Breast Augmentation Submuscular 295 cc Moderate Profile Natrelle 410 (Shaped Gummy)

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I never thought I would get implants. Some days I...

I never thought I would get implants. Some days I still can't believe it is happening! But it is... TOMORROW!

I am really into being healthy and natural and grateful for what I've been given. It took me some time to feel that a BA was the right choice for me.
I've always been athletic and active and I feel that over time by breasts have become smaller!

I can not wait to have this procedure done, heal, and get into some bikinis this summer!

I look forward to going through this journey with all of you and supporting you through your journey as well!

12 hours post op!

My Doctor was so warm and welcoming. He really made me feel safe. The anaesthesiologist and nurses were so kind and reassuring.
Everything went very smoothly.
I've taken my extra strength Tylenol, anti inflammatory and antibiotic but haven't needed the oxy yet. We'll see how tonight and tomorrow goes. So far pain is about a 3/10.
Now for the fun part: They look so good! I love them! They seem totally proportioned to my body and even though they are pointy right now they really look nice already!
I will post pictures tomorrow.

Before and 6 Hour Post Op Photos

Day 3 Update

I didn't review yesterday because there were no significant changes.
I had trouble sleeping last night - had restless leg syndrome and only slept 2 hours. :(
Other than feeling exhausted things are good! Pain is minimal and tightness is lessening gradually.
I think they look a little bigger (swelling) but maybe it's my imagination.
The incisions started itching today / hopefully a sign of healing?
Can't wait for post-op appointment tomorrow afternoon.
Still love my new girls!

Forgot to mention...

Although things weren't much different PHYSICALLY on day 2 (yesterday), I definitely got the post op blues. I was so emotional yesterday (sad but not unhappy). I've read that it has something to do with pressure on the mammary glands... whatever it was, thankfully it seems to be gone today. I also forgot to add the pictures from today. Any change from first day?


Hi beautiful ladies, I was so excited to go for my post op yesterday (Thursday) my ba was Monday morning. My Doctor was difficult to read. "This is what breasts look like 3 days after surgery". So that was good (everything normal). But then he kind of looked at them and said "So what are we going to do with you". He took off the tape and showed me the healing incisions (which I thought looked great so far). He then showed me what he would like to see happen over the next month or so (which essentially equated to dropping and fluffing). Then he said "I'd like you to wear a stabilizer (the band) because these muscles (pointing to the top of my breasts sitting high still) are still in spasm and we need them to let the implants settle". So, ultimately everything is fine and I am very grateful. I guess I just wanted him to match my enthusiasm about how great they look so far and how well I've done recovering (I am proud of myself that I haven't fallen down stairs and ruined them or bumped into a wall and popped one - that is literally how low my expectation of myself is from being tired, recovering from the anesthesia, and taking care of kids while mending). I know I am being oversensitive but I almost felt he was disappointed in my muscles for not being more agreeable to his fine craftsmanship. ;) Well hopefully the band will help my body cooperate and these girls will drop by my next appointment (3 weeks). Oh and the band is TIGHT! I actually feel like I am short of breath sometimes. Also it makes my back kink. Hopefully as they drop it will start to feel less uncomfortable.

Day 5 Pictures

6th day

I think they are starting to settle. Biggest complaint now is the knife like shooting pains at the bottom of usually my right / sometimes my left.

Day 10 Update

Last night I developed a fever, aches and chills. I THINK it is a virus I caught from my daughter who is sick but I will call my ps to let them know about the fever to be on the safe side. Hope everyone is doing well. Here are a few photo updates. I have labelled them 1 week (to start rounding off) but they were taken yesterday - day 9 because I count the day of surgery as day 1. xx

Pretty Bra

I bought this bra about 2 years ago but never really used it! It is actually very comfortable. But I'm playing it safe and wearing the ugly surgical one with the band until my next post op appointment.
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