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Hello everyone!!! This is my first post here....

Hello everyone!!!

This is my first post here. After many many months and years of wanting a breast augmentation. My boyfriend has offered to put the costs which I can not cover on a credit card so I don't have to wait any longer! He is very supportive of my decision although I don't think he could care less about it either way.

When I first starting talking about it he didn't agree, or see the point. He said I was beautiful the way I was and he liked my breasts. After about a year of my continuously researching and looking on this site, he humoured me and started asking questions (if I would go huge, why I want it, what exactly I would get done, what the procedure would be etc.).

Earlier this month he had offered to allow me to use his credit card for the remaining cost of the procedure ((difference from what I've saved so far) I will also be giving him the monthly payments, he is not paying for it).

I am so excited that he's jumped on the boobie bandwagon (LOL). He mostly just wants me to happy and confident with my body.

SOOOOO...now I'm really just searching for surgeons within driving distance of Toronto or Niagara Falls NY whom specialize in tubular breast augmentations. I don't want to be too far away incase, god forbid something happened or for follow-up appointments, etc.

A bit about myself! I am a 24 year old female, 5'7, no kids, living in Niagara Falls Canada and on the road to the healthiest me. I have struggled a lot with my weight (including bingeing) and fitness all my life. A few years ago (before I starting dating my bf) I fell very low. I had gained 40+ pounds in about 2 months. I had a horrrrrrrrrrible relationship with food, and became very depressed because of my weight gains, which didn't help the situation any. Since then I've been trying to get it back together, while also trying to get control of my "eating disorder" without restricting myself. I am on the path now to be back to my healthy/goal/original weight and I am much much more happy with my life and where am at now.

Due to losing this last little bit of weight and also the timing with work. I am aiming to have surgery come winter, and booking a few consults between now and mid-summer.

If ya'll know of any surgeons within a few hours drive from me that do great tubular augmentations, or if you have any suggestions please let me know!!

I will try to keep everyone up to date as I'm on my search :)

Talk to you soon,

Making Progress

I thought I'd give a bit of an update.. I have lost a good amount of weight since the last post, and many inches. I am closer to my goal, and boobies :) I have roughly 25 more lbs to lose then on come the consultations!!!!!

Well the time has come! I have been contemplating...

Well the time has come! I have been contemplating this for so many years and it's finally here. I went in for a consult with Dr. J on Monday (July 11) and booked in today for the earliest opening, July 28. Two weeks and one day!! I'm nervous and excited.

I found these reviews so helpful in the past few years so I'm going to do my best to keep it updated along the way.

I had read a few reviews stating Dr.J was very cold and didn't seem to care. I had the exact opposite experience. He was very polite, friendly, and professional. He made me feel very comfortable, cracked a few jokes here and there, and gave his honest opinion.

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