35 Yrs, 4 Breast Fed Kids. 5'7, 118 Lbs. Had 415cc SSF naturelle inspiras

I am about an a cup now and am aiming for a nice c...

I am about an a cup now and am aiming for a nice c cup. I want the natural look. My ps has suggested 375cc under muscle inspira natrelles. I'm having a hard time finding others who get a moderate profile. Most are moderate plus and high profile. I would like to know how people like them.
I have breast fed 4 kids, 5'7 118 lbs.
Anyone else have experience with these implants and thoughts on them? I'm hoping they wont be too small or too big. I have one more consultation before my surgery. :)

Size change

After my second consultation I have decided to change implant sizes. I am now going for 415cc silicone smooth round full profile. They are still the inspira natrelles. I spent time with the nurse trying different ones on and realized I wanted a bit more projection. I feel these will help me to get the look I want. I have surgery in a few days and looking forward to seeing my results!!

2 days after surgery!

Been 2 days since surgery, not feeling too bad. Still on pain meds but think I will switch to extra strength Tylenol tomorrow.
Took a peak at my new additions today! Couldn't take great pics but managed to get a couple. Still need to take the marker off!
So far I like them!!!


Had 415cc SRM silicone natrelle inspira unders through breast fold.

8 days since surgery

Recovery has been good so far and there's no massaging needed for now. I just need to be patient for them to drop and hopefully soften up a bit so I can squish them together for some cleavage:)

3 weeks After

Feeling good. They are slowly dropping. Stitches came out yesterday. No massaging needed.
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