38 Y.o. 3 Kids. Need Tummy Tuck. Toronto, ON

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My last baby was born 3 years ago. He is 10 years...

My last baby was born 3 years ago. He is 10 years younger younger then two of my other kids. Even though I manage to lose all the baby weight - my body does not look the same any more. None of my old clothes fit and I feel like I lost myself. The surgery is in a month - 15 December 2015 and I am hoping to lose at least 10 lbs before that.

3 weeks before surgery

Today I received at least 40 pages from Dr office to read and sign. I did not do an of that 6 years ago. Had to go for a blood test and fill out health questionnaire too.
I would not bother to lose weight but I am embarrassed - I am not going to much my spring pictures they took at the dr office, I always gain weight in s winter - if is cold and gloomy and depression always gets the best of me :(
Anyways, I am going to try my best, but without getting too obsessed, I will weight myself right before The Big day and see

Two weeks before the surgery

yesterday I paid for my surgery. The balance is weighting down my conscience and my visa bill :(
I weighted myself today morning and it is down only 3 pounds :( hope next two weeks I will be more consistent with my diet and swimming regimen
Only one thing that makes me happy is the newly found 5-HTP suppliments: it controls my mood swings and curbed my sugar/sweets cravings, without it I would probably already bit someone... My step kids are acting out lately and my son got 3 days suspension from school yesterday :(

Just found my 6 years old pics

I took them 6 years ago, right after my breast augmentation and before my baby was born. I wish I could me myself again, but I don't think it is possible :(

Tomorrow is a Big Day

Yesterday I went to pre op appointment - drove for 2 hours (both ways) just to be seen for 5 min. I really hope he will do a bit more then he promises ( as I heard from one lady on this site) because I was really disappointed to hear that he won't do much of the Lipo on my saddle bags and I will probably still gonna have these 3 rolls on my sides, which were created by my underwear pressing on my skin. This is all very depressing to me, I just hope at this point that it will be worth the money I spent.
Today I picked up all the meds that he had prescribed to me - I was horrified to see 8 little jars (prescription) and 2 packs over the counter ones. OMG. Paid $30 and this is only 20 percent of the cost - thanks to insurance.
My surgery is at 11 am, but I have to be there at 9. Probably the hardest part will be not eating until then, because I am getting out of bed having my stomach growling with hunger every day. Lol. I am scared and excited at the same time

It hurts

today is he second day after my surgery, everything went fine, I am home now. Let me tell you - it hurts s lot! My stomach under a binder is very swollen and hard, skin looks all bluish like not even real. I have no feeling around my scar, but my tummy hurts like hell every time I move. The nurse told me to remove the binder 5 times z day to let myself breath, but when I remove it it hurts oven worse he with it. So far I am very sore, week and sick. Hope every day will be easier then previous. Funny hing happened today - while my nurse was cleaning my skin around s scar I noticed a little noting speck. I said yo her: "there is some dirt here. Please, wipe some more". She looked at it and said: "no, it is just a beauty mark". And I said: I never had a beauty mark down there!" And hen I realized that it was under my breast, that is why I never see it before, and yesterday if got pulled all the way down, Lol

5 days since my surgery - time for update

Well, that can I say? It was officially worst 5 days of my entire life due to being constantly in pain, not able to sleep, eat and even breath - thanks to this super tight binder. I am glad it is getting better and I swore to myself this morning that after all I went through I will never put another piece of cake into my mouth again!!! Lol
I am very swollen, especially my pubic area - it is probably tripled in size. My leggs and ass is huge and full of bruises. Even my feet and toes are swollen.
My waist looks unbelievably thin and my hudband said that my boobs look huge because of that. Well I don't mind that.
I don't have drains and I am happy about it, because I think I would feel even more miserable with them.
My first post op appointment is on Tuesday. Until then I can't take shower, yesterday I took sponge bath and my daughter washed my hair. She is such a sweetheart. Her and my son were taking care of me and this little brother for the whole 4 days, since my husband was leaving to work at 6 am and coming back around 8 pm every day. Weekend is finally here

I am sad and worried now

i just stumbled across a very bad review on the Dr who did my surgery. The lady was complaining in details about Mommy makeover she vent through. I left a comment for her and it stirred up the whole bunch of memories about my previous surgeries and my doubts about going to the same surgeon this time.
Both off my last surgeries needed a revision. Everything ended up perfect but I am scared now about the outcome of this one. It has been so painful last week that I don't want to have another surgery again in my life.
Tomorrow is my follow up appointment, but the Dr is so cold and unpersonal, I don't feel like going there. The resorption its is too sweet and does not sound genuine at all, I don't understand why other ppl praising her so much. Post sufgery nurse was just plainly rude to me while I was feeling like I am on my last breath. I know I am way too sensitive and it was always the problem of mine. Just want to cry

Today was a good day

I was driving myself to an appointment today morning. I was a bit worried, since I did not drive for a whole week and this is quite a long drive, but everything went well. Hyways of Toronto are congested any time of the day and getting ever worst before holly days so I was anticipating the worst, but it was surprised to see the traffic very light. I miss driving and going out made me feel much better.
Annoying big mouth Kim was not there today so I did not have to listen to her never ending fake compliments to my grace and beauty.
And the best of all: the Dr was in a good mood today! He was very kind and attentive. Looked at me and listen to my complains and answering questions. Him and the nurse changed bandages, removed the bandage from my belly button. I was a bit disappointed to see how flat it is (I used to have very cute one for my taste anyways), but then I remember how squished everything under that binder and I decided I won't sweat about it for now. Scar stitches are very thin and smooth. He showed before and after pictures and he said I look great. He said that he removed 650 grams of skin, 1500 ml of fat and my muscle separation was very minimal, despite the fact that I have 3 kids, but he fixed it anyways. I was very happy to be treated like a person/human/lady and not like a peace of meat needed improvement. He wished me all the best and I left his office flying - well, not really flying, more like drugging my feet and looking like 90 years old grandma, but in a great mood :)
And the best off all, once I came home, I was finally be able to have BM.
Yeh, life is good!!! :)
I will post my pics tomorrow, it is too late now and everything is swelled up

7 days pics

I took shower today - it is kind of hard to stand all crouched in a shower trying to wash your hair lol and when you come out all out of breath you still need to dry the bandages with a hair dryer for another 10 min. Anyways, I feel much better today and I was even able to clean kitchen and sweep :)
Today is the last day of my antibiotic and I am not taking pain pills any more :)

2 weeks PO

today is 2 weeks since my surgery. I would say I am 75 percent back, meaning it does not hurt any more, I can actually stand straight - just have to remind myself about it. The most annoying part is my binder - now I wear it over the folded four times baby blanket and two mouse pads under the binder seems over my sides. Binder creases badly and these creases painfully digging into my sides. I wanted to weight myself today, but the scale battery is dead :( Oh, well.

3 weeks PO

today is 3 weeks since my surgery. Couple days ago I removed the tape covering my sutures, mostly because I was sick and tired of drying it with s hair drier after each shower. Lately I have been sweating a lot (especially at night), so I am taking a shower at least twice a day so I decided to get rid of annoyance. ;)
Well, what can I say: I knew that this smooth sailing through healing was way to good to be true. In my life it is more like: everything that could possibly go wrong - goes wrong! Even though my shape is obviously way better then before, So far the only thing I like is thin suture. Oh yes, of coarse: NO DOG YEARS, I was worrying about too. But everything else sucks. Let me make a list:
1. I hate my belly button. I know, it is still full of crust and in early stages of healing and my stomach around it looks and feels like piece of rock, which does not help, but I really hope that if will improve greatly, because right now there is No Way I could ever show it to anyone:(
2. The shape is uneven. It looks and feels like there is still huge chunk of fat on my right side oblique:(
3. My thighs are huge. I look like Nicki Minage in the mirror! I paid $1000 to suck out fat off my thighs, but it seems like it is still there!!!
Anyways, I am already started to prepare myself for the worse outcome :(

13 lbs weight loss

today I went for my annual check up with my family Dr. For me it is more like once in 4 years check up - last to I was here before my son was born, just because I don't enjoy the whole thing that much! But really, how can you stand a Pap smear taken by a Dr who knows you, your husband, your kids and entire family and is like a family to you now too? Anyways, nurse checked my weight and I am at 152 pounds right now!!! I was so happy :) Dr said: oh, I see you gained 2 pounds since last time I saw you! He gave me a paper with info on what to eat and what not to eat and said: Read when you have time, but generally speaking IF IT TASTES GOOD - DONT EAT IT!!! Lol I did not mention to him that i ate like no one was watching and I gained 50 pounds while being pregnant. Embarrassing!

4 weeks PO

today was my 4 week PO app. I did not expect to see a Dr, since I was told that the nurse will only remove my stitches and give me massage instructions. But then she looked at my alien BB, pushed on it few times and called him in the room. He took a quick look and said that he fixed my BB with 4 stitches and apparently all of them broke off - which is unusual. He said he can't fix it right now, because he will know for sure that at this stage of healing it will brake again. Then he told me not to worry and reassured me that it is easy fix and in 3 MONTHS after it is all healed he will be happy to fix it for me under local freezing. I am a bit upset now - 3 months sounds like a very long time for me and if looks and feels so weird. Nurse told me to get rid of BB crust by applying petroleum jelly on it to soften it up and rub it gently in a shower, which I did. I managed to get rid of 3 of them, but the biggest is still there and does not want to go. I decided to leave it alone for now.

Update on my BB

After I tried to soften up my scab with petroleum jelly and remove it, I realized that it is not s scab. It looks like an extra tisue picking through my incision. Anyways, I took a picture of that and sent it to my Dr asking for his opinion. I know, it looks like infected open incision ON THE PICTURE, but is reality it is not what it looks like. Anyways, Dr said he wants to see me on Tuesday, meanwhile he told me to keep it clean and put Polisporin on it. I am sure that he thinks it is infected too, but even though it is not, I think it is better to remove whatever it is now then in 3 months.

6 weeks PO

well, I have 2 good news: 1. My scab slowly, but surely peeling off. 2. My Belly button is slowly started sinking in. The rest of the things tensing the same: my tummy is still rock hard and feels very weird. The area of incision remains hard, raised and swollen. The shape of my stomach reminds me a shield or a chicken breast when it is still on the chicken body, rather then a woman body. I can walk straight, but I feel like my abdomen muscles are overnight and I even lost 2 cm off my total heigh just because I can't really stand tall. I still have sharp pains in my abdominal muscles often after walking a bit faster then usual, and I can't even think about running at all. I went to swim last night - j thought it is a good idea to get out of couch and self pittty mood: it was a failure. I can't swim: I can't band backwards to keep my head above the water. My muscles were hurting and felt overstretched. I used to do 60 laps not stop... and look at me now - I could barely do 4 before I gave up because of the sharp pain and went to a hot tub instead. OMG, will I ever feel NORMAL again????

9 weeks PO

Well, all I can say is: all of my strength came back now. I don't have pain any where, and yesterday I even decided to start doing P90X with my husband. Then I looked at how he is huffing and puffing there and change my mind. ;) instead, I went upstears and did level 1 Jillian Michaels 30 days shred. Funny thing: I did it first time about 4 years ago for 3 months and never since. I remember my very first time (4 years ago) I could not even finish it - it was so hard and way too intense for my fitness level. So what do you think? Yesterday I finished it all!!! I was huffing and puffing and today everything hurts, but I am so proud of myself :)
As for my BB, it looks flat as ever so I will definitely need a revision. The lower part of my stomach is still swollen and hard as a rock. It does not look any different then 3 weeks ago so no pics today

3 months update

just went for follow up with my PS. There are no news other then I booked a revision of my BB. Doctor said that because he made my stomach so tight and since I have no fat on my stomach, it is unlikely to be fixed, but he will try. It is a local procedure and will be done on Apr. 24, 2016. As for an uneven obliques - he told me to massage the area and if the issue does not get resolved in 3 months - he will try to fix it. I don't want to have any feelings about it, because all I can think about right now: it is all useless, I will have to live with this flat ugly unnatural looking BB. I will never going to wear a bikini in my life. I just wasted $13000. Botched

BB revision

last Thursday I had a belly button revision. Under local anaesthetic, it was very quick - in and out thing. I am very eased with the result. As always, not looking for perfection, just want took as natural as possible.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

He performed my breast augmentation 6 years ago and it looks great still. I hope to get the same great tummy to go along with my nice breasts

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