I Have Wanted a Nose Job Since I Was a Teenager - Tijuana, MX

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So I decided to finally go through with it. I...

So I decided to finally go through with it. I have been wanting a nose job since I was a teenager. My nose was always big, especially the tip, but it was not out of control. That is until I got pregnant. You know how they say your nose gets bigger when you are pregnant? Well, Mine never went back down and over the years one side has gone out of control. People say they cannot see it until I take a pic and show them. I really want this and have been working extra hard to make it possible. This is it.

I am going to Tijuana Mexico for my surgery. It will be performed by Dr. Gutierrez Romero. I am so excited but scared at the same time. I do not want to wake up looking like Michael Jackson. I would die instantly. The doctor recommended an open surgery because my nose is short and he wants to manipulate the cartilage to give me a nicely defined tip.

If anyone has used dr. Gutierrez. Please share your experience with me.

Thank you

I will keep you all posted

Before Photos

Something is bothering me

So last week Tuesday I requested some pictures from the doctor's receptionist. Just wanted to see something other than what is on here. Surely they would have a large collection that is readily available upon request. First she told me they had to be sent to her. I call Thursday after I hadn't received them and she sounded surprised, she assured me she would resend right away. Now I had received everything else they sent but for some reason those pics aren't coming through. Here it is Monday and still no pics.

I don't want to be a bother but this to me is a red flag. My email did not just stop working for them only. I don't even feel like calling anymore. I just want to email them my cancellation request. It's making me wonder if I picked the right doctor.

What do you think?



Looking for other options

So after careful consideration, I began looking for qualified surgeons in the states. I just got a consulation with Dr. elam in Newport Beach. It's going to be more money, but like I said I didn't like the way things were progressing with Dr. Romero. I'd rather pay more for quality. I also think I might be pushing my surgery date back. Hope I don't have to. dr elam seems nice and he 's very experience.
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