them. I was surprised what they look like... I've never had surgery before so I had no idea what to expect. They're a little tender/sore, especially from my bra. I think my skin is really sensitive from the adhesive, because when I got my bigger dressing off last month, it took a couple weeks for my skin to calm down (It was raw and broke out). The incisions also looked pretty red to me, but I posted a pic in the Q&A section and the doctors said they look very normal. I should be able to start scar therapy now. My PS had given me a little sample of Kelocote so I will probably try that soon.

Size is just a letter but it's making me crazy!! (7 weeks post)

For years when I was thinking about getting surgery I thought "I just want a B. Nothing too big, I just want *something*".... And then when I booked my consultations and started picking out wish boob pics I changed my mind and decided I wanted a nice, full, natural looking C. I didn't want to be huge, but I wanted to make the surgery and the expenses worthwhile. Annnd then, after doing even more research, seeing more before and after pics, and talking to ladies who'd had surgery, I decided I wanted a D!! Afterall, I wanted to "go big or go home"!! So, I was ecstatic during my first bra shopping trip three weeks after surgery when I was measured by my local boutique as a 30E/32D. Wow!! I got what I wanted, and now all of a sudden all those "itty bitty titty committee" jokes from high school could wash right off of me.

So this week, I went to Yorkdale Mall soooo excited to check out Victoria's Secret for the first time ever! This whole new world of real bras was opening up for me, and I could have anything I wanted!! I was even armed with a gift card, generously provided by one of my lovely friends from work. I walked in super excited, and and eagerly accepted the first offer from a young lady to fit me. She pulled me to the side in the display aisle and asked what size bra I was wearing, and I answered "32D". She barely wrapped the measuring tape around me when she answered "No, I have you as a 32C". She rifled through some bras I said I liked, and when she couldn't find a 32C, she grabbed a 34B and said "this will do". WHAT?!?! I'm only a *B*?!?! I felt so deflated. How could this be, that I'd spent thousands of dollars on surgery and I only finished with ONE CUP SIZE UP?! I mean, if that were my goal then it would be totally perfect. But that wasn't my goal. I tried on the 34B but I didn't like the bra afterall. It also didn't fit right. I left VS empty handed.

When I got home I measured myself with their online tool, and I got 32C as well. I was so sad that night and I kept going on about it, making my husband more than a little annoyed! He was like "it's just a stupid letter! It means nothing, and it doesn't change what size they are!" He totally didn't get it... He couldn't understand why it would affect me at all. When we got home I was sitting in bed reading up on the ladies on RS, when he came into the bedroom all nice and sweet and said ((wait - sorry, I should warn you this next part isn't very classy)) ... he said "Look, if I went through my whole life thinking I had a six inch d*ck, and then someone measured it and said it's only four inches, I would be really upset too". Wow. Thanks hun (I think?)... But actually I thought that was probably about as insightful as he could get about it, and therefore really sweet.

Ughhhh... for the next couple days it drove me crazy, and I don't even know why!! Like, what does it matter what cup size I am?! I like my results, I think they're the perfect size for what I wanted, and I wouldn't have wanted to go any bigger... So why is this making me so crazy?

Then yesterday I went to a bra boutique downtown and had a professional fitting, and they measured me as a 30E, same as the first boutique had, but then a 28FF in another brand?!?! And I went to TWO Lululemons for sports bras, and I was so confused by then I had NO idea what size fit best!! Lol why is bra shopping so complicated?! At least before surgery I knew I was always the smallest size no matter what!!

So anyway, now I STILL feel confused and just wanted to vent a bit. I can't believe I've become so neurotic for some silly label that doesn't even matter!! It's just a stupid letter!! Lol this must just be part of that post-surgery emotional roller coaster. OTHERWISE I'm doing totally fine... My incisions are feeling way better (THANK YOU to all of the ladies who advised me about Kelo-Cote - it has made a huge difference!!). I've been way more active this week and generally feeling great... I just need to get over this momentary insanity I've brought upon myself!! I've attached some pics of my various sized bras lol:)

10 Weeks Post

Today is exactly 10 weeks since my surgery, and I had my 3rd post-op appointment yesterday. Everything went really well. My PS says they will still drop a little more, and to continue wearing supportive bras. I'm glad he said underwire is totally ok to wear. They have softened up so nicely over the last several weeks. They are soft, totally moveable like real ones, and I can make really nice cleavage. Since my last update I've had a little more success with bra shopping. I even managed to find a strapless that fits me perfectly for under dresses and stuff. 30E/32D seem to fit nice just about every time. And on that topic - for the first time EVER, I've been able to wear strapless dresses!! So exciting:) I have a couple friends' weddings coming up over the summer and went dress shopping... I got a little carried away bc I've never felt good in a dress before now!!

Sizers vs Implants & Whether they "grow" after D&F'ing

I just wanted to post a couple pics to show what my sizers looked like compared to the actual implants now that they're in. Sorry, my pre-op sizer pic isn't the best photo, but it gives a pretty good idea and I think they're a pretty close match in the end. I was wearing a sports bra for the sizers, so I'm also wearing a very lightly padded sports bra in the post-op pics.

Also, for all the ladies wondering if they get "bigger" once they drop and fluff - I don't really think they get any larger, but the shape definitely makes them look fuller and more natural. For the first month I looked pretty flat in clothes, especially in sweaters. I thought I looked pretty similar to before surgery. But as time went on and they dropped and fluffed, they became more noticeable. Now, 10 weeks post, I'm pleased with how they look in all my clothes:)

5 months post, feeling good & finally I can wear a bikini!!

Wow I can't believe it's been nearly three months since I've updated!! Really it's because change has been very slow since my last post. Since my ten week mark, I have noticed more settling, and they've eased into a more natural look which I am very happy with. Sometimes I forget I even have them. I have no pain at all anymore, and that slight pulling I was feeling on the right side from the internal stitches has completely gone away. Yesterday I had my five months follow up, and my dr is very pleased with my results - he said I couldn't be doing any better. My scars are fading nicely (I should've taken a pic today but I didn't think of it... I will make another update soon with scar pics for sure).

Also I finally went bikini shopping!! I was so happy to finally feel confident in different styles of bikini top. I am going on a cruise in a few weeks and I am thrilled that I am all healed up and can wear whatever I want. Even in my daily life, I love no longer feeling awkward or embarrassed about my chest size. I think these are just the perfect size for me, I don't think I could be any happier with my results.

Photo for RS friend BringOnTheBoobzz

Just posting this for the lovely RS lady BringOnTheBoobzz (and any other ladies on here worried about this...) This is a photo of me lying down, seven months post op. As you can see, my implants drift a fair amount to the sides... I'm not sure if this is the same thing you ar experiencing, but I think it's totally normal! To be honest, I hadn't really noticed mine do it too until I read your update on your concerns about lateral malposition... I'm not gonna say that it's an attractive thing lol, but I think it's just the weight of the implant and would happen with natural breasts too... BUT, Of course speak to your surgeon if you are concerned;)

7 months post - loving them

I am now seven months post op and very happy that I had this surgery done. It was a lot of money, but it was worth the new comfort I have in my body. I no longer stress nearly as much about clothing. I just came back from a cruise, and it was the first time ever that I have been able to wear dresses, bikinis, and even Halloween costumes without feeling embarrassed! Just a great feeling.

1 YEAR POST!! Final Check-up, Advice for ladies considering a BA, & More Bras!!

I had my final one year post-op appointment with my PS yesterday. I am just so happy with my results. Everything has healed wonderfully and I am loving the size & shape. If any ladies in the Toronto area are looking for a PS, make sure you put Dr Jugenburg on your list of docs to check out. He and all his staff were simply amazing. Looking back, I think my outcome was due to how attentive they were - letting me ask as many questions and consult as many times as I wanted. Dr J's surgical skills meant an easy recovery for me. They're so thorough - I've had 6 post-op appointments along the way - they really make sure you're doing well the whole way along.

And for any ladies considering future breast augmentation, I just have a couple pieces of advice I think are useful... First: be really clear on the look you're going for. Bring wish pics to your consults, and be sure to pick before & afters of ladies with similar body types to you. And second: try on sizers with clothing on, along with a simple unlined bra. It's amazing how much smaller they can look in clothing than topless!!

So finally, after my appointment yesterday I went to Saks and did some bra shopping! It's really hard to find 30 or 32" band sizes in larger cups but they had A LOT!! So that was nice... I ended up trying on a dozen, and buying only two. Not sure how much I'm going to like them yet - it always takes me a few days of wearing them to decide. One of my issues in finding bras is that my breasts are too close together for anything that goes high in the middle - it just won't sit flat. So these don't fit *perfectly* but they're pretty good. I'm looking forward to trying them out now, and returning for more bra shopping;)

Two YEARS post!!

I can't believe I am one day shy of my two year "boobiversary" lol. I wanted to do a quick update bc it seems a lot of ppl stop posting after the first few months, and leave us wondering how they're doing. So, here goes... I am SO happy with my results. Really couldn't be happier. My BA has allowed me to finally feel comfortable and confident in my body and clothing. They feel natural to me now, like they've always been part of me. Before my surgery, I used to feel a bit uncomfortable being intimate with my husband because I was so self-conscious of how small I was. Having my BA has completely changed that. I remember how many years It took me to decide to get implants, and how nervous I was before surgery, but I can say now that I am 100% so happy I went through with it................. I wanted to give three quick pieces of advice to ladies who are considering a BA. #1: pick the right doctor. This can be the hardest part! Don't rush. Don't decide based on cost. Do lots of research. Read reviews. Talk to friends. Visit multiple surgeons. And check them out with whatever government agency oversees surgeons in your country/state/province. Make sure they're accredited and have a clean record. You should always keep your post-op appointments with the same surgeon who worked on you, so it's best not to travel *too* far. Remember: if you have complications you want to be able to see your doc easily. I know I chose the perfect surgeon for me, and my results are thanks to him. #2: choose your implant wisely! A lot of ladies (such as myself) say they want to look "natural". That's what I told my doc. I said I wanted a natural, C cup result. And he suggested a moderate profile 330cc implant that would've achieved just that. But then I realized I didn't exactly want natural. I wanted some of that upper pole fullness, like a little push-up. And maybe C wasn't a big enough difference for me. In consultation with my doc I ended up choosing a full profile 385cc. Perfect. #3: just do what your dr tells you! Follow all his/her instructions before and after surgery. And when they ask questions about your lifestyle and medical history BE HONEST! After all, this surgery is expensive, and it is very hard on your body for the first little while. So start out ahead by taking care of yourself the best you can..................Well that's all I've got! Looking forward to another several years with my new improved self:) BEST WISHES to all the ladies out there starting their own journeys. I'm so excited for you!!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

As I write this it has been exactly eight months (to the day!) since my breast augmentation with Dr Jugenburg, and I could not possibly be happier with my results!! The whole experience, from my very first consultation to my followup care after surgery, has been fantastic. I chose Dr J after much research and a couple consults with different doctors. I found he showed the most concern for my goals and gave me the best direction on how to achieve the look I wanted. I really appreciated his input, as well as that of nurse Kim, when it came to deciding on an implant size. They welcomed me back for as many consults as I needed in order to feel comfortable with my decision (I ended up returning two more times to try on sizers!) One of the reasons I chose Dr J was based on his level of experience in plastic surgery, and I was *not* disappointed! I should also mention that Kim is amazing - she somehow has a way of making every patient feel like they're the most important patient of the day:) When it came to surgery day, I was comforted knowing that I was in good hands. Dr J and his team made the whole process remarkably easy and painless for me. Patients get to spend the night after surgery in the Fairmont Royal York, at no extra charge. This made those first few hours much more comfortable. My husband and I were able to check into our room and settle in prior to my surgery, and once I was finished, a nurse wheeled me back and settled me into bed. Dr J's staff were a huge part in making my experience so pleasant. Every single person, from the ladies at the desk and the patient coordinators to the nurses and the surgical team, are wonderful. They are consistently welcoming and friendly, and their warm nature put me at ease on surgery day. My appointments are always on time, and scheduling them has been very easy. I have had a few questions along the way, and have found that the office usually responds to my emails within an hour or two. Even the payment process was as easy as could be - there was no additional charge for using a credit card (other surgeons I looked into charged a fee for visa payments). Since my surgery, the standard of care has continued. I have had frequent post-op check-ups, most of which have been with Dr J himself. I appreciate this level of attention and the opportunity to ask him any questions I've had about my recovery. Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with my results and cannot thank Dr J and his team enough. I got exactly the size, shape, and look I wanted. I recommend Dr J every time I hear of a friend or acquaintance looking into plastic surgery, and I know I will return to his office down the road when it's time for an upgrade;) UPDATE: I am now one year post and still loving them!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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