30 Year Old with 3 Children/breastfed - Toms River, NJ

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My decision to have my chest done is based on my...

My decision to have my chest done is based on my desire to be completely content with my body after 3 children. When I do the math between pregnancies & breastfeeding, my body has provided on someone else's behalf for 70 months. So at 30 years old, it's my time to be proud of not only what I created with my body- but my body itself.

On 6.1 I went for my consult for breast augmentation with Dr. Godek of Toms River. I assumed I would be discussing implants with a breast lift but was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that no lift was needed!!
The staff was lovely. From the moment I arrived, every member of the team was kind & respectful. The consult included paperwork review, photos, meeting the doctor for Q&A & an exam, followed by a discussion in the doctor's office, & lastly a one-on-one with the patient coordinator.
• The paperwork was very straightforward. All registration forms were mailed to me after the appointment was made & I brought them with me. This part of our meeting was to discuss & confirm my answers, including my procedure goals.
• The photos were the most awkward part in my opinion- just standing there with a giant camera with my top off... But the environment & nurse put me at ease.
• The doctor came in soon after to introduce himself. He was very kind & personable- I was very comfortable in conversation. We went onto discuss my photos, take some measurements, & we spoke about what I would like out of my breast argumentation. This was also when he told me I would not require the lift I had convinced myself I needed!! Not only was this based on the shape/placement but because of my desire for a natural looking breast.
• Prior to our discussion in the doctor's office, the patient coordinator joined me. Catherine is extremely welcoming & offers a great energy to a situation that can be quite uncomfortable. She stayed for the meeting that included a discussion between saline & silicone, as well as seeing a computer generated photo of before vs. after. We discussed the timeline of procedure/recovery for breast augmentation & Catherine then brought me to her office to discuss details. I was shown a breakdown of cost for surgery if I chose to move forward. Now it's important to mention that I was not "shopping around" for a surgeon or a price point. I knew walking into the consultation that if I liked what I saw, heard, & felt- I would be scheduling an appointment with Dr. Godek based on his reputation & referrals I received while researching in past months. That said, I made my appointment for June 28!! The planned procedure is for subpectoral augmentation with silicone implants. I have scheduled my blood work for this Monday 6.6 & my next appointment is 6.15.

I'm looking very forward to my journey!! More updates to come :)

It is finally starting to hit me...

While running I realized how much I am going to miss my ordinary activity level during the healing process in upcoming months.

Being active is a lifestyle I have chosen & it has become a huge part of who I am. It will be difficult to not have the weight room & running as part of my daily routine during recovery. I assume this loss will make me very restless but I know how important patience will be to my recovery. I hear that this is a common concern for many breast augmentation/surgery patients but the reality of it all did not hit me until mile 3 this morning.
Toms River Plastic Surgeon

I am very happy with my interaction at the consultation, so much so that I scheduled my surgery for later this month.

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