19 Year Old Labiaplasty Trim. Toronto, ON

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Ever since I was little... like 5 years old I...

Ever since I was little... like 5 years old I always thought I looked different than every girl I had ever seen naked. I've hid being naked from everyyone in my life. Then last year my sister told me her friend has a long inner labia and she told me how gross it looked and then my best friend always tells me also how her friends labia is so gross.... of course both of them don't know I have a protruding inner labia. This has really affected me my whole life. I've had multiple sexual partners but never let them reach down there which sucks. I'm only 19 and I'm doing this without anyone knowing which is extremely hard and I have to commute an hour for my surgery.
I know I will never be confident getting a boyfriend until I have this done. I've wanted it for yearss for my own self-confidence and finally have it booked for May 27th! $3000 later.. I'm so excited to finally feel good about myself I just reallyyy hope it turns out well.

6 Days Pre-Op and I'm stressing

I'm sooo excited to get this surgery but now I'm stressing so much. It just so happens right before my surgery that's been scheduled for months, I have job offers that want me to start immediately. Also I was just informed one of my relatives is visiting a couple days after and she loves to hike and be active... GREAT. I thought I would be free in the summer..... wish me luck I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.

Had surgery today

So I had my surgery by Dr. Kasrai today and she made me feel so at ease :) I got to the hospital at 12:30 and registered and everything by 1:30, had the surgery and was ready to go by 2:30! I drove over an hour home and am already home by 4. So I got local anesthesia with no sedation! The pinch of the needle hardly hurt at all, from some reviews I was expecting much worse. Anyways I could use my phone during the surgery and next thing I knew it was done! I haven't looked at it because she told me not to but I've had like 0 pain so far :) not looking forward for the local anesthesia to wear off. P.s. I will post before and after pictures sometime

Post op day 1

So last night it started to burn. I slept fine though. Today's just annoyingg. I'm trying not to walk much at all because it feels like I'm putting so much pressure down there, but the ice melts so fast and I keep getting hungry :( I really wish I could tell someone in my family so they can help me but oh well hopefully in a couple days I'll be fine!

Before surgery

Post op day 2

Well not much has changed. Pretty swollen. I've had to lie to my family and friends why I'm not going out this weekend, I just told them I feel sick. I can actually walk around pretty good and eat with my fam without them noticing. Only thing is when they all get home from work I can't really ice! I'm lucky though they work all day. Not really in any pain just a bearable amount of burning occasionally. There's a really good sale at the mall I'm tempted to go but id probably walk around so slow and don't wanna overdo it :(

Post op day 3

So today I went to the mall for 2 hours and waddled around .. Wasn't too bad but probably shouldn't have! Then I went home and rested and then worked for 5 hours! I haven't had any bleeding since the day of my surgery. After standing for 3 hours my wounds were rubbing against my yoga pants and oh man did it irritate. It wasn't really painful but honestly it just feels like I have a really bad yeast infection- like that burning feeling. After the 4 hour point I was just about dying thinking I'm ruining my stitches. I expected to come home and find my labia the size a balloon but it actually shrunk a bit!!! So shocked the swelling on the left side went down a lot, but my clit is still huge. Anyways recovery is going pretty good so far :)

Post-op day 4-5

So I'm still looking the same! Because I haven't been able to rest today or yesterday due to having to go back to work, the swelling hasn't gone down anymore at all. I realllyyy wish I could have got more days off, I tried. :( If you have a job that involves a lot of walking/bending/lifting it'd probably be impossible for at least a week I'm thinking, probably more. I haven't had any bleeding since the first day so I've pretty much just been commando with loose pants for the last 3 days and it's worked really well, no rubbing. Not in any pain just feel swollen when I walk, really wish I could relax for a few more days but theres no really good time to get this surgery :(

Post op day 7

One week later and swelling finally went down soo much! Noo discomfort today at work :) The incision line is just scabbed over right now so a little itchy in places but so much better today!

Post op day 7 pic

Clit still swollen and scabs but doing good

Post op day 8

Wore underwear today and it was bad! Some scabs fell off. I'm nervous that my clit is gonna look huge compared to my smaller labia because she didn't really touch the clitoral hood :( but it's still a little swollen so just have to wait and see

Post op day 10

Everything feels great I'm really happy so far! It feels almost back to normal Hope the swelling goes down soon :) It's funny I used to hateeee going commando because I could feel it between my legs and now I love it! Haha

Post op day 11

So today I decided it was worth $3000 I'm so much more self confident and have a weight lifted off my shoulders. I am so lucky to have had a pretty easy recovery. I just hope the 2 sides become more symmetrical and my clit shrinks more but if not that's ok too, I'm still happy. I know I'm still really early in recovery so who knows! I was worried about getting the trim because I've seen some get way too much off or very bumpy. I've seen some amazing results with the wedge. Anyway I am happy with my trim and my only advice is to go with a surgeon who is very experienced with labiaplasty. My plastic surgeon said a large part of her practice is labiaplasty so that put me at ease. I did this without anyone in my family or any of my friends finding out so it can be done! The first few days are pretty bad but it gets better quick!!

14 days post-op

So I had my 2 week checkup. She said I can do anything except biking, swimming, and sex until my scabs are totally gone because they would reopen, ouch. I just noticed I still have a slit have way down my right labia :( so hopefully that heals soon. Otherwise I feel completely back to normal I can wear whatever :) I'm really excited to have sex again without those long lips getting in the way haha, a couple more weeks!!!

Post-op day 18

I showered with my ex-boyfriend for the first time!!!!! Amazing let me tell ya. (I broke up with my ex because he moved far away for school but I still see him when he comes home) Anyways I didn't have to worry about him reaching down and feeling extra skin hanging. For anyone considering this surgery, it's so worth it. My labia reallyyy messed with me psychologically for like 10 years. I honestly can't believe some girls have no idea what it feels like, they're so lucky! I used to think about down there every. single. day. and now I don't have anything hanging and it feels amazing. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and don't have to avoid being naked in the light. It's really liberating. The hardest part of this whole process is not being able to have sex!! Hahah I can't wait. When did some of you girls have sex after this procedure?? I know I'm probably going to have to wait another 2 weeks maybe.

Post-op day 18

Still swollen right under the clit and a small scab remains. Can't wait to be totally healed!

1 month post-op!

So today is exactly 1 month since I got this! Everything is totally healed-no more openings. It's even softened up in the past few days. I'm still a little tender right below the clit when I press on it. I'm a little self conscious that my clit hood is still big and isn't hidden so I'm not all tucked in :( it's about even with my labia majora. I told my surgeon this and she said my clit is actually a totally normal size and that my labia majora is just pretty small and some girls are bigger so it covers everything... I hope that's the truth haha cause still a little self conscious. But I still am happy with the results! I haven't had sex yet- I was gonna try last week but me and my boy were too drunk we just passed out hahhah but I'm pretty sure it'd be fine.

Post-op a month and a half or something!

Just wanted to post that everything's great. I had sex a week or 2 ago and no more pain or tenderness! I still have full sensation as well. There's still a small lump that I'm not sure if it will go away but I hope!

Post-op over 3 months

So I guess this is the final result. I am really happy I got this procedure done but I kinda wish I got the wedge- the results are so much smoother and natural. My doctor said only trim would work for me but now from seeing doctors answers on this page that that's not true! I wish she took more off the clit hood but oh well I'm not hanging anymore. I feel so much more feminine and less self conscious. It's just a Lotttt of money to not be fully satisfied. But I am so happy that although not perfect it really does look so much better and I feel great.

More final result pics

It's been awhile!!

So today I wasn't home and when I get home my mom hands me a Christmas card I got in the mail from my plastic surgeon... and her name was on the outside of the card. My mom was like you got plastic surgery???? Anyways I've kept this secret from everyone so I started bawling and told her about it. I think it's kinda weird my plastic surgeon sent me a letter considering it was a really personal surgery and she had her designation on the card. But my mom was actually pretty understanding.. and confused cause she said my labia wasn't protruding when I was really young. But ya anyways if you are young and are scared of telling your mom cause it is REALLY awkward.. I would if she is at all understanding because my mom had NO idea how much this has affected me. But I told her it was worth every penny!
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