Changing 16 Years Old Implants 275cc Saline with 450cc Mentor HP smooth round Silicone

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I was very happy for 16 years with my 200 cc...

I was very happy for 16 years with my 200 cc saline implant.
I had no issues whatsoever, just wish I insisted on having a bigger size.
I was a 36A before BA, I guess, and the 200 cc brought me to a 36B.Now, after 16 years, two pregnancies and breastfed two beautiful kids,15 and 9, I decided that I need a change.

I am 5'3", 125 pounds, exercise regularly, but I can't say that I have an athletic frame , just well proportioned I guess, except for the chest area.
I am dreaming of a nice, full C maybe small D, I haven't decided yet.
I have the preop appointment on March 7th, and am.very excited to see what my surgeon will suggest.

Forgot to say that my actual implant changed over time, it looks nice when wearing a bra but embarrassing when naked.

I am looking forward to gaining the confidence I had years ago about my body and not be ashamed to walk naked while with my husband.

Wish pics

More pics including wish

Three more weeks

I am very excited and nervous about my coming revision.
I get butterflies in my stomach like I am in love, LOL!
I cannot stop thinking of it and cannot sleep properly because I am worried about the general anesthesia and its effects.
I am also worried about how I am going to look after, or if the 400cc will be the right size for my frame.
I know also that I am not different than anyone else here and my worries are (were ) yours too.

I am so happy and thankful for finding this forum!

Count down...18 more days

Time goes by kind of slowly.
In 18 days, not including today, I am going to have my new boobs.
I've started buying things I need for after the surgery and got confused with the pijama, do I need to bring one at the hospital ?
When am I going to wear it if it's a day surgery?

I bought one anyway even its the kind I don't like and never buy :).
It is a buttoned Joe Fresh pijama on sale for $9.99 plus taxes.

I will post some pics later.

Getting ready for the big day; what I bought so far

I know I said I will not buy stuff, but got excited and gathered a few ,hopefully, useful things:
*buttoned pjs
*power core compression medium support bra
*reversible sport bra Yummie, it doesn't say if it's high or medium support but it has a knit in under bust support and racerback styling for ease of movement.
*Vit E cream
*Cocoa butter cream that I used during my last pregnancy and got no stretch marks
*Stimulant laxative because I hate to be constipated.

Before revision- 200 cc saline under the muscle

This is what I am starting with

16 more days!

I cannot think of anything else, I am obsessed!
Of course, I am doing my job (working from home at this time) , taking care of kids and house, but my mind is 90% there, preparing for the big day.
I am excited and scared at the same time. I know also that I am not the only one thinking of my BA /revision, all of you here,ladies, are like me and love you!
I read lots of reviews, I "live" your experiences like they are mine, I smile with you, laugh with you, feel your pain and happiness, I put myself in everybody's shoes and it's great because it gives me courage and optimism to go ahead with thid surgery.

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!


Pre op tomorrow March 7th

I am very excited for the pre operation appointment that I have tomorrow.
I made a list with options, sizes, profiles, implant brands, and questions about surgery itself.

I will keep you posted ladies.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Pre-operation done!

My pre-op was very short, I guess because I have an one hour assessment on Friday.
We choose the brand and profile, but still not sure about the size.

My ps works with two brands,one is Mentor the other one is German , a name I've never heard of before.

However, I will have 400-450cc HP Mentor smooth round.
He is going to bring in sizer between 400cc and 450cc and will choose the best fit for my frame.
He will also might do a small skin lift on the left breast, based on how it's going to look with the implants in.
The surgery will take one and half hour and it will start at noon.The hospital will confirm a few days before surgery.

That was all, very short, at the object and productive.

On the 11th I am going to have the pre-admission assessment , one hour on the phone.

I will keep you posted!

A little bit confused

I just called my ps' office and talked to his secretary about prescriptions.
Big surprize: she said that Dr.A doesn't prescribe ANYTHING for revisions, only for first BA!!!!!

I am confused now because he said that I'll have antibiotics for a few days which contradicts what she told me.

Unfortunately, I cannot talk to my ps until the day of surgery.
I will find out then.

My advice for you ladies: make your list and take it out from your pocket, don't do like me!!!

Upper body exercises?

I continue doing my daily routine on mini trampoline and elliptical, working on upper body like before and wondering if I should stop or just slow down on chest exercises?

What is your advice and experience with this?

Phone assessment done!

I had the phone assessment yesterday.
Nothing big or unexpected, just general ordinary health questions.

My surgery will start at 11:30 am and need to be there at 9:30 am for admission and formalities.

The revision itself is scheduled for 80 minutes and I will be discharged two hours later.I will be given IV antibiotics and only pain medication after.

I need to wear a button down shirt and loose pants and bring my glasses.

I feel more comfortable with doing this as the time goes by.
The big day is just around the corner!

Keep calm, there's ONLY one more week!!! !

Wow, I am getting closers to the big day!
I am not worried anymore, just want to have it done.

As I am reading a lot of reviews and seeing more pics on this forum, I am more confident that I want 450cc for sure and even more :)
I am going crazy, I know :)
If I have to wait more , I'd go bigger and bigger, OMG I must have fever or something is wrong with me!

4 more days and soooo ready!

It's crazy, time went by so fast!
As we are approaching the 22nd, my heart is beating in my throat :)

I finished cleaning up the house and almost done with my job, then I will take off until the 28th.

I am not planning on cooking lots of meals for the next week.
I am sure that 2-3 days my husband will be able to handle it, under my direct supervision of course, and I am a tough supervisor :) ...he will survive though.

After that I might have my daughter cooking simple meals, if I will be "out of service" still :) :) :)

So, cleaning checked , cooking checked, job work checked, what else is left?
Ooohuh, my thoughts! I need to clean and sort , then organize them.
That would involve a lot of effort because right now my head is going crazy with over analizing and over thinking :)

Brrr, I am chilling and not because it's cold!

Any positive thoughs?

Trouble with sizing ???

I've been overthinking on sizing after (over) analyzing pics posted here...I was not sure of the size I choose and afraid that I will not be happy with my results.

So, I decided to call my ps' office and yesterday, I finally could talk to his assistant. I wanted to find out what sizes will be brought to the or and if I can go bigger.
Unfortunately, my ps will get only two sizes 425cc and 450cc , nothing smaller/bigger as I told him durind my pre-op that I don't want more than 450cc :(
It was too late for them to order more of Mentor HP and I don't want to get a different brand or profile.
I am kind of relieved now as I know exactly what I am going to have.

Two more days , yuppieeeee !!!!

My actual bra size

I have to make a confession, I've never being measured to find out my bra size!
I just did it using two different calculators and found out that I am a 34C/34D which it's impossible because I don't look D at all, may a small C :)
Always bought 36B bras which never fit me perfectly, that's true, but did not think to try different sizes :(
It sounds stupid and doesn't matter now when changing my implants anyway, but it turns my mind upside down!
It is over and over thinking this surgery!
Need to stop!

Some pics before

What size do you think I am?
I measure 30 inches under.

Surgery done!!!

I am two hours post operation and doing great! I am ready to go home :)

My ps brought in different sizes up to 550cc, but he could not fit in more than 450cc. He said that was the maximum my chest will accommodate.
I have almost no pain, maybe 1/10, feeling dizzy and little bit of pressure.

Interestingly, I have no bra!
I will post more details later.

450cc HP smooth round Mentor - 8 hours after surgery pics

I uploaded more pics :)

Post-op appointment

I just had my first post op appointment.
It went very well, my ps checked for extra swelling and blood accumulation.
Everything looks normal and he told me to continue taking Tylenol 3, but not later than 4:00 pm , so I can sleep.
I can shower tonight and start wearing a sport bra when and if I want.

As for the sore throat from being intubated during surgery, it takes a few days to heal and my voice to go back to normal.

I have had a good day so far, little pain, soreness and tightness, but nothing major or not supportable.

I attached two pics wearing a comfortable sport bra.

6 day post op update

Yesterday was a challenging day...had sharp pain in both breasts , limited movement of my arms, felt nauseous, dizzy, sore and very tight!
I think I paid the price for moving around and doing too much the day before.
Anyway, today is another day, feeling better and staying positive.

Tomorrow I will try to drive, hopefully I will be fine, I really need to start being more active and going back to normal.
It is a must, my kids need me and I also start working in two days.
Good luck to me!

450cc HP smooth round Mentor silicone, perialeolarincisions (200cc saline previously )
Revision done March 22nd.

Good idea to write your information with every new update, in this way we are not confused with who, what, when, how mych, etc and don't have to go back and read all the updates every time want to reply.

Pics update -8 days post op

Having an easy recovery, pain free , a little bit sore and swollen especially my right, all bruises almost disappeared , everything going back to normal.

?? 450cc HP smooth round Mentor silicone, perialeolar incisions , surgery done March 22nd ??

Have prematurely began bra shopping ?!

No, I did not buy anything, not because I was not temptated, but none of my tries convinced me to.

What I tried on:
1. A lightly lined Renegade Rofe 34C
Liked the design but the band was too big and the underwire kind of uncomfortable.

2. Calvin Klein lightly lined 32 DD! !!
Olala, DD?
I was surprised to find out that this has the most comfortable cups, but the band a little tight.

3. Jessica Simpson wirefree sport bra 34C, comfy with a loose band though.

I was too tired to try on more, but based on these three I might be a 32 D now,
I am afraid to think DD, as I am still swollen.
I actually hope I will not end up DD :(

Next week I go to VS :)
I am so excited now, lining my toys :)

3 weeks & 3 days post op update

I just had the second post op appointment and my ps said that everything looks good with my new boobs.
The swelling went down and it is only the soreness and tightness on my right that bother me from time to time.

However, my only regret is that I didn't not insit on going bigger even though my ps explained to me that he brought sizes up to 550cc to the OR, but he could not fit more than 450cc due to my chest width.
I might go for a revision in a few years after my body will adjust to the intermediate size and be ready for more.
I will go with at least 600cc because please believe me the 450cc is not big at all!
You'll notice that in some pics my boobs look big, but in the full body pics they look smaller and lost :)

Anyway, I can start exercising and wearing any kind of bra I want and also have to massage the scars twice a day to help with healing.

I will upload some pics after posting because I already lost my previous update while uploading and don't want to take the risk.

All the best to all of you!


One month post op update

Time flew by so quickly! It's been one month since my revision and cannot say I am very happy with my results.
I wish I could have gone bigger, maybe next time!
I posted some deceiving pics, my boobs are not big in reality. With clothes on, they look the same size as before, therefore, I am planning on buying push ups bras from now to see a difference.

Two months post op update

It's been two months already! I don't know what to say...I've been up and down, more down to be honest, but slowly I started to get used to my new assets and feel them as part of my body. They are soft, bouncy and look very natural comparing to my previous saline implants. I'd always felt the old implants like two rocks sitting on my chest. That is why I will never go back to saline. Anyway, my left breast looks very nice, I like the shape and size, which is not the case for righty. I hope it's only because of its own way of healing and will catch up soon. I am also unhappy with my scars, especially on right boob. It doesn't heal properly due to an undissolved stich that gave me headaches. I am looking forward to seeing some improvements on my right boob especially, because base on that I will decide on the second (possible )revision and exchange with larger implants. I will see how they settle by fall. Posting some pics separately.

Pics update

Medical device cards

As promised, I uploaded the picture of the medical device cards for my implants.

450cc Mentor smooth round HP gel cohesive

3 months po update

Wow, 3 months today, I cannot believe it! My implants are so part of me now! I almost forgot about having the revision and feeling great, no problems whatsoever. Still thinking that the 450cc is too small for my frame; couldn't take this idea from my mind even though I've tried! I will wait until fall to decide if I go for a revision or not. Until then, I enjoy summer and our coming family vacation in Europe! Have a wonderful summer, beautiful ladies!

4 months & 2 weeks update

The time went by very fast.
My boobs feel real and belong to me now, it's like I've never had a surgery. They are bouncy , beautiful, and sexy, so I am confident to go braless almost every day, except for special occasions.
I was on vacation overseas and my boobs were noticed even when I tried to hide them,so I think I am okay with the size and postponed the idea of a revision. However, next week I have an appointment with my ps and will discuss my concerns ,but I don't think I will go for a bigger size anytime soon.

More pics

Dr. Adams

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