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I was looking at something else but decided to...

I was looking at something else but decided to look into braces and found that there weren't a lot of comments on it, so I decided to write my story about my experience and my opinions. Hope you enjoy :D

First of all, when I was a kid, I drank lots and lots of milk (like... 3 cups a day). My teeth had been really out of place ( but not all that bad), they fold in and out, but not up and down. Any who, my mum decided that she wanted my teeth to be straight, so we went to an orthodontist that was close by and that was recommended by my mum's friend.

My ortho was Dr. Perry Lui
I don't have the exact address but you can google him up.
(Market Village @ Pmall to all you Torontonians)

The environment of the office is really nice, tailored for kids mostly. They have a TV, books, magazines and (I bet none of you thought of this) video games. I kid you not, it's true. It's really an awesome place to work, if I had the choice of working there or not. Anyways, the dentist (I will refer to him as that from now on) was nice enough to meet us after office hours. We talked about the prices, and he answered any questions we had. We decided right then that we would do it, and I got these elastic things stuck in between my back molars. The elastics were to make more "space" for the teeth to be pushed back. We then set up an appointment for when I would actually have my braces put on.

About 2-3 weeks after, I had to leave classes early to go and have my braces put in place. There were no sedatives or anything anesthetics, I watched the whole process and waited as they peered into my mouth. It's a really weird feeling... like having your teeth washed, but like... they're like putting stuff in... yeah... I don't know how to explain it, but all in all, it was alright. When the procedure was done, I felt no pain (which does not last mind you). It's the weird-est feeling ever once you actually have the braces on. They like... stick out of your teeth and your lips have to adjust to it. I remember myself licking it, or having uncomfortable feelings about it, but I quickly got used to it within 1-2 weeks.

When I got home, my mom cooked congee for me (because you're not supposed chew, so watery stuff is the way to go). I had congee for about a week, so ensure that my teeth can get used to my braces. After eating, it was bed time, and I got this contraption that's supposed to push the teeth back even more. Putting it on really hurts, you are literally pushing your teeth back and it's a constant, numbing pain. Anyhow, I went back to the dentist a month after, and he was like... GOOD JOB :D, as my teeth was moved back a lot. I kept it on for about 1 month ish, then I lacked the motivation to put it on (it hurts man...). But trust me.... DON'T DO THAT, DON'T BE LIKE ME!

I've had braces on for 6 years... yeah.. i know... that's a lot.... its because I'm always lazy to wear elastics (I'll tell you about that a bit more), but I want to tell you the generally gist of it over the years. Basically, you live a carefree life, worrying about your own matters, but once a month, you go back and get your braces tightened. The fun part about this is that you get to choose what colour you want! (:D) Of course, if you are getting invisible braces (which most adults do), then you don't get this fun (:
Dr. Perry Lui

AMAZING doctor. Very caring, loving and experienced. Not your average doctor, not your average dentist office. A great place to get braces! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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