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Great Doctor and clean, straight incision. Healing...

Great Doctor and clean, straight incision. Healing well after 12 days, but I am extremely swollen in lower abdomen. Had fluid removed yesterday, but I still look large. The first few days were hell and could have used stronger pain medication. Difficulty sleeping and shortness of breath at times.I am still bent over and my back hurts. I hope to be able to smile about this in a month.

I am 55, fairly fit and size 8-10. I felt it was now or never due to my age. I ride a motorcycle daily and frankly wanted to look sleeker in leathers and create a waist that seem to have disappeared a few years ago. The price was something I could afford, but not the leading factor in the decision. He was highly recommended by other clients and doctors.

Well known surgeon with years of success as a plastic surgeon. Investigation revealed no problems or complaints. Other doctors recommended him. I interviewed many women who had procedures of all types performed by the Dr and they looked beautiful. I was extremely confident in his ability and Im sure in time, Ill be gorgeous. smile.

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