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Hey Everyone, firstly I am very happy to have...

Hey Everyone, firstly I am very happy to have found this website. Reviewing everyones personal experiences and seeing their photos, pre op and post op has truly helped me realize what I am potentially in for. A Quick bio of me, I am 22 years old, 120 pounds and 5'7 bra size 34A and I am from Toronto, Ontario. I will attach photos for your viewing pleasure.

It took me 3 years and a few months to finally work up the courage to set foot in a cosmetic surgery office. My first consultation was with Dr. Frank Lista at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga, Ontario. This being my first consultation I was VERY nervous. Upon meeting Dr. Lista he didn't put my feelings at ease. He was a pleasant man, though I felt he was very condescending. I showed him pictures of what I was looking for essentially 350cc, sub muscular with cohesive gel implants. He looked at me and advised me that HE would NOT go any larger then 250cc and the procedure would be done transaxillary. Based on my size, I do not have enough breast tissue to have it done under the crease or through the nipple. I was thrown off at the fact he was dictating my size, and refused to go any larger....that being said he was not my choice. My second consultation was at the TCC (Toronto Cosmetic Clinic) this office location, is a little bit out of my way though they seemed very professional over the phone. I arrived 20 minutes early for my appointment and ending waiting over an hour for Dr. Mansour Bendago I was brought into the consultation room. At this point he reviewed my chart, and seemed like he was in a rush. After examining my chart, he just looked at me and said you can be a 350cc, with the procedure to be periareolar incision. I had advised him about my aerolas not being as large, that I don't think that it was the best route for me, and that I preferred transaxillary incision. He ranted and raved how it was not the proper way to do so, and it was more work. At this point he still hasn't seen my breasts and was trying to wrap up the appointment. I had to slow down the conversation and ask him if I can show him my breasts for him to throughly examine. To sum this consolation up...he also was not the one.

So all of this talk about consultations may be boring, but I truly hope it helps someone who is looking for the right Dr. this is a life changing experience, it is your body, your investment.

FINALLY, this past Monday, March 17, 2014 I went to the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Insitute to meet with Dr. Martin Jugenburg. First impressions right down to the initial appointment booking absolutely stellar customer service. Their practice is located at Fairmount Royal York Hotel - Level B. The office is clean, and very well organized. I arrived an hour early for my appointment, I was expecting to wait though as soon as I completed all of my paper work I was greater by their RN Kim. We had a great one on one consultation, we went over a very detailed medical history and spoke about what I wanted my outcome to be. Dr. Jugenburg later joined us, and right from the start I new he was the one. He made me feel excited, happy and most important comfortable. He was very knowledgeable, personable, and patient. He took his time to throughly examine me, detailed measurements, pictures etc... when it came to sizing he showed me different styles of implants, and explained based on my body how it would look and effect me. Instead of dictating a size he provided me with different sizes to try on, and kept note of what I like. After he reviewed and told me what I choose, and made recommendations based on what I am looking for.

It didn't take me long to make my decision, he is the WINNER. I hoping to be booked in for April 16th, 2014 if not I will be booking for April, 23rd, 2014. The final size I decided on was 375cc cohesive gel HP, sub muscular with transaxillary incision.

I am very excited and will follow up with you all once I have my set date, and start my pre-op procedure.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Cheers! :)

Booked, Pre-Op on March 31st

YAY! I am booked in with Dr. Martin Jugenburg for April 23rd, 2014. I am a month away from being my "real-self". I will post some before pictures...and let you know everything that is required pre-operation.


Pre-Op Completed - Count Down 23 Days

Today was Pre-Op day! It was very exciting, I brought my mom with me to meet with Kim and help me with sizing and I must say it was a great idea. In my previous post I was looking to go 375cc FP though after conducting further research and consulting with my RN I found out you lose about 20% volume of your implant when you are going under the muscle. I played around with sizes and went to 435cc I really like how it looked though, again you would loose 20% of that volume so my deciding factor was 500cc. After the volume loss it should be around 435cc FP according to my RN. I know it may seem like drastic change going from 375cc to 500cc but there is a phrase.. "go big or go home." I have been reviewing a lot of woman's experiences and they have been saying they wished they went bigger. I don't want that to happen to me. I will post some photos from my pre-op appointment.

My Before in my gym tank top

2 weeks away!

All of my paperwork is finalized, blood work has been done and came back perfecto! I am so nervous/excited :) next week they will be faxing in my prescriptions ... Sigh! I am certain these two weeks will drag out.


I will be staying over in a hotel..

What should I pack other then the standard stuff?

Post operation tips anyone?

9 Days Away

Alright ladies.. the countdown is on! I am officially 9 days away. I went to the clinic today to pay off my remaining balance, it was the VERY last thing I had to do. The checklist is all complete... I will be picking up my prescription sometime this week.

I had a dream yesterday, and in my dream I was angry cause I wasn't able to eat all day... I LOVE FOOD and I NEED TO EAT. How am I going to go 12 hours + with no water or food.... I know that sounds bad, cause there are people in third world countries that struggle with much worse. I am just venting...

I am glad it is a short work week with Easter and all, I decided I am going to work a half day next wednesday to keep my mind of the surgery, make time go by faster.

Anywho, my final decision ladies was 500cc, I had originally asked the RN Kim to have 435cc and 500cc on site for me to choose, but today I just said F*** it 500cc, I don't want any doubt on the day of.

Thats all for now ladies.. post soon




Prescriptions have been faxed

I will pick them up today, or Saturday.

Once I have them, I will let you ladies know what you will be prescribed.

Cheers :)

Surgery Time

I got the call....

I have to be there for 2:30pm..

Surgery is at 4:30pm



I woke up today, the sun was shining ... birds chirping.

My boyfriend looked at me and said 4 days.

4 whole long ASS DAYS!

I can't wait to get this done and over with. :)

Alrighty ladies ...

Two more sleeps for me!

I am pretty excited :D


I would love to thank all of
You ladies whom have taken the time to read my posts and comment. It is truly amazing, and a spirit lifter when I see your comments wishing me good luck, and your excitement to see my results.

So a big THANK YOU.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

Well this time tomorrow I will be laying in my hotel room with my new "real self."

How will I sleep tonight? I do not know I am going to try and wake up around 3:45am have some food and water.. Cause I cannot eat or drink for a good 12 hours (yayyyy.....)

I'll post again tmw..

Good Night!

Last meal

Woke up at 3:30am.., it's around 4am right now. Had 3 huge glasses of water.. A tea and a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

Almost there ladies!

Full body

Thought I would upload some full body shots..

This is me now, dressed for my half day at work.


They are running late, I have been sitting in my
Room since 2:30...



Exhausted...I will write tmw

Day one post op

I have been in and out of sleep.. Yesterday was a LONG day. They brought me in about 3 hours late. Wasn't impressed with that but there isn't much you can do about it.

The nude had me change, she bagged my clothing and stuff she was very nice. She actually went to middle school with my boyfriend.. So small world! She made me take some pills, I took the following:

2 Tylenol extra strength
1 antibiotic
3 really small white ones forgot what's it's called
3 black and yellow ones..

They give you a little bit of water and you have to power through them.

I did some more waiting after that, Dr. Marring Jugenburg was really running behind. Though once he entered the room, he really took his time to talk to me, he understood why I was making my choice to increase. (Originally I was looking at 375cc) he re-evaluated me to make sure 500cc would be good.

Then the aneseiologist (can't spell!) came in, reviewed my charts, check my blood pressure, checked my breathing and made sure my chest was clear. NEXT STEP the operating room!

I won't lie, I started getting stress sweats but within 5 mins they got me all hooked up, to monitors and to my sleeping syrup. He looked and me and said your going to fall asleep on 30 seconds ...
I was out by 2 seconds.

Surgery lasted about an hour, I didn't really good, when they woke me up, I was up instantly. I was tired but I was fully
Aware of everything and I was being a chatty catty for sure, they released me earlier to my boyfriend, for they thought I was good to go.

In recovery I got SOOO COLD some of the affects of going under, as soon as I was getting wheeled out, I was turning red and on fire, I had to have them unzip my sweater and put a cold cloth. The nurse just said I got over whelmed..and I was I guess.

I didn't sleep that much last night, I Luke's once but I have eaten a fiber bar, a applesauce and I am drinking lots of fluidS. Currently I am taking my percocets and antibiotic only, not mixing T3 into it.

The nurse should be coming in soon to go over stuff with me.. I'll
Post some more photos and info later!

Thank you all for your continuous support!

Been feeling a little sick..

Hello ladies, nearing the end of day one with my boobies.. Not going to count last night a a full day.

I am in my own bed now, I had a few rough moments.. Puked twice today. Stomach has been a little upset, with the drugs and not eating/having may fluids. I just slept like a baby.. Feeling good going to have some soup and jello.

I have done some massages already today.. All I can is damn it feels funny! Hehe I will be removing my surgical bra and band later to wipe down the marker with baby wipes at that time I'll take some photos. Here is one I was able to snag in the meantime.

Ps. I know I have LOTs of bad spelling and grammar In my pasts couple of posts, don't hate.. I am and was under some heavy drugs! Lol

Cheers! Xo


Well this is what my girls look like so far :)


I changed out of my surgical bra.. It felt way to tight.. My boobs have been feeling very tight, though I
Working massages. (Well the bf is!) did them about 6 times yesterday and once this morning so far... I am loving LOVING my boobs! :D

Some more photos

Day 2 post Op


It has been very difficult for me to sleep at night, I feel like I am
Having constant "morning boob" and I am just not a back sleeper...

Any suggestions?!


Well it's hard to say if I am going to do a play by play on my new additions. Though right now it's is fun...

So something funny that happened so far, woke up took some photos sent them to my mother, cause you know she is a curious cat too! WELL my snoopy snoopy father decided "HEY LETS GO THROUGH HER MESSAGES" lets just say, I am ready to bury myself and not see my dad for a year. It's not that my father doesn't know, or doesn't support me.. We just have that relationship where we don't talk about these things. Before I went for my BA I literally broke it down to him like this "HEY DAD, NEXT WEEK MOTHER NATURE PUBERTY, WILL BE MAKING AN APPEARANCE." His response? " I don't need to know, thank you.. I'll get info from you mom." ... Well lets just say he got "info" this morning as I am sending pictures and complaining about "morning boob" LOL

ANYWHO. The girls still feel very tight, they are sitting high. I did massages everytime I woke up last night, and I am trying to do it once an hour? Is that to much?! My RN just said massage massage massage!

So I am... I will be adding some new photos, if you guys have any questions let me know :)

Pictures Day 3

Some pictures ..


Can you see a difference ... I think I can?

4 Days Post Op

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I had a really nice LONG message that I just wrote. BUT


ANNOYED... That being said.. I'll re-write my blog entry from my computer later. Sorry...

Day 4 Post Op- TAKE TWO

Good Afternoon/Evening Ladies,

So today has been a moody day for me. Mother Nature graced me
With her wonderful presence. ... YAY.

Well I stopped taking my percs and T3s, I am trying to just have Tylenol Extra Strength. I am been cramping major, not just because I am on my period but I also haven't been able to have a BM SINCE WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. The doctors, and you other ladies were not joking when you say you will get CLOGGED UP. My gosh... ANYWHO enough about that fun stuff.

I go back to work on Tuesday, I am a little nervous.. I went shopping to buy some "conservative tops, and dresses" to wear. Now I was all excited and everything looked great.. Until I had to actually get dressed to go somewhere today. I put on my new sweater, my nice pants and shoes, and I felt
Like a BULUGA WHALE. I felt so so so TOP HEAVY, I threw a fit... I tried so many different tops on and nothing, just nothing was fitting right. Then I just cried.

My boyfriend looked at me and just laughed! I get it now, I looked funny I am crying cause my tops didn't fit me, some real third world
Problems. Though one of the many reasons I love my boyfriend, even though I am crying from frustration, and he is laughing at me, he has this way of rationalizing with me. He can get deep down into my head and let me know that I DO LOOK GOOD and my breasts won't be these big swollen sacks for too long.

That being said, ladies your clothing will look
Funny, it will be an adjustment.. To look in the mirror and go WOW. Though, not one part of you will say I REGRET THIS. I will let
You know that, those words did not even cross my mind. I was frustrated, but I love LOVE my girls, and I am just adapting to this change. As you all will, and currently are.

Tomorrow I am going to grab some more sports bras.. And some more work clothing.
I'll take some full body shots for you ladies to see.

Cheers for now! xo

DAY 6 - Post Op, First Day Back to Work

Good Evening/Afternoon Ladies,

Back to work for me today. I must say I wish I was able to stay home a couple of more days. Unfortunately, I don't have enough vacation days to do so.

Pretty much driving SUCKS. I didn't expect to be in so much pain ... Opening doors, writing, lifting regular items. It was all painful. Of course I couldn't take any heavy Meds so I was just taking Tylenol extra strength. By 3:00pm I was in pain.. And wishing I was home..

I have been having spazzing shooting pains.. I read it was something with the nerves healing.

All I would say, don't rush yourself back to work if you don't need too. Start slow.. Don't over exert yourself.

Relax, take it easy. :)

I have my one week post operation appointment ... So I will follow up with you ladies then :) I have attached some photos for your viewing pleasure .. If you have any questions I am here to help!

11 Days Post Op

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I haven't posted in awhile.. I apologize. I have been busy with work, and life.

My girls are ever so slowly dropping, they defiantly are looking much MUCH better then they did last week.

I cant believe I am pretty much 2 weeks post operation! It is crazy! I had my one week appointment last Wednesday, everything is looking great. I just have to make sure I am wearing this super amazingly comfortable band (NOT) 24/7 and I am massaging ALL THE TIME.

I have noticed one breast (my left) hurts more then my right... and this morning boob you all talk about.. it is crazy!

I will be taking some new photos today, and posting them.

Thank you all for you comments and feedback it is greatly appreciated.

Updated Photos

2 weeks post op


I think my girls are coming along mind you they are still high but not as swollen...

4 Weeks Post Operation

Hey ladies!

It has been awhile since I last posted but today is 4 weeks post operation. As promised I will continue to post photos of my progress.

My girls have been great, they are getting squishy, I can finally sleep on my side. I haven't gone for any sizing yet. I'll wait for that. Truly I am not in a rush to put on a bra, why would I? I DON'T NEED ONE hehe ..

I had a minor issue last week with my right incision. I had to get my sutures removed (they were supposed to fall out on their own) but now it's healing perfectly.

I must say, I am SUPER happy with my results. I will continue to post progress throughout the weeks.

Cheers xo

Photos didn't update..

Here are some 4 week post op photos

One more photo


The tittle takes the cake, I love love love love my new girls.
I can't express enough how perfect and beautiful I think they are, they are slowly but surely dropping. I will post photos today. (currently at work...)

The bandages are off now, the incisions are healing perfectly, Dr. J is a pro.. I don't know how but he got the lines, dead on the crease. Mobility wise, I can move around, lift things (not over exerting myself) work out... etc. ..

ps. The boyfriend is boob crazy, for those of you with fiancées, husbands or boyfriends, prepare your self.

Cheers xo


Here are some photos! FINALLLY!

I love my new girls so much.. Best decision ever!

1 Year Post Op

Hello Ladies!

It has been awhile! I thought I would update all of you love bugs with my girls.

They are doing great, I am so happy with the results I have.

They are perfect for my body. I have an appointment set with Dr.J to check on them and my scarring, unfortunately with my scaring my body didn't heal as I expected so I am getting injections to help with it.

Other then that, I love them, my fiancé loves them and even my momma bear ;P

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