21 Years Old, 150 Lbs at 5'8 - Toronto, ON

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I have always wanted fuller hips, especially...

I have always wanted fuller hips, especially because I naturally have the "violin" shape which accentuates my love handles the minute I gain a pound or two.
I would like to see my hips smoothed out, love handles completely gone and a fuller bottom. I don't have much fat for my doctor to take, but I'm hoping to get the hourglass shilouette I've always wanted by having my love handles and thighs lipo'd. I want that stubborn area of fat right at the top of my inner thighs removed. I think it'll make a bit of a difference in the way my body photographs, which is important to me.
I have chosen Martin Jugenburg for my surgery. My operation is on the 17th of November and my doctor and I have discussed that since I am thin, my results won't be a "Kim-Kardashian" butt, however the contours that can be created with my fat will be an improvement to my shape.
I'm excited to be able to wear tight dresses!

I'm hoping for lipo on my thighs during my procedure!

Paid & Prepped!

No turning back now. I've completed all of my pre op forms and handed in the payment in full.
I can't WAIT!

7 Day Countdown!!!

Here is what my body looks like pre-op! I wasn't trying to hold my stomach in, for reference. My lower abdominals are weak and that's why my stomach sticks out, the doctor said. There isn't much fat there, it's all in my sides.

I can't wait for this surgery, but I am also nervous. I have had a breast augmentation and I never even felt the need to pick up a prescription for the pain! This surgery, I think it'll be a little different.

I have a capsular contracture on my left breast which will be revised during my BBL. So much going on that day!! Wish me luck...

Photoshoped Wish Pics (Of Me)

The day after tomorrow!!

I have to get a new urinal.. I bought one from Shoppers Drug Mart and when I opened it, it was full of liquid and a plastic white bag. SO gross I freaked out and went back... Employees let me know that it "probably just didn't get checked after being returned". Yuck!!

Anyways, pee drama aside I can't wait for Tuesday morning! My surgery is at 8:30 am, so it's practically 35 hours away!!!

Here are some more wish pics! I basically want a Brazilian hip lift lol.

Fully Healed!

My butt looks amazing!! My hips are filled out and I have a beautiful slim hourglass shape.

Dr Martin Jugenburg really understood what I wanted and delivered incredible results.

I was happy to have the pain medication this surgery (I didn't use any for my breast augmentation). The soreness was just that, sore. No pain during recovery, but I was very stiff and sore. The fact that I was unable to sit (without ruining my result) for 1 month was difficult to endure.

Between standing and laying on my stomach 100% of the time, (hello sore neck) it made for a difficult recovery but the results make it completely worth it.

I have massaged out most of the lumps in my stomach, although I need to take better care because I have a small lump around my belly button.

Getting dressed is SO fun now, shopping is a whole new experience as well.

I am overall very pleased, I am planning the removal and replacement of my breast implants as well as a lift and chin lipo. All with Dr Jugenburg of course. Excellent Doctor!

8 Months Pregnant Post BBL

So almost immediately after my surgery (3 months) I fell pregnant and I didn't see many reviews from girls who had become pregnant after this surgery.

I have gained 40 pounds so far in 8 months and the majority of the weight is now in my bum, legs and upper back and arms. My stomach (although large) still seems firm and my love handles have hardly any fat on them.

I am happy I did this surgery before pregnancy because I think I would feel like a whale without my shape, knowing I used to gain weight only in the midsection.

At this point in my pregnancy I am excited for my newborn baby as well as getting my post baby body.

I want to have a second round of liposuction, remove the breast implants I have and transfer some of the fat into my breasts, scar revision on my breast lift which has turned to keloid scarring (yikes) because of the stretching of my skin during pregnancy.

I am also looking to have a brow lift as that is something I've been wanting for a very long time.

Looking forward to keeping this thread updated!!! I plan on breastfeeding for the first bit after birth, and I've been told I have to wait until after I finish breastfeeding to have any surgery.

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