Getting Modest 240 Cc MODERATE Profile Saline BA. Toronto, ON

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I am 5'2 and 120 lbs. Not only are my breasts...

I am 5'2 and 120 lbs. Not only are my breasts small but also ugly to me with big areolas.
I booked a modest 240 Cc BA. And No Lift. Is there anyone here like me?? The reason for no lift is because I think I will be happy with just bigger natural looking breasts. I'm not looking for perfection.
In fact if I had the natural breasts of so many women on here I am sure I would never get a BA!
If mine were even perky I don't think I would get a BA. And if mine were bigger I wouldn't get a BA.
That's why I am sure that if they were bigger without a lift I would be satisfied. Anyone here had this goal?
Oh and I don't want to tell anyone!! Just my supportive DH!! Anyone here never tell anyone??
I don't even want to tell my kids! My DD is 10 though and surely will know.. I want to tell her I took medication (the Pill??) that made them grow as a side effect!! Then tell her when she's older! At least that's what I am thinking right now. Am I alone on these choices?
Last thing: scared of the anasthesia. Never been under:(
Hope to hear from you ladies!
Ok here I go posting to topless photos which I've never done! Ahh!!

Before photo

Wish Pic

New before photos

I suck st this- I accidentally deleted my Before photos when I posted my wish pics! Ok here I go again

Wish pic

It's so hard to find photos of whAt I wish for. I think its because it's hard to find my goal in photos. I am just looking for a small BA to make me fuller- these photos are often the PRE surgery photos of women on RS Lol!
I would have to get a lift to achieve most photos, and I don't want a lift. Just an augmentation. That make sense? SO hard to find wish pics. The profile photo I have is one example that comes close for the size increase. This is my best of another/ Nathalie Portman's size or Jessica Alba is another good example I think. Although they are still perkier than me/ the size would thrill me.

Jessica Alba Breast size

Jessica Alba or Natalie Portman's breast size, is the size I am hoping to achieve.

Are breast size from our paternal grandmother genes?

That's my theory. I believe that we inherit the breast size from our father's mother's genes. It seems to be the case in every female family member of my family. Cousins, daughters, mothers- all get their breast size from our paternal side. Is that a crazy or wrong theory? Curious to what you think. Maybe I am totally off and it's just a coincidence in my own family.

Inspirational fellow RS member!

So happy to have discovered wish pics from another RS member who had 240 Cc BA:).

Question! No alcohol 7 days prior to surgery!

In one of the million Forms I filled out for the surgery, one of them said no booze 7 days prior to surgery. Can someone please A- enlighten me to why? And B- my surgery is Jan 7. Therefore 7 days prior comes to NYE! I would love to drink for NYE. Would the timing be ok?
Please help! Thanks!
Ps countdown is on for my surgery. Eek!!

Rice Sizer photos

With and without rice sizers

Oops homemade rice sizers

I always have such a hard time uploading photos!! Is this normal?? It drives me crazy!!!

More pics

Last rice sizer pic

WITH 240cc rice sizers

Help!!! I can't take it anymore!!! Does anyone have boobs that look like mine?????

I just can't take it anymore!!! My pre op is on Monday and I feel so so so alone on here:(. I haven't been able to find one single lady here who has the shape of my breasts! This makes it very very difficult to bring in wish pictures of what I want to achieve for my BA on Jan 7!!!!
I am losing my mind!!! There was actually one woman (MommaLilt) who said she has boobs similar to mine but she hadn't posted pics and not have I heard from her.
I am desperately seeking someone like me:(:(. Has anyone seen someone here like me (big areolas, not perky like so many of you)??
I wish I can see Before and Afters of someone like me to show my PS!
I keep reading that photos are crucial. Size wise I like the ones posted on my profile but I realize that it will surely be hard to achieve when it's doubtful that the areola and breast shape is like mine). Any help would be very appreciated Xxx

Any Advice for Questions at my Pre Op Tomorrow? Please share!

My Pre Op is tomorrow. My questions will be- what is my rib cage width and how much projection does LOW profile give?
And I can't think of other questions! BA is on THURS!! 4 days!!!Aaahhh!!

Phew! FINALLY Found pics for my Surgeon!!

This woman is my height but weighs 10 Lbs less. I think my breasts may be slightly bigger to begin with. She goes from a A cup to a B cup whereas With 240Ccs I go from a B cup to a C cup. Anyway her areolas are big and if I can have this look, I would be thrilled! They look pretty natural, you think?

Other photo to share with surgeon

I am awful at posting pics! This is the BEFORE photo of the woman that I put in my previous update. She is a size A. Her areolas aren't as big as mine but there is a small similarity to me. The outcome is what matters most. I like her afar AFTER pic in my previous update:)

Pre op Appt

I had my Pre Op Appt. My Ps pointed out that without a lift my nipples will still have their slope, and I am perfectly ok with that:).
Also sure about 240 CCs.
I am having Moderate Profile, not low. That was a misunderstanding on my part.
I am terrified on how poor my sleep will be- but other than that the nurse says my procedure will be fine and that she seems so confident that it will go smooth for me because I am having a small increase.
Surgeon showed me pics of a patient's before and after who looked similar to me. I liked the results of her BA with no lift. I am excited and I think my choices are good for me. Now let's pray it goes smoothly.
It's this Thurs!!! 3 days!!! Ahhhh!! Countdown is on!
Here is me with 240 Mod Prof sizers.

Did you Save photos of your Pre Surgery breasts?

I feel that I should keep a memory of my Pre surgery breasts. Photos. Did you print yours or save them in a secret and secure folder on your computer? I am paranoid they will be discovered.
Oh and btw I was told at my Pre op that my BWD is 12. I hope that's a suitable size for 240Ccs!
2 more sleeps! I am more excited than nervous!
I don't know how you ladies who booked months in advance could stand the wait! I only made the phone call in early Dec and booked paid etc inmediately. And discovered this forum! Thank GOD! I am so excited that I just want to post here so I can share my excitement with ladies who understand:). Thank you ladies!!!

BA in 1.5 hours! Farewell photos to 34B!

These pics should have been with the homemade rice sizers I posted awhile ago!

Voila!!! I have boobies!!!

Hi ladies!!
I am out of surgery!! So far so good!!! A little drugged up and also I I think it's the incision on my left side that hurts a bit but other than that I am not nauseous and enjoying room service at the hotel that My PS puts his patients for the night. Heaven to be here!!!
I thought I was pretty calm before the surgery but as I lay on the table my mouth was dry. I think it was nerves. The anasthesiologist said the anasthesia would make me feel burning a bit in my chest - which I did, in chest shoulders and under neck. Then I was out like light:).
I woke up to 2 natural looking subtle 240 CCs which is just exactly what I wanted!! How much will they shrink ladies? I hope not much because it's the smallest that I would want. My husband llooovrs them too:). I am loving that they are what I wanted. Nobody will know!!!!
Btw I learned that my left BWD was 13 and my right breast was a 12.5
Bigger than I had thought they told me.
My body felt heavy with drugs and I was wheeled up to our room. The drugs give me hope that I will fall asleep. I haven't taken pain killers yet.
Ladies for those of you who want a noticeable BA, I suggest go bigger than 240. This is absolutely perfect for me as a start to my new life with them. But it's truly not a big increase.
I love love love that I think they look natural, like I was born this way. I think anyway?!
I feel so much happier post surgery than pre surgery. Just the lead up to waiting to go into the surgery room was a long wait. Especially when feeling starving weak and so ugly without makeup And in my loose clothing ;-)
I am sure my BA is not what most aim for on here.. But in case it helps someone, here are pics:)

Day 2 post Op advice please?

I had surgery yesterday and felt pretty amazing, all things considered. No nausea no pain killers, and I slept pretty Ok because of the Ativan.
I've been lying in bed most of day. My boobs feel tender and swollen (reminds me of being engorged from breastfeeding). I guess it's all over sore in both breasts.
So my questions are: what would help me? Pulling out the ice packs sounds painful- is it worth it? Do you put directly on skin?? Also should I take a Tylenol 3? Would it help with the tenderness? Is that what they mean by pain?
I haven't been hungry but ate canned peaches and dried fruit. Haven't pooped since surgery.
Can anyone please give me their best advice? I would so appreciate!! AntAB

Day 3: So bloated and seeking advice as usual

Well last night I discovered that the key to sleep is to have 2 big pillows behind my back, 1 ultra soft one wrapped around my neck (heaven: better than airplane neck cushion!), and 2 pillows under my knees. Knock back 2 (not 1 but 2) T3s, and you're golden. I haven't tried the Percocets because haven't felt the need- mind you I hear they're a divine high so maybe I should cross them off my bucket list when I have the chance.

Woke up feeling that morning soreness everyone speaks of... Then I realized that I hadn't pooped yet when I am regularly a 3-4X per day proud gal.
I took a stool softener finally around 1 pm and had pooped but truly not much.
I took another around midnight tonight. Should I be upping my dose to 2? Any advice? This poop issue freaks me out a bit- I've never been constipated in my life not even after giving birth.

I have ice consistently on my breasts. Is this bad??? Please advise!

The right felt higher and tighter until just recently. It's feeling like it dropped a bit more to be more similar than the left. Of course both are still full in the upper pole and not so pretty.

Kind of sucks to have the bandages as they interfere with perception.

So I can't say I am in love with my boobs. Part of me wonders if they have changed all that much! I mean yes I wanted a subtle increase but perhaps my BWD of 12.5 and 13 swallowed a bit much of my the 240 CCs?? Part of me does wonder if I should have gone with 275s, and yet I was SOoo convinced that they looked huge when I tried on the sizers (they honestly did look so big-- but maybe my BWD would have fit them with a bit more BA?) Ughhh am I having boob greed?? Are the boobs I have now going to get even smaller? Can someone please tell me by how much??

It's hard to be on here when my breasts look soooo different than everyone's. It makes me feel like I can't compare to anyone and it sucks:(.

I am sorry for sounding so negative- Don't her me wrong/ I am happy for having fulfilled what I wanted - fuller size and yet not Enough for anyone to notice. I got what I wanted so I really shouldn't complain. Plus if I look where I came from I should be quiet. Perhaps I just want to be really excited like so many of you are. Maybe some cleavage?? I have yet to try on regular clothes or bikinis- maybe that will make me see an exciting change? Or maybe I need to wait until I wear a push up bra or some padding to see something that makes me see the product of 7.5 K??
thank you got letting me rant. It's 3am and I need to tuck this massive bloated belly into bed:(

Day 4: Less bloating but these back muscles!!! Shoot me!!

Day 4 was actually yesterday but finally taking a moment to update at the wee hours before starting day 5.
I stopped the T3s and even the icing because I didn't feel the need. I guess that's good progress already eh!
I pooped! Like a lot! 6x! Yay me!
I still think my right is a but tighter than my left- but it dropped a little, not as swollen I mean.
After trying on bikini tops and some of my regular tops, I can see that the size is what I wanted. They are definitely not too small which was my Day 3 fear.
I go back and forth between "Omg are they too big?" And "OMG are they too small?". But overall, I seem to get more concerned about too big than too small. This concern seems to change every 5 hours. Too big? Too small? I can't wait for the day to stop thinking about boobies!!!! It makes me feel like I am in a bloody cult!!!
As for discomfort, it must be the stitches I feel when I try to get up from lying down. And my sore abs from pulling me up! I will certainly get back to exercise when the timing is right!!
The worse pain though now are my shoulder blades. They ache from knots:(. I want a shoulder blade augmentation!!!

My skin has been clear, glowing, with a blush tint since my BA. Anyone else have this?

I guess I can't complain about this- my skin has been glowing with a blush tint most of the time, since my BA, 5 days ago. Anyone else have this? I wonder if it's a side effect from the antibiotics?

Day 5

So I left the house for the first time since surgery. It was bloody freezing out and not easy to walk at a fast past to keep warm!
I got caught up in a party store sale and bought 3 bags of stuff. I couldn't resist the Madeline costume for my daughter, it was $5! But the price to pay was carrying the bags home. They were less than 5 lbs but were SO intimidating to carry because my back muscles carry the weight (quite literally) and they ached with so much pain that I had to leave 1 bag at the store and honestly felt like I couldn't make it home with the other 2 bags. They were so ridiculously light but my back was in agony. I am so cautious of using my pecs in carrying weight.
Anyway I had to return to the store again (normally a 10 min walk but with new slow pace- it was more like 18mins likely) , to pick up the last bag.
On my way I almost wiped out on black ice!! That scared the heck out of me I tell you!
I did 2 more walks today- to pick up my son from school and to buy yogurt.
All this to say is that I think I overdid it on Day 5! I won't be doing that again!
I took breaks at home between my neighborhood aunts, to lie down and heat my back with my magic bag.
Nonetheless my back still is in agony (such tense muscles!!) and I caved just now and popped 2 T3s. I dread the constipation as a result of it but I am desperate for decent sleep.
In the good news, I noticed my sternum is not nearly as sore (barely in m fact) so I think swelling has decreased.
My breasts don't feel like they look different than yesterday but they get this weird "let Down" feeling you get when you're nursing. Anyone know what I mean?!
I have such a hard time taking selfies where you can't see my face. Today's pic is a bit lame;-).
Hope you ladies are doing ok! Xo

Day 6 & 7: Uncomfortable and Unhappy

Just to update. This is what's been going on:
1- I walk like a weirdo. I walk slow with flailing arms or if walking for. Duration, I hold my arms crossed on my waist because I can't stand the feeling of my breasts feeling like they are balls stitched on and can easily drop off. It is SOoo annoying and uncomfortable. I can hardly take it!!
2 I am sleeping better because of the T3s. I take 2 before bed and sleep solid on my back at 45 degree Angie until 3Am then I try to sleep until 5am and it sucks. The T3s help with the back knots too.
3- I cried tonight. Feeling sorry for myself for not feeling like myself. The tight muscles in pecs gross me out. And did I mention walking like a weirdo? I don't feel very smiley these days. I just want to feel like myself again. I know it takes time but that doesn't change how hard the moments are. Not reaching up high, being so précautious with how I move. So hard. How on earth do some of you return to work after 1 week?? I would die!
4- i think the swelling is going down but.i hope they get a little prettier. I am very happy with the size and I think I have achieved them looking natural and I think I can hide that I've had a BA. Just wish they would fill out and surprise me with some cleavage like RS Alexandra Lena.
5- I don't look at my boobs constantly like others do.
6- I find it hard to take selfies. I can never take good shots. Hence I haven't posted any.
7- I am SOoo sick of wearing the bra and all these ugly bandages.
8- I have my Post op on Fri. That's something to look forward to.
9- I have a work party tomorrow night and it so sucks that I think I would be crazy to go. It would not feel comfortable.
10- I have a haircut booked tomorrow. I can't wait to have this hair washed!! It's filthy and so gross!!

I just noticed a couple pea size swollen glands? Lymph nodes? On my neck. Could that be a side effect of anything or just coinci

I am sure these pea sized little round bumps (one on each side of neck near collar bone) just appeared today.
Is this hit a councidence? Freaks me out teeny bit.

Coupla photos

Thanks Brooke, I will post photos to see progress.
I see now in the photos how one of my breasts (the one you see on your left/which is actually my Right breast) looks a bit higher than the other.
I also wonder if I will see any skin beneath the areola- or if this is just how the end result will be. It's not the biggest deal if more skin appears, but it would be a bonus;-). More important I hope future photos will make them look more dropped, softer/rounder, and most all, give some more cleavage. That would be the ultimate.
The size itself makes me feel happy, especially in clothes and bikinis.
Good to post photos.
My emotional roller coaster is not about how they look- it's about how they don't feel part of my body yet- physically. Plus I miss proper sleep and want to bathe etc etc and walk normally!!!!

1 Week Post Op Appt

My incisions look good apparently. My fold is so deep that I can't see them unfortunately. But may gross me out anyway??
PS removed the bandages Yay! So much more comfortable to have only 2 small strips on incisions.
I was told I could shower as long as I blow dry the little bandages. I showered as soon as I got home:)
No massage and no creams until next appt on Jan 26 when stitches are removed.
The only thing that bugged about Dr Jugenburg is that I asked about the swollen lymph nodes that suddenly appeared on my neck. They are new and weird timing that they appeared right after surgery. So I asked my PS if its possible to get them from the surgery. He just looked at me with a smirk and didn't say anything. So I continued By Telliing him that I read on line (in fact on a Real Self response by a surgeon) that it's common to get them after surgery. He didn't reply to that and said "are you getting a cold? Maybe you're getting a cold"
I can't stand it when people answer a question with a question, especially in a professional situation. I mean just answer the Fn question. So I said again " I read on line that it's common after surgery to get swollen lymph nodes" and he finally said " no it's not" .
I just didn't like how he handled my question.
And then it threw me off that I forgot to ask more questions:(.
Questions are: when can I sleep on Side ? Do I continue only wearing surgical bra? I think both answers are not yet so I will be patient:(
Oh and ps said my boobs are starting to drop but average drop is 6 weeks. 6!!!
On a happy note today I received a new shirt that I ordered on line. It looked so good on my new breasts!! And you would never know I had a BA and I am SO excited to feel that kind of sexy when the rest of my body feels normal again!!! Awesome to feel that kind of sexy! Could new boobs turn you into a flirty slut??' Haha
Here are latest pics.

Day 13 Post op: walking is better!!

I can walk! I can walk! Without feeling like they will fall off!! And without being hunched over like a weirdo!! And without my arm clasping my side to try to hold them into place!! Woohoo!!
This started 2 days ago and even better now:). They feel more secure:):)
My back still aches in knots from crap back sleep and from taking all the weight and strength in not using my pecs.
Other than that, they don't hurt as much and I am more mobile. I can put on deodorant and wipe my butt! Sorry Tmi:)
Yes, I am hopeful that I've crossed over to a better place.
I do have a bit of envy about all the big boobs on here but i had to stay true to myself. I couldn't get a BA where people would know. I look like how I looked pre BA when I was wearing a padded bra. I do hope that when I do invest in new bras, that they will look so much more exciting:)
Plus I am hopeful for more cleavage. That would be a bonus!!
Oh and I am so motivated to get fit after seeing all of your flat stomachs:). I have been in pretty top form about 5 months ago but at 45, if you don't keep up with it, it all disappears so so fast:(.
I think a flatter stomach with these boobs would look awesome. You all so motivate me XxO! Thank u RS hotties!!

Stitches removed and new oh so hot surgical bra in NUDE:)

19 Day post op: my stitches were removed and incisions looked good - I only saw them for a moment.. Then new bandages were applied by the nurse Marina who was so sweet and down to earth and she took her time with me whereas every other Appt seemed a bit manic.
Anyway I have such a deep fold that I couldn't really care about scars because nobody will ever see them!!
The most exciting news today was being measured by Stephanie who used to work at VS, and told me I am a 32D! I am shocked and said to her and the nurse that there is no way they think I look like a D. They said I was right- I don't look Like a D-- but they said when you are petite (32 rib cage) that it makes the breasts larger as cup sizes. I didn't quite get it (anyone can explain??) but they also told me that with how the breasts will change and still need to drop into lower pole, that I may change to be a 32C. Which is fine- because my intention of my BA was to go from a B to a C cup. Hey if I can say that I have Ds, I would be thrilled. Just so funny though that even I am considered a D when my breasts are shaped so different next to all you perky larger breasted ladies;-).
Other things I was told:
-still sleep on back Wahhhh!!! Until 6 weeks
- don't bother bra shopping until they take their shape which is minimum 6 weeks (but they said there are boring bras at VS I can buy if I really crave a new bra) SOoo I bought the $15 CDN surgical bra in NUDE so I cus wear some tops that need nude underneath.
-I told nurse my breasts feel numb in most areas (does anyone actually feel them at 3 weeks??) and she said feeling may not Coke back for a very long time and in rare cases never. That would be pretty awful and scary and I pray that's not me. That would make me sad!
I am back to work finally in a few days-- I've been blessed for all this recovery time and it's exciting to have done this secret surgery and nobody will know!

25 days Post op: Yay! A turning point!

For 2 days now everything is so much better!!! It's a turning point! Or let's hope it stays this way.
My right breast is finally settling down:): it doesn't hurt anymore. I only feel it a little bit when I walk.
Also I no longer have an aching knot in my back when I move around doing house chores. My back finally feels normal, Halelujah!
I started work today and nobody has a clue that I've had a BA. It just looks like how I looked with a padded bra but man does it ever feel different not to feel so self conscious of small empty sac boobs!
Because I can't work out and I am in the worse physical shape of the past 2 years, I have decided to eat healthier for the next 3 weeks leading up to when I am free to work out.
My boobs will look so much sexier with a fitter body like you have!! Yes you! So wish me luck with that;-)
For all you ladies who are Just having BAs, 3 weeks is not far off for you and it really starts to get better at 3 weeks!!!

25 days post Op photo

Slight change

So I noticed an ever so slight change but not sure you can see in the pics if you can't zoom in.
I have a bit of skin that's appearing under my areolas/ more pronounced on the right which has always been the case. I would love love love more skin to show under my areolas, when the drop more. I kind of think that if I had gotten bigger CCs then they would have done this for me. Anyway I can only wait and hope;-).
I do hope my posts will help the few women who have boobs like mine, and yet don't choose to get a lift or areola reduction like me. I still would so love to find someone like me on RS!!
I've also included some pics of me in the green sports bra I wore in previous pics, with and without rice sizers. I am so pleased with the size! It's hard to believe they are mine inside the bra! They don't completely feel like mine yet.

Oops one more pic

I want to add this to my profile because RS is actually my diary too ;-)

1 Month: Before and Afters????????

A few notes about 1 month:
- If I was offered an implant between 240-275 CCs I would have tried them on. 275s couldn't fit in my sports bra and I felt huge and looked awful. I regret not asking if there existed something between! Had I only done more research at the time, or was on RS, I would have learned that an I. Between does exist. At my 6 week appt I will ask IF I could have tried a size between.
-I am happy with the augmentation because nobody would ever guess that I had one and that was hugely important to me. But if I were to do it again I would have been curious to see somewhere between 240 and 275. Mine are 240s.
- What a difference 1 month makes!!! My right left is much softer. My right is softer too but always slower in the process. Interesting thing is my left is the one with more numbness on the sides. Numbness has decreased but I pray for full feeling to return.
-I am still wearing tape on scars so I don't know how scars look! They come off at 6 wk Appt.
- I chose to sleep without my bra for first time last night! Heaven! First time I even felt comfortable to do so:)
And here are some before and Afters and more photos at 1 month. I still fit in old bikinis but fill them out so much better!!! Oh and I lost 3 lbs and working on losing more before I start to work out on a regular basis. I want to feel my best like the rest of you!!!

1 month Few more Pics

Ignore the question marks in Title line of previous post!

I don't know why RS is so poorly produced!!!!!! I put on Emojis in my title line and they turned into bloody question marks. Can someone please fix RS???? Ridiculous how many users there are and it's such ghetto quality yo!

Last pic!

Before BA and at 1 month

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