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Today is my consultation day! I've only booked it...

Today is my consultation day! I've only booked it about two weeks ago. I havnt even gone for the consultation and already put the non refundable deposit for my surgery date! I just love his work and all the incredible reviews all over the net. I was originally told he wouldn't be available till July, which broke my heart because I really didn't want to go with another ps. But of course the wonderful Sarah from his office pulled some strings and worked some magic and got me in for June 4th. My consultation today will be with Kim, his assistant. Which I don't mind, I've met her before and she was amazing! I just hope we get a lot done at the consultation today like trying on sizes and stuff instead of just talk and suggestions since I only have about a month before the big day, I don't want to have to come back again. I still have to get the meds, pay in full once we decide what I actually want today, also have to look for a post surgical bra(not sure where)

So as for my vision and what I want. My torso is pretty big, being pregnant made my rib cages wider. I loved my breasts shape before pregnancy but now they're just deflated balloons. Even a double push up bra is useless because there isn't anything to push up but skin. Doing this in hopes of having my self confidence back. I'm so depressed. Everytime I'm out I try to look for a new bra that will make things better but there's never a happy ending so maybe this will be it. Anyways there I go getting off topic. I started with 34a and the biggest I got was 36d. I'm looking to get my pregnancy boobs back, but more volume. You'd think after everything we and our body had to go through to bring beautiful children into the world that god would at least let us keep out ginormous pregnancy boobs lol anyways, I'm aiming for a D. Which isn't too big. I'm really nervous about the healing process as I have two kids. A 2 year old and a 7 month old. I didn't breast feed. I originally wanted the incision at my armpits(sorry I don't know the correct term) but Ive been reading that it doesn't set at quickly and I need them to set as I'm in a wedding party for aug. I'm also worried about healing and not having as much mobility with my arms as I would if I went under the fold or at the nipples. I really don't want it under the fold, I will ask to see dr jugenburg's other patience who have had the incision at their areola.

So that's is my useless rant. I'm not sure if I'm nervous or anxious or just plain scaredx not so much for the surgery itself but for the recovery. If anyone has any tips and pointers please let me know. Anyone with younger kids who have had this done.. Serious, how hard was it?

3 weeks away! :O

My surgery day is in three weeks and I havnt even decided on the size yet. My consultation was great. A bit awkward and annoyed that I had to bring my whole family! My husband wanted to come and hear what they had to say and also feel the different implants so we had to being the two little ones as well. Kim was in love lol anyways at the consultation with Kim I originally went in there wanted silicone but she seen my breasts and said to go with saline becUse I have a lot of good fat(which I don't consider a good thing lol) that you won't even me able to tell or feel the dis serene. She says to save my money. we sort of decided on 540cc. It looked ok but it was on top of my breasts under the sports bra. And I've honestly read way too many stories about you beautiful ladies regretting not going bigger! This is scary I wish we were able to see what they'll look like BEFORE the surgery.

I feel so in prepared I have three weeks till the big day and I havnt done a thing! I've tried cleaning and organizing but that lasts for about a day before it looks like a hurricane hit my place. I havnt gotten my prescriptions, havnt bought a thing, I don't know what size post op bra or sports bra to buy. I havnt paid in full, havnt packed for the overnight stay. My 2 year old and 7 month old will be staying at moms for the day of surgery and the day after.. My surgery is scheduled for 8:15 am but I'm asked to be there for 6. You're asked to shower and shave before coming in so it looks like I won't be sleeping at all that night! I also have to pack the kids things, I have a mountain of laundry to do. I didn't realize how much needed to be done until I started writing omg I'm feeling really over whelmed.

I'm trying to lose some weight before I go in for surgery. My arms are disgustingly fat. I gained 63lbs with my last pregnancy!! I'm already top heavy so I don't want the twins to make it look even worst. I'm just ranting about nothing now. I'm really worried I'll regret the size so to take care if that I'll go a size up. I know when I first see them I'll burst into years of regret because if the way they look and how high they are, I already know that and I can't stop it from happening, I hope they settle in quickly and nicely. I have a wedding in aug, the brides paid dresses have already been ordered, I hope the new girls will still fit into them! Before my pregnancy I was a 34a. I went up to a 36d now I'm a 36c but all that's left is skin. If I were to wear a double push up bra it would just be pushing up skin.

I'm going to rush this now and stop rambling because I hear someone tossing and turning. Anyone in Toronto that's gotten BA if you can please tell me where you got your post op bra, the ones with the zipper/hooks in the front that would be great!! I can't beleive it's only three weeks away!! Im feeling pretty numb. No emotions not as excited as u was expecting to be, or nervous.. I guess more axiohs if anything. Here I am rambling again....

Beat wishes to the ladies who are about to go under and happy healing to all the lucky ladies who've already gone! Oh! And happy Mother's Day!!!!! Xox

Oh one more thing, between my breasts I don't really have a gap and the skin is sort of thick I can't really explain and you can't see it in pictures it's something you would have to feel. So I'm going to post a pic of what I'm scared could happen. I did bring it up at the consultation and was told that dr j would be able to sew that down.

Tick tock

I'm starting to get really anxious! I'm on this site religiously! Loving all the stories and all the progress :) makes me so much more excited! I still havnt done a thing. I sort of know what to expect but I don't think anyone can prepare themselves for the pain. I DID have two kids naturally with no drugs and that was pretty bad.. If the pain is like having a contraction in your breasts I just might kill myself lol anyways I hope everyone is doing well, time needs to hurry up and fly by so I can start posting progress pictures! I will be doing all my shopping sometime this week.

Xox happy healing ladies!

Anyone used 'scaraway' silicone scare sheets?

So I'm just gathering some things that I will need now and was wondering if anyone has used the silicone scar sheets. How do they work? When can you start using them? And has only one in Toronto found any? Walmart didn't carry them, shoppers, pharma plus.. I found some in amazon for 35 bucks. It says there are 12 sheets, reusable and rewashable?

Feeling really down and dwpressed for no reason...?

Exactly 3 weeks out and for the last few days I've just been waking up in a horrible mood. I don't want to do anything or go anywhere. I just feel really upset and I have no idea why. I havnt been sleeping well either I keep waking in the middle of the night and wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. Has this happen to anyone before their surgery?

On a better note I went out and grabbed some things Yesterday. I got a back cushion with arm rests, I'm hoping it'll help. I found a zip front sports bra I'm not sure if tgere is enough support, it was the last one and an xl it says 36d I think. I was looking for the breasts ice packs for nursing mothers but couldn't find any, maybe I'll try toys r us. I will make my own ice packs using a ziplock, a sponge and alcohol LOL I seen it on pinterest and always wanted to try. We own a nail store so I have a ton of alcohol.

If there's anything else that will help me during the post op please let me know!"

Soo tired :(

I'm so exhausted and my body is so tired. I've been tossing and turning for hours! I don't know what it is and I don't know what to do but these bags and dark circles under my eyes are getting a bit ridic. Does anyone know of any good home remedies for puffy eye bags and dark circles, or know if any products that actually work?

Totally different sub.
I was told I can pay the day of.. I'll be paying cash but that makes me feel really uneasy. Like things aren't final and it isn't set in stone and that sort of worries me. I would be devastated if for any reason I can get my tatas! So I think I'll stop by WITHOUT my daughter and drop that off. How's everyone doing? Real self has been my life for the past few weeks. I've been on here like my life depended on it. Well it does. I love reading everyone stories and updates. I get a little sense if relief and sort of get and idea of what to expect even though everyone heals differently.

Does anyone tan? It's hard for my to tan outside now that I have two kids and they have different schedules, I can't tan in the yard while they nap. I was wondering if I should start tanning now or if I should wait till after? If I should wait, then why? And how soon after should I start?

Xox boos

Officially LESS THAN TWO WEEKS away! :O

13 more day! I can't even believe it! I stopped by this evening to pay for the procedure. I decided to pay in cash son I wouldn't have to pay interest on my credit card or to medicard. Medicard is a scam and a half. Signing those papers is like signing your life over if you're a day late. Kim snuck in some time and was able to help me try in sizers again. We decided this time to go 575. I want them to look like 540 whe they're underneath the muscle. As I said before, I'm 'chubbier' than most of you girls who pose on here.

Which brings me to eeight gain. I havnt been able to lose any weight but I also didn't gain any. I've never been this big. I have just been hungry 24/7. I'm constantly eating anything I can get my hands on(even my baby's sweet potatoe puffs) I thought I was pregnant but my blood work came back negative(thank goodness)

I think we said we would go with moderate profile. I forget why but it had something to do with my breasts being wide.

Kim goes over and beyond for all the patients, she is such an amazing person I honestly can't stress that enough. She answers to all me cries, scares and complaint no matter how big or small. I don't see much of dr j but Kim seems to know what she's talking about, I'm confident in her knowledge. As if she hadn't helped me enough, before I left tonight she told me about a promotion going on where they were giving away free Latisse! I was planning on grabbing a bottle to try out some time after my surgery, so even better! She just saved me 150-200 dollar.

Latisse is a serum for your eyelashes that promotes growth. The before a and afters got this product is amazeee! A couple of my friends have tried and loved it.

I had my first anxiety attack today. Ever. I just had such a weird feeling through out my body especially my stomach. I felt so sick I could vomit. I felt as though my chest was really heavy and I have to keep taking deep breaths. Anyways it's 2am here in canada and my daughter decided to stay up late. So I believe I'm going to go and have an argument with my 2 year old daughter(today's her bday btw) who things it's funny to use me as a human slide. I will update soon and I hope you're all doing good!

If anyone has any tips, advice or suggestions that might help me before and after surgery please type away! Xo

Surgery time moved + TANNING

Morning ladies! I got an email yesterday from the coordinator with all the preps and reminders of what I have to have done before the surgery which is basically nothing cause I have everything done lol anyways she also mentioned that my surgery will be at 3pm and not 8am. Wtf!! I was fine with my 8am time, not I'm worried with not eating for that long lol I'll have to sleep the day away :)

I see that a lot of you girls are tanned. Does anyone know if I should get some color before or after the BA? I'm worried because I don't think I can tan too soon after the surgery because my skin will be tight and thin I don't want to burn or get a rash BUT I also don't want to be pasty white while everyone is nice and glowing! If I tan before hand not like I have much ime left anyways especially with two little kids but I was thinking if I tanned before hand and my breasts stretch after the BA, my girls might be lighter than the rest of my body... Hmm

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should be eating before and after surgery and what I should stock up on? Anything will help! I don't have much time left lol I don't have second thoughts and I'm not depressed anymore I'm just trying not to think about it. I spoke with Kim and with the pictures that I sent her she says 575 may be too big. So I will let dr j be the judge. I've only seen him for maybe 10 minutes.

Hope everyone is healing remembering to take their meds and boobs are dropping and fluffing lol anyone who hasn't gone into surgery yet I hope you aren't as indecisive as I am. My husband gives me shot all the time because I am never please with my purchases I will always bring things back for store credit a return or exchange lol and you can't do that with boobs! Not unless you have money coming out of you ass ahaha happy Friday!!

Oh I have a little riddle!
Why do mermaids wear seashells?

Double padded bras TEN days away!

We took the kids to the zoo today and I decides to wear my double padded bra. I havnt touched it since after my first pregnancy just because I was so over caring about how they looked cause my breasts were so ruined after my second pregnancy.

Only 8 days away!!! 7.5 actually!

I think I'm finally starting to get excited! I've finally gotten over the fact that my house will never be spotless as long as I have kids. Especially young kids who can't clean up after themselves. I think I have everything I need. I just have to focus on my diet. I found some pictures with my pregnancy boobs I will post I'm a sec. I can't believe how indecisive I am about the size still.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day! I'm so jealous of the girls who are out shopping for bras lol damn you!!!! Xo

Prescription? stretch marks (photos may be disturbing)

I picked up my prescription this afternoon. There are 7 different ones. If I remember correctly they were percs, t3s, some kind of anti biotic, a couple pain tablets to take before surgery, sleeping pills, three pills for my anxiety and a single pill for nausea. I also grabbed two more bras and a bralette. I also found some ice packs for the girls. All I need to do now is prepare some more food that I can freeze and find some snacks.

I have 4 days and 5 more nights to do!! I'm not all that excited yet. Not too nervous either, well not so much the procedure but more about the recovery. Thanks to everyone on here who is trying to keep me sane about that.

My mat leave ends in the middle of August and I work in an office. I don't know how I feel about going back with huge breasts Ahahah it's going to suck after being home for a year. Even though the kids kept me super busy.

Happy healing everyone! I cant wait to join you ladies in the big Boobie club!

While researching in this site I have always noticed that everyone was so fit. No one had stretch marks you guys all looked perfect. I didn't want to show my belly because of all the extra pregnancy weight I haven't been able to burn off and the ridiculous amount of stretch marks they left me. But what the heck, I fine it so helpful when people post full torso or body pics. Maybe I can help someone who may have the same measurements, frame(probably not. My frame is disgusting. Esp those arms and shoulders), cc's as me. And maybe more people will post because I'm sure more people get breast implants Than just perfectly fit beautiful ladies!

Sorry if these images disturb anyone

Tomorrow is the big day!

My surgery is one more sleep away!! I've only started getting excited this morning. I still have tons too do. All last night I was reading about complications and it's scaring the crap out of me. I didn't realize how often CC occurs!!!!! Months to years post op! It breaks my heart knowing there isn't anything you can do about it. I'm also really scared about my surgery being canceled if I test positive for the pregnancy test tomorrow! I had a negative blood test two weeks ago so I should be fine. I just can't stop thinking about all the things that can go wrong.

I think I will try on and post some pictures in different tops for the sake of before and after pictures aha hi know we all love those comparison pics!

Thank you to everyone who've shared their journey with this little realself family. I've learned soo much and I hope to help others as well.

I guess I'll go finish my domestic goddess duties lol I just took a little break after putting the wee one down for a nap. It's so hard not to cuddle up and take a few with him :( I also have to pack but I'll do that tonight.

This is it! Today is the day!

Today is my surgery and I surprisingly got more sleep last night than any other night. I am about to pack my bags and try on some clothes because I didn't get a chance to yesterday. I'm pretty freaking calm! That's good because I'm usually an over thinker and always worrying and freaking out but I'm fine. Other then the fact that my belly is rumbling. It's 8:16 and I don't have to be at the hotel till 3. They did tell me to call in around noon and see if there was a room available yet but it's guaranteed for 3.

This drive is killing me!! :O

We're on the way down to drop my kids off with my mom and my chest is getting so heavy! I'm having trouble breathing lol so much for not feeling anything, I'm nervous as hell! Having to feed the kids breakfast and lunch was a nightmare lol I'm usually ok when I skip a meal but of course on the day that I'm not allowed to eat.... I am the hungriest! I don't know if any of you have been listening to my journey but I've havnt been able to stop thinking of all the things that can go wrong so please please please keep me in your thoughts!!!!!! I'll see you soon!!


I checked untitled he hotel at 2:45, dropped off my things and went down to let them know I was here. I was told to go to my room and wait for a call. It is now 5:45 and I'm getting sooooooo irritated! My mom and husband could've gone to work. I havnt received a call or any update on wtf is going on!

Woohoo the other side!!

They finally called me down at 6:30. Didn't start till 8 though. Everyone always has problems finding my vein but the anesthesiologist got it in one try. I got out of surgery at 9:20. Didn't leave the waiting area till 10:40 cause i was feeling so sick. I can't update much now because looking at the phone makes me nauseas so I'll continue later!

They will be coming up here

One of the nurses will be coming up here in a couple of hour to change this hopefully put me in a bra. Ps says I have to wear this thing between my boobs for a week. I'm feeling better now because I just threw up. Not much there but yucky green acid in out bodies. About 5 seconds After they put the mask on I was out. I woke up in pain but not excruciating. Everyone was laughing at me cause I kept asking the nurse n ps if they were ok if they're feeling well lol I was alluring my words. That's why I was there so long. Pain has been fine. It is 7:30am now I've only taken two percs since 10 last night. I don't have pain really just pressure. I experienced some morning boob but just in the upper poll. My breasts aren't to hard. I'll try to get that in picture. I didn't try to squish them together obv cause of that huge penis like thing in the center but each breast itself is kind of soft. I was such am idiot thinking of all the negative possibilities and freaking myself out. Anyone about to get theirs done honestly just relax and think of rainbows and butterflies cause you will be totally fine. My breast just feel like they're engirged with milk. The first night I came home with my son I want able to pump but u kept pumping and kept producing more milk but it wouldn't come out and that's what it feels like. I had some crackers right after surgery. Best crackers of my entire life lol umm I tries having a salad and it tasted amazing at the time but I threw that up shortly. I've been doing everything on my own, going to the washroom this morning I've been walking back and forth around the bed. I can get dressed on my own. I can get in and hour if bed but if I get too comfortable and isn't elevated enough I need a little push. Dr said the surgery went well and everything is good. Sorry if I'm going back and forth and this post is all over the place I could care less about paragraphs right now. I went into this expecting the worst pain. So I guess that helped. I'm starting to feel some pain building up now I'm going to see how my body takes the t3s instead. I really wanted to say something else but I'm running a blank I hate when this happens. I'm nervous to have my kids at home today because they love climbing on mommy and using her as a jungle gym. It was hard last night now rolling over to my aide and snuggling my husband I'm always a side and stomach sleeper so that really sucked. Only 5 weeks and 6 days of back sleeping to go (rolls eyes) oh also I'm taking a lot if short breaths because breathing is a little uncomfortable. And even thought deep breaths are a little annoying I try to take as many as I can in between because it feel really nice. I will continue later if I missed something or if something happens. I'm so bored there isn't anyone on tv right now and I can't go back to sleep. In usually up at 6:30 with th kids so I guess h kind of slept in today.

Hope everyone if feeling awesome and koko we made it to the other side!!

Forgot to post this.

I have no pain while squeezing them

So sore

I've been putting off taking the pain pills but they're starting to get really sore I hate the feeling if being drunk and nauseas! I hate taking them!!?does anyone know another way of feeling with the throbbing soreness? What did you guys do on your first day post op? Just sit around in bed I'm moving around a lot from room to room should I not? I can't sit still in ine apot I feel like it makes my breast even tighter. The implants are reeeeally high right now!

Morning boobs are no joke!

So you ladies weren't kidding about the morning boobs!!!! Today has to be the worst day. It's a constant cycle of being in pain and falling asleep from being so drowsy because of the perks. The t3s don't seem to be helping right now because he tightness is so strong. My arm from elbow up and my whole shoulder blade is sore, side boobs really sore. Everything I wake up from a nap I'm stiff. I'm taking a perc every 4 hours and it's been pretty tough because I have to wait for it to it me. I find that taking it with good helps with the nausea. I don't have much of an appetite but I have to force some food down. The hardest part has I be not carrying and snuggling my little ones :(

Dr j and his team were wonderful the day of surgery. Even though everything was delayed, once I was down there in the clinic everything was straight forward. I'm not sure how big he went but I think it's 540. Kim has been replying to all my texts in a heartbeat. I feel bad texting her so much but every little thing makes me nervous lol

Anyways I'm hoping tmr is a better day. I have two more days until I am alone with the kids. We will probably be in bed all day since I can't carry my 25lb 7.5 month old son. We can haut play on the bed. My 2 year old is pretty independent.

I did notice the implants have dropped a tad today but not enough for a picture. You can't really tell in the picture but I can feel it.

Anyways I hope everyone a happy healing journey!

Oh and one more thing sleep hasn't been as bad as I was expecting I'm usually a side and stomach sleeper but ive been pretty comfortable not that I'm home and have my blue pillow with the arm rests Andy pink neck pillow! Awesome pair.

Post op day 3

Today was a whole lot better than yesterday. I stopped taking the percs and took 2 t3s which is way too much for me!! I felt so sick! But it helped with the swelling. This is what my breasts look like after 8 hours oh no pain killers they're super swollen and super high! I've been wearing the top band 24/7. I take a break from the bottom band every few hours. I just took it off for the sake of a picture update. They're still reeeeeeaaaaaaly high! I have absolutely no patience but I know eventually it will all be worth it.

Evening of day 3

Still havnt had a bowl movement. Extremely bloated. I look about 5 months pregnant and I think that's what is making me really sick. I have to grab some gravol. I have no problem going in and out of bed. I found that if you grab the back side of your thighs and push down with you legs you can pull yourself up without using any arm or chest muscle at all as if you're significant other was pushing you from your back. This is what the girls look like just before bed. I have to put my little bar on and bottom band. I plan on seeing my ps on Friday at 9 or 10 day post. I will contact the lovely Kim tmr and ask about showers and massages and stuff. I honestly don't know what I would do without Kim. She is honestly that clinics biggest asset. The thee girls are wonderful don't get me wrong but Kim is a different kind of wonderful. I can't wait for these girls to drop already. I havnt seen anyone on realself who's implants are as high as mine.

The pictures I'm posting remind me of my pregnancy boobs. I hope they're a tad bigger the tegu set though and that my nipples will be a little higher since there will be more volume below my nipples. Right now it's just my real breast tissue.

Happy a good night everyone! Jealous of everyone who gets to snuggle their hubby and kids at night!

Actually review

Since I'm feeling most like myself today I've decided to give dr jugenburg and actual review. I didn't want to write one so soon after the procedure while I was in pain, crabby and drugged up. I didn't think this whole blog would be his review, oops. I think I will write another one so people won't have to read all this nonsense. I'm extremely happy I picked dr j. Even though my implants are still high, obviously only 5 days post. I've never had a problem with the clinic, none of my questions went in answered, in fact, they were all answered Almaty immediately. Early on in my blogs I did complain about feeling rushed during the second consultation with him while my daughter was crying outside, but I didn't acknowledge the fact that thhey allowed me to bring my daughter even though they had a no children policy. My daughter would be the reason why they have the policy lol little demon child. If you have children, make sure someone is available to watch them OUT SIDE OF THE CLINIC. If not, schedule it for another day. There was almost no wait time for my consultations, they even pulled some strings and squeezed me in for the surgery day that I wanted which was a whole month before the actual available date. Day of surgery was a little nerve racking because of all the waiting and things were pushed back a few hours but that's to be expected. Drs are almost never on time. Even at my GP I will be seen 60-90 minutes after my scheduled appt. I was very comfortable while talking to dr j before going into surgery, everyone in that office is so accommodating. Kim, his rn is just an angel. I honestly can't stress that enough. I don't think a lot of people know how hard her job is. She's so welcoming so motherly so easy to talk to. She IS basically playing mommy to all of dr j's patients and she still goes about her day with a great attitude and a big beautiful smile. I only have two kids and I lose my patience from time to time. Anyways the surgery went well, it was fast and smooth. Everyone there was just as helpful post op than they were pre op. You would think they'd just forget about their patients after but they do still care and worry about your well beings. I've been texting Kim off the hook and no matter what time of day it is she is there to keep me sane. Everyone there is really friendly and professional, I think they're a great team. More of a big family actually. When I start talking I tend to just go on and on so I think I will end it here. Over I'm really happy with dr j and his team.

Ps you should always trust his instincts. If he had listened to me and gone with 560cc I think I would be crying everyday about his they're way too big. 540 will be a perfect size for me once they've set. Dr j knows best!


Excuse my dr review before this post, I just figured out how to so it lol sorry!

Since I'm typing here maybe I'll update.

Today is post op day 5 and I feel amazing. Yesterday was really good but I has two percs. One in the morning and one in the evening. I havnt had to take any today. Yesterday I was able to make breakfast and pick up around the house, change the kids. Today I am alone with them and I've been ok so far. I can't do dishes yet because the sink is too high but I'm not complaining :) I feel like I can run a marathon. I can't believe how quick this recovery has been. The fist two days were a little rough and uncomfortable. I know I'm just repeating myself so I'll stop here. I don't have anything exciting to write about because I am a mom and I am home all day ahaha.

Everyone who've just had their surgery done and is feeling like crap and a little discouraged, just hang in there because comfort is closer than you know it. And you can't make a rainbow without a little rain!!

Today marks 1week post op

Today marks 1 week post op and I feel like crap. Not physically but emotionally. I feel like the implanta havnt moved not even a mm! They're still really high. I started massaging 2 days ago and it seems to have soften things up but havnt moved the implants down a bit. I know it's only been a week but I've seen so many people with better results after one week. I'm not doubting my ps cause I've spoken to his patients with great results. What if my body doesn't like them and will never drop? I have to wear the band 24/7 but they don't stay all the way on top of the implants since it's so high up I feel like in just stoping them from dropping. Ugh this sucks so bad I feel like shit. I look like ahit. My stomach is still bloated or I'm just fat. I feel like I've gained 20lbs right after surgery. My stomach has never been this big except when I was pregnant. I've become to bitter towards everyone and everything. I doubt I will be able to go to the bachlorette party on July 19. I'm just so miserable. Wtf am I going to wear to cover these thinngs up?

Has anyone not have any results AT ALL 1 week post op and have their breasts actually looking half decent about 6 weeks after?

Incision infection?

It's too dark for me to take pictures but I will post in the morning, I just have to update now before I forget. One of my strips came off today from rubbing against the band I think? I noticed how moist and swollen it was so I asked and was given the ok to take a break from the strips. Probably jut for the night. I hope they aren't swollen, the incision line is swollen and hard. I wonder if that's normal... I will send Kim a picture and ask tmr. Nothing's changed through out the day, I still feel like crap and when I feel like crap I turn to food. Dun dun dun. To keep my mind off of all the complications and the binge eating, I signed me and my two year old up to help at the food bank tmr! How ironic right? I was surprised they allowed her to tag along and 'assist' me ahaha I wonder how this will go. Yes I know she may be too young but I don't think you're ever too young or too old to learn. She's a little spoiled and I have a hard time saying no a lot of the time but that doesn't mean she has to be a snobby brat without manners or morals. She will learn that her toys and art supplies didn't grow on trees and someone whether it's me, her dad, grandmama or her uncle worked our butts off for it. I was a little ungrateful brat growing up but like I said you're never too old to learn. I've learned to appreciate things and people. It can be a diamond ring or even a smile from a stranger. It can be anything, just the satisfaction of knowing that someone cares. Boy a lot of times we can take out own advice right? I have about ten minutes to tidy up before I have to make another bottle. Night ladies.

Post op day 10

Post op day 10.

Do you guys see any progress?
Has anyone else felt really depressed and angry around this time after their breast augmentation? I just can't seem to shake it.

Will there be a light at the end of my tunnel soon?

12 day post

2week+2days post op

I am seeing more and more changes everyday. Still wearing my land and penis bar between my boobs. They're filling out in the bottom but they're still high. I'm not sure if it's just swelling or the implants itself. I will be going for my post op in a few hours. I have no pain, not one bruise, nipples are extremely sensitive but I'm not complaining lol I lost sensation in my nipples after my second baby so I'm quite enjoying the sensitivity right now. I'm doing massages every 2-4 hours. I'm driving no problem.

Comparison pictures

20 days post. :(

Not sure if I'm just going crazy but I feel like my plants are hardening? I will post pictures in the morning. I massaged 4 hours ago and didn't notice anything. But I just finished my massages and I thought they were more stiff. But good news if my incisions are flattening out more and looking a little better. The holes that were there a few days ago are closing.

I was looking at my pictures and I have to admit I don't rink they're getting anywhere. I will be 3 weeks tmr and they're still as high as they were the night of surgery.

People aren't kidding when they say this is a crazy roller coaster. One day you feel good and the next you wonder why you had ever gotten it done. One day it looks like they've dropped, and the next, they're in your collar bone. I just can't stay positive. This is driving me nuts. I know I'm suppose to wait and be patient but i havnt seen anyone's profile who've had This little progress. If you didn't know you'd think I had just gotten it done yesterday.

3 week post or day of surgery... Who knows

I'm feeling like crap. I know this site is suppose to uplift everyone and keep everyone positive but I need to vent. I wish I was able to go bigger, a lot bigger. These are smaller than my pregnancy boobs. I'm sure I will have to keep wearing push up bras. I wish I had gotten high profile. Kim, dr j's rn didn't recommend it. I wish I had gotten the incision elsewhere. I just want to wear regular clothes. I mean it's summer! I'm tired of covering up. I can't wear even a regular tee because you'll see my boobs sagging way down there and you'll see my plants up by my neck. This is ridiculous. In some pictures they look big and they only look big because of the angle in shooting at. If I'm shooting from the bottom slightly pointed up yes, they look a little fuller.

Are they shrinking?

I'm sure in some of my previous pictures they look a lot bigger

Feeling a little better

I did done shopping yesterday with a couple of girl friends and my son. My girls had my son the whole time. My daughter went on a date with her dad. It was nice to almost be alone for a couple of hours. I have spent everyday with both kids for the last 11 months!! My son is teething so that's stressing me out too. But anyways I feel a little better. Thanks to all the lovely ladies on here who are trying to keep me positive and are reassuring me that results will soon come. No one body is the same and there for is will not see results as soon as everyone else.

I had to add filters to the pictures because it was hard to see anything with the original lighting.

First time I'm posting my incisions. It's a 2 week and 3 week conparison.

Please excuse my armpit hair >.<
And I've always had dark pits. If anyone knows of any good bleaching creams please let me know!


So I know they don't drop at the same time but the one that doesn't have as much upper pole is sagger? Should it be more rounded since it's suppose to have dropped more since the volume isn't up top? My high one, the left, is higher, rounder in the bottom, fuller, and projects more. Can my right implant be leaking slowly?


I know they will not drop at the same time. My left side has more upper pole but it also has more volume, projects more, is more rounded and doesn't droop as much as my right. ( remember it will be reversed in the picture) my right now doesn't have as much upper pole so I'm assuming that means it's drop pining faster. But it's sagger, doesn't project as much and feels softer and looks a lot smaller. Especially in person. Should I visit the office? Or am I jus freaking myself out?

4 weeks

Today marks the fourth week. There hasn't been much change since the second week. The implants are still high, my breasts are still saggy.

If I could do this all over again I would go with high profile because there is next to no projection right now. My pregnancy breasts were bigger and looked a lot better than what I'm stuck with now. I know it wasn't recommended because my natural breasts were really wide, but what if I had gone with HP and just added more cc? My nipples are atill really now and when I feel for the bottom of the implant it's still beside my nipple it hasn't moved since the second week. I wish they look they way they look with the band on, without the band.

I don't get morning boob anymore. Absolutely no pain. I wish I had gotten a second opinion from other PS instead of rushing into things just because I likes dr J's work. Maybe another PS would've been ok with going bigger. There isn't much I can do now, I paid everything off in cash, and to even think of paying for a revision while I have two little ones is just selfish. Yes I've been told that it's the infamous Boobie blues but is it really? Does it last this long? Is there anything that will help? When I was complaint at two weeks I kept telling myself maybe the 3rd week, maybe the 4 th week will be better but here we are at week number 4.

My breasts are really soft even high up where the implant is. I feel like this is the final result they're comfortable where hey are in the pocket and they're going to stay there. Maybe the bottom of the pocket where it was cut open has closed

Suprise suprise

I think things are finally starting to look better :) not my dream boobs yet. But better than they were last week. I've gotten past the sulky unhappiness. There isn't much I can do now so I've just accepted it. Yes I do wish they were high profile but like Kim said it probably wouldn't be best. Even though I wear that prnis bar between my breasts, my sternum skin still raised quite a bit. They sort of look like pancakes in my chest lol I like how wide they car because it works with my broad man shoulders. I havt 100% mobility in my arms. I had mendors cord in both armpit, one of them are gone now. Massaging then lightly helped. Once the scabs are off I will start treating the scar. Thank you to everyone who've taken their time to read my negative vents and gave me hope and reassured me that there really is light at the end of this deep dark emotional tunnel xoxox

3 days VS 1 month

Comparison picture of my girls 3 days post op and at one month. I think we might be getting somewhere here :)



I went to laden a and vs today, both stores measured me at 36c. I actually wanted I cry hearing that. I was a 36c before my ba wtf? But none of those bras fit. I know I'm to suppose to be wearing any bras yet but I have to attend a bachelorette in a couple of weeks and there is no way in hell I'm going in a sports bra lol and plus it will only be for a few hours. So none of the c cups fit. La senza didn't carry wireless bras. Vs had two. One a lot nicer than the other. The 36d fit.

Do my nipples look a bit higher?

Are my nipples looking higher? In my old pictures I had to take pictures from the bottom up because I hated how they look head on. But this picture was taken head on. Do you ladies see improvement?!

Box of goodies, mendors cord, work out

This morning I decided to go through my box of "things I might be able to wear one day" that consist of old jeans that are too small lmao, tops I had pre pregnancy and stuff I purchased just because they were on sale. I tried on some tops, didn't bother with any of the jeans lol no point in wasting time. I'm also posting some before and after pictures.

I've never joined a gym before, the lasttime I was in a gym was in highschool. I just use the tread mill and some weight training for my legs. Which also helps the bum that I don't have (hate being Asian) anyways I'm quite proud of myself it's been two apart three weeks and u go every other day. When I'm at home and wanting to get fit I come up with all these crazy ideas and routines and I'm all hyped up, I'll get started on day 1 then day 2 and that's it lol never last longer than a couple of days I just get lazy. But I realized how much better I feel going to the gym even though I can't do much right now. My mat leav ends aug 18th so I'll see how long I can keep this up after starting at work again.

I've mentioned in earlier posts that I had mendors cord in both my underarms but they're gone now. I did notice that when I raise my left arm over my head 100% there is some tension. Like something is being pulled or stretched too much. It's a little uncomfortable when my arm is stretched high. Didn't anyone experience this? Did it go away?

Symnastia? :'( :O

Before my ba I was worried about possibly developing symnastia. While I was pregnant i went from a 34a to 36d. My breasts were big and heavy and of course they started sagging and the akin on my sternum decided to join. I and just over 5 weeks post now and I think the skin is slowly raising.... As my breasts start to protrude more, so does the skin. It also looks like my nipples are slowly moving towards the side. This is so fking sad!!!!! I wear that bar when I'm home. But not religiously at night. It's takes away from my sleep, I have two young kids and I already don't get enough of that. Before the surgery I had asked my ps if he was able to sew it down, he said my breasts would be too heavy for the satures to stay.... Now I'm thinking wtf does that mean?! What if this problem becomes even worst? What do I do then if satures won't hold down my skin? Do I have the implants removed?! I asked about a thong bra but they didn't carry it. Maybe I should look online? But isn't it already too late?! This is so depressing omg!!

Womp womp womp

I have the bachelorette coming up this Friday and I have nothing to wear. I went shopping the other day and cried in the change room lol I can't get rid of my pregnancy belly nothing fit right. I have ok hips, no ass. It was terribly depressing. I posted a pic of what I might wear, were just going to a lounge so Noones getting too dressed up. I may add a body chain with it as well because it's so plain. The top is a large I have to sew it in though since it was the last one. There's a zipper closure in the back. I've been busting my ass at the gym and my belly won't go away :( I also purchased a bra but havnt tried it on at home yet. I tried on 40 bras lol we decided that I was a 34dd that size for best but of course it varies by the style. DH has been telling me all weekend how good the girls are looking and they keep getting bigger he says but I don't think so. I posted a picture Olin a plain cami and they just look like regular boob. This may sound stupid but I wish they looked bigger braless but smaller with a bra on lol I'll never be happy. I did notice that they've dropped tremendously over the last week. I still hate how my right boob looks. It's smaller, not as round and droopier. Pre op, my left boob was always bigger but they didn't think it was big enough of a difference to fill the right side more. I just hate the over all shape. DH doesn't even see what I keep trying to explain to him. I guess to men, boobs are boobs are boobs. Are boobs. I need to schedule an appt to see Kim next Monday, this is a busy week for me and I have to be back at work in 5 weeks!! It's sort of bitter sweet, staying at home for almost 2 years in a row can really drive you crazy lol I mean I talk to my 2 year old and 9 month old all day! That's my vent for now I need to get some house work done and I guess I'll try on that bra finally. Hope everyone's doing well!

6 weeks post

Today makes these girls 6 weeks old. They totally feel a part of my body. There is stil some numbness under the nipples. Under my right breast, directly at the ottom of the implant is a little tender to the touch. The sensitivity in my nipples are alowly going away. They're bouncier now and still very squishy. I can't feel the implant when I'm caressing them lol I think they might be projecting more, I guess that means my muscle is loosening up. I still wish I had gone hp. They look terrible when I'm laying on my back. The implants are so close together when I'm standing but when I lay down, they fall to the sides and it's just hideous. But my breasts were like that pre op. I've actually come to realize that it doesn't matter what my boobs look like because I'll never be completely satisfied. My right boob is still the uglier one, the droopy, smaller, less full, less rounded ugly one. If I had known the things I know now, I would've done things differently. They look pretty natural from the side right now I'm not sure if I like that. If I had gotten hp I think I would complain about how much projection there is and how I can't hide them lol anyways here is my 6 week update


I don't want to show too much, DH going to a bachelor tmr, I don't want him to retaliate lmao I don't have any of my jewellery on, and please excuse the dirty mirror in my kids room, the kids were sleeping in our bed

Just shy of 7 weeks

Ts almost been 7 weeks since I've gone under.
I think I can finally say that I'm happy with them. They've given me this new confidence I've never ever had. I don't think anything is more sexy to a man than confidence. Not even a great rack. But now I have both lol

I tried wearing a bra for a day I didn't like it. It was to nice to take it off. They've sagged quite a bit I think. Some areas below my nipples are still numb. Nipples aren't as sensitive as the first week. Sex is a lot of fun now lol I mean it was always good but not like this. I used to be blond but recently went a lot darker and an old friend asked if blonds are brunettes had more fun.. I told her girls with big boobs have more fun lol

CHEERS to big boobs, free drinks and good sex!

7 weeks

For anyone who lives in toronto, the la senza at eglinton station is closing down so everything is an additional 30% off! That's 30% off their annual sale. All the bras I got were originally 40-60$ but I got them for 6-9$. I tried then on again at home and will be bringing a couple back because they're looking kind of pointy. Is anyone else noticing that with the bigger boobs and bigger bras it's actually hard to find a nice one? A lot of the cups seem really pointy. I think my girls are starting to fluff because they're projecting more now. They're ridiculously soft they feel like my pregnancy boobs.

All the bras I got except one were 34dd. One was 36d only because I seen it one my way out the door after I paid. It was a 36d didn't want to go back into fittings so I just bought it.

7 weeks

I don't think I can be anymore help to you girls. I don't think anything will change from here on. Maybe they'll get saggier. Hopefully not too much bigger lol I take back anything I've ever said about the size being to small because they're actually so much bigger in person than they are in pictures. Sometimes I want to dress them down but I can't. I'm not complaining. I just don't regret the size anymore. I guess my muscles are stretching and loosening so it isn't holding the implants so tightly anymore. They are getting heavier as well.

Anyone who had just gotten their new girls and is worried about how high or ugly shaped they are, believe me it will pass! And if you're riding the emotional roller coaster right now that too shall pass. Things will look up. Literally lol remmebee you can't make a rainbow without a little rain. All you need is time any patience. Says the girl who was depressed for weeks and freaking out about every little thing lol yes it's easier said than done but you have to trust me. And when you think you're starting to feel like yourself again and that the implants feel less like foreign objects and that they feel and look natural.... It only gets better. Every week I tell myself "damn they look and feel so good. I guess this is it" and mirning it gets better and better and better so keep your heads up and flaunt them while summer is stil here!

Two months

It's been a while since I've updated because everytime I try to an error occurs. I am a bit over two months and there really isn't much to update. They have definitely fluffed and I still have parts without any feeling underneath the breasts. Getting a ton of stretch marks but it's expected becuSe in so prone to them. I've spotted massaging a while ago, probably when I felt like they has dropped to the level that I liked. A fellow realself member said she was still massaging at 6 months so now I'm wondering if I was suppose to be. I'm always braless in the house and wear a regular bra outside. Am I still suppose to be wearing sports bras at home and at night? Some days I wish they were bigger and other days I think they're too big. I've gained almost 20 lbs since the surgery and I can't get it off it's driving me nuts! I feel terrible for not following a lot of your journeys but I've been so busy with the kids and getting ready to go back to work and looking for daycares I don't have time to be on my phone all the time. I also don't have much to update so I'm probably no help to a lot of you anymore lol my incisions are still ugly but hopefully in time they will fade. Happy healing everyone!


I just recently asked the drs a question and just thought I would ask you ladies too.... I'm just going to copy and paste it.

I had my breasts done 3 months ago. I've always had extra skin between my breasts that developed during my pregnancy due to me heavy breasts. We (me and my ps) knew it would sort of affect my over all look. From the pictures I've posted, does it look like the problem will become worst as I keep healing and they keep dropping? Is there anything I can do to stop this? On a totally different subject, should I still be massaging at 3 months post?

I'm sorry I'm not too much help anymore but notice has changed. Underneath of my boobs are still tingly to the touch. Nipples are no longer sensitive. I feel like the skin between my boobs is getting worst. Anyone who has been following my journey should know what I'm talking about. Anyone who doesn't I think it explains in my question up top. I will be posting a few old pictures for pwople who don't want to go through my novel lol anyways I hope all is well and everyone is loving their breasts a little more than I am. Looking through my old pictures I actually kind of miss me old boobs:(
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Since I'm feeling most like myself today I've decided to give dr jugenburg and actual review. I didn't want to write one so soon after the procedure while I was in pain, crabby and drugged up. I'm extremely happy I picked dr j. Even though my implants are still high, obviously only 5 days post. I've never had a problem with the clinic, none of my questions went in answered, in fact, they were all answered Almaty immediately. Early on in my blogs I did complain about feeling rushed during the second consultation with him while my daughter was crying outside, but I didn't acknowledge the fact that thhey allowed me to bring my daughter even though they had a no children policy. My daughter would be the reason why they have the policy lol little demon child. If you have children, make sure someone is available to watch them OUT SIDE OF THE CLINIC. If not, schedule it for another day. There was almost no wait time for my consultations, they even pulled some strings and squeezed me in for the surgery day that I wanted which was a whole month before the actual available date. Day of surgery was a little nerve racking because of all the waiting and things were pushed back a few hours but that's to be expected. Drs are almost never on time. Even at my GP I will be seen 60-90 minutes after my scheduled appt. I was very comfortable while talking to dr j before going into surgery, everyone in that office is so accommodating. Kim, his rn is just an angel. I honestly can't stress that enough. I don't think a lot of people know how hard her job is. She's so welcoming so motherly so easy to talk to. She IS basically playing mommy to all of dr j's patients and she still goes about her day with a great attitude and a big beautiful smile. I only have two kids and I lose my patience from time to time. Anyways the surgery went well, it was fast and smooth. Everyone there was just as helpful post op than they were pre op. You would think they'd just forget about their patients after but they do still care and worry about your well beings. I've been texting Kim off the hook and no matter what time of day it is she is there to keep me sane. Everyone there is really friendly and professional, I think they're a great team. More of a big family actually. When I start talking I tend to just go on and on so I think I will end it here. Over I'm really happy with dr j and his team. Ps you should always trust his instincts. If he had listened to me and gone with 560cc I think I would be crying everyday about his they're way too big. 540 will be a perfect size for me once they've set. Dr j knows best!

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