28 year old first BBL with DR Levine Toronto

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Its funny how when you want to gain weight you...

Its funny how when you want to gain weight you lose it and wheb you want to lose weight you struggle like crazy...... lol

Having dr. Levine in toronto do my procedure.

Anyone wanna share their recovery process stories? When did you actually sit on the big bum after the procedure?? Im not planning to take any pain meds (narcotics). Anyone did it without and lived to tell the tale??

Any feedback or support would be appreciated :)

Hey guys!Just left my dr's an hour ago after a...

Hey guys!

Just left my dr's an hour ago after a BBL. looks big and sore and im swollen all over ugh. I have liquid coming out of the incisions. My garmet barely fit me haha. They had to make a run to get a bigger size. So far i feel conscious about my new ass because. It looks and feels hard n HUGE. I wanted a smaller waist, and a bigger bum but not too big....... Btw im On my way to buy a. Massage table with the head rest that has the face cut out to be able to sleep on my stomach. Did anybody try those? What is the best position to sleep and I cannot sleep on my stomach because my neck really hurts when I put it to the side I love sleeping on my side but then I may turn around and sleep on my back all night. Any suggestions? I also bought a booty buddy pillow and so far it is terrible it's slides from under my legs I can't sit on it properly I think I'm doing it wrong. I will try and YouTube the right way of using it when I get home. So far pretty sore lying on my side in the car in the back. I will post some before pictures tonight when I take it off my camera and will keep sharing my story if anybody is interested to hear. So far my experience is great

i miss sitting on my ass

sleeping and just getting through the day has been TERRIBLE!!!!!! i cannot sleep on my side (thighs go numb and i feel pressure on my ass cheeks somehow), my arms fall asleep when i am on my stomach and the massage table was so hard and uncomfortable im bringing it back..... so for now i use a bean bag all day to lay on my stomach with pillows under my knees. i look hilarious to my family lol. the things we do for "beauty" ughhhh. took the pain meds because the swelling, pain and stiffness were BAD. overall i LOVE the look now that it went down a bit but i am afraid it will go down more....... the lipo made my waist smaller already and i know it is still 7 days post op and there will be more positive and beautiful change.... looking forward to sitting on my ass lol
here are some pics....

in the hospital with a severe infection

so about 6 days ago i noticed my butt getting a bright red spot on my right butt cheek.... it was tender and a bit warm. four days later the spot grew in size and was very hot, super painful, swollen and super hard/firm. i went in to see my surgeon Wednesday dec 7th when i was not able to lay down without pain and standing was excruciating too. the swelling and redness were bad. i had a 38.6 fever all morning and i was vomiting. he told me to go to hospital if it got worse....... so 2 hours after i saw him i spike a 40.2 C fever and felt like i was dying..... the pain was unreal. i was crying....... went to emerg where they kept me on a hard stretcher from wednesday 8 pm until friday 12pm........ what a joke our health care system is....... it was hard to manage my pain because i take opiate blocking agents which made this experience related to a ride in hell.

so i apparently have an abscess and they had to switch me from one antibiotic to the strongest kind because my WBC were rising still with the first (keflex) and the white blood cell count seems to lower with the pepex or whatever strongest available antibiotic they put me on. i am so ANGRY that this crap happened to me...... i knew there was no guarantee for my results but this bullshit is beyond ridiculous. i cry at least five times a day from pain and discomfort.....my ass is bright red swollen like a baboon and hurting. no one knows exactly what is going on. the nurses on this retarded unit are lacking clinical judgement and common sense. i am so done with feeling like crap. wanted to do my procedure before xmas and my bday on 23rd..... i guess i will still pay the price on both......

Still in hospital getting worse

Infection spreading across my cheek. There now is a big lump there... i am in so much pain and the nurses have been terrible (not all).
I dont know if i will even come out of this alive, let along worry about results. I just pray it will not become necrotic. Still in hospital and will stay for a while.
I am so disappointed and angry!!!!!!!

Out of hospital. Not sure if it was worth it

I am feeling shafted at the moment. Not sure if it was ever worth it. It set me back in my recovery, i was away for 9 days away from my family in the worst pain i have ever had, on the strongest medications available.......... i dont think it was worth it. My results are minimal at this point if even noticeable. I am angry. Very frustrated. The infected abscess was drained (6cc) and i feel better now but the swelling and pain caused local fat cell death that fucked up my results. I dont know what to do. My dr says its less than 1% chance to get an infection but it was so bad. I thought i was going to die....... not worth it. No results, 10,000$ out and sick and away from my family and kids for 9 days and now getting back on suboxone which makes me want to die.....
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr levine looked like a great Dr to me and answered all my questions. Based on other peoples reviews i chose him to do my BBL. I should have spent more money for someone else. He brought in two resident students into my surgery after i was put to sleep and they were involved in my surgery (god knows how much work they did for practice and how much he did). I got an infection 5 days after the surgery that put me in the hospital for 9 days. For the most part i was seeing his residents at the hospital and not him. For almost 10,000 i expected more. One butt cheek is noticeably smaller than the other. It looks hidious!! I am soooooooo angry. After such a terrible experience and hard recovery i am forced into looking for another surgeon to fix this mess. I will keep posting updates and pictures

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