Modified mini tummy tuck with full MR and 425cc HP BA July 16, 2014. - Toronto, ON

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I had a consult on April 22 with Dr. Mitchell...

I had a consult on April 22 with Dr. Mitchell Brown in Toronto. I am going with the round, cohesive gel silicone implants under the muscle. Pre-op is June 17th and size will be decided then. I am currently a size 32A, if that. I am approx 5'4" and 115lbs with a small frame. I am hoping to be a 32D. I'm getting a bit nervous, but I have wanted this a long time. The only person I have told is my mom, she is not very happy with my decision so I don't really have any support from anyone, but I'm mature enough to make my own decisions now and she sees that. I am so excited to finally feel comfortable with myself and be more confident.


Time is flying by and I can't believe my surgery is in 2 weeks! I have my pre-op scheduled for June 17th. I am also thinking of getting my abdominal muscles repaired with a tummy tuck procedure at the same time. I called the Doctors office to let them know my concerns and his assistant she he would take a look at my stomach during my pre-op appt. Has anyone ever added a procedure to their already booked surgery date? I really want this done but am worried it will be too last minute and he won't have the time. His assistant knows I want both surgeries done at the same time and I called her a few weeks ago and she never said it was too late, so I'm really hoping he will do both. Any thoughts ladies? I think I'm done with sleeping for the next few weeks now, lol. Excitement is rolling in.

before pics

Don't mind my hair/face. These were taken first thing in the morning. They show my belly too, which looks totally fine first thing in the morning but bulges out by the end of the day due to my diastasis of my abdominal muscles after having my beautiful baby girl.

Had my pre-op appt yesterday:)

So I finally had my pre-op appt and everything is set. My surgeon decided on 375cc UHP. I am still kind of thinking about the UHP though. Has anyone gotten this and have any tips or advice? It was a choice b/w 335cc HP or 375cc UHP. I was honestly hoping for something over 400cc but my width is 12cm and he said I couldn't go any bigger or the implants may show. My surgery date also had to be pushed back until July 16th because I am adding in the mini tummy tuck with muscle repair:) Which I am sooo glad I will be getting done at the same time!! Although I have another month to wait, but oh well it will be worth it. My mom is being much more supportive now and she said that July 16th actually works better for her and she will be around to help me and help with my daughter. I hope this next month goes by fast!!

Debating about size

So I emailed the nurse to ask about my implant size. She said that the 375cc are HP not UHP, which is good but I also asked her if she could ask the PS if I could go a bit bigger, I was thinking maybe 425cc HP? So she said that she is going to order that size as well and Dr. Brown and I will try them out on my surgery all in all I won't really know what size I am getting until the day of lol. I'm ok with that tho b/c I know it will be somewhere b/w 375-425cc HP:) I gotta keep myself super busy these next few weeks tho, I am feeling very impatient, I'm just way to excited lol.

Advice for post-op supplies?

Anyone have any advice on supplies they bought for post-op BA and/or mini TT? I am thinking about maybe purchasing some Bromelain and Anica Montana? Any specific product suggestions for recovery would be greatly appreciated:)

Only 2 sleeps away!

Ok it is starting to sink in today that tomorrow is my last day to get everything done. I know I will forget something lol. So far I am planning to go to the gym early morning and then use the afternoon to clean etc. I will be dropping my daughter off at her papa's in the afternoon for the night and then me and my bf can just relax (hopefully lol) I am getting really nervous, but sooo excited at the same time. Can't wait to throw out all my tiny padded bras after tomorrow!! lol. I am getting somewhere b/w 375-425cc HP, which will be decided on the day of my surgery. Plus i'll be so glad when my stomach muscles are put back together, can't stand this hard bulge anymore! I am praying for a healthy and quick recovery. I will post more before pics tomorrow evening.

Only hours to go!

So today is my last day before my surgery:) I am super excited, but ultra nervous as well. I can feel the nerves stirring up in my stomach. I have to be at the clinic at 7am and surgery starts at 7:30. Which is great b/c then I can get home in a decent time and don't have to sit dwelling again tomorrow morning lol. I think I pretty much have everything I need. My boyfriend will be driving me there and back tomorrow and helping me around the house as well. This time tomorrow I will be home and on my way to recovery!!:)

day 2 post op

So everything went great with my surgery! I ended up with a really low/short scar for my mini TT and 425cc HP for my BA:) So far the tummy is the most painful, but i've been getting by with just tylenol during the day and 1 oxy before bed to help me sleep. I see my doc next Monday or Tuesday depending on how much drainage I still have. Can't wait for that appt so I can shower and have everything taken off and looked at:)

Post -OP Update

I had my post-op yesterday, got bandages and drain removed:) Had my first shower too, it was a bit difficult but feels good to be clean now. I am so happy with my results so far. My tummy looks fairly swollen but i can still see how tight my muscles are again:) Scar is super low and about the size of a c-section scar. Boobs look great for only being 6 days out. I have to call my nurse today to set up my 1 month post op. I'm going to ask her about scar treatments then too. Does anyone know the average time to start scar therapy?

8 days Post-op

So I am just over a week post-op now and feeling pretty good so far. My tummy and boobs are slightly sore but don't require and pain meds. Some swelling on the tummy basically going up the middle where the muscles were tightened but not too bad. My biggest discomforts are related to doing nothing all day lol...Sore back, headache etc. Other then that I'm really happy with my results so far. I started my massages a few days ago and received my scar gels from my PS office, which i can start using at my 2 week mark. My steri-strips have already started coming off my tummy incision and I am quite impressed! I couldn't even see the incision while standing looking in my bathroom mirror!! I'm hoping week 2 is even better. I'd like to be able to drive soon and get out a bit, even just to go out for dinner would be nice:)

Post Op day 10

So I'm feeling a bit blah today. Still happy I went through the surgery but I am getting extremely tired of sitting around ALL day:( I am used to be so active and keeping a clean house...2 things I cannot do right now. I feel like I am missing out on life and miss hugging my 8 month old daughter sooo much! My boobs are looking really good so far, still somewhat sore to touch and my tummy is still looking pretty swollen. I only take off my binder when I shower everyother day. I have noticed a small improvement in the pain tho, when I laugh or cough it doesn't seem to hurt as much:) I can't wait until Wednesday b/c I will be at 2 wks post op and can take off all my steri-strips and start scar treatment(another step to recovery!:) I think I am feeling down today b/c my boyfriend took our daughter to his dads for the wknd to visit family and my mom and sister are gone on holidays this week too, so I am feeling very alone right now. Plus the lack of proper sleep is really hitting me now. Overall this experience for me hasn't been too bad, but I am ready to be all healed up now and am waiting for a big turning point lol...even though I know it will take atleast a few more weeks until I feel like myself again. P.s. A tip for any ladies who have not had their surgery yet is to go out and buy a pick up stick, they sell them at the dollar store. I'm alone this wknd and wish to God that I had one, trying to pick up dropped food off the floor has been a challenge for me lol.

1 Month Post-op:)

So I am 1 month post-op BA and mini TT with full MR today and am really starting to feel better! I am really happy with my results so far and cannot wait for the swelling to go down. It has improved but by the end of the day I am still quite swollen. I am no longer required to wear my binder but I still do or I wear a spanx type garment. I ordered a Marena stage 2 garment, but it hasn't came in the mail yet. My boobs are looking awesome but still need to drop some so I am waiting another month to get sized. I can't wait to find out what size I will be:) My boob incisions are sooo small and pretty much non-existent lol. My TT scar is pink, but short and low and is healing really well. My biggest complaint right now is just feeling really out of shape. I am hoping to be back at the gym by Labour Day weekend. I have my follow up appt with my PS this Tuesday. I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say:)

Post-op/5 week Update

I saw my PS today for my post-op appt. He said everything looks great! He said I can slowly start resuming all activities now and just let pain be my guide. I have to continue to massage my breasts so they will soften up and drop more. He said the larger the implant the longer it takes for them to "drop and fluff". He said I can wear any type of bra now, but I'm going to wait until I reach the 2 month mark first. Right now, I'm just wearing sports bras. I am feeling pretty good, I don't really have any pain at all anymore. Only when my stomach is touched it is quite tender, so no bear hugs anytime soon lol. I don't see my doc again until Oct. 21st for another follow-up. Oh and because I got Natrelle implants I got a free starter kit of Latisse, worth $300! That was a nice surprise today:D

6 Week Update!:)

So I have finally hit the 6 week post-op mark! I am feeling pretty good these days, not really feeling any pain at all anymore. The only thing that is bothering me is to the right of my bellybutton gets an on and off stinging feeling, kind of feels like a stitch is under there. Anyone else experience this? It seems to be getting better slowly, but I hope it is gone soon. No pain in my boobs at all, still massaging 3-5 times a day. My right is still a bit tighter then the left but PS said it is normal b/c i am right handed and pec is probably tighter. I'm planning on testing out the gym this weekend but a little bit nervous lol. I also want to go buy some nice new bras. So far I've only been wearing sports bras, but I was cleared at my 1 month post-op appt to wear anything I want. My incisions look great so far! My TT is still purplish, but has really flattened out. Overall, I'm really happy with the results so far and can't wait to see how I look in a month from now:)

9 Weeks Post-op

It has been 9 weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. Not too much has changed over the past few weeks. I find this part of the healing process to be fairly slow. I still have some swelling in certain areas at night and definitely some soreness in my tummy when touched. Boobs are great though, no issues there at all. I can wear regular bras now:) I am a 32D or 32DD. I am back to exercising and working out at the gym, but I still just use light weights. I will probably up the weights when I hit the 12 week mark. I am feeling pretty good about everything so far, but I have one area of swelling to the right of my belly button that is bothering me. I see my PS Oct. 21st, so I will ask about that then if it isn't gone (I sure hope it will be though!) Does anyone find the Arnica gel to help areas of swelling?

12 Weeks post-op

So it has been 12 weeks since my surgery and I am finally starting to feel like myself again lol. I don't wear any compression at all and my PS instructed me to start doing ab exercises. I have done some this week, but am starting off very slow. I am not having any pain anymore, but my tummy is still tender to touch. I still have a bit of swelling around my belly button area but I have noticed that the swelling is going down:) I'm pretty much back to my regular routine, but I am careful with lifting and make sure I use good body mechanics. No issues with the boobs at all, they look pretty close to perfect to me lol. My PS seemed impressed with his work as well haha. I got a tattoo covered up on my back that I will post a pic of too. I love it!! Way better then the old "tramp stamp" I had! lol. Does anyone have any tips on ab workouts that they do?
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brown was great! He knew exactly what I wanted and I am so happy with the results so far. He is very skilled at what he does and I believe this is why I experienced minimal pain and a smooth recovery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Brown!

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