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I have decided to write this review as a small...

I have decided to write this review as a small thank you to all of the women who have written reviews about their breast explantation journey. Especially those of you who have been brave enough to upload your photos as well. Thank you!
It is because of you that I dared to make my decision to explant and it is because of you that now I exactly know what stages I need to go through in my recovery.
Here is my story:
I got my first set of implants when my daughter turned a year old. 240cc, saline, over the muscle, smallish, round implants. I was over the moon about them! I felt sexy and happy. Within the year I went back for a second, bigger set. 310cc, I loved them! They felt strange, like separate from my body but they looked amazing in clothes and my husband loved them as much as I did.
My problems started two years after the first set of implants. I was suddenly losing volume on one side. Within days, I was completely flat. Deflation, no reason given. I quickly had them exchanged.
Next issue. I have lots of moles on my body, quiet a few on my breasts. In 2005, I had a suspicious mole on the underside of my left breast. I went to a renowned dermatologist in my home country of Hungary to have it immediately removed. I pleaded with him to be careful because my breasts were augmented. He laughed at me. He would not go anywhere near the implant, he said! He then proceeded to stick the numbing injection right into my implant! Within two days I was flat chested again. Once again on my left side.
Another operation. This time I gave in and did what I never ever wanted to do. I got silicone implants.
While I loved the feel of them, the doctor went bigger, wider in diameter than agreed. From this time on I was in constant pain! I kept thinking, any day now I would wake up with a uni-boob. I slept with a pillow wedged between my breast every night.
Around this time, the PIP scandal broke. As I had had my most recent surgery done in Europe, I checked right away if I was one of the unfortunate women. I was not.
However, in my research, I came across this wonderful web site. I could remove my implants without replacing them? I never knew this was a possibility!
For months I spent most of my time here. I gathered the courage to make the decision to explant. Then I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Whether my implants were the reason for my illness or not, my decision had been made for me.
Now I am writing from the other side. I had my implants removed exactly two days ago! My doctor in Toronto, where I now live was wonderful! He was so worried about the psychological aspect of this surgery. But I am just so happy! I cannot wait to tell him that at my first post op appointment on Monday!
I feel free. Yes, my breasts are a little sad right now. But even now they aren't horrible looking and because of the pictures I have seen here, I have the hope that there will be improvement. Even if it is a little bit, I will be very happy.
The surgery was minimally painful. The anesthetist was amazing. No nausea, I woke up slowly, with a clear head and in no pain. I feel fine. I feel like my lungs are able to expand a lot more now.
I am uploading a couple of pictures which I have taken so far. If it helps even one woman to have an easier journey through this difficult decision, it is worth it to me.
Thank you Ladies, I am grateful to each and everyone of you!

Today is Day 5. I feel almost back to normal. I am...

Today is Day 5. I feel almost back to normal. I am surprised at how my breast tissue I have left. I am very happy! Now if I could only sleep! :)

Today I am 10 days post op. This morning I put on...

Today I am 10 days post op. This morning I put on my bathing suit for the first time to see how it would look. Until now I would only wear it with a shirt over to hide my very obvious fake cleavage. Glorious day! I love my bathing suit with my small breasts! I look completely appropriate and good for my age. (42)

It's been now exactly 14 days since my surgery....

It's been now exactly 14 days since my surgery. Nothing much has changed. My breasts have shrunk somewhat but I have also regained some muscle tone. By that I mean my breasts are not quiet as Jello-y anymore.
I went bra shopping today. It was a bit of a let down. I am now a 36A lol. I used to be a B. I called my husband to complain, he just asked me in what context was this relevant, it is just a letter. I guess he is right. So I went and had an amazing strawberry sugar crepe for lunch. Cheered me right up.:)

I forgot to add. I now have very little pain....

I forgot to add. I now have very little pain. Maybe now I could try sleeping on my side...Maybe not yet. I don't dare.

Today is my 5 week Implant Free Anniversary! :) I...

Today is my 5 week Implant Free Anniversary! :) I feel great!
Boy, have my breasts shrunk! For a while I had a marked difference between the two of them. My left side was a lot smaller as I had a capsulectomy done on that breast some years ago. There is still a difference but is not as obvious anymore.
The dent above my right breast is much better now. I massage after my shower every morning.
I started wearing a normal bra (lined but not push up or underwire) during the day. At night, I still sleep with a Genie Bra type of thing on. It just feels more comfortable.
To those of you who think my breast look like a C cup, I remain an A. The camera angle adds a size. Plus I am a C cup in that my breasts are wide as a C from having been stretched out by the implants. Yet, the projection of my breast is not even an A. I am not bothered by this but it is something that seems to be a common occurrence amongst the ladies here after explant.
I tried running again but the bouncing still feels horrible so I stopped. I am going to give it another try next week.
Overall, I feel wonderful. I woke up yesterday morning, saw my breasts in the mirror and felt beautiful.

Two years later, loving life :)

Hi everyone,
I am now two years post my explant surgery. I am very happy with my decision.
I have stopped obsessing about my breasts completely. I look at women with boob jobs and feel sorry for them. Not because I regret getting implants. I have no regrets, I loved having big breasts for many years.
I feel sorry for them because I now know that how our augmented breasts look is only one side of the story. There is another, ugly side. The pain, the self consciousness, the fake feel to them.
I always disliked touching them. I called myself the Bride of Frankenstein. My body did not feel mine and for years I was in great deal of pain.
I carried these rocks around with me for so long because I did not know that explanting would be an option.
I am forever grateful for finding this website. I am forever grateful to the women who have shared their experiences. Especially those who were brave enough to post their photos. They gave me the courage to go through with this surgery.
I love my shape now! I am no longer in pain. Hugs are delicious again. I am 100percent me.
Thank you Ladies for everything!:)))
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