35 Years Old Mom of 2. Lipo/Tummy Tuck

TT w lipo tmrw! I did lot of research and picked...

TT w lipo tmrw! I did lot of research and picked my surgeon carefully . He is one of the best in industry.
He really put my mind to ease. I didn't feel rushed . He was very detailed in his post consult recommendation and I just felt comfortable. I cancelled my surgery with another top surgeon because I liked him so much

Day1 Post Op- Not as bad as I thought

My surgery was fairly long for 5 hours but recovery has been quiet easy .
I had 2 csections and compare both procedures to be almost same in pain level . Actually Tummy tuck is a bit easier

I'm still pretty swollen but already love my resujts . Will upload It pics soon
Again I had Tummy tuck , with lipo on flank, bra roll, arms and thighs

I can't wait to see my results on Sunday


Pic Day 2 Post-OP

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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