29 Two Children...Tummy Tuck Surgery Booked for April 2014..Cant Waaaiitt!!! - Toronto, ON

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Hello all Real Self members. Today I had my...

Hello all Real Self members. Today I had my consultation with Dr. Martin Jugenburg located in down town Toronto inside the Fairmount Royal York Hotel( a beautiful hotel) I was greeted by Sarah and Rebecca who are both extremely welcoming and comical. My appointment was for 9 am, however I did not get up to the office until 9:15 (construction). I showed my drivers license and health card, answered some questions about my medical history and then had the pleasure of meeting with Kim. Kim was so kind and made the consultation so relaxed. Kim was very informative and made genuine small talk. Unfortunately the patient before me did not stick to her 15 minute time slot, so I did not end up seeing Dr. Jugenburg until 10:45 (or so). Kim was very apologetic and gave me some reading material, she also popped in every now and then to check up on me.

When I finally got to meet Dr. Jugenburg he too was apologetic and had a very calm and humbling approach. He asked a few questions before I showed him the "pouch". He then proceeded to take a few pictures (front and side views). After that he explained that I would need a full tummy tuck (sigh...lol) and uploaded the pictures that he had took and showed me exactly where the work would be done.

I had already gone into the consultation with the mindset of booking the procedure, however after meeting with both Kim and Dr. Jugenburg....I made the decision today and put down a deposit (non-refundable) for confirm my surgery date.

I am now awaiting to hear from another lady (she was not in and my apologies I do not remember the name Kim gave me, I think it may have been Nora but do not quote me) to provide me via email with some more forms to fill out and provide my doctor with.

I am so excited and looking forward to April, I am leaving for Jamaica this Sunday...so I am just happy allll over.

I will update my profile with more pictures and reviews as I go along.


April 23 2014...I did it!!

The time flew from my initial consultation to the actual surgery date. I must say that the real self website helped me so much along with some youtube videos. So I did not have much jitters going into the surgery. Oddly enough my biggest concern was being put to sleep (do not watch the movie Awake before your surgery..lol) My surgery was booked for 7:30 am, my bf,father and I arrived at the site at about 6:30 am so that I could check into my room. Once I did that I messaged Kim to let her know I was there and she told me that both her and daughter Jugenburg were in the clinic and that I could come down.

As usual Dr. Jugenburg was friendly and welcoming. I gave my bf and father a hug and a kiss and then went with him to talk and prepare for the surgery. Prior to the surgery I had picked up all the prescriptions so on the day of surgery I took about 6-8 tablets. I chatted with Kim for a bit, met with the Dr and had some pics taken of me, then he marked my body and reassured me that everything would be fine. Finally the Anesthesiologist came in, introduced himself..made a few jokes and he too was more then confident that I would be fine.

Moments later I walked into the operation room, where Dr.Jugenburg,the anesthesiologist and the general manager were there. They all made some small talked with me, I was setup with the IV and then I was given some oxygen and told to take some deep breathes.

Then I woke up and say that it was minutes to 11. I did not feel any pain, however I was very itchy and had a rash on my face,neck and hands ( I had an allergic reaction to what I am guessing was one of the medications I took). The nurse on hand was very alert and gave me a claritin and bendryl. I remember asking for my bf but was told I had to wait it bit because I had just woken up. I must have been in and out of sleep for a while because I was finally able to see him about 1. Jess (my nurse) along with my bf wheeled me up to my room, helped me into the bed and for the remainder of the day/night I was in and out so I do not remember much. I do remember my dad being there and my bf being me some food which I was more than greatfull for. He even made a late Mcdonalds run for me to..!! My bf said that I had no pain, however finding a comfortable position to sleep in was hell. I woke up with a stiff neck and back.

Day2: (Thursday April 24th 2014)
Prior to being discharged a nurse came up to the room to check on me and check my incision, everything looked great and my bf and I decided to go home. At that point I just wanted to be home and in my own space. The ride home was okay, we live about 30 mins away. Now the fun part was walking from the car. I was hunched over and for some reason I had a cough which I could not control. It was torture, I had to hold my stomach as I am coughing and walking at the same time. Being home was so much more relaxing. However the cough situation was getting the best of me and it hurt like hell. I used a pillow to push against my stomach to try and prevent my stomach from expanding to much each time this explosive cough hit.

Day 3: (Friday April 25th 2014) Still not feeling any pain except for my back from sleeping propped up, I was able to eat, however my portion size was very small. The pain killers (I have a allergy to Codeine) only seemed to make me sleep, so I opted to take Extra Strength Tylenol instead (only as needed and mainly for my back pain due to sleep and being hunched). Again other then the cough I was fine, my parents saved the day and dropped of a reclining lawn chair for me to sleep in. I was in heaven and that became my new home. Walking was still a challenge so I used a gain for when I had to go to the washroom. My bf sponged bathed me each day and helped me get around.


For the first week and a half my days consisted of sleeping and "relaxing". My bf went back to work the following Monday so I was home along for the day, but I just slept and snacked on fruits. My children were with family so I just appreciated the silence, played games on my phone,watched tv and slept some more.

1 Week post op apt: April 30th 2014.

I met with Jess the nurse who changed my gauze, set aside for some sores on my hips from the tape everything looked okay. We (Dad and I) went home that day and I went back to my chair and slept.
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