445cc Moderate Profile - 25 y/o, 1 child breastfed 2 years, started at a small A cup!! - Victoria, BC

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I am so shocked that I'm finely at the place where...

I am so shocked that I'm finely at the place where I've had a consultation, put down a deposit, and booked a date! No going back now! Not so long ago I was just reviewing all the other best augmentations on this site.
I recently had my consultation on the 8th of October, and it went really well. I loved the staff there and my plastic surgeon. I felt really comfortable. I did feel really bad about having to bring my three year old with us but they were all really understanding! Which made me feel even more comfortable. My daughter had fun too as she got to play with "jellyfish" the whole time. Haha.
I have decided after trying on the sizers that i don't want to go under 500cc's as I felt they didn't look like what I wanted so now I'm deciding whether I want 500cc or 550cc. I will be having it done under the muscle so I know you lose cc's so that's why I'm leaning toward 550cc. At the same time though I have this fear that they will be too big though. I don't think they look too big? I just want to get it right the first time and love them!

Here is what I'm thinking I'll end up with:
Under the muscle
Incision under the breast ( as I've been told if I go over 485cc I can't do it through the nipple)
Highly cohesive smooth silicone
Not sure about profile? But I think I want High Profile. I forgot to discuss that one with my doctor!

Ok so I'm pretty sure I've been bouncing around on the topic here but I just don't know where to begin or end! I'm just so excited! Haha.

Another pic from my consultation

When I look at this pic it is so hard to tell the difference, and I definitely don't want to go smaller. And you lose cc's when you go under the muscle so I think I've made the decision to go with the 550's. I wish I had taken pictures in different shirts so I could get a feel for them more. The white shirt is one they told me to try on because I had a black shirt on and it made them look smaller. The black will definitely help hide them in the beginning, haha, a little. This nagging worry about not getting the perfect size is bugging me. I don't want to go too big and I don't want to go too small. At least I have three months to think about it!

Oh and as for my stats I am 5'8", 120lbs, I have a 3 year old daughter. Currently I wear an A cup but I don't fill it out very well.

Another one of my concerns has been that I'm 23 and I do want more kids in the future and I do not know how having more kids will effect my new boobies? I'm not planning on having more children soon but I know that at some point I will. Has anyone dealt with that?

For now though I want to enjoy the body of my dreams :) and I don't feel like i should wait till I'm done having kids because I can't foresee what's going to happen there for sure.

Before photo

This is a picture I took earlier this year. I bought this dress in hopes that I would get the boobs to fill it out! As you can see the fabric doesn't know what to do with the lack of boob! I'm wearing a padded push up bra in this photo and still I don't have much for boobs! It will be nice when I can wear this dress with out a bra! That would be amazing! If I did that now I would pretty much be flat as a board. :(

Oops it's been two years!

So it's been two years since I went through the consultation in Toronto! After a bunch of chaos I'm back in BC and still no boobs! So I'm finally in a place where I can look at purchasing my dream boobies again! Hopefully this all goes as planned because it was really upsetting last time! I'm going in for a consultation at a clinic in Victoria on October 5th!

Consultation - October 5

So I had my consultation yesterday and it went really well! The staff at Clinic805 were really warm and welcoming. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! I tried on sizers and did the 3D imaging. I tried on smaller sizers than what I had previously in 2013 and I think they look just as good. I'm liking the look of the 425cc cohesive gel implants. I tried the moderate but I'm contemplating trying the moderate plus to get that fullness. The pictures I had taken were of the 400cc. So I'm just going up a small amount. I've booked my next appointment to meet with my surgeon for the 19th of October. With my BA happening at the end of November. Fingers crossed! I'm just looking into financing options right now and I'm not too concerned about it at this time. I'm actually more stressed about my family! Ive chosen not to tell my parents and even though I'm in my mid 20s now I'm still worried about what they think. But I just remind myself that this is for me and not for anyone else. So I'm both super excited and a little bit nervous.


So much to do so little time! I'm feeling stressed out due to getting financing finalized and getting supplies etc and trying to keep it secret from my parents. I sometimes feel like I should just tell them and let them deal with it, maybe it would be less stressful? Has anyone else experienced this?

Pre Op 3D Imaging

I've been nervous about posting these pics but I have found looking at other before and after photos so useful that I feel it would be wrong not to! As you can see right next now I have practically nothing! I am 5'8", 127lbs, with my measurements being chest 32", waist 28" and hips 35". I feel like I do not have a very curvy body, and when I look in the mirror at myself I don't feel it reflects what I should really look like.

15 Days to go!

I had some bloodworm done yesterday as I am prone to being anemic. Hopefully my iron supplements have been helping. The nurse said it won't be a problem if I am anemic but it is good to know how anemic I may be if at all.

I'm slightly freaking out as I can't believe how many days I have left before I go in for surgery!

Today's the day!

Omg I am slightly freaking out! Today at 12:45 pm I'm going in for surgery! I'm both happy and excited and also scared and anxious! It's a big day! There is also a small chance that I may not be able to have it done to do although my surgeon was pretty sure I would be fine. I had the flu on Sunday and then Monday was a recovery day and now today I'm feeling pretty good but I'm so hungry and thirsty after not really eating for the last few days! I'm going to drink orange juice as soon as I'm able to. It sounds so good! I keep almost drinking water because I'm not use to saying no to water!! I think that it's mostly in my mind though and that the more I think of it the more thirsty I get. So I'm going to try to forget about it.

It's done!

It was so fast and easy, I can't even quite believe it. I'm in discomfort now but I wouldn't really say pain. It's tight and when I talk I can feel the muscles pulling. I think I may have talked too much this evening as my sister, boyfriend and daughter in the house helping out. But I talked a lot less than what I normally do haha! I've had one pain medication since the surgery. I'm thinking having some pain or discomfort will help me so I don't over do it. It still hasn't sunk I. That I have bigger boobies yet. It's weird!

I should probably give a run down as to how the day went. I got to the clinic with my boyfriend just before 12:45pm. When it was time the nurse came out to get us and showed us to a room where we did heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and answered some basic questions. She also gave me a gown, a robe, some fuzzy socks and a bag for my clothes. I was given two extra strength Tylenol, something for a muscle relaxant, and something to help me relax. Yeah I don't remember the names to all the meds haha. After that the nurse left me and my boyfriend alone while we waited for Dr. Smith, and we were told it would be about 30mins, which it was. When Dr. Smith arrived my boyfriend said good bye and left to go get my prescription. I felt calmer at this point as the medications were working. Dr. Smith drew on the guidelines on my chest and answered some of my questions I had, such as if we were doing full submuscular or partial submuscular and then why he chose partial submuscular for me. After that I put on my gown and robe and Dr. Smith left and the anesthesiologist came in next with his own basic easy to answer questions and a run down of what was to happen next.

I think the most nerve wracking part was walking into the OR and seeing the operation bed/table which has the arms out. It was like shit got real! I laid back on the table with blankets on and arms out, had an IV put in and also used a mask to put me under. It always feels so strange when you pass out to sleep like that, because it feels likes you blink and wake up some where else. Although I woke because I heard people talking near me and that's when I became more alert. But I was still pretty groggy so it was hard to keep my eyes open but I couldn't go back to sleep. Before I knew it my boyfriend was there picking me up and taking me home.

So I left the clinic at about 4:30pm and now it's 10pm and I'm still feeling okay. I've been icing and I even got up to walk around the house a bit so that I'm not just laying down for too long.

I also too, some pics! I would like to note that it is uncomfortable to stand straight so that's why I am hunched a bit. It just pulls to much on my chest right now

Day one

I didn't mention it yesterday but the staff at clinic 805 were terrific I couldn't have asked for better service. Everyone was very sweet kind and supportive they also were really informative and answered all my questions and made it a really smooth and easy transition .

This morning I am feeling very sore on my right breast I'm not sure if I moved that arm around too much yesterday as it's my dominant side and so I'm taking it super easy on my right side today. My left side feels wonderful in comparison to my right . I have been icing pretty much throughout the entire night as soon as I feel that the ice packs are warm I switch them out and I have taken about three or four of my pain medication, my partner has been keeping track of that for me which has been really helpful .

Psst op day one photos

Post op day two

Last night was the most painful night . I switched back to my painkillers instead of the extra strength Tylenol as it just wasn't enough . But I woke up this morning and I felt quite a bit better it's just a pain in my right breast that's a problem . I moved around a bit this morning doing simple tasks and then I managed to sleep in the massage chair for a few hours and then I got up again and moved around . I've had a hard time not hunching or keeping my upper body tense I'm trying to relax more and feel that I'm being overprotective which is actually causing more pain as my muscles are very sore from always being on guard . Tomorrow I should be able to have my first shower and remove the little strips over my incisions I am a little bit scared of doing that though.

More pics

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I have been feeling really bloated so I've started taking some of this Senokot a natural source laxative and hopefully that will help, so far since surgery I haven't had a bowel movement which makes me anxious but I know that is expected after surgery, and pain meds.

Day three postop

Day three postop! It's finally here, I finally had a shower, I survived the first three days! I had my boyfriend help me shower wash my hair and then he helped change the bandages over my incisions. I didn't look at the incisions when he was cleaning it up for me but he did take pictures so when he was done I looked at the pictures...they kind of freaked me out! I am probably just being a baby . Also in the pictures I felt like my left breast looked larger than my right. I'm sure it's just because my left breast doesn't hurt and it's probably dropping and fluffing faster than my right?? my right is still pretty hard and stiff feeling, it has more discomfort .

Bathroom talk ????

So while laundry is being done and sports bras are being washed Ive decided to wear something different! Fits now that I have boobies! So I'm 3 days post op and I still haven't had a bowel movement!! I've been taking the laxative suggested by my surgeon, but does anyone else have some good types? My belly is definitely bloated! I haven't really been eating much and I'm trying to drink lots of fluids to help.

A little bit of boob greed!

So I experienced a small amount of boob greed today, but in reality this is the perfect size for me. I don't think I would have been as comfortable with larger, but bigger boobs would be fun for a bit. In the long run I think I'll enjoy this size more. It's actually quite easy to dress them down but when they settle I can totally show them off ???? haha

So I went out and tried on some sports bras, which was fun! I had to have my partner help me get them on though! Haha! I also, finally, had a BM! Well actually a couple and I feel a lot better! And I got my period! So my body apparently had a busy day. I found getting out for a walk this morning really helped me get things to move along. I was so scared I was going to end up awfully bloated! 4 days was long enough.
I've been going to my store every day to do basic paper work but today I was my first day to actually work. I felt so good today it was incredible! Day 1 and 2 made me feel like this was going to take forever! But now that day 4 is here I feel so much better, so much more comfortable! I still feel like I need to be careful though, as everything is still tender and tight. I don't want to push my self and then not feel good.

I bought two sports bras! And I actually like the way they look! Before I hated wearing sports bras because I was so flat chested it just didn't suit me. I felt awful in them! Now I think I might say I feel sexy!

One step forward one step back

Today I felt more sensitive, sore, and tight. Maybe it has to do with my period, or the fact I was coughing a bit last night, which is hell! Also I could help laughing this morning because I accidently dunked my cat into a cup of water with out knowing I was doing that. But laughing is also quite painful/uncomfortable. Anyways, I'm taking pain mess today to deal with it. I was also thinking it may just be nerves re knitting together? It's mostly on my right side and its on the suture area. Oh and today both incision sites are itchy due to healing I believe. I've had three showers since being allowed to shower again and changing the bandages each time. The incisions are clean, even though they are bruised and still have a mesh strip on them. Tomorrow I will be getting a hold of the clinic to see if I can take those off since they are starting to. I also want to find out the date for my next appointment!! For follow up.

Picture updates

Increased pain in my right breast

Everything has been healing up great! Yesterday I noticed that I started feeling a little stabbing pain in my right breast, below my armpit almost next to the incision area. I'm not sure if it's just nerves reconnecting or over massaging or lifting? I'm fine when I wake up first thing in the morning but after standing for a while it begins to feel uncomfortable, just on the one side. It's probably nothing though! I am pretty happy so far with how my boobs look now! My left one is healing great, my right one is a little behind lol

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