35 Year Old Male, Rhinoplasty. Toronto, ON

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I had a bad experience with Dr. Oakley Smith. He...

I had a bad experience with Dr. Oakley Smith. He performed Rhinoplasty on my nose about 3 years ago. I'm very unhappy with the results and when I explained to him, he didn't accept to fix the problems caused by the surgery. After surgery, my nose looked much wider and asymmetrical from the frontal view. He also removed so much from the tip of my nose. The tip of my nose looks weird and over shortened. He agreed that the result is a lousy result but he is not willing to fix it or even give me a refund. I really regret choosing him and I don't recommend him to any one because doesn't have a surgeon artistic skills. He just cut your nose and wish for the best. Don't believe his promises to you before surgery because after surgery he denies his promises when things go wrong. Anyways, I'm going to do revision rhinoplasty with another surgeon and hopping that the problems caused by Dr. Oakley Smith will be fixed by my new surgeon.

this after two years of surgery with Dr. Oakely Smith

Notice how my nose is wider and crocked after surgery
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