How Could I Be Soooo Dumb???? - Toronto, ON

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At almost 44, and breast feeding two babies, my...

At almost 44, and breast feeding two babies, my boobs looked deflated. They were ok in bras and with support, but unclothed , a bit sad.
So while visiting a plastic surgeon to explore possibilities for my cellulite, saddle bags and developing turkey neck, I began to consider putting some stuffing back in to my breasts.
I've never been one for augmentation. I've been very happy with my 34 Bs. I didn't want to be bigger, just have the contents restored to their former state.
In my mind, I thought of very tasteful ba's like some models or celebrities Gisele, or Kate Hudson. I imagined perky breasts that perhaps might not even require a bra.
At the doctors office, when going over my options, the cellulite treatment, for which I had originally sought the appointment for, was deemed to be of minimal success for someone with my level 2 amount of cellulite. As for the turkey neck, the friendly and vivacious surgery booker (and my new confidante,) said, you're young, do your boobs. So next thing I do, I'm trying on rice sizers and getting carried away in the mirror. Ugh. Big mistake.
To fill up loose skin from nursing, and because of my thin chest, anatomicals were recommended. Thinking we were going under the muscle, I was told to go 30 ccs above ideal, to make up for loss.
In a nut shell , I choose them, paid for them with savings that had taken me six years to accumulate on my supply teachers pitiful salary, and awaited the new, youthful me that would arrive July 2013.
They were placed above the muscle , as it turns out, and the surgeon was fabulous, professional and very good at his job.
As I recovered and over the following two years, I've felt too large. I couldn't use push up bras without looking freakishly stacked. I kept the surgery a secret from everyone except my partner and my mom. I had expected to look pretty much the same in clothes, and just better naked.
So, long story short, they're coming out Thursday the 15th, and I've been like a kid counting down the days til Christmas. On Thursday I get ME back!!!
II can't blame anyone bit myself. Add insult to injury, now I must pay 2500 to get them out, and my turkey waddle is worse than ever! How could I have been so foolish?
I know alot of other people cite health concerns with their implants. My hair has fallen out, requiring me to go short. So miss my long hair!
I miss wearing snug t shirts and turtle necks without looking matronly and needing to hide chest behind scarves.
I'm so mad at myself for making such a dumb decision to get implants. My own boobs were just fine!!
Sometime plastic surgery can improve your life. Other times, its a massive waste of money and actually mars our natural beauty.
I'll be kicking myself for awhile. My old van is rusting and I'd like to buy a new used car, but guess what? All my money is gone. How. Could. I. Be. So. Dumb.

Another after implant photo

(No) Thanks for the Mammaries! They're out!!!!

Arrived at 11:45,_took ativan and Tylenol 3s, entered operating theatre by noon, where I was given local anesthesia in each boob at the incision site. I preferred not to see, so was given a little set of goggles to block my vision, and a marvelous tube that dispensed laughing gas when I inhaled from it. It was still odd to feel the sharpness of the scalpel , and the pressure as he pushed out the implant. It felt like it was torn from my body, and perhaps healthy breast tissue was coming out as well? They assured me not, only the implant. Then a quick suturing, and a repeat on the other side. I inhaled from the laughing gas tube in huge pulls, lol. All in all, it felt a bit surreal as if I was hallucinating. I was out, dressed and on my way with my ride by 12:30!! I'm feeling great, so happy to be little again. Snapped some pictures last night and today before explant, follows by some of how I look now. I'm deflated but thrilled to be all me.

Can't resist trying on old 34B bras....

Loving them already!!!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful, talented surgeon. No problems or complications, just hated the size and projection.

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