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I am so excited about my procedure! Dr. Levine has...

I am so excited about my procedure! Dr. Levine has performed ba's on my best friend and hers look amazing!!! I tried my hardest to get 550 cc but he thinks I'm just too small to fit those in, so we're going to try 485 cc. Christy has been super helpful also. Really nervous, bit much more excited!!!!! 4 days to go!!!!

Tomorrow's the big day!

So very excited!!!

Before pictures

More before pics. Omg I am so excited

I've got boobies

Day 1 post op. Feeling pretty good, my main issue right now, is the sports bra I got is too big. My ladies aren't being supported, properly. Dr. Levine put the 450cc implants in. I was very nauseous yesterday, and I for sure thought I was going to vomit. I didn't though, so yay. Super itchy all over, my mum says it's from the anaesthesia and the painkillers.

More pics

Took some better pictures

Day 2 feeling bloated

So I'm taking it super easy, I was tired a lot today and I think I rolled over on my side during a nap. No bueno. The swelling has gone down a lot, but my tummy is bloated, not comfortable, but not unbearable.

Day 4

So just to be clear, I received 450cc in each breast.

I wanted a lift, but Dr. Levine said I didn't need one. So happy I listened!!!

I absolutely love how my boobs look!!!

My boobs are itchy, and I'm feeling some tingles and shooting pains, but I'm assuming that's normal. They feel soft and pliable!!

Reaching hurts, and the opiate constipation is sooo real, uggggh!

I've been fortunate enough to be able to have some time off work, and just focus on recovery. I've been drinking 100% vegetable and fruit juices. Crushing water by the litre.

Today I got my period and this is kinda terrible. My boobs are always swollen/tender on my period, and it's really quite uncomfortable. This is painful :(

I'll post some pics soon

Bandages off today!

So Dr. Levine removed my bandages today, but not the stitches. I'm supposed to start doing breast massages, which is essentially pushing the breast in each direction for 5 seconds, and repeating for 1 minute.

More photos

Today was the first day I was able to bathe, it was awesome!!!

I love them!

Well I'm about 7-weeks post op, and they get better everyday. The scar is a bit bumpy, and I haven't been as diligent as I should be with the massaging, but I will!
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