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Hey RealSelfers, My name is Maya , I am a 21 year...

Hey RealSelfers, My name is Maya , I am a 21 year old Single mom of one and I have decided I want to get theVGS. I have a BMI of 59.3 I have no other co-moribities other than PCOS which doesn't really effect me. I am actually very healthy to be this big but I still want to get healthy for my son and I don't want to see my BMI get any higher. I have tired all kinds of diets and even working out with a trainer while doing it but I can't seem to get past this platue I have been in since I had my son. Unfortunately my insurance does not pay for it or any other bariactric surgery, it doesn't even cover a physician supervised weight loss program so I am on my own. With that being said, I have 2 options either fork over $16,000 to have it done here in the states of about $5000 to have it done in Tijuana . . . Guess whose going to Tijuana lol. So I have been researching doctors in Tijuana and reading others profiles who went to Tijuana as well. For those of you who did go to TJ, who was your doctor and how was your experience.

Financing Approved !

Financing the Surgery was approved today! i am a little bit closer to becoming the real me. Now comes the hard part. I still haven't chosen a doctor in Mexico yet and I have to get with my PCP to discuss having the surgery over there. I just want to make sure she is in the loop and will be on board to run follow up labs and anything else that may come up once I return. I am also going to start seeing a psychologist and a nutritionist all within the next few weeks. I need to see a psychologist any way to deal with some of the depression and anxiety I have had since forever and I think seeing a nutritionist will help keep me on the right track.

Right now I am I am on the fence between ALighterMe, The Obesity Control Center and BeLiteWeight. Dr Elias Ortiz would be doing my surgery at ALighterMe, Dr. Ariel Ortiz at OCC and Dr. Jose Rodriguez at BeLiteWeight. Anyone had any experience with any of these doctors they care to share . I have already heard about a woman passing after surgery with Dr. E. Ortiz.

The Countdown is on . . . Sleeve Day 11/10/15

I finally made a decision and set a date for my surgery. 11/10/15 will be my sleeve day. I decided to go with Long Term VGS in Tijuana with Dr. Jorge Maytorena. My mother will be coming with me. I am so nervous about the plane ride but I will get through it. I only have to do a 2 week pre-op diet to shrink my liver and I start on that 10/27.

13 Days!

I had 13 days until I am sleeved! I am excited and ready to go, I just started my pre-op diet, it's just low carb, high protein and I am going to do liquids for 3 days before but I am ready to get this over with. I can list my stats since I started pre-op. I am 5'3
HW 345( while pregnant)
SW 337 ( day 1 of pre-op diet )

I'm Sleeved ! 11-10-15

Just updating to let you know that it is complete for me ! The Drs here at LT VSG were great and had good bedside manner. Once I am up a bit more I will give more detail .

Ohh yeah , my Stats .

HW 345 ( pregnancy)
SW 337 (start of pre-op diet)
SxW 326.4 ( morning of surgery)
GW 157

Almost 2 Weeks out

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks out from sleeve day. The last time i weighed was Saturday 11/21 and i was 312.2. I am down about 25 lbs from the start of my pre-op diet. I feel like i am losing slowly but slow and steady wins the race right?. Right now the hardest part for me is reaching my calorie and water goal. I usually do 2 premiere protein shakes and get the rest through things like low fat fairlife milk or my red lentil soup that i blended to a liquid. I get usually 60-70g and goal is 75g so i am close. I am currently on full liquids which i have modified for my bean soup but my stomach has been doing well on it. Does anyone care to share how they got all their calories in on the full liquid phase?

1 Month Post op

Today I am 1 month post sleeve and I am down 17lbs from (11/10) and 28.5 total from the start of my pre-op diet (10/27) i stalled for 2 weeks and it has finally broken, I would like to get 10 more lbs off this month so i can go into the new year under 300 lbs. Wish me luck realselfers!

11 Weeks ( 3 days)

Hey realselfers, thought i would pop in for a quick update. Today i am weighing in at 292. That is a total loss of 45.5 from 10/27 when i started my pre-op diet and a total of 34.5 for surgery date 11/10. I have had tons of stalls. . . i am currently working through one. I just started in the gym 2 weeks go so hopefully things start to pick back up.

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