40 Yrs Old, 5'7'', 140lbs 225cc, Athlete and Mother of One Daughter

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Today was the day! I was more nervous than I have...

Today was the day! I was more nervous than I have ever been in my entire life. Dr. Brown made me feel so much better when we chatted and we address my nerves and concerns head on. The surgery was totally fine as the staff where so wonderful and caring. Day one recovery has been okay so far. I don't mind feeling pain and discomfort, I just hate having to take meds. I don't even take tylenol for headaches.

I have been thinking about doing this for over a year and it was a big struggle for me to decide. I really wasn't all that unhappy with my breasts. In clothes and with a bra on, I looked really great. It was naked and in my bathing suit where things bothered me and it's when I'm naked, with my husband, that I want to feel my best. It's important to me. My quest is always to be the best version of myself.

Here are some before pics. I'll post some afters in a few days and up date you honestly on how I feel about doing this. I will also give you some details on the recovery diet I will be eating. Think; fermented foods, bioK, Vit C, Zinc, Collagen, protein, multi, NO SUGAR, golden milk tea, coconut oil and such!!

You all have helped me so much, I want to give back.

1 week Post Op Update (225cc, overs)

It's been one week and I am feeling good, physically. Mentally, this has been more challenging than I expected. No matter how many pictures I have looked at, I didn't know what to expect from my breasts when I got to seem them for the first time (even with the photo imaging I saw during the consult). I am not totally love with them yet, but they are growing on me. Its so strange to see your body look so different. I know I just need to get used to them and try on some normal bras and tops.
I've been really careful with my nutrition and doing my best to eat a lot of healing foods and repair my gut flora (from the antibiotics) as quickly as possible as we are heading into cold and flu season
I haven't used any pain management for 4 days now and have been asked to start the 3x/day massage, scar cream 2x/day and I can now shower.
In my post-op appointment, I only got to see Dr. Brown for less than 60 secs, so I'm looking forward to the 1 month review where we can have a bit more time to chat.
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I really like Dr Brown's approach. I actually decided not to do the surgery at my pre-op! He was really nice about it and didn't pressure me at all. One of his staff, suggested I take the night and think about it and call her in the morning to give my final word. I thought more about it and decided now was the time. Dr Brown was so kind this morning and helped me get over my nerves which were intense!! I'll update this review further once I see how things turn out.

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