22 y.o - Open rhino - Toronto - 1 year post op

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Hi guys. I'm Eva - a 21 year old from Toronto,...

Hi guys. I'm Eva - a 21 year old from Toronto, Canada and I'm having an open rhinoplasty on Friday, May 16 2014…. SO CLOSE … SO NERVOUS.
I wanted to make my account on here a lot earlier but had no idea how to do it.. lol fail.
Anyways, I guess i'll start off by talking about the issues I have with my nose, why I chose to do it, as well as how I picked my surgeon & who exactly he is!

Ever since I was younger I've always hated my nose. I've had a few traumas to my face including hard balls hitting me, face planting, skiing accidents, etc. and I know it's had an impact on how my nose has developed. With that being said I also know its genetics because my background is Italian and my dad has a typical roman nose with a bump/hook. So, growing up I was always self conscious of my nose and within the past 3 years I've become EXTREMELY self conscious to the point I don't even like people sitting beside me because of my profile.. Or just walking down the street I always feel the need to somehow cover my nose (crazy, right?). I know were our biggest critics - but getting this done was something I've been looking into for years and researching for years on doctors, experiences, the whole procedure.
With that being said I finally chose my top 3 surgeons and went to each consultation. They were:

1. Dr. Philip Solomon
2. Dr. Richard Rival
3. Dr. Oakley Smith

I will save the reviews for another time. In the end I felt very comfortable with Dr. Oakley Smith - and he is my surgeon. I am having an open rhinoplasty and the things corrected will be

1. My profile - to be made straight
2. The bones around the width of my nose will be brought in
3. The projection of my nose will be brought in to be smaller
4. My tip will be reduced/slightly rotated
5. My breathing will be fixed

These pictures are my before pictures….

I am so damn nervous!!!!!


Tomorrow is the big day!
ALSO - if any of you have instagram, I post a lot more often on there. *Removed by RealSelf staff as this part of the update doesn't adhere to community guidelines*

It's so nerve wracking/exciting. I've wanted this since I was like 16 years old. Today I have to call in to find out my surgery time and run out to get some last minute things. I think the thing I'm going to miss most is not being able to work out since I'm such an active person - But I'm sure in a few weeks I can get back to it.

As for this post I'm going to tell you all exactly why I chose my doctor & the important things I went over to finally make my decision. For any of you going through consolations and/or thinking about getting a rhinoplasty here is exactly how I came to my conclusion.

I've been researching into rhinoplasty for over 4 years and only really took it seriously and more in depth within the past 2 1/2 years. I've researched the shit out of it.
I finally decided to book my consultations - and for those of you who are in this process pick at least 3 surgeons, or more before you make your final choice. Each surgeon has a different out look and perspective and technique. Also - you need to know what YOU want done to YOUR face so that when you get to their office and consult with them you can tell them exactly what bothers you, what you want fixed etc. You should pick a surgeon in who you trust. Also take a look at their photo galleries of before and after work they've done, reviews online or from others who've had it done, other peoples experiences with that surgeon. RESEARCH THE SURGEONS FULLY IN DEPTH BEFORE BOOKING YOUR CONSULTATION. You are paying to see them - so research them.

Once I found my top 3 surgeons I then made a list of about 25 questions I was going to ask each of them. This was everything from: are you board certified, how many years have you practiced rhinoplasty, how many revisions do you do of your own work, can you achieve my results, etc.

I first saw Dr. Philip Solomon - I can not say anything good about him. I read a lot of reviews, some good, but most were iffy in the way that he rushed his consultations - didn't seem to care about his patients etc. I still booked an appt however because I thought his before and after pics were quite good. When i went in I was literally in and out of his office in 3 minutes, maybe less. After paying $175 bucks. I felt so confused, he didn't answer anything and didn't want to address anything on my nose besides the bump which I didn't like. I've heard from other people he is just after your money and I could not agree more. BIG NO.

Dr. Richard Rival was the 2nd one I saw - I liked him. Very personable and caring. However - I just didn't like his approach. He is known for very conservative and minimal approaches in which he mainly keeps the nose to look the same and only takes off what he really thinks is necessary. Just removing my bump isn't my only concern. So that was a no.

Dr Oakley Smith was actually the final doctor I visited and from the moment I met him we clicked. He spent at least 40 minutes with me even when other patients were waiting to make sure all my questions were addressed and I felt comfortable. I had 2 consultations with him before booking my surgery and he made me feel as relaxed as possible and made sure I understood everything in great detail. He sketched out and drew my nose, showed me exactly what he would do, what he hopes to achieve and was very honest with me. He answered all 25 of my questions plus more, always replied to my emails even though I know he's a busy man and made me feel not confused at all after leaving his office.

If any of you are in Toronto or Ontario - I would highly recommend him. I have yet to have my surgery but so far I think he'd be a great choice.

I am shitting my pants lol. I am honestly so nervous!! But so excited to finally be able to do simple things. Like wear nice hats, have my hair up in a pony tail without feeling like my nose is the most prominent feature on my face, etc.

I will update tomorrow after surgery!


6 am surgery.

I called the admitting department today & I have to be there for 6 am tomorrow.. I live about 40 minutes outside of the city so I have my alarm set for 5am. My mom and dad both took the day off work and I'm lucky to have booked my surgery on the long weekend because they both have the Monday off. My mom is the best. She's the most loving and selfless mom ever! She took the day off work today so we could run around last minute to pick up some things. Then she booked me at a spa from 4-8pm! Holy crap. I got a full body massage, feet and hand massage, scalp treatment - the works. She said that I'll probably feel like shit the first couple of days so hopefully that made up for it *tear* cutest mom ever. Anyways, I got this huge pillow with arm rests attached that's gonna be my sleeping buddy for the next couple of days along with 2 pillows propped up with a U shape neck travelling pillow (the ones you sleep with on the plane). As of now - I'm about to shower & head to bed.. Gotta be up early & I'm pretty sure I'm his first patient of the day. Adios! See you all on the other side.

4:40 am

My parents woke me up at around 4:40 this morning & were on the road. I got probably 5 hours of sleep which is good because I thought id get none.
Probably from the whole spa day yesterday. I'm so nervous....

I just pray it all goes smoothly.
My stomach is already turning.

I'll update a few hours post-op.

Here we go...

And, it's done.

Hi guys.

I'm about 5 hours post-op right now. I got to the hospital at around 5:30 and checked in for 6 at admitting. From there we were brought to the Pre-op unit and waited until my name was called. The nurse then took me to check my vitals, change me into a gown and slippers and TRIED to give me the IV which failed because 1) The needle was too thick for the vein on my hand and 2) I was extremely nervous and nachos so it collapsed. I felt so sick heading back to the waiting area that I headed to the washroom and almost fainted. The room was spinning and my mom had to put a cold paper towel on my neck and forehead as I sat on the toilet just taking deep breaths - not a good feeling what so ever.

Once I was okay, about 10 minutes later, I headed back to the waiting room & from there a male nurse came to get everyone there who was having day surgery to bring us into the O.R waiting room. Then, at about 8:00am my surgeon came out and sat beside my parents and I. H
He showed me the paper with everything we discussed in consultations - the drawings he had done and the things that were going to be fixed. I was so damn nervous. My parents gave me a hug and I was off.

When I arrived in the OR there was about 3 female nurses, and my male anaesthesiologist. They were all extremely friendly and tried to calm me down as much as possible. He then gave me laughing gas so I would relax as he put the IV in the same hand as before. I couldn't stop laughing. He asked about my plans for the summer - I told him I'm going to Italy and the last thing I remember was him saying well awesome.. just picture yourself on the beach..

I was out like a light and woke up in recovery.
Waking up was strange - I don't remember much besides a nurse telling me you're waking up now, and the surgery was over. I slept for a bit and was in there for about an hour while they were checking my blood pressure every 15 minutes or so. Once I was getting more awake they wheeled me out into a separate hospital bedroom where my parents were.

They told me when I was done surgery that Dr. Smith came out to them and told them everything went as planned, was very smooth, no complications and he was very pleased with the results. He then showed my parents a photo he took of my side profile while I was lying in the operating room and my dad and mom said it looked amazing and suited my face perfectly. That I had a cute little nose. My parents were skeptical that it would look too smushed in or close to my face because we agreed to bring in the nose a bit but hearing them say it looked great is comforting. I'm starting to swell, mainly on my cheeks and upper and lower lip.

My surgeon prescribed me percocets and oxycodones and I have no pain other then it's a bit uncomfortable on my nose - more like a pressure. I also don't have packing in my nose so I can actually breathe through it quite easily.

As of now I'm going to keep icing and sleep.. I'm so exhausted.

Thank you all for your well wishes & prayers.

Rotated tip question?..

Okay so,
When I got home my brother saw the photo along with my mom & dad again as my surgeon sent it to their email after my surgery.
We both agreed to rotate my tip up SLIGHTLY. But - as of now it is quite high. I can see it because my upper lip is swollen and pulled up a bit. My brother is 18 and looking at the picture he said it's good but the tip has to drop. That the tip is quite rotated high right now.. And it worries me.
Do any of you know from personal experience if it drops over time? I'm so scared. I don't want to have a pig nose..... I know it's gonna be super swollen for a few weeks and months but I just really hope the tip over time drops and sets into place. I see him Wednesday to remove the splint I believe so I will ask him then.

Eep, trying not to stress and just focus on resting and relaxing right now :(

12 hours post-op.

As of now I just feel really tired & pressure on my nose - no pain though. These narcotics work wonders. I'm so stoned when I first take them that I need to keep my eyes shut cuz my eyes become to heavy.
I decided to take a look under the drip pad and it was SO WEIRD to not see my nose.... It is definitely a lot smaller, and more porportioned to my face. It looks even and symmetrical even though it's super swollen and kind of a yellowish colour. It looks so small because I'm not used to it and the space between my upper lip and nose is really big - so it looks kind of funny but I know that's because I'm swollen as shit and the tip needs to drop eventually. I have about 3/4 stitches it looks like.

My upper and lower lip are swollen and so is the top of my nose under my splint.. I can feel my eyes beginning to bruise.

Eating freebies & icing my face at the moment.

Peek at my new nose!

Here's 24 hours post op. I'm very swollen but no bruising. I look piggish because of the swelling and my upper lip is huge. I have a slight head ache and pressure in my nose but the Oxys are helping. I've been cleaning my nose every hour with a Q tip and hydrogen peroxide. Can't wait for a few months to see how it looks. I can't be too critical because it's only one day after surgery but so far I love it. I definitely made the right choice with Dr.Smith and he said he was very pleased with the results after I woke up.

Day 2.

Day 2 has been the worst so far. I am SO swollen to the point the space between my eyes has become so large it overlaps my eyes - I look like an avatar. The swelling is getting worse beneath my eyes as well but I haven't bruised yet. I was so uncomfortable today - I switched to advils as the Oxys during the day where too much and making me extremely loopy and stoned. I only take them at night now so they can make me fall asleep and knock me out fast. I find taking them is the only way I can decently make it throughout a night. I was sleeping with 3 pillows stacked up but it's been killing my neck so my parents actually went out to WalMart and bought a recliner (one made for outdoors - like a lawn chair kind of) but it works great because I can adjust it to how far I want to rotate it back and it levels out my whole body while maintaining an angle good for my nose to still drip (about 45 degrees). I then put a pillow behind my head and use two blankets since I get cold at night. This is going to be one long procress. My forehead and nose look like they're one - I can't see any definition because I'm so swollen but I hope when my cast comes off that my healing will quicken up. I know it's going to take a long time so I need to learn to be patient.....

Back off to bed.

Selfie Update

Avatar style.... Day 3.

Swelling to the extreme

Holy crap. My swelling last night was pretty bad between my eyes and under my eyes but now it's moved down my face to the point where I look like a chipmunk and had my wisdom teeth removed. I don't think I will bruise at all since I haven't yet but I am swelling A LOT. I can't close my lips anymore because my upper lip is so lifted and swollen and my cheeks are huge. I woke up this morning around 2:30 am to go pee and almost screamed when I saw myself in the mirror. I hope it begins to go down.. Wednesday I see my doctor to remove stitches which I'm nervous about - ugh. And I hope he can help clean some of the crap up my nose because I've been cleaning it every hour but it's conjested now - probably because of the swelling. No idea. Ugh. I know the first week is the hardest but I really hope this swelling starts to go down....... Anything you guys did to help? I'm going to keep icing and I heard bromelian helps? I don't know.. Gah :(

My new nose

Hi all.

So, after my surgery when I was knocked out in the recovery room my surgeon actually snapped a picture of my finished nose in the operating room and emailed it to my parents.
It is now day 5 post op and I only decided to look at it now. I was so nervous to before because I was scared I wouldn't like it or maybe it wasn't what I pictured..

But - I LOVE IT.

In the picture you can tell it's piggy like and upturned but that's because over time it's gonna settle and drop.
P.s - The tubes in my mouth are the breathing tubes.

What do you guys think?

Before - After

Cast Removal - 1 week post op

Hi guys,
Just got my cast off and splints out about 2 hours ago.. I was so emotional.
My surgeon is honestly amazing & I couldn't have picked a better one. I honestly love him as a person and as a surgeon in general. We talked for an extra 20 minutes just telling stories and laughing. I can't recommend him enough through his expertise and amazing work plus he's just such a great guy and really passionate about his work.
Anyways, he first took out my splints which didn't hurt at all. It felt like a lot of pressure.
And then he took of my cast & at first I didn't cry looking at it but I did afterwards the more I kept looking in the mirror. I hugged him and told him how happy I was and he agreed that he was very happy with how it turned out even though he assured me it's still super swollen - especially my front profile and tip which will take some time to go down but I don't even care because I know it'll get better with time.

This whole process was worth it & i can't wait to see my final results in a year.

Moments After

Profile Shots

Both sides of my face before and after - day of cast removal


Very happy with my new nose! The front is still a bit wide as its swollen but everyday I can tell its going more down in swelling. It's weird not being able to smile though. It feels so strange because my nose feels pressure on my bridge when I try to smile and only half my teeth show lol.
I'm flying out in 3 weeks so I hope most of the swelling is gone by then!

13 days post op.

I can finally smile! Well, to an extent. My smile is still not 100% because obviously I'm still swollen. My nose no longer pulls or tightens when I smile which is good. I have noticed my swelling is going down bit by bit.

3 weeks post op

Hi guys.
3 weeks post op today.. So crazy how fast the times gone by already.
Healing is coming along good. Still very swollen in my tip, but my bridge has gone down a lot in swelling. I'm still sleeping up on 2 pillows even though I don't need to .. I've kind of gotten comfortable sleeping that way so I guess it doesn't hurt to keep doing it. I still take Advil 3x a day to help with the swelling and I use a saline spray and nasal ointment to help with the bad crusting I had, which is slowly going down. Here's some progress pictures!

24 days post - op

I can't believe how fast time flies... This Friday I'll be 1 month post op. I don't even know how that's possible lol. I swear it was just yesterday I was getting strapped onto the OR table about to shit myself. Here are some progress pics !

1 month post op!

Holy!!! I can't believe it's been a month since surgery day... Idk why but it just flew by so fast it's insane. I am doing really well.. My breathing is already better! I can breathe through both sides now where as before one side always gave me more trouble. Tip is still swollen a bit but can't complain. I'm in love with it and how it suits my face. Couldn't have picked a better surgeon.

1 month 2 1/2 weeks post op

Just some progress pics. So happy I went through with it!!

3 days away from 2 months post op !

Just a little progress of how my nose is doing.
I saw my doctor a few days ago just for a 6 week check up and he said he was really happy with it and that everything looks great. He also looked inside both nostrils and said everything is straight and healing good which is good to hear lol.

I am so in love with my nose! I feel so much more myself and I don't even feel like I have had anything done. I almost forget I ever had this done to begin with. We were actually talking about how quickly I adapted to my new nose. I feel like I was born with it.

My nose does still swell a bit in the morning when I wake up but within a few hours it goes back down. It is no longer numb on my tip really - just a bit where the incision area was but not as bad as before. My scar is also no longer visible which is great!

Here are a few progress pictures!

Almost 3 months !

I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since my surgery...
And to be honest I don't even feel like I had the surgery. It's such a weird feeling now looking back at old pictures.
I feel like the nose I have now was the one I was born with. It's so strange. I've been getting back into my regular routine with working out, drinking lol (occasionally), and I've been in the sun quite often since it's summer - and I'm in Europe (so hot.....) I've noticed that my nose is swollen most mornings but goes down through out the day. I also think it's the humidity and heat here as well.
I am grateful everyday for the work Dr. Smith did on my old big snazole. Seriously though, I couldn't of picked a better surgeon and I don't think I have the right words to ever say thank you enough to him. I feel so much more myself, so much more confident and over all just more content...
Well, here are some update pictures!

Almost 5 months post op.

Not sure why some of these photos are upside down :(

But anyways, i'm 10 days away from 5 months post op.. holy moly!!!
As far as any updates, everything is fine, breathing is better than ever and my nose still swells in the morning when I wake up but goes back down during the day. Um..... my bridge has gone down alot, and my tip is still a bit swollen, but hardly.
As for numbness in my tip, its almost all gone. If i run my finger along where the incision area is its just a tinnnnnnny bit numb but i can still feel everything. The scar is also no longer visible.

so far everythings been going good. If you guys have any other questions you can always find me on my instagram account where I post more often and answer a lot more questions: rhinoplastydiary


6 months


So, I'm about 6 months post-op and it's crazy how fast this process has gone by.
My tip is no longer numb, nor is my incision area - and the scar it is completely gone and faded. As for swelling, my bridge isn't swollen anymore (i don't think) but my tip still changes. In the mornings, my nose is still swollen and then it goes back down through out the day.

What else.... ummm, yeah I guess that's it. Not much else to update on, everything is good, breathing is good.

Here are some 6 month update pictures:

8 months post op

Today I am about 8 months & 2 weeks post op and I had my checkin with Dr. Smith this morning - If you're reading this - Hi! I told you I'd update it!
I've been getting quite a few questions on here concerning my swelling and if I still get it in the mornings, yup I do, but within an hour or so it goes back down.
As for any updates with my snazole, I updated on here before that while I was in Europe this summer I actually hit my nose on the concrete floor of a swimming pool, joy. There was a prominent bump for about 2 weeks and then the swelling went down.
As for now, I'm still over the moon with my results and happy but I could still feel on one side of my nose the difference from the other - although it is slight and no one could tell, Dr. Smith told me he felt it and addressed it too. He doesn't want to fix it yet as it may change in the coming months, but if need be, we will do an injection.
Still 100% happy with my results as time continues - and my breathing is so much better. I always used to be a mouth breather but now we're all good babbbby.

My most asked questions will be answered here all at once (I get inboxed these quite often)

1. How many surgeons did you consult with before choosing?... 3.

2. How long should you research before deciding to have the procedure done? ....Well personally, I took my time. I knew I wanted my nose fixed since I was 16. I waited until I was 21 and an adult to make my final decision and go through with it because during that time as a teenager your mind can change. What if I grew up to love my nose? So I waited. But it never happened that way. I didn't wanna do something I would regret etc. I knew when I was old enough that I would do it at the right time, when I was mature enough to know everything involved.

3. How do you choose a surgeon, it's so scary?.... Hell yeah it is! You're choosing someone to work on your face. But, it's all about research. I researched reviews of all the possible doctors, their background in education, their past patients etc. I looked up everything I needed to know. For quite some time. I then met with each of them and got a feel for if we were on the same page, how they where with me, how they wanted to meet my goals, their approach, etc. It all comes down to which doctor you truly trust and feel comfortable with in every aspect. I wasn't gonna settle until I knew I found the right doctor. Oh, and I asked a lot of questions! Don't be scared to bring in as many questions as you have writen down. Now is the time to ask

4. Is your breathing better? Is your incision still there? Did it hurt? ..... My breathing is so much better! My incision is gone, not even noticable, and did it hurt - no! I was so high on pain killers I didn't feel shit. It was awesome! I just knocked out cold every night. It was uncomfortable yes. But only for a few days.

That's it for my 8 month update, any changes I'll post more soon!


More pictures: 8 months Post Op.

Front View Pictures

Here are some front pictures of my nose - I notice I haven't posted too many of these (sorry!) As well as some before and afters.

10 month post op update

Hello again,
Just giving an update on my rhinoplasty procedure.
I'm almost at the 11 month mark come April 16th. I can't believe in May it'll be a year since my surgery.
Everything is still the same in regards to my older posts. Breathing has been improved. Still happy with it. Most of my swelling is gone now, if not all. I still swell every morning, not a lot, but I notice it.. and within an hour or less it's back down to normal.
Here are some pictures.

1 year + post op

It's been over a year since my rhinoplasty ! Here are some updated pictures. If you guys have any comments or questions email me or message me! Xo
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough great things about this surgeon. He takes his time with his patients and really cares about each one individually. He is passionate about his work which shows and always makes his patients feel comfortable and calm. I've been researching rhinoplasty and surgeons for over 6 years now and have narrowed it down to Dr. Smith. I just got my cast off today and could have not been happier with my results - they exceeded my already high expectations. He is so down to earth, caring and personable. I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone interested in rhinoplatsy or revision work. You have to meet him to know exactly what I mean and I'm sure you'll understand.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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