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I'm a 25 year old professional woman who has lost...

I'm a 25 year old professional woman who has lost 70 pounds slowly and steadily over the past 2 years. I'm 5'6" and now 165lbs. My starting size is a 38 A/B. I am broad up top and well muscled. I'm currently 3 weeks out from my breast augmentation surgery. My wish is simply to go as big as safely possible. I like the high and very obviously fake "porn star look." My surgeon and I discussed this, and for my body he is looking to use Allergan Natrelle Inspira round gel smooth implants in the 640-755cc size range. They will be placed sub-fascialy through my inframammary folds. The surgeon I'm using just did my friend's augmentation 2 months ago and I know several people who have had their breasts done by him and are thrilled with their results. I feel very confident with my choice of surgeon and am excited to finally have the boobs I've always wanted.

700cc Rice Sizers

I'm trying out walking around with 700cc rice sizers for the day. So far so good. They're in a DD sports bra.

Pre-Operative Appointment

Today I go for my pre-op appointment with the nurses. I'm 2.5 weeks out from surgery and am starting to focus on preparing at home for my big day. At today's pre-op, my blood work will be reviewed and I'll get all my scripts for antibiotics and pain killers. I'm planning on making one pharmacy run before my augmentation to get my prescriptions filled and get everything over the counter that I'll need.

2 Weeks Pre-Op

Only 2 weeks left until my surgery. The anesthesia department called me last night and I called them back today. We went over my medical history and what to expect the day of surgery as far as rules to follow the night before and how they're going to put me under. A board certified anesthesiologist is going to administer fentanyl and propofol and my surgeon is going to use bupivacaine nerve blocks. I really have no medical history and am a healthy, young adult so anesthesia should be smooth.

Starting My Countdown

My surgery is in 10 days. It's currently Monday and I'm scheduled for next Thursday. I'm dropping off my prescriptions tonight to get filled and am going to do some more organizing around my bedroom to prep for surgery. Taking a multivitamin every day and trying to get plenty of rest.

9 Days Pre-Op

I picked up my prescriptions last night. With my insurance, the 4 of them only cost me $33 collectively. I reread through my pre-op info booklet provided by my surgeon and realized I really am well prepared for this journey. I've never wanted a week to go so quickly before.

2 Days Pre-Op

This past week has flown by for me. It's now Tuesday morning and my surgery is Thursday morning. I'll get a phone call from anesthesia tomorrow informing me of the exact time I'm scheduled for. I'm going to the store tonight to get some food for my recovery. Going to load up on yogurt since I'll be on an antibiotic and also get a bag of frozen peas to use as an ice pack.

1 Day Pre-Op

In less than 24 hours, I'll be at least a DD, if not a DDD, depending on how big of an implant my surgeon can safely fit. I'm hoping he can fit the 755s but I'm going with his judgment. Everything is ready at home. I bought everything I need at the store last night. My day-of outfit is ready to go. One more sleep. It's like waiting for Santa.

Day of Surgery!

It's finally here and it still hasn't really hit me that I'm doing this in a few hours. I think I've just always known that I was going to get boobs one day and so I'm calm because I've always viewed this as something to check off my life list. I took my pre-op shower this morning and made sure not to swallow any water while brushing my teeth. It was weird not being able to put on any deodorant, perfume, makeup or jewelry. I'm a little hungry but can't eat or drink anything. I got a surprisingly good amount of sleep last night and feel ready to do this. I'll try to check in later on after surgery.

Post-Op (Hours After)

I've been home from surgery for a few hours. I got there at 12:45 when I didn't have to be there til 1:15. I went early because I didn't want to rush through filling out paperwork and I also had to pay the balance on my account. The IV that I was stressing about was not a big deal whatsoever. They started me on Versed and fentanyl and also my antibiotic. The last thing I remember was switching onto the operating table and my anesthesiologist putting the face mask on me. After that, I woke up in recovery and had boobs! My surgeon was able to fit 695cc Allergan Natrelle Inspira SRM implants. He said if he had gone with the 755s, he wouldn't have been able to close up my incisions safely. I also haven't mentioned this because this is a breast augmentation review, but I simultaneously got a lip augmentation with Juvederm injectables. I got 2 syringes worth, evenly distributed between my top and bottom lips. I woke up very thirsty and drank apple juice and ate graham crackers. My throat is sore from the LMA anesthesia used but it's already getting better. I ate pizza for dinner because I was really hungry. Took my first Percocet pill at 6:45 and then took my second at 10:45. Going to sleep now and will check in tomorrow.

Day 1 Post-Op

Today's my first full day post-op. I didn't sleep much last night because I struggle sleeping upright so I'm very tired today. I'm not in any real pain, just tenderness and soreness. I went for my post-op/day-after appointment with my surgeon and he is very pleased with how my boobs look so far. I'm obviously very high and tight and so they don't look right because they're not in their final positions yet. My bandage got removed and I was fitted for post-surgical sports bras. I'm happy to say that the ones I was given are for E and F cups. I'm under instructions to get plenty of rest and take pain medicine as needed until I can wean myself off. My doctor upped my prescription for Valium from 2mg to 5mg because I need help sleeping. Other than that, nothing changed. I got my implant warranty info and the device ID card. I go back next week on the 10th, which will be day 5 post-op. At that time he will examine my dissolveable sutures and talk to me amount scar care and massaging my implants. He cleared me today to take Bromelain, Vitamin C, and Arnica Montana to help with bruising, swelling, and healing. I'm going to rest because I'm pretty tired. I've attached some pics from today.

Trying to Upload Pics

This is my fourth or fifth attempt to upload post-op pics.

Day 2 Post-Op Pics

I'm feeling pretty good today.

Recovery Regimen

I'm taking Percocet and Valium every 6 hours for pain. I'm also on day 2 of my antibiotic. Today I got Vitamin C, Bromelain, and Arnica Montana to help with healing, bruising, and swelling. I'm trying to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Icing my breasts is something I'm struggling to remember to do regularly simply because they really don't hurt. I'm so happy with my results so far and I'm looking forward to taking it easy this upcoming week.

Day 3 Post-Op

My incisions are starting to bruise just a little bit and get itchy. My surgeon gave me little round gel packs to freeze in my freezer and use for this purpose. I'm not in any pain and can honestly say that I feel really good so far.

Day 4 Post-Op

My new boobs are starting to itch. Not the incisions, but around the implants. I think this means everything is healing nicely. I don't have any bruises other than near my incisions. My chest definitely feels heavy today but it's not painful. I'm feeling very tired and it's not because of my medications. I haven't taken Percocet or Valium since the middle of the night last night but I suppose it could still be in my system making me groggy. I've spent a good portion of today resting and plan to continue doing so for the remainer of the day. Maybe I'll attempt to watch a movie or catch up on episodes of my TV shows.

Day 5 Post-Op

My incisions are really itchy today and my nipples are super sensitive and tender. When I touch my breasts, they're mostly numb from the skin being stretched. My skin looks incredibly tight and shiny but I expected this because I did get huge implants! I absolutely love my new boobs so far and I'm excited to go see my surgeon tomorrow for my 1-week post-op appointment. He's going to give me a thong bra to help create cleavage and get my breasts facing more forward. This really has been a pain free journey so far.

Day 6 Post-Op BIG UPDATE

Today I went for my second post-op appointment with my surgeon. My first was the day right after surgery. At today's appointment, my sutures were removed and my incisions were revealed for the first time. Having the adhesive strips pulled back definitely wasn't my favorite part of this whole experience. My incisions aren't as big as I thought they would be for the size of my implants. They look really good. My surgeon and I discussed how tight the skin is over my implants and how they are not too close together. He assured me I need to be patient and let my new boobs settle over the next 6-8 weeks. He fit me for a thong bra to wear in conjunction with my recovery sports bra. A thong bra is typically used after symmastia correction to help create cleavage. I had a lot of edema/swelling over my midline so the thong bra will help with that also. I don't have to wear my recovery sports bra 24/7. I can go braless when I'm lying around the house if the girls need a break. He gave me some instructions on massaging my implants to losen them up. He also cleared me to resume light cardio and light leg training. He doesn't want me to use my arms to propel myself or pick up any dumbbells yet but I can ease back into light cardio. I go back to him in 2 weeks to see how my healing is going and to see how my new boobs are dropping.

1 Week Post-Op

Surgery was 7 days ago (last Thursday). I was home recovering for the last 6 days (Friday though Wednesday). I went back today (Thursday) on Day 7. I'm exhausted. I had to get up at 5am to be at my client in NYC by 9am. I didn't get home til 8pm because my train home was delayed. I sat in a chair in a conference room all day working and I think sitting upright for 8 hours really put pressure on the creases where my incisions are. They ache and my incisions itch but they are healing and starting to flake. I came home, took my recovery bra off, washed my hands, and put some bacitracin ointment on my incisions. I used regular unscented moisturizing lotion to rub into my breasts and perform my daily massages. I'm ready for sleep. One more day of work tomorrow and then a three-day weekend.

8 Days Post-Op

Tired. Going to bed. Wanted to post pics though because they're looking pretty.

New Bra Size and Shopping

I'm a big Victoria's Secret shopper and being the highest level of their rewards card program, I had many coupons to use yesterday on Valentine's Day because they were going to expire. I didn't want to buy a lot of bras because I'm only 11 days post-op and my new boobs are just starting to drop. It's too early to determine what my final size will be but I thought I could at least get an idea while I was there. It's been so long since I bought real bras with actual cups that I quickly discovered I'm no longer a 38. Evidently my most recent weight loss and weight lifting has brought me down to a 36. Long story short, from what I tried on yesterday, so far I'm a 36DDD. I bought 2 bras with my coupons and got a free pair of panties. I'm so thrilled with my new breasts. Everything is healing very well and my recovery has been smooth.
Toms River Plastic Surgeon

Consultation & Pre-Op: So far, my experience with Dr. Godek and his staff at The Personal Enhancement Center has been nothing short of a dream. I'm so happy I chose him as my surgeon. He's thorough and likes to see that his patients are well-educated and researched on their options. There was virtually no wait time the days of my consultation and pre-op appointments. His schedule is well managed and the front desk team is friendly, courteous, and punctual. Dr. Godek took time getting to know my lifestyle and body goals. I explained to him that I have a very specific look in mind and that I'm a bodybuilder planning to do my first show later this year. He recommended I speak to one of his team members as she does figure competitions and has her breasts done. He inquired about my job and hobbies to ensure he was making sound recommendations for my lifestyle. He's also a pretty funny and personable guy. Day of surgery: He came in to speak with me before surgery. He met my mother and the nurse I'm dating. He made sure they would be driving me home and they understood my prescription schedule. He took their names and phone numbers and answered all my mother's questions in detail. She was concerned that such a large implant would look stupid on me and reassured her that I couldn't pay him to make me look like a circus act. He asked me if I had any last minute questions and I did. Next he did my pre-surgical markings and we discussed size again. He said he would try to go as large as possible, which for me meant 755s, but that he wouldn't risk quality of surgical technique for the sake of a few extra cc's. In the end he could only safely fit 695s in my pockets but they are full projection and I'm thrilled with his decision. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Godek and the Personal Enhancement Center in Toms River, NJ. I literally do not have a single complaint or bad thing to say. If you want a reputable, board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery surgeon, he's your doctor. He put me first throughout the entire process and never once made me feel rushed or silly for asking questions. He's behind his patients all the way.

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