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I am a young professional currently living in...

I am a young professional currently living in Toronto. I have always been athletic and had struggled to gain enough fat in order to achieve sufficient breast tissue. My breast was the LAST place fat goes on me and the only time this was possible was in first year university when I gained freshman 20 due to an unhealthy consumption of booze, fast food and more booze. I now lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy working out and taking care of my body. Although I feel grateful for my little boobs; their shape and perkiness, I have always longed for a more shapely figure. I longed for the days where I could wear a cute top without the use of a super padded bra. Honestly, sometimes there was so much padding it felt more deceitful than having an actual argumentation.
It took years before I had the courage to honestly consider having breast augmentation surgery. I thought about the repercussions from my conservative family, friends and loved ones. I started Writing in a journal and discovered these feelings and realized I would be doing this for the right reasons. I am doing this for me and my own happiness, not for anyone else. Once you come to terms with the truth, it can be very liberating. I am ready to move forward with the process and realize the augmentation will not create perfect, but merely improvement.

Choosing My Surgeon

When deciding on my surgeon I googled top breast augmentation surgeons in Toronto and slowly narrowed it down to my top three. I looked through the surgeon's before and after photos and looked up their YouTube tutorials etc. I also reached out to a few aqcuaintences who had breast augmentation to hear their experience and recommendations.
I knew I wanted a surgeon who specialized in transaxillary incisions and executed the natural look. After endless research and a consultation, I chose Dr. Jugenburg. I trusted his well rounded expertise and have no regrets!

Choosing Size

My entire post just got deleted :( round #2:

My first consultation with Dr. Jugenburg determined my breast measurements and specific suggestions.

This is what was suggested: transaxillary incision (armpit), smooth round saline, moderate plus profile, under the muscle, 250cc.

I am 5"8, 120-125 pounds and a narrow bandwidth of 11.5-12.

Trying on sizers is difficult because anything stuffed into a sports bra will feel foreign and look huge compared to a flat chest! It's important to remember if this will be going under your muscle, it will loose a bit of volume. That being said, it has to feel comfortable and fit your bandwidth (which your surgeon will/ should clarify with you).

Final Consultation

I went back for a second consultation to ensure I was choosing the right size. After researching sizes, I noticed very few people had gotten an augmentation with such a modest size! I was beginning to have doubts and needed to try on sizers again.
Dr. Jugenburg confirmed with my proportions, he was able to recommend anything from 240cc-325cc. I tried on the 270cc again and confirmed they felt better than the 250cc I had tried on during the previous consultation. Keeping in mind it was going under the muscle, this was the best decision for me.
Following this consultation, I must have gone back and forth between 240-270 and 270-290 about 100 times. I emailed the nurse back and forth and kept changing my mind. Thankfully she was super sweet and patient with me. One piece of advice I can offer is to avoid looking at images of before and afters once you have chosen the size you're comfortable with! Every body has specific measurements and 250cc on someone with a small bdw will go further than someone with a wider bdw!
Trust your surgeon and give him or her a range you feel comfortable with so if they need to overfill to create symmetry, you have exactly what you want.


Post surgery was a breeze. Very minimal pain- basically just pressure. I am currently on day 3. Feeling more pressure than day 1 or 2. Not taking intense pain medication anymore which is probably why. Just on my prescribed Tylenols.

Photos Day 3

Day 3 post of photos. Appears to have dropped slightly?

Two Weeks Post

It's two weeks after the day of my surgery and I'm feeling great! I returned to work last week and had my first glass of wine last night. My breasts still feel tender and are fairly firm.
I had my post surgery appointment (1 week post-op) last Friday and they removed my bandages. they were basically taped/glued to me, so peeling them off was a little painful. I used Polysporin on the wounds to get rid of any bacteria and to treat the cuts. I'm still sleeping at an upright position and limiting any vigorous upper body movement / heavy lifting.
Very happy with the shape thus far. They look natural as I had asked for and even in a sports bra they give me a very nice shape. They will look bigger when I am able to wear an actual bra and I can experiment with push-up bras.
Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!

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