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Hello! I had my nose corrected when I was younger,...

I had my nose corrected when I was younger, and now, 18 years and a completely crooked and protruding implant later - have finally decided this needs fixing! I'm really nervous, and looking for personal stories and/or recommendations for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Ontario. I want to remove the implant and use my own cartilage for the reconstruction.

1st In-Person Consult with Toronto Doctor: Richard Rival

I've had a few email consults already, and of these, have been most impressed with Dr. Charles S Lee (Beverly Hills) - thanks Aria K for the intro! Tomorrow I have my first local in-person consult with Dr. Rival. Granted there are mixed reviews for him, but I want to chat with him in person first before I formulate an opinion. My main concern is that he doesn't seem very experienced with Asian noses. Will update again to let everyone know my thoughts on this surgeon after the consult. If anyone has feedback for him, please feel free to share as well!

2nd In-Person Consult in Toronto: Dr. Oakley Smith

My consult with Dr. Rival was good. But after reading about the mixed reviews, I figured I didn't want to take the chance. I got an appointment with Dr. Smith last minute as there was a cancellation. Saw him last Thursday, and have decided to proceed with him as it was impossible to find unhappy previous clients. My revision is scheduled for two weeks from now; I'm having my current implant removed, and as long as there isn't infection present, will have reconstruction using cartilage from my ears and septum. If there is infection, it will become a staged revision, and I will have the implant removed, let my nose heal for 6 months then come back for reconstruction in 6 months. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this will be a one-time shot - but if not - I will probably be pretty depressed for 6 months living with a deformed nose. Will keep everyone posted with updates! All the reviews on here have been so helpful for me during a very stressful time and I plan to pay it forward in case anyone else is in the same boat as me.

One week to go for revision rhinoplasty (in Toronto)!

So incredibly nervous. Just picked up the pain prescriptions in advance, and will be picking up the rest of my supplies this weekend. Will post updates!

Revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Oakley Smith (Toronto)

Yesterday was pretty wild all together. My procedure required removing my current silicone implant (which was crooked, and protruding out the tip), and reshaping my nose using my own cartilage. The entire procedure was 3.5 hours; I woke up incredibly disoriented, uncomfortable, and my throat was burning so badly! Soon after waking up the pain took over, and so they gave me some additional morphine which didn't do anything for me either. Waited a while for the nurse to give me some percocets, and finally, the pain started to subside. I asked to look at my nose right away. It was a lot better than what I had imagined! I was expecting a lot more swelling, and immediate bruising. I had almost no bruising, and the swelling was only moderate. Dr. Smith popped by to see me afterwards to give me an update. He was pleased with the procedure, so that made me feel more confident about how my nose would look despite all the swelling. Last night was manageable so long as I remembered to take the pain medication on time. The most important thing I learned from the first day was this: it is sooo much better to keep on top of the pain than to play catch-up. I was apprehensive at first about the high dosage of pain killers so thought I could decrease it - boy was I ever wrong. Once it hit me, I felt like my face was going to explode! Today is day two, and I'm thankful to report that excruciating pain notwithstanding - I am recovering at a pretty fast rate. Uploading pics here as well. Will try to remember to update again soon.
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