24 Years Old. 5'10. 140lbs. Silicone Cohesive Gel Implant (450cc HP Under Muscle) Toronto, ON

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Consult on April 25, 2016 in Toronto ON Surgery on...

Consult on April 25, 2016 in Toronto ON
Surgery on June 27, 2016 in Toronto ON
Size pre op: 32A
Goal Size: 32D - 32DD

I have an athletic lean build at 5'10 weight 135-145lbs over the past year currently 140lbs. I have been planning and thinking about undergoing the procedure for a while but finally saved up and am excited for the procedure. I prioritize fitness and aesthetics and feel like I can effectively control all aspects of my physique (abs, legs tone etc) but I have 32A size pre op and have always wanted to increase.

Concerns / Wishes pre op
- natural look - do not want a high upper pole or pushed up look
- still want to be able to work out / practice hot yoga / run / perform high intensity classes at Equinox
- want to be able to "play up or play down" the augmented look
- want to ensure band width is appropriate - outer reach in to armpit look is a concern
- want to go natural but still at least a full D - of the view that if Im going to do it I might as well go big

Day Before Surgery!

Pre Op Photos!
5'10 - 145lbs - 32A

Day of Surgery

Day of Surgery - June 27, 2016

Very positive experience undergoing surgery in a private clinic setting. Excellent caring staff and very efficient with little wait or idle time. Arrival at 7:30am for 8:30 surgery - met with the nurse, plastic surgeon for markings and finally the very thorough anesthesiologist. Only part of the day that was a little scary was that I actually walked myself in to the operating room - I had in my mind a vision of getting wheeled in but actually walking in to the room full of people around the table waiting for my arrival and hopping on the bed was not what I imagined! It was completely relaxing and after the IV a few words from the nurses and only 2 breaths I was out! It felt like only a second had passed so when I woke up I asked "did it happen yet - when are we starting" and the nurse in the recovery room said it was all done and went well - my surgery was only 45 mins!! I had no nausea / confusion as I had anticipated and simply felt a little sleepy and within 30 mins I was up and awake - the nurse helped me change back in to my clothes I came in and my mom came to meet me to review post op care - soon they wheeled me out to the car and I was driving home! The anesthesiologist must have been truly excellent - I had no residual lightheaded, nausea, confusion, or disorientation - I was checking work emails on my iPhone in the car home! I was home by about 12:30!

Feeling exactly as expected - extremely tight (even taking deep breaths is a challenge!) and very swollen. I need assistance for basically every move I take - standing, bathroom etc - but its not pain its just being very cautious on my part. I kind of imagine this is what its like to feel elderly... unable to move due to discomfort but not actually in pain. My entire body - arms / legs etc have entirely blown up! SO swollen its crazy but I understand why.

Aftercare : Tylenol 500ml as base pain management, antibiotic, muscle relaxor and OXY as needed. Did not take OXY all day long! Only 1 before bed and slept all night. Icing every hour as instructed - swelling is largely in the side / armpit area which was described as normal. I am wearing a surgical bra 24/7 and am not to take it off until my first post op apt which is 4 days post op. I will be wearing the bra a full month! My plastic surgeon called this evening around 7pm to check in on me which was very helpful and kind - although I didnt have any major concerns or issues.

Beyond prescribed medication - I am also taking arnica 1ml x 4 day + 1 times daily pure collagen in powder form (6,600mg), my regular supplements from health food store - "the ulimate one active women", high dose pure vitamin c (absorbic acid power), high potency liquid vitamin d (4000mg) and "naturally calm" - pure magnesium power before bed to aid sleep. I drank about 3L of water today - no tea or coffee - and ate only whole foods - homemade bone broth, fresh pineapple and watermelon and wild rice and plain grilled chicken with asparagus for dinner. I want to ensure my diet and supplementation supports a speedy recovery!

Size update - I am very pleased with the 450 cc placement and size - it doesnt feel too big at all even with swelling - they are sitting very wide but not too high - I am very pleased overall with my help in the size selection process and shape (high, smooth, round, cohesive gel, natrelle, under the muscle)

1 Day Post Op

Feeling very tight in the chest but very minimal pain
Slept 10 hours last night with the help of Oxy - woke up once for a re dose of Oxy
Very very swollen and tight but becoming increasingly mobile - able to brush my hair / wash my face etc. Icing is helping a lot!

As per photo looking quite high / square / pointed but Im not sure what else to expect about 24 hours out of surgery! Recovery is an extremely positive process to date.

2 Days Post Op

Less square already! No pain. simply dealing with expected tightness
I am experiencing significant numbness all over which is not very comfortable but I am sure this will pass - feels very uncomfortable without the support of the surgical bra - which I only had off for about a minute to take the photo and take a look - they feel like numb orbs that don't yet belong to my body! No pain at all just very tired and bloated resting and working from home .

6 Days Post Op

Days 3 and 4 were more of the same - very little activity on my part - basically in bed not moving except for occasionally moving to the backyard to lie down more. Eating normally - all healthy clean foods - not eating any dairy or processed foods. Pain is very minimal but very large amounts of swelling persist.

Had my Day 4 post op which is normally at 5 days but there is a stat holiday in Canada. Everything is progressing normally but my swelling is larger than average due to my lean build - I was told the more athletic you are the harder is is for the body to receive the implants. I can shower after 5 days and scar management begins at Day 10 for 3 months.

They are dropping very well and changing every day. Day 5 I went back to my apartment and am fairly mobile again - I'm having a pretty easy time because my boyfriend is doing everything for me - carrying all groceries / cooking / dishes / cleaning etc. I am very lucky :) Massaging began Day 5 and although uncomfortable is INCREDIBLE at releasing the swelling - my comfort level has increased significantly since I began the massages.

1 week post op

At 1 week post op I am back to work and feeling great
They are dropping more and more every day!
Massaging is helping a lot with residual swelling and any pain
Still took Tylonol 500ml x2 twice today as well as all my vitamins
I am getting tired very quickly and my energy totally crashed at 2pm and I had to head home and work from home for the day - my office is a very casual startup in walking distance from my apartment so it was very easy!
I finally weighed myself post surgery and came in at 148 - considering 2lbs of implants 146 is not a bad post surgery weight considering I am likely still holding fluid / swelling not to mention I have not been going to the washroom very often still from all the medication last week - I am being very strict with my diet to ensure I dont gain any weight from my inactivity. Hoping I can take the next 5 weeks of inactivity to lean down my physique as much as possible to sit right at 140lbs with implants before starting to work out again.
I begin scar management on post op day 9 and continue to find my recovery a great positive process! Cant wait for them to drop and soften even more!

Week 2 In Review

First week back to work went as well as expected!
Very tired first 2 days back (7 and 8 days post op)
Small walks some days but still resting lots
Softening and dropping every day!
Bought 2 lululemon sports bras ("stuff your bra 2 bra" and minimalist bra" both in size 8) and they are great and supportive
My weight decreased 5lbs in the past 5 days - I imagine lots of swelling is still going down and I have had a very low appetite the past few days - often not having dinner due to laziness and non existent hunger. No more swelling or puffy feeling at all! Took about 2 full weeks for it to go down.
Very happy overall and love them more every day!

Almost 3 weeks post op

Implants continuing to drop and "fluff"
Coming closer together every day
Still sleeping on back as its more comfortable
At this point I think Im full back to my pre op level of energy and mobility
Had my first night out since surgery with higher alcohol consumption and was fine
Maintaining weight at 145 (with implants) despite no exercise - really keen to get back in the gym as I am losing a lot of muscle definition
Incisions healing beautifully! I am applying scar gel and tape every day as instructed - feels good to know they are being kept clean and protected in the hot summer heat in Toronto

I continue to be so happy with my recovery!

5 Weeks Post Op - 32DDD

Cleaned for exercise 5 weeks post op!
Everything is healing really well
Fitting in my old lululemon size 6 workout tops and buying new lululemon size 8 sports bras
Was fitted a 32DDD / 34DD at VS - but the 32DD at VS pink fit well too - did not buy any as I want to wait until 2 months post op since they are still changing - I am ok with no bra in many tops since its summer and under shirts I wear my Calvin Klein sports bras and its very comfortable
I am continuing scar management for 2 more months and the scars are healing very well
I have begun exercise again and am OK running with a good supportive bra! I did a barre class yesterday and am completely fine - just feeling a little un fit since I have had so much time off
Looking forward to buying a bikini for an end of summer cottage trip - going to buy a proper sized one from VS in 32DD top and S bottom (online)

My 5 week post op with Dr Brown & his PA Stephanie were excellent - thorough review of my healing and progress and it all went well! I will be back for one final appointment at 6 months post op.

Happy every day I did it!! I highly recommend to everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my thread - message me with any questions :)

5 Months Post Op

5 months post op
Continuing to soften even so long after surgery!
Very happy with results although they are a little far apart - however this was my existing anatomy so not much could be done to change this.
Measuring 32DDD or 32DD in most bras
Very happy with results!
Could have gone bigger than 450 in retrospect - 500 or 550 would have been totally manageable!

Final Before & After

6 months post op

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Outstanding experience undergoing a first plastic surgery experience - breast augmentation - 450cc high profile, cohesive gel, under the muscle. I am a 24 year old young professional living in downtown Toronto and am highly satisfied with my experience with Dr Mitchel Brown. I was referred to Dr Brown via my GP who said he had the best academic reputation of any plastic surgeon in Toronto. He was also coincidentally recommended to me by a family friend who is also a surgeon in Toronto. When I originally called for a consultation in April 2016 I was not able to book until August 2016 - however within a week I was given another call that a consult spot opened the next week! I booked it for April 25 where I first met Dr Brown and was introduced to the breast augmentation process and procedure. He was extremely thorough and detailed and didnt rush any of my questions or concerns. I like that we talked about making decisions based on existing anatomy in order to produce a natural look even though I wanted a larger size. I was confident enough on him and his recommendation after the initial consult to book my surgery for June 27. A week before surgery I came back for the pre op appointment with a friend - we spent time with his physicians assistant Stephanie and then were joined by Dr Brown to choose the size. I am very glad that he explained all my options and put a limit on my maximum size at 450cc to still achieve a natural result. The payment process was reasonable - I paid in full via credit card at the time of the pre op appointment. On the day of surgery I had an outstanding experience at his private clinic facility in Yorkville - in at 7:30 and home by 11:30. Everyone was so kind and my mother who came with me to surgery day was very comfortable with the day of process - since she went in with little expectations. My recovery was very easy and follow up care thorough. I cannot recommend my experience enough - in fact I have already sent a friend who is interested in the process but is only 17 years old - for a first consult with him and she had a very positive experience. You cannot go wrong with this surgeon and team - coming from someone with meticulous and sometimes impossibly high standards in every aspect of life from education, employment, personal relationships, financial management, standard of living, personal grooming and personal appearance - I was no different when it came to my plastic surgery experience. I am truly as type A as they get and there is no one else than Dr Brown and this team that could have satisfied my standard for perfection!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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