34 Years Old and Had Labiaplasty!!!

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I have been researching and contemplating getting...

I have been researching and contemplating getting a labiaplasty for many, many years. I have always been extremely self conscious of my labia minora sticking out and decided to start researching a surgeon to do this procedure. I live in Ontario Canada and have been researching surgeons for quite some time and all of the different techniques performed. My top two picks were Dr Leila Kasrai and Dr Martin Jugenburg. My first consult was with Dr Kasrai. She asked me about my concerns and did an examination and made he hold a mirror up to the area. I asked her what techniques she recommended, ie. trim or wedge? She said she would essentially decide what techniques would be used the day of the procedure. I did not feel comfortable with that response. I thought well you should give me an idea here at my consult. The consult felt somewhat rushed, I have heard really great things about Dr Kasrai but my consult did not leave me feeling that impressed. On another note as I had to travel to Toronto, I decided to try botox. I'm 34 and look pretty young still but started noticing some lines appearing about my eyebrows. Dr Kasrai administered 6 units of Botox in my forehead which is very little but she stated that she likes to start small which I really appreciate, almost three months later it looks great and you can't tell that I have Botox ! So I had my consult with Dr Martin Jugenburg a few weeks later at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. The consult went well, he examined my labia and he recommended a trim with an anterior extension! The anterior extension means I had more tissue closer to the clit area but did not receive a clitoral unhooding. I just had a lot of tissue! The consult was about 25 minutes in length, his assistant was in the room and she was very nice! Kim who is the RN patient coordinator I believe was awesome and was attentive to my needs and countless emails and phone calls prior to the procedure. I decided to choose dr Jugenburg as he had a lot of good reviews and I felt more comfortable with him. He also shows you his before abs after photos at the consult.He is nice , but not too overly friendly but I'm not paying him for his personality rather his skills which I feel are Speak for themselves if you read all of his reviews online. So I booked my procedure on November 9, 2016. I flew in from out out of town via porter which is very close to the clinic. My procedure was booked for 5pm, but was told to come to the office at 4pm. I essentially just sat around . I had the procedure around 530 or so and then there was the freezing! The freezing was the worst part, I screamed a few times, it's just a really weird pain I guess because perhaps it hits your nerves. Once the freezing took effect I felt nothing! The procedure took about 30 minutes or so and I sat in recovery for about 30 minutes. His nurse Jessica was great and helped and answered all of my questions. So I left clinic shortly after 7pm and headed to Porter Airport to travel home! The clinic recommended to travel home the same night as the freezing is still in effect. I didn't feel any pain just kind of loopy from the adavan I took prior to surgery. My flight was at 845pm which is a two hour flight home and the pain started around 930 and it was very uncomfortable. I could not wait to get home! I was prescribed Percocet and Tylenol 3. I took a t3 on the flight but it did nothing, took a percoset at the end of the flight and it definitely took the edge off but I woke up today feeling very nauseous from the Percocets. Today I am going to try to stick to T3 because I cannot handle the nausea. I'm just icing a lot which helps and laying in my couch taking it easy! I feel very tired today! I will post photos soon!!!


So today it day 2 after my labiaplasty procedure. I have attached before pictures and a picture from today. I contacted the clinic and sent them a photo as I saw som small ripping on my left side as I thought a stitch may have fallen out. The clinic told me I am healing perfectly and the rippling is due to swelling! I'm vety sore and itchy today and not on antibiotics. I guess being itchy is a part of the healing process!

Day 3 post op labiaplasty

Day 3 and obviously still tender but I have not taken any pain meds today! However I am extremely itchy and I'm pretty sure I do not have a yeast infection as dr Jugenburg does not prescribe antibiotics. I sent a photo yesterday to the clinic as I noticed rippling but they said I'm healing perfectly thus far and it's from the swelling! Prior to the surgery I started taking arnica Montana and bromealin that are supplements you can purchase at health food store for bruising and swelling! My sister brought me some Benadryl to hopefully help with the itch and icing also helps.

Labiaplasty day 3 post op

Day 3 post op

Day 5 post op labiaplasty

So today marks day 5 after my surgery! These last 5 days have felt very looonnngggg!!! I'm not posting a picture today as there is not much of a visual difference but I think the swelling is very slowly going down as it feels different down there, I feel like I have a bit more give I guess you could say! The itch I have experienced has been so terrible! My doctor did not prescribe antibiotics as it can cause yeast infections but I have been always been prone to yeast infections! I took a pill for yeast infection yesterday and I think it's starting to take the edge off in terms of itchiness. I emailed the office regarding the itch and an odour I noticed today, I guess that area is prone to get gross and smelly since it was essentially swollen shut so I continue to shower twice a day.

Day 6

No real changes to report except for itchiness! I feel like this itchiness internally is a form of torture. I was so itchy last night and I could not do anything to alleviate the itch. I started using an antihistamine that doesn't really work, vitamin c for healing, probiotics and continue talking bromealin for swelling. Itching is a normal part of the healing process but I think I would rather be in pain than the itchiness! I can feel all if my stitches and feel like I have a porcupine living in my crotch lol! That's my rant for the day. I am supposed to go back to work the day after today , that's going to be tough. I am going to tell my coworkers that I pulled my groin, hence the icing and walking. Ladies, the surgeon and clinics will tell you this is a minor procedure but it's not!! I know it's going to take time to heal and feel better and everytime I feel as if I am going to lose my mind I keep telling myself " No Pain No Gain!!!!

Day 8

Well I am happy to say the first week after my surgery is done! I called the surgeon's office yesterday because I know I didn't have a yeast infection but rather bacterial vaginitis, so I was prescribed antibiotics. The nurse said it will help me feel better. My swelling is slowly subsiding but the inside still is very swelled, I just have to be patient . I am having mixed emotions and guilt at the moment. Why would I do this to myself, why do I hate my body so much? I know every vagina is different and all beautiful! I think I will eventually be happy with my outcome but it's weird as much as I have hated my labia over the last 15 years especially, I feel a loss! I know it sounds strange to say that but this is an emotional journey!

2 weeks post op labiaplasty

I saw my surgeon today two weeks after my labiaplasty. He said I am healing well and seemed to be pleased with the results. If all is well in two weeks I will send him a photo rather than make another lengthy snd expensive trip to attend the out of town appointment. I am still itchy on and off but he said it's a part of the healing process! Cannot wait until the stitches start dissolving! My labia is very firm at the moment and my outer labia still feel firmer than normal! I guess it's only been 2 weeks !!!

Day 18

Well today marks day 18 post labiaplasty. I just got my period yesterday so have been using a pad which feels really uncomfortable. I noticed a few days back that it appeared one of my stitches split, of course it was the day after my post op with my surgeon in which I had to fly to Toronto. My lovely nurse Kim said it will heal on its own by " second intention healing" and told me to take it easy and keep the area clean. Dr J was not in the office that day but she will show him my photos tommorow. I'm still taking antibiotics and I am so itchy again. I don't know if I have a yeast infection or this is part of healing. It I am going to go buy a oral yeast pill. Yesterday was very uncomfortable as I was so itchy, on my period and was experiencing " electric Shock " pangs in that area, allegedly this is nerve regeneration/healing but yikes. A few days I will be 3 weeks post op, to be truthful I'm tired and want to feel normal again but I know I have to be patient! I will post a picture when my period finishes.

Dr Martin Jugenburg

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