Just Turned 40...always Had a Double Chin

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I am relatively thin...6 feet and 143lb. However,...

I am relatively thin...6 feet and 143lb. However, I can never lose that stubborn fat beneath my chin. I really hope this works. The procedure was a little painful and I'm still swollen on day 4. I am scheduled for another treatment in one month....I hope I see some results after just one treatment. I'll keep updating.

5 days post treatment

I think maybe the swelling has decreased? But still have bruises

For comparison...pre treatment

10 days post

Still tender and waiting on results. I understand the first treatment provides minimal improvement

One Month post....still not sure

Next treatment is a couple weeks away

Day of second treatment

Just left docs office after second treatment and am still in pain one hour out. Granted, I am recovering from bronchitis and pneumonia so that could play a part in my pain tolerance. I also did not receive any numbing procedures.

Jeremiah (annazon) was a bullfrog...

Day after second treatment....wearing concealer over marks and bruises

Can't see the difference I wanted

Well, it's been over 9 months and I really don't think it worked that well. I'm going to save up to have a lower facelift in a couple of years.
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