385cc; round; silicone; full profile - 115 lbs, 5'5, 31 years old

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I've been diligently reading the experiences of...

I've been diligently reading the experiences of all you lovely ladies over the past few weeks and decided to start a thread here as well. I hope that you will be able to help me along this journey :)
Here is some background on me! I've wanted breast implants for AS LONG as I can remember. I started bringing it up to my fiance when we first started dating but he was pretty adamant that I shouldn't do something so drastic... ever so slowly, as I brought this topic up over and over it got to the point where he told me that if it's something I truly wanted and would make me happy to go ahead with it.

Over the past 2 years I have been working out quite a bit and noticed by previous A cups no longer fill out my bras! TRAGIC. As if they were not already little enough! It's time to take action lol. I have my first consultation scheduled for tomorrow. I am super nervous!

My stats:
110 lbs
29 years old (almost thirty!)
Thin build
Fairly active (3-4 workouts a week)
Most of my bras are 32A or 32AA. Sometimes the AAs are too small, I think I'm actually in between sizes so really I have about 1 bra that fits right =(
Asian (not sure if this matters!)

Anyway, my big dilemma at this point is not if I should go ahead w/ a BA, but more so WHEN to do it!
We are saving for a wedding (summer 2015), so it's tough to justify the cost, which will probably be between $8-9K. I considered going to the States to get this done as reputable surgeons there tend to be cheaper, but w/ travel costs and the hassle I don't think the savings will be worth it.

On top of that, I have the dilemma of whether I should wait til after kids. Any ladies w/ BAs out there who had children and nursed them have any advice? Did you require a revision? Was there a noticeable change? I imagine I'd be pregnant sometime in 2016 if all goes according to plan.

I want to have these for my wedding though, as I feel that they would make me feel super fantastic in my dress. But I guess I'm concerned about spending the money now and having to have them fixed in about 3 or 4 years after having kids.

Any advice out there on my timing problems?

BA booked!

It’s been over a year since I updated you all on my story. I last left off deciding that I would wait until I had babies before going ahead with the BA as I’d decided that getting them done before the wedding wasn’t feasible (for several reasons!) and if I waited until after the wedding I might as well wait until I was done having babies. Well, I’m excited to say that… I’ve booked my BA for July, literally, 4 days after my wedding! Some of you may wonder, why the change of heart? Well, my fiancé and I decided that we didn’t know when we would have kids – possibly we wouldn’t even start trying for another 2-3 years at least. I also felt like I’ve been wanting to do this for SO SO long and just the thought of delaying it for another 4-5 years (after having maybe 2 kids and then breastfeeding) just seemed FAR TOO LONG.
I really just want to enjoy them for as long as I can! I spoke to a bunch of people and did a lot of reading online, and many people have had positive things to say about the state of their BAs after having children. So, fingers crossed that it works out for me too and if not, I’ve come to terms with the possibility of paying for a revision to fix them up.
Now that it’s booked, I have a lot of other things to worry about! I’ve decided on 330cc, round, silicone, below the muscle with the incision in the crease. There are days that I worry that they will be too big, and days that I worry that they will be too small. Ideally I want them to look like a full C. I guess I’m worried that they will be a full B instead. I believe the next size up would be 365cc – that sounds scary to me. I’m also terrified of telling my sister (I have a feeling she will disapprove) and not really sure how to deal with my parents / extended family (very close knit family and I see them quite often!).
So, instead of going on a honeymoon right away, we will be having a boobie-moon! That brings me to another thing to worry about. We will be going away at the beginning of September and I’m not sure how much they will drop in 6 weeks. I’ll have to wear a bikini and it might be really awkward if they are still high and square looking!

Size dilemmas!

I've been stressed lately trying to figure out what size is best! It's so hard when 300-350cc looks different on everyone! Anyway I'm just posting a few more wish pics and I also made an appointment to try on sizers again. I also want to ensure that moderate profile (vs high/full) is right for me. I do want the natural look and slope so I think moderate is right but lately I've also been seeing some pictures with HP which also look good!! It's so confusing!!

My other concern is that I have a pretty small waist but feel my shoulders are broad so I'm worried that having boobs will make me look heavy! I should try and find some photos of myself to upload...

Natrelle Inspira - Mod vs Full Profile?!?!

Any ladies out there who have Natrelle Inspira implants? I would love to hear from you and see some photos if possible! I am about 7 weeks from my op and am struggling to really decide between moderate or full profile. I've seen tons of reviews of Mentors but not much with Natrelle Inspira! In my two visits to the PS, we had mainly discussed moderate, I assume because that's what I'd voiced wanting since I really do want a natural slope (vs the rounder/faker look) BUT now I have seen many girls with high profile that look very natural in the slope too! My other concern lately is that perhaps the moderate would be too wide and flat (resembling wide flat pancakes!). My BWD is 12.5 cm and I really have no upper pole fullness, at all! I've pretty much narrowed it down to: Option 1 - Moderate profile, 345cc, 12.50cm diameter and 4.2cm projection OR Option 2 - Full profile, 345cc, 12.00cm diameter and 4.9cm projection. The next size up in the full profile would be 365cc/12.25cm diameter/5.0 cm projection. I guess my problem is that it's hard with the sizers to be able to tell how they'll "look" once they're inside of you. I had put the full profile sizer on and because of the additional projection it did look a lot larger to me in the sprots bra. Which scared me a little in terms of it being very noticeable. I just want to look natural in clothes but a little bit of wow factor in a bikini wouldn't hurt either! Any thoughts would be really greatly appreciated! Sidenote. I really need to post some before pics. Promise I'll get to that soon!!!

Finally decided on size and profile!

Just a quick update. I went back in to try sizers again (this would be appointment number 4 lol shambles) and switched to full profile 385cc. It's been such a confusing journey to choose a size and mod vs full. I'm still not 100% confident in my decision!

I hope they won't look TOO round and I hope they won't look TOO big on my frame. Mostly worried about how to keep them looking classy at work!

I'll post some of the pics I took with the sizers!

Pics with Sizers

Day of surgery.. Late post :)

I had my BA on Weds Jul 15 - just wanted to give a quick run down of my day!
- checked in at 8am at the PS office
- PS came to see me around 9ish. Took pics, measurements and reconfirmed the look and size I wanted
- I was knocked out by 10:15 and in recovery an hour later! Was so tired I just kept sleeping and sleeping in the recovery room.
- kept on top of pain meds - Percocet every 4 hours and also took gravol to help w nausea. Slept a lot and was pretty out of it. Ate crackers and a lot of berries.
- my husband had to basically help me with everything - going to the washroom, brushing my teeth, feeding me crackers lol

Overall, not a bad day at all! Better than expected although in hindsight it was probably from all the drugs lol

1-2 days post op.. Another late post

sometimes I look down at my chest and can't believe i did this. I don't yet have that feeling of "loving" them. I think I need to get used to the boobs and also just want this discomfort and pain to go away!!

I spent the two days post op watching tv and resting. The day after surgery I actually went to a nearby park to enjoy the sunshine but id say the pain and discomfort on day 2 post op was worse and I literally stayed indoors on the couch for the majority of the day! Still taking pain meds! Super bloated (legit looks like there is a baby in my belly)!

Not sure if thats normal or not!
I'm going to try taking some pics now!

Day 4 post op - Pics

So finally feeling a tad better and took a few pics. Not gonna lie this is really the first time I've undone this bra and looked at them!! I still think they look weird - very square but I really hope they look more normal in a few weeks time. I can really see the asymmetry (one was always smaller than the other and my nipples aren't the same) but guess there's nothing that can be done about that!

Like I said I am feeling a tad better - still pretty sore/tight and still tired but not as bad as the previous day's.

Yesterday my hubby washed my hair in the kitchen sink and I felt a million times better :)

10 day post-op update!

I am 10 days post-op today! To me, there has not been much change in how these look! They still look square-ish and high. I have to say I'm starting to get used to them and I like them a little more every day.

Today marks the first day that I don't feel tired and uncomfortably tight. I just wanted to post a couple progress pics, and comment on a few things that I wish I'd been prepared for!

- Looking like the hunchback of notre dame. That's right. My muscles have been so tight, it's been near impossible to straighten up. Also whenever I try to correct my posture, I can't even get my shoulders to lift up and back. Between walking uber slow and my hunchback, I feel/look like a little old lady.
- The greasy skin!!! OMGEEE - there aren't enough oil blotting sheets in a package to get this oil off my face. Apparently it's a potential side effect of general anesthesia. It's disgusting.
- The no shower situation ... I figured I could handle a couple days without a proper shower. But nearly 3 weeks??? I was told not to get my dressings wet, so no showers. I'm pretty sick of sitting in a partially filled tub cleaning just the bottom half of my body and using pampers wipes to clean the rest of my body. Eww.

As for a proper update, I regained sensation in my nipples like 2 days after surgery but the sides of my breasts and underneath are still a bit numb. The implants are feeling a tad softer now, my left side seems to be progressing better. My bloating situation has gotten a bit better, but my stomach is nowhere near it's pre-surgery shape. I still don't feel comfortable driving, especially since I live right in the city with all the traffic and pedestrians around it just doesn't feel safe lol.

Back to work on Monday - not sure how I'll fare since I tire out pretty quickly and even working from home on Friday my body ached being on the laptop all day!

Pics - 10 days post op

One more pic - 10 days post op

4 more weeks until I can hit the gym!

Today marks exactly 2 weeks post op and 4 weeks until I can work out!

The past two days at work have been rough! My boobs get sooo achey and heavy even though I have a desk job!

I've missed being able to ice these babies throughout the day. I also miss my couch lol.

I still get morning boob though it doesn't bother me much since it goes away within 15 minutes.
I still get super tired walking even short distances. I typically walk 2 km to work (30 minutes) but have had to take the subway and the stairs and 500m walk to my office are torture lol

I've also been consistently getting headaches every evening. Not sure why but could be posture related? Did anyone else get a lot of headaches?!

I don't think my boobs have changed much. My next appointment is in 1 week. I'm hoping they show me some massages. Did anyone else have a PS that didn't tell them to massage until 3 weeks post op?!?! Seems like a long time to me!

I will upload some new progress pics when I get home from work. For now here is a before pic because I don't think I ever posted one!

Progress pic - 2 weeks!

I'm not sure how much progress I'm actually making here - but I've posted a pic. It honestly looks so weird naked because they're still high and square-ish!

Sidenote - my incisions are hurting tonight and Im starting to get itchy. The recovery struggle is real.

kind of, almost feeling like myself again!

I'll be 3 weeks post op tomorrow! I'm so happy to report that this past Friday was the first day that I resumed somewhat normal activities. Somewhat normal being - I finally went out for lunch with coworkers, ran some errands and even went out to the movies with my girlfriends (MAGIC MIKE XXL - abs for days..). Anyway, doing "normal" things is still exhausting and my breasts feel sooo heavy by the end of the day. But I'm just grateful that I'm feeling better.

Today I even walked home from work!

The morning boob is pretty much non existent, the itch is real and every now and then my incision area gets sore. My nipples are sensitive but not terribly so. And the bottom half of my breasts haven't fully regained feeling - still a bit numb - it's on and off.

As for their appearance, they are still round and definitely not symmetrical. It looks worse in some mirrors/lighting than others. It scares me a bit but I'm trying not to look at them too often until they settle more so I don't freak myself out too much.

One more random thing. I'm dying for one of those Calvin Klein bras that keep showing up on my Instagram feed! I can't wait to try some on :). Maybe I'm finally starting to get excited about my enhancements!

Oh one more thing - for any ladies out there who are worried about "hiding" their additions in the office - I really don't think people have noticed mine. I've found that most of my clothes still fit - and many of my outfits do a good job of playing them down. Granted I didn't go very large (385cc) but so far I'm grateful that they're not too out there as that was a huge fear of mine!

Oh another thing - my 3 week post op is tomorrow and I'm pretty sure this awful bandage will come off (it's so itchy under there!) and I'll get to see my incisions for the first time - I'm terrified!!!

Unreal pimples/rash combo under my dressing!

So I had my follow up appointment today and the dressing was removed - look at what was under! I was SOOO disgusted. Looks more like acne but is itchy as hell like a rash. I'm so itchy sitting at work I def can't focus on anything. ugh. Plus the nurse said I shouldn't use itch cream just aloe Vera which isn't really relieving the itch!

So happy I don't have to wear the band anymore and super excited to have a shower tonight and wash my own hair!!!
The nurse put steri strips on my incisions but told me to remove them when I shower and then put new ones on after my shower. Seems like strange instructions to me - anyone else been instructed to change them daily?

Shopping - some wins and fails...

Today was a great day in terms of resuming my normal weekend activities! It feels really great to feel "normal" again!
Went shopping for my upcoming vacation - bikini shopping at 3.5 weeks post op was a terrible idea (see picture). I was shocked a 32D wouldn't fit and too horrified to try any larger sizes. (I'm terrified of my boobs being too large for me). They look sooo weird in this style of bikini top!
On a brighter note I tried on the CK bra I've been wanting to buy and super pleased with how the size small fit! I do wish my boobs weren't so high, round, and "fake" looking!
So this might sound super crazy since I thought they seemed so big when I was trying bathing suits(this was on Wednesday) but then today they seem to have dropped a bit more and look much smaller naked. I might have a tiny bit of boob greed but at the same time I'm still grateful/happy that I can fit Into the same size as pre surgery.. And that my new boobs are proportionate... Still hoping that they'll fluff and not be too tiny :)

4 weeks - time flies!

So 4 weeks went by pretty quickly - well, correction, the past 2 weeks have flown by but the first weeks were a struggle and went pretty slowly!
Not much to update - posted some progress pics.
I'm not doing any massages except right between the boobs up and down the sternum. Im getting pretty impatient as they're so high and I'm going on vacation in 3 weeks and don't want them to look weird.
The rash / pimples on my waist are getting a bit better - also need these to be gone before vacay!
I'm still sleeping elevated a bit on my back - it's the most comfortable position (vs flat on my back) but I haven't been getting good sleeps lately!
I think Ive been more annoyed w/ the side effects of the op more so than my boobs healing!

Can't wait to be out of this darn post op bra so that I can wear normal bras and shirts with less coverage!

Do my scars look normal?

So yesterday I peeled off my steri strips (scar tape?) and my scars are very dark. Usually when I see pics of other ladies on this site their scars look more pink ish... Mine are super dark!
I've never had stitches before so really don't know what they should look like at this point!

5 weeks - update time

Today marks 5 weeks!
I do see some progress (unless it's all in my head lol) in that they are more rounded looking but have lots of dropping to go!
Also they have gotten a bit softer but still not squishy soft!

I went bikini shopping again on the weekend - but they still look pretty weird so I didn't buy anything. I'll probably try shopping again next week!

Ps. I'm starting to like them more - definitely getting used to the size and having the occasional fleeting thought that they might be too small lol!!! Never really thought I'd say that - but overall I do think once they drop and fluff I will think they're just the right size!

Pps I'm so looking forward to my workout next week. I've been travelling for work for two weeks and eating out 3 meals a day. No workouts and these meals are just a bad combo. I'm really getting sad about how soft my body is looking compared to pre op :(

Hope all you ladies out there are healing well and enjoying your new additions :)

Forgot to post these pics from the weekend!

Sadly left the store empty handed. Maybe next week if they drop more Ill be able to buy something!

6 weeks & time to work out :)

Still feeling like there haven't been much change in the look of my breasts - the implant still needs to drop - A LOT.
The scars are looking much better than in the picture I posted previously - not as dark for sure.
Now that it's six weeks I can finally go to the gym!!! Going to head there soon and do legs - BEYOND EXCITED. A little worried about the squat rack and whether I'll be able to put any weights on it :s

I can also wear underwire bras now but don't really feel like they're that comfy so even though I bought one I might just hold off on wearing it for now.

I'm also allowed to start using scar treatment gel - kelocote is what the PS recommended.

My post op appointment isn't until mid September (my last appointment was at 3 weeks post op but that was just with a nurse). Kind of strange I havent seen the doctor since my 1 week post op but since I haven't had any issues or important questions I guess it's okay?!

My husband and I are off on our honeymoon as of Sunday but I'll post an update when we're back! Hopefully I'll see some progress by then!

Post op weight gain and day 1 at the gym ...

I finally weighed myself at the gym (I don't own a scale...which is probably a good thing after all the post surgery bloating I'm sure I would have obsessed with my weight!) and I gained 5 lbs since the surgery. I'm definitely not bloated anymore. My implants can't possibly weigh 5 lbs... so that makes me a little sad. I'm heavier than I've ever been and not toned at all so it's not muscle weight :( :(

Embarrassing moments at the gym... squatting with 5 lb weights on the bar - struggling with my form (trying so hard not to move my arms/chest too much) and then having some guy come and correct me. Tomorrow I'm going to wear a sign that says... "Don't judge me... BA patient".

Also really unsure I'm ready for any arms or back exercises as I'm really scared to use chest muscles like, at all, in case I hurt my new additions. I think I'm just being overly cautious/paranoid!

Ladies, how have your workouts been going? What have you been working on?!

2 months - time flies!

I can't believe how quickly 2 months have just FLOWN by! It's actually been nearly 10 weeks since my BA ..and...I think I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE my new additions! I'm still hesitant to drop the L-bomb since I'm so paranoid of complications arising! It was really nice to be on vacation and just not have to worry too much about whether my clothes hid them well enough (I haven't told my parents/family that I got a BA so when I'm with my family I have to dress pretty conservatively).
I don't have too much to update on. My rash from the bandage is gone but there are some dark marks there still - hoping they will be gone in the next couple weeks as I'm going to Vegas in October and don't want them to be so visible.

A few things I've noticed...
- my face still gets really greasy - it was not this bad pre-op. I still have lingering pimples that have yet to clear away so definitely my skin has not fared well since the operation.
- the skin between my breasts is always looking greasy/shiny from the skin stretching, also hoping this will stop soon!
- my left has dropped nicely, it's more rounded out at the bottom and the slope is more natural looking. I'm praying my right will look as nice one day! But I know that the shape of my breasts were different pre-op as well so not sure if the righty will ever look as nice.
- my scars! why can't my scars be beautiful and light like so many of the ones I've seen on here! They're not AS dark as the picture I posted a few weeks back. But they are still pretty dark, as is the skin around the scar. I've been using the kelo-cote silicone scar treatment, not really sure if it helps or not. Since the right still needs to drop and fluff around the bottom, sometimes when I stand up and look into the mirror I can see the scar :S I'm really hoping the next 2 weeks will yield some results.
- they've softened up some but are by no means squishy. I've seen some girls post videos demonstrating how soft theirs have become, not sure if mine will ever be that soft at this rate.

I had my post-op appointment with the Dr today. First time I've seen him since a few days after the surgery. He seemed pleased w/ how I've progressed so far. Basically said they will continue to drop and I can massage the righty downward if I'd like, though it's not really necessary (I'm pretty lazy so I'll probably do it like once a day a few times at most).

I'm so grateful to be able to sleep on my side/stomach (although stomach sleeping will feel weird so I'll probably stick to my side...my back will be so happy! It's been hard on my lower back!

I did forget to ask whether it's okay to get registered massage therapy and chiropractic treatments (like back adjustments). I emailed to ask but haven't heard back yet. Have any of you ladies gone to get a massage or chiropractic treatment following your BA? I think it will be weird to be on my stomach having someone put pressure on my back :S

Just trying to catch up on all the posts and updates that I've missed while I was away :) Can't wait to see how everyone is doing!

4 months post op - not much more to say lol

So I've been a terrible RS friend as I've been off this site for probably a month or more! Things have been busy for me - work, trips and just general life things!
Not much to report - I haven't seen changes in the look of my breasts since the last time which is a little disappointing because I had hoped that the right breast would drop and have a more natural looking slope to match the lefty. I've pretty much accepted that may never happen!

They are softer than before but not "squishy" and by no means jiggly like real boobies.

As I've gotten more and more used to them I definitely feel the boob greed more often. They just feel like a part of me and I guess I've gotten so used to seeing myself with breasts that sometimes I look down and I think well for the price I paid maybe I should have gone just a tad bigger.... But at the end of the day they are really proportionate to my body. It's really just that they disappear so easily in most of my clothes! Then I'll put on a bikini and they don't look so teeny tiny anymore lol

Sometimes I notice that the bottom half of my breasts are still numb a bit. Like definitely do not have normal sensation back in there. My nipples are sometimes numb... Sometimes super sensitive. It's weird but mostly doesn't bother me.

As for working out - anything that uses my chest muscles is soo weird. It's like this weird twitching sensation and I don't know if it's normal? Does anyone else feel that way?

All in all I am extremely happy I did this. I love how I can actually fill out clothes and for the most part I can still fit into XS / S which is the same as before - just that clothes look much different on me now!

I can also say that I definitely feel more confident in a bathing suit and naked - I really hated being flat chested! I know people will say that you should feel comfortable in your own skin blah blah blah but let's be real that isn't always the case. I always felt great in my clothes because padded bras can do wonders but its definitely easier to feel good about my body now!
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