135lbs Acup 450cc Allergan Natrelle style 20

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So I've been reading so many women's blogs on here...

So I've been reading so many women's blogs on here and it's helped me tremendously.. Decided to do one my self.. I have about 2 weeks before my surgery date and I am so unbelievably excited.. Not scared at all. They gave me the pamphlet of dos and donts.. Getting my procedure done by doctor Christopher godak.. Toms river nj. His amazing makes you feel so comfortable and answers all your questions. I am getting 421cc in moderate plus profile.. I hope it's rounded at the top expressed my feelings towards that today..

1 week out!!

So I'm exactly one week out and I can't believe it.. Time has been going by so fast.. I actually am started to feel guilty about doin it. I paid in full and talked to doctor about wanting upper fullness and he said either a larger breast or higher profile. We'll see how it goes!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!

Wish boobs and pre op

Some photos of what I want and what I have

Really really nervous

Only 5 more days til surgery day and im getting extremely nervous I didn't think I would be at all. I have a wedding to go to the week after and weekend of have a birthday dinner im going to try to attend. Been trying to go shopping for it now.. Found a button up dress and wore 3 bras in hopes it would fill out the top so I can see how it would look on me. I don't know how accurate that is but it's the only idea I have. Anyone else get this nervous ? I know the njiht before is normal but I feel like I have anxiety my heart feels Very tight.

My stats

I just realized I didn't give any info about myself.. That's important! I'm 25 years old 5'4 and weight about 140. I try to work out atleast 4 times a week ideal to me is 5 or 6 .. I'm a student and server bartender. I hope to be ready to go back to work by day 12 any one else in the industry ?

The Night Before Sugery

'Twas the night before surgery!!! Ahh I can't believe how calm I am right now. From doing all the running around this past week with all the cleaning and buying things and prepping .. Now it's just time to wait! I'm about to go to the gym for my last workout for the next 2 weeks.. Haven't done this in years.. Wish me luck! I'll upload last time of having small boobies!

Post surgery Day 1

Wow! I can't even put into words .. I honestly do not believe it. so I got there at 6:30 am.. Surgery was at 7:30 .. I didn't sleep at all the night before .. But didn't even feel tired. My boyfriend isn't good witb hospitals really bad experience when he was younger.. He almost died but he took me and drove me there. A lot of paper work, placed the gown on took pregnancy test and off to a bed where they pricked me with the IV.. 2 times. Dr. Godek came in marked me up and assured me I was gonna get the look I wanted with a higher profile implant.. Than my boyfriend got the courage to come back and say good bye to me and that's when they gave me my "cocktails" as the nurse said. Haha kinda cute fell asleep few minutes later..
Surgery happened and not even 10 mins later I woke up!!!
I was in EXTREME pain because they didn't give me pain meds while I was sleeping. I was crying moaning felt like I couldn't talk.. No position I laid in seemed to help me. I kept asking when j was gonna leave and I wanted to be with my boyfriend David so bad.Finally after 2 hours of a list of meds I finally feeling better to go home. YOU DEF NEED SOMEOEN BY your side I couldn't get up alone someone has to push my back up. The pain isn't too bad now just relaxing in a recliner ! The best thing ever!!!! Pain isn't too bad except when you stand pressure builds up my right boob hurts more than my left.

I feel nothing right now as far as a change . I still don't know what they look like cause of bandages.
Doctors told me to take 2 Percocets every 4 hours instead of one. Thank ful cause I hate pain! Anyways I'll update again soon!!!

Almost day 2

Almost day 2 of post surgery and the Anesthesia is definitely wherein off pain is a lot worse today. I'm not busying my harms that much except pulling yo my pants after I pie which I hope is okay. Woke yo at 2 am to take more medication.. Two family members said that I should stop taken percoset and that 2 every 4 hours is a lot but they weren't there to feel how bad it was my body has a low Tolerenxe to medicine.. I'm gonna see what the doctor says tomorrow

Pain in center of chest

I don't have pain in my incisions just in the center of my breast .. Is that normal ?

Soo technically its only one day after surgery but for me

Since i went in at 7:30 like to say day 2 is Almost over . Awful pain doctor took bandages off and exammed them And said rneh are didn't where theh should be
?? Always concern about others too

Oops typos above

Typooo doctor said boobs look exactly what they should like! And EVWRYTHING is well yay!

My final sizes were

HP (high profile) Silicone Gel Gummy Bear implants.. 450cc

I just want this day to be over

They say the second day is the worst and im just so looking forward to tomorrow. There are hard as a ball and sore. Doctor changed my prescription to 1 percoset every 4 hours and higher dosage for valum.. I must say percoset was doing so much more for me but I don't know if i can take that much medicine at once.. Plus everyone keeps telling me to get off medicine as soon as possible but I'm in so much pain how can I?!

need your advice

I feel like I have ripples but idk if it's seen the bra help !

Ripples or bra imprints

Ripples or imprint from bra

Post operation day 3

Well yesterday was completely awful! I went out to way for family's 80th bday party and I was shaking in pain. I upped my percoset dosage to 1 1/2 and 5 mg valum in between and feel much better .. This morning I woke up and took Tylonol instead of percocets but it I'm due for another dosage soon and id rather take percoset other than Tylonol to Be honest .. Back pain is painful. The center if my chest doesn't hurt too much like yesterday so hopefully ill be more myself by tomorrow ..
Any other ladies experience with pain have Any advice for me?

How long before they are soft

Why are they so hard all the time?!?!?!? I can barely do anything when there like this

post Op Day 5

Good Morning all!! Well today has been a great day so far for me! I've made major improvement in mobility!! I've taken the advice from many of you wonderful ladies and it's helped me tremendously! Today I woke up and finally showered by myself. With out reaching to high up above where my arms are suppose to be by doctors orders I did end up washing my hair and was able to brush it by tilting my head down.. I feel very little pain today so far! I stood in the shower under warm hot water and let theses bowling balls of boobs I have warm up and I must say it does work! My pain level right now is a 2 with tightness which is absolutely shocking to me because yesterday I was definiwtly a 7 or and 8.. I really guess needed to take it easy. I tried to do too much too soon. On the first day after Sugery I had everything given to me but after that I tried to start doing things by myself. Such as adjusting my pillow, picking up heavy blankets, I did try pulling up and down my pants and I know many women said they couldn't do it and I was doing it with excruciating pain As the aftermath.. I went out to dinner for a family's 80th birthday party on post op day 2 and of course that wasn't a good idea the getting ready and the trying to do everything myself killed me with pain by the end of the night and the next day as well. By Sunday night I had my mother come get me and I love my boyfriend and his family but there's nothing like your mother.. She carried everything in she helped undress
Me she showered me she tucked
Me in and was my little angel. The next day post op day 4 I rested all day I tried to not be on pain meds but once again by the end of the night I had to be.. I sleep fine on my back actually I don't have too much of a problem with it because I think my body is so exshausted from all this weight. I finally feel a little normal. Been putting vitamin e oil for stretch marks and taking multi vitamins.. I still take stool softbers everyday and going to try to do homework cause I am on spring break. I see doctor this thrusday at 12:30. It's in 2 days my boyfriend is driving me. I hope he tells me my recovery is going well! I have pictures Lemme know!

More pictures

When will I feel normal again

This is post op day 6 tomorrow will be a week and OMG i am so tired. I'm on spring break I have tests to study for and papers to write and things to do and I can't even sit straight for more than an hour with out major back pain is anyone else feel this way?

Post op day 8

WOW what a change a few days can make! My boobs are starting to drop my right before my left.. I have been massaging them.. I'm kinda confused about what to do with the one when you push down and in I hope im doing it right I have so updated pictures but I don't like how they really look too much right now cUS ONE IS LOWER THAN THE OTHer which is normal but anyways! I'm still using. Muscle relaxers because my body is not Useto all the weight.. I drove for the first time today! Clearly before I took a muscle relaxer but I go back to work on Tuesday and I hope all goes well! the whole not lifting 10 lbs thing is what is confusing me because I honesty don't know what ten pounds feels like anymore everything feels heavy to me haha

Post op day 11

So yesterday was post op day 10 and I went to a wedding.. I was told by my doctor that i could do light walking that it would actually make me feel better but idk if I over did it.. I did curl my hair and wear heels for 6 hours and was in a tight dress today I feel the effects of lifting my right arm so many times my right boob is killing me im getting scared that I might have moved the implant or something someone please comfort me!!!!!!!!

Post op day 11

I'm getting confused yesteday I thought it was post op day 11 but it wasn't it was 10 and today is 11 .. Well today I went to school and took 2 test.. I hope all comes out well with them it was kinda awful cause I'm still experiencing a lot of back pain.. And yesterday the strangest thing started happening there was burning in my breast they felt like they were on fire! I called doctor she said as long as I don't have a fever she says it's my nerve endings coming back and to put a warm compress on it it will help. That made me feel better because I thought It was from attempting to shave my armpits which.. I give up on! Idc .. It hurts way too much! I go back to work tomorrow! I'm curious if anyone is a bartender or server and how long they wait to go back and pain wise.. Other than that im gonna post some pictures im relaxing now icing my back .. The pain is kinda getting normal but sitting hurts a lot and standing hurts a lot but laying is okay.. Pray for me tomorrow standing for 7 hours .. I have some pictures !! I don't like the way they look tho honestly idk why.. Just feel the scars are really ugly

A side note

I'm losing all my muscle!!!!! My implants weigh roughly 2lbs and change and before I went under I was 141 and today I weighed 136 which means 134 and I'm noticing muscle definition loss ugh why :(

Post op day 12

work wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!!!! I was very careful which is kind of unlike me honestly my boobs done really hurt anymore just right one .. Feel some pressure in the inner wall of my right breast I don't feel it on my left maybe it's a muscle spasm or muscle repairing it's self hoping for postivity I see my doctor on april 8th! Happy healing to everyone I feel that today was hard but I managed and everyday will get easier xo

Morning of post op day 12

Well I thought I would wake up broken and tired but im pretty okay. I was expreiencing in my inner breast a little tender bump yesterday it scared me it was slightly swollen I iced it for 40 mins before bed until I couldn't feel it anymore I do take a muscle relaxed at night just to sleep .. I woke up this morning and I dont really feel the pain anymore but I'm still going to ice it. Have me in your prayers..

End of post op day 13

Ouch left insision is in pain too much walking too soon ... Laying down reading now .. Tomorrow is 2 weeks since operation day! I keep losing weight .. I think its muscle im now down from 140 to 136 minus 2.25 pounds of boobs .. Too laZy to take bra off! Sorry

2 weeks today!

Good morning to you all that have been on this journey with me it is 2 weeks today! I am really feeling pain in my left incision.. It was a little bit of a smaller breast than my right so I think the weight of it is causing me some pain after working so many hours on my feet.. I called doctor today spoke to physician she asked if there was discharge and if it was red I said no discharge but it is red it's still swollen I've been icing it.. My concern is in 2 and half days I'll be back at work and in a fast pace environment and she said that I shouldn't go back to fast pace just yet .. My problem now is no one wants to work for me .. I hope SOMEOne opens there heart for me and says yes. Pray for me hope everyones been doing good. I guess the good part is there is no discharge! Or blood! Just pain :)

Feeling down

It's really honestly pathetic that I write one this website 2 times a day but honestly I feel like no one gets me at all or what im going through .. I feel like my boyfriend and his family is sick of me .. My job is sick of me and I honestly don't know why I feel so sad. I'm so happy about my boobs but feel horrible at the same time.. No one gets how I feel either. I hate how I haven't bounced back like so many other woman out there and it's really just not fair.. Sorry if there's anyone out there that feels this way please let me know I feel so alone.

Feeling bettwr

Have been off all medication for the past 2 days meaning Tylenol and no longer using mucle relaxers at night for sleep either not Tylenol pm.. My back has gotten useto the pain of the weight of my bresast.. My boobs almost cover my scar im like too excited.. I got new gauze I think I had purchased the wrong gauze and it was causing me pain it was drying out the vitamin e oil instead of locking in the mositure. SOMEOne has opened there heart up to me and is working for me tomorrow because it' is beautiful out and I work on the beach I know ppl are itching to come out and doctor said it was not a good idea... Other than feeling a little poor im happier with just sucking it up a little longer. Hope this helps anyone in serving or bartending field. Thanks for all of the support and responses from you ladies it does help. And will post pictures when my boobs hide the scar hopefully only a few more days.. I also felt like I regretted getting high profiled because I feel like they look so fake right now but My surgent said I was too narrow and it was coming out the sides too much he had places 3 different ones in me before deciding.. So I trust him I know in the end it will look exactly how I want it to be but right now they are not attractive to me. I engaged in some sexual activity against doctors orders I couldn't wait any longer I was feeling good enough to do that so I guess I have to be feeling better ;)!!!


Okay so im a righty but I've noticed I do a lot with my left too besides writing I eat with my left hand I drive with my left hand.. My left boob seems to have dropped a little more than my right.. My right side was also bigger. Still not passed the scare line. still very hard.. You can still see the implant.. It's only two fingers away from my coller bone on both sides but left side doesn't have a swollen round top to it like my left.. If someone understands what I'm saying please let me know! Okay so I have a full schedule of work this week Tueday Prob a 9 hour day and wedneday as well saturday night a 6 or 7 our night it's raining which im kind of happening about cause im serving. I know the lord is with me. And Sunday Easter im behind the bar another beautiful blessing less work than servings and I'll be past 3 weeks. I propped myself up by accident this morning with my right hand and I feel some pain I know I didn't do anythingn but strain myself but I always get worried. If this helps anyone psalm 91 and 93 really help me. Happy Sunday to everyone! I have more reading and homework to do but gonna try to stand on my feet more to see how if feels haven't done that too much since work last Wednesday.

almost 3 weeks!!!

Okay well let's start off with gettin on the scale to of successfully lost 9.5 pounds. Wow all from pain I guess and my body using so much energy repairing itself im assuming...
Second.. My boobs have dropped a little more !! And the pain in my incision that I had experienced on my left is nw happening to my right.
I feel so much better this Monday than last Monday big differnce one week will make. I have a question tho
When rubbing my scars and my boobs drop I feel like on my left the implant is like above my scar and on my right I feel like it is on the scar any one else know what I'm talking about?!

Before picture .. And than day 2 to day 18

20 days post

2 days make a big difference!

3 weeks today .. Boob greed

So it's 3 weeks today I updated yesterday with pictures you can see they are really finally dropping. Im getting a little greedy. I was very patient but right now it seems like they are just way too small and Im not that happy. I'm gonna keep my head up about it tho still have 3 more weeks before I'll get the final "look" down

bartenders and servers make sure you have a work place that will understand what your going thru.

I served yeaterday first time in 20 days.. I work in a fine dining italian resturant on the beach. It was hard tray server hurt my chest a lot. I called doctor he said it's too much and that I can not serve. I am a bartender tho and was hoping to bartend still and unfortunately they don't want me back until im 100 percent im devestated I know it's for my own good but I prob won't be back until 6 week mark!!!

Over 3 weeks

Still not natural looking yet.. But scars are healing nicely. Can't wait to be able to have them feel and look real. This journey is so long! Projection is amazing scars are healing nicely just want them to drop a little to be hidden more and they have soften up finally

Will they ever drop!?!

My bodyy is like Not giving To gravity at all.. It's killing me!!!! Ladies has anyone experienced pretty awkward looking boobs at 4 weeks? Looks great in bikini but so different nAked

It's BEEN 1 month!

So this morning I went to doctors appointment for 4 weeks post. Said im cleared to go back to work as me 100 percent I can lift a case of beer! Which I think has to be over 20 pounds.. Said to not lift heavy above my head I'll just take it slow im okay with that. I've developed 2 mondor's cords under each breast.. That's why I was in pain underneath my breast..

I was given a compression strap to use help drop my breast cause they are still so high. I see him in 6 weeks. I was given either free Botox or free latisse a eyelash strengthening and growing treatment just for picking Allergan implants! I was also given a free microdermabrasion session too! Love my doctor!!

Waiting game

One is dropping one is not.. Purchased new underwire brA


Okay for the ladies out there that have had there implants longer than 4 weeks.. When they start to get softer do you notice the shape changing a little I feel like they keep looking uglier as they soften up I know 3 months is like the finally look but it's creeping me out. Just want to know if you felt this way ??

5 weeks

My boobs are just not big enough! I want them bigger .. Left is dropping so slow.

I got measured!!' 5 weeks!

I am a 34D! Got a Demi bra from Victoria secret yay!!!

6 weeks!

6 weeks and I'm experiencing muscle spasms like crazy. Doctor says it's completely normal cause I'm doing normal activity now and body is adjusting.. I have acne on my chest wish I hate. My left still is taking grand old time dropping but they are starting to look better each day!

I'm obsessed

6 week mark is where I'm like wow I really love my boobs! I do have burning sensations every now and again especially day after working out at the gym but doctor says its normal. Love them in clothes!!

What people have been telling me

I am 7 weeks and 3 days post op, when I saw my doctor at 4 weeks he noticed that I looked extra nice wore make up did my hair got dressed up.. I figured the last time he saw me I looked awful so maybe he was just complimenting me. I recently had outbreak of acne all over my chest back and face I went to dermotologist.. I've been struggling with acne for years so we tried something new this time an anti fungal antibiotic and it's really working !!! My skin is looking amazing. I got my nails, eyebrows, and lip done on thurdsy and yesterday at work I couldn't stop getting compliments that I look great .. My boyfriend told me that I seem so much happier lately and not too grumpy anymore and that's when it hit me! I AM FINALLY CONFIDENt!! All theses years feeling insecure and I finally am acting the way I feel which is amazing! My boobs have made me happier, more confident, nicer and overall made me feel great about myself. I useto be so hard on myself and I know it's embarrassing to say but I felt inadequate about not having breasts that I would kill myself in the gym and not eat to be skinny and lately I've just really been enjoying life.

Pictures at 7 and half week post


New BrAs and Bikinis!!! SO it's so strange but I've had sore boobs And morning boobs still to this day.. It's been getting better but laying Down for to long on one side isn't too comfortable .. I am now 2 months post op 8 week and I'm loving my boobs they are not too soft yet but everyday gets better! I am active at the gym and at work still haven't tried push ups yet tho

Pictures didn't upload

So it been 10 weeks

And they are finally starting to giggle! I went to doctors and she said they still have a lot more dropping to do to keep massaging !! I'm almost back to my complete working out routine minus chest. It feels very weird and very uncomfortable and id rather not do it at all.. I feel sexier than ever! And my life has changed! People open doors for me now and let me cut the line. I now feel like my butt is too small and I need to grow that in the gym!! It's always been the opposite tho where i worried about my boobs lol luckily I can grow a but!

7 months post op

Update 8-11 months post opp

Feeling like they are my Own but I wish they were bigger !!!!

Before and after

If you want a natural look and someone that actually cares about you this is the doctor to go to. My results are amazing and he spent almost 2 hours with me the first day after a complimentary consultation. He showed me what my breast would look like using the computer and printed out a copy for me. I knew the moment after seeing him and his wonderful staff which also mailed me out a folder of information for me to look over before my consultation. Everything about this place is top notch.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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