35 Days and the Countdown Begins - Toronto, ON

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I have known for eight years that I wanted this....

I have known for eight years that I wanted this. Kim Dr. J's nurse is awesome. She really does put you at ease. The girls at the counter are gorgeous, really beautiful women and best of all very personable. Having done my homework before my initial appointment I knew that if I would have had a million questions she would have answered each one. Of course they need to know your medical background but she was genuinely interested in me. Everyone likes to feel special... And that's how she made me feel. Great ambiance!

my bank ground and why I'm getting BA

You girls need to know that before my three pregnancies I weighed 98 lbs, I was a small 32B + Psoriais all over. Nothing to help with self esteem. After my first I was 116 lbs which was perfect because I am 5'5". Two more girls later I was a training bra size especially after military basic training camp. After I gained 50lbs being on a certain medication for a burnout. Now I have a big 34A and at a healthy 125 lbs. I'm fit not by an means athletic, but healthy and found the perfect med, no more psoriasis! Like most moms... I've given my kids and husband everythng. My turn! The plus in all this my best friend(hubby) supports me in my endeavor. Knowing I'm going to need a new wardrobe has put money aside for that alone.... Shopping spree! Being a military clerk I research everything. I've done a lot of research and am confident that the PS that I have chosen is the best there is in my area. Like boot camp... This is going to be one of the most changing events in my life. Failure is not an option. With that mindset I'm so ready, how about you?

4 weeks!

OMG four weeks left. I don't know how you other girls dealt with the wait... I'm having nightmares of my boss not giving me the time off or the sitter canceling the day before surgery! I'm afraid to read reviews because of horror stories. And I'm quite aware of the risks but try to stay positive and hope I'm not going to be one of those poor women. Goddess help me keep calm and carry on!


I finally had time to take pictures of my breasts! Like I told the nurse I like them... just want more!

I thought I knew!

Less than a month to go!!!! I thought I was all set but NO. My procedure is 400cc silicone round smooth under muscle through the areola. Of course I'm on the site 4-5 times a day. Last night I find out there are more risks of capsular contracture with that method of insertion. Damn why can't things be easy. I asked my PS nurse for stats with his patients. That might change things from barely visible scar to scars in the fold that my hubby will see every time we're intimate.I already have hysterectomy scar on my stomach and a scar under my arm from lymph node removal. I truly wish his stats are awesome and that my initial request is a GO!

Time has stopped

OMG! It's like time has come to a screeching halt. I have purchased my first sport bra for after my surgery. That was before reading about probably be better black, mine's white. Work is insanely busy and I find myself
thinking oh... wont be able to do this after surgery. Like reaching for binders in my overhead cubby for example or moving file boxes, I bet pulling cabinets open will be a challenge, some of them are really loaded. Withthat said, I just can't wait to get it done so the healing process can begin. I think I'll invest in one of those travelling pillows that wrap around the back of the neck. That might make it more comfortable to sleep on my back, I'm a side sleeper. I don't remember if I mentionned that my ps and I came to the agreement for 400cc round smooth silicone, incision areola.
Today while I was driving home I looked down at my chest and noticed my shirt was tucked in my bra over the top lip. Argh! How embarrassing, all my B cups are too big and A cups too small!

before pix in bathing suit

Im lounging by the pool today, I'm ill. So I put on my suit and decided to get fresh air. Ill post pictures in the same suit after the procedure!

my lounging area

Just wanted to add a picture

20 days to go!

I'm so excited! I went to walmart hoping to buy thoses bras... I'll have to order online they don't have them in store. But I got myself a pj that bottons up front, apair of lounging pants a load of t-shirts and front
zippered shirts. I also stopped atnthe natural
food store and picked up my arcana montana which ill start next week. Bought fresh fruit, greens and a bottle of red wine. Might as well have a glass or two before my cut off! This reminds me awaiting delivery while pregnant. Washing and folding baby cloths over and over to be sure everything is just right for the arrival day! Always taking the extra steps to go in the baby isles, looking and wondering what size he/she will be. Now I'm taking extra steps going in the lingerie isle wondering what size I'll fit! Woot woot for delivery day!


Sorry for the typos must be the excitement I'm not proof reading before publishing. :$

Two weeks left 'till D-Day.

I'm starting to stress. Damn I thought maybe being busy and organizing would calm my nerves...NOT! The 21st seems so far away. I'm reading your posts of sleep problems, bowel problems... I have a tendancy to constipate.. I'm a side sleeper and I don't have a recliner! Arrrgh, I think I'll bring in my 0-gravity chair from outside.
OMGosh, how did you girls live through the last weeks!!!!
I know I'll get there fast enough. Today I made reservations at a hotel in the proximity of the clinic for the night before. Since I have to be there at 730 AM, and the 20th is my husbands birthday, I thought a night out on the town, good supper and intimate evening just the two of us would be a good idea. I plan on using him to the last ounce of energy we both can muster... we'll be a while afterwards without being allowed to raise my heartbeat past 100bpm. Then maybe I'll sleep like a baby, because I know myself and I won't sleep at all if I'm not completely spent! lol.

I love my sister

Today when I got home from work I had a card in the mailbox, from my sister I wanted to share it with all of you. For those whose BA is coming it's for you ladies too. I'm so lucky my support system is awesome. Even my dad is cracking boob jokes!

Dream come true

It is done! And I am so lucky it went really well. I can raise my arms above my head, I've already taken two walks. I get a little tired but I take a timeout in my zero gravity chair for about an hour and I'm recharged. I hope the rest of my recovery will go as well. I'll be posting pictures later they are only a day old so I'll keep them swaddled for now.

damn strap!

My PS has my death wrap underneath my boobs. I wonder why some of us have them above and others below? I have to press down on my implants to place them. It hurts! Why not just put the strap there and let it push gradually? Now it feels like I'm pushing the implant out and stressing the incision site.
Oh well it is only day two. I have a major case of frankenboob! At least I can control the pain with Tylenol. No more of the strong stuff. I'll add the one pix I took earlier in a tank with strap. Later I'll do the nude one.

latest pictures of my new boobs

As promised here are my frankenboobs

Back to work tomorrow.

Omg it's back to work tomorrow, I hope I'll be able to lace up my combat boots! Thank goodness I work in an office environment. My coworkers are pretty good too, if I get tired I'm sure they'll give me a break. I had to call the nurse to see if I could graduate from post op bra to sports bra while I'm washing the post op one. Yeah I'll take pics, it actually looks ok even though they still are a little frankenish. Ill keep you updated for sure!

website for post surgical bra

sorry gals, I don't know why but the name of the website was not included in my last post. All you do is Google Clear Point medical and its one of the first links. As I said before, super comfy, comes in white, black and beige. 24.00 $ CAN each.

picture update

Some new pictures at 4 days post op

stitches out! 2 weeks post already!

Hey everyone, I can't believe it's been two weeks already! I saw the military doc to get my stitches removed, the assistant nurse is actually considering consulting Dr. Jugenburg. Too bad I can't get I rebate for the people that I have and will be refering to him! Oh well, he really deserves the reputation he's the best! My healing is going super well, my girls are still a little high but I'm working on them. I posted some pics for those who want to see ;)

18 days post op

So far so good, my right boob is rounder and a tiny bit lower than my left. Weird because I am riht handed. No pain at all except for the damned death strap. Oh and the fact that iI haven't slept in two days. I slept better the first week and a half than I do now. Sleeping on my back is really not happening. I have 3 1/2 weeks left:(

5 weeks already! Feeling fantastic!!

Hey all, just got back from our family fishing trip! It was great! One week out in the middle of nowhere, a lake and all the booze and firewood needed! We ate like royalty, all BBQ cut meats. I might have gained a couple of pounds but I get to start working out next week so no worries!
My girls are doing good. They look a lot like my own when I was breast feeding! Super happy! I attached a couple of pics to compare from the beginning.
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