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So far I have contacted a PS who got back to me...

So far I have contacted a PS who got back to me himself within a few days. I have been to my GP for a referral. Now I am waiting to hear from PS for an appointment for a consult. I was informed that Explantation is covered. I was told if I had a referral from my Dr the consult fee would be waived. So I am very excited to meet with this Dr to talk about the surger and what expectations to have.
I'm even more excited to find out time frames ..... How soon I can have this done?
I have read many great reviews that share my concerns and his advice has been exactly what I hope a PS would give!

Help please

Can anyone guide me in choosing a capable PS in Ontario preferably Windsor, London, Toronto area that will do a breast implant removal with capsule covered by OHIP in a timely manner? I sent a referral to one and was given a year time frame just for the consult. I can't wait that long I need these out!

Health After Explantation!

I am booked for Explant en bloc I can't wait to have these poisenes things out of my once very healthy body! Every day my health energy and optimism falls further down. Guilt lear's it's ugly head as well, first that I spent that kind of money and 2nd I put all my faith in a stranger! I wanted this its all my fault I am un well I did this to myself how foolish! Fear that my health may not improve that the damage is done.

I have pain everyday, breast pain, joint pain, hair loss, brain fog, extreme fatigue, un ordination.........I could go on and this has been worse since my Mammogram.
I would love to hear from people with similar symptoms and from those who have ex planted and what their symptoms are like now.
I see a lot of photos good and bad but right now I'm more concerned with the whole picture health more than how they look, mind you I am praying my breasts will not be disfigured but I want to feel like myself again!


I am 2days away from Explant surgery any good advice?

Explant surgery

I had breast Explant surgery on March 8/16
I am so grateful to the many friends here on this site, for all the information guidance and love.
I had my surgery in Toronto by Dr Petra Schiller and she was awesome, she came highly recommended and was very professional but understanding and warm. Her receptionist Violetta makes you feel as though your the most important person and was very kind.
I am very happy with how my breasts look but most of all with all the research I sought I am so grateful to have those heavy poisenes implants out of my body!
I am now going to attempt to post some pictures before and after....


Here are before and after photos, I sure hope this will help others.
This was very challenging for me to post these picture for many reasons!
I really hope I can help others with my posts, pictures and questions on here!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Did not end up choosing him my consult was going to take a year and he didn't know what en bloc was.

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