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I'm 46 years old with a 14 and 10 year old. I've...

I'm 46 years old with a 14 and 10 year old. I've always had small breasts that were sagging but after the kids they've definally got sagger. I breast fed with both with no regrets. I work out and run. Am pretty fit. Though I haven't done much lately. But will get back to my routine. Um 5 foot 6 and currently weight about 132 pounds. Been thinking about it for years and I figure if I don't do it know when will i. I take care of my body but no matter what I do, my breasts will always be the same. Sooooo, I'm going in on November 12 and I am a bit nervous. My doc said that the best results would be for an areola lift which I did opt for. I could have done the breast lift but I really don't want the verticals line scar. I'm a bit vein and know that would bother me. I am a 32 b but really can't fill any bras. I always wear padded VS bras ant it gives me a nice shape. I want to be a full c and hoping my results will be great. I just don't want them to look bigger and saggy. I would like them to look perky and fuller and look great in a bathing suit!!!! As u can see from my photo they are flat. Anyway, any help with sizing would be appreciated. I love reading stories from all u ladies. I think this is such a great site with real conversation. I was a bit uncertain to post but you have all Ben helpful,my hat I hope I will be too. So here are some before photos.

Why am I concerned about shape

So afraid my results are going to cone like. Don't know why. Want them rounder. I'm hoping that's what I'll get. Because my natural shape is deflated and I'm low I feel like they still might hang low. Any thoughts. I know I'm going under the muscel.

More wish boobs.

Want to feel good in the bikini.

With sizers

Two more weeks!

Had my preop today and still feeling undecided. This is harder than I think. I'm getting 330-360 filled to 360. Tried 390 but too big. just hope they don't get too big. I'm so stressed over this and afraid of not going smaller. I'd like to be a c cup and belittle conservative. But I was told that I have some sagging and this will help fill that emptiness. I know. Listen to my doctor!!! It's so hard and I'm probably over thinking. Think I'm so use to being flat chested that I'm going to feel huge.

Today is the day

Arrival time is 7:45 am. Will keep you ladies posted. Can't believe the day is here. Wish me luck!

Day after

Well, I did it. Feeling pretty good. Sore and really tight across the chest. Feel like I've done the hardest workout on my chest then placed some bricks on them ;) Been on Tylenol extra strength. Took one pill of oxycodone last night and slept well. Will keep you posted. Btw. Hard to reach for things and open pill bottles.

Weight gain

Can someone tell me why I've gained 5 pounds!! Is this normal??

Four days after.

Feeling great with hardly any pain. Here's a before and after shot wearing same bathing suit. Don't mind the redness, it's just from the tape of the bandages and giving me a little blister.

4 Days post


Has anyone received blisters from adhesive tapes? I seem to be developing them under the tapes.

Bandages came off today.

Almost three weeks

All I can say is that I don't regret dong this. Especially the areola lift. It's amazing how great they look. I feel amazing. Like I want to walk naked all the time. In privacy of corse. Here's a photo. Still healing but it's amazing how fast it goes.

Before photo

Moving to the side

So I'm at four weeks now and I just noticed laying on my back and my left breast moved slightly to the side. Not much but if I pushe my breast up a bit it moves slightly to the side and I can push it back. Has this happen to anyone? Doesn't seem to move when I'm standing.

Five weeks

Here I am at five weeks. I'm so amazed on how quickly the scaring is healing around my areola. They still feel great and have soften up a little. The only thing I notice is that my left breast slides slightly to the side when I lay down. Wondering if this has happened to anyone. I understand it's the natural breast tissue and is normal for this.


I'm at 2.5 months. Girls are great, but yesterday I noticed when I lean to the side, like a plank position there's some wrinkling line that's in the inside of my left boob. Please tell me this is normal. I'm a little upset at this. See pics. I also notice when I stand there's a small dimple where the file is when I lay on my side. Pics are not great. Let me know if anyone has experienced this.

Pics didn't load

Trouble uploading hope this helps.

Space when I lay flat and some updates

So I'm almost two months. Here are some pics when I lay flat. They are definitely softer and feel very natural, though I'm not sure if they should be so the side as much as they do when I lay flat. My natural boobs were alays flat and I did have a lot of space inbetween as you can see from my preopt photos and the bikini photos. I just want to make sure this is normal. My nurse said it is as the natural breast tissue does this. (For some reason, I can't remember her exact words). It's just that at the beginning when I payed flat they didn't go anywhere. I also noticed on my right boob there is extra skin along my chest. I see it more when I wear a bra. Funny never really noticed that before. I still feel my left boob moves slightly to the outside when I lay down. Was going to give it another month or mid January so I can see my ps to make sure it's all good. Also I developed some blister type around my incision under both breast the other day. It may have been from a bra rubbing against them. I also feel sensitivity on my left nipple. Sometimes a slight pain but nothing that is really bothering me. Just a reminder, I had 360 cc saline implants. Let me know your thoughts. Have to admit, I'm not really the greatest about them. Especially my left boob with the indent and all.

Is it just moe or...

I looked at the photos I just posted and I'm like yuk!!! I really don't like the ones where I'm bending over ;). I love them when I'm standing up. They look great. Just wanted to share. So vain ;). Had to post another photo. My incisions around arerola r healing nicely.

Another pic

Two months

Thought I send an update photo at two months. So here they R. I have been wearing my supportive bra at night hooting to help with the dimple which doesn't appear so much as I noted earlier. Maybe I need to let them heal a bit which I will. The scars are healing nicely. And I keep massaging them. As well as the scar around the nipple. They are a little ref from bra today and I notice they get a little sensitive around that time of the month. Other than that they seem sooooo small now. They have settled for sure. My right boob is slightly higher but you can't tell from photo. They feel amazing though. A little numb still on the outside of both breast, but frankly that doesn't bother me at all. I have sensation in my nipples so that's good. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone with gummy or silacon and that just because I wonder what the difference would be. My left boob still slides a bin that's why I'm wearing my surgical bra still when I sleep. Just want to keep them in tack. Personally they feel great to touch and natural. Anyway, that's about it for now. Or yeah, they feel like they are apart of me and not foreign. It's amazing. One more thing. It feels weird when I do push ups. Like I can't do them or my muscel is weak. So I've been taking it slow. Also buying bras is fun. Never had to worry about support bras. Now I do! ;)

Scars get red

Forgot to say when I get my period my scars around the areola seem to be more sensitive and a little redder as u can see in these recent photos compared to photos from a few weeks ago.


Look how much they dropped in just less than three month. Top photo taken two weeks after BA. Bottom photo taken just over two months after that.

Nine months

It's been a while but here are some updates. My scares around areola were taking long to heal. Still thick, so I've had four lazer treatments and is helping. I still have some redness but am loving them! Perfect size for me. I love how they look in my bathing suit!! My stats are 135 pound 5'6. 360 cc saline. They feel natural I do wish my areoles were smaller, but I guess they can't be perfect. Compared to how they were. Hope all is well.

Two years

I'm just shy of two years and loving them! I ended up doing some Lazzer treatments as my scars around the areolabwasnt healing. I'm one of those who scars I guess. The incision is perfect. Nonetheless I love them. I've lost some body fat and has little breast tissue so you can see some rippling. But overall I'm happy! They're not perfect but so much better than before. They feel awesome and I love wearing a bathing suit. Have no regrets at all. However, if I were to do it again I would do gel implants. I think I would have helped the rippling. Anyway, it's been sooo long since my update that I thought I would touch base. So nice to hear from those who went through the journey around the same time. Keep well!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mitch Brown was fantastic from the the first time I met him. I knew from my consultation he was the one I wanted. I had met with another doctor twice before I met dr brown and right from the beginning I knew he was the one. The staff were also exceptional, amazing and made me feel comfortable. He knows exactly was he's doing and I trusted him. Everyone made me feel comfortable. Staff were always there to answer any questions or concerns I had and reassured me. I was worried going too big, but Dr Brown said it was a good size for me, proportioned to my body. He was so right. He knows exactly what he's doing, and is extremely professional.

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