Getting my Breast Implants Removed - Toronto, ON

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I am 27 years old and have had my silicone...

I am 27 years old and have had my silicone implants for 6 years now. Biggest mistake of my life and I know I got them for the wrong reason. I am 5'4 and 105lbs with 450cc. Pre-op I was a 32 B now I and a 32D. I have has 3 additional surgeries over the 6 years (about 1 every year and a half) to remove the capsule that was causing pain and deformation(1 on the right and 2 on the left). Now my right breast has again formed scar tissue creating pain and a lump that is getting worse by the day. At this point I have decided to just get them removed, I just don't want them anymore but I am extremely scared of the outcome and what they will look like. I have been reading your wonderful and encouraging stories over the past few months but I am still so very worried about how I will look after they are removed. After my last "re-do" my PS (Dr. Zorn is who did my initial bs as well as the 3 after) told me that she had to remove a lot of breast tissue from the right breast...this worries me because I am afraid the right one will be way more deformed then the left considering that one only had 1 re-do.

I have already booked my surgery for November 15/13 with Dr. Jugenburg. During my consultation I asked a million questions! He did tell me that because of my age, I have not gained or lost weight over the years and the fact that I have never had kids, they should be fine. When I asked him what my realistic expectations afterwards should be, he said I will be a thin flat chested woman (which I am fine with!) I have looked at many of the photos on this site and everybody looks beautiful after! I am just so very worried I will be the exception and I will look like a monster with them out. Besides my mother, everyone was shocked to hear that I want them removed and think I'm crazy because they think I look great with my implants...but they are not the one's living with the pain, the sore back, not being able to sleep on my stomach for the past 6 years.

I am honestly a nervous reck though! I am scared I am going to make the 2nd biggest mistake of my life by getting them removed. I am not having a lift done so I am praying everyday that I am making the right decision.

If there is anybody out there that is in or has been in the same situation as me I would really like to hear from you or anyone for that matter that can offer me some advice I would really appreciate it.

I do not have any before pics but I will post current ones


Here are some pics
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