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I am interested in having an extended tummy tuck...

I am interested in having an extended tummy tuck and bbl as the gastric sleeve has left me deflated! No complaints here as it also left me without diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia as well ; ) I am having trouble deciding which Dr. To go with! I like what I read about the Cosmed clinic and recovery boutique but am struggling with which doctor to go with. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

OMG- finally booked my surgery!!! I can't believe...

OMG- finally booked my surgery!!! I can't believe I am actually doing this for me! Dr. Carmonas in Cancun is going to work his magic on me and I cannot wait! I was set to have my surgery when my sister does next week ( she is getting a bbl with lipo) with Dr. Carmonas, however situations at work prevented me from being able to go with her. Bummer, however on the flip side, she will forge the way for me and send many pics along the way, like big sisters do! Lol, she went with me to Puerto Vallarta to get my sleeve in 2012 and looked out for me then too! So now I am 46 years old, +80 lbs lighter, looking really deflated and in desperate need of an overhaul beginning with a tt, and a bbl with full lipo, and maybe a Botox brow-lift just to " lift " my spirits as well during my recovery! I will post many pics, most of which for now make me cringe, as a way to repay for all the people who have posted before me, who have helped me along my way! Please excuse all of the !!! as I am just so damn excited!!!

Going with Dr. Carmonas in Cancun.

Haven't figured out how to change my surgeon!

In three weeks I will be leaving for Mexico. I am...

In three weeks I will be leaving for Mexico. I am having a tt and bbl with lipo. I had the gastric sleeve surgery in 2012 and have lost +70 lbs so I desperately need and deserve this!!! My sister just returned from Cancun where she underwent a bbl by Dr. Carmona of Shape and Beauty. This is the doctor who will be performing my surgery on the 27th and after seeing his work with my own eyes I cannot wait! My sister is a shorter than me at 5'2" and didn't have much fat to spare, however the doctor managed to find it and she was able to get 600 ml each cheek and has come back from Mexico with booty galore! So now I am anxiously waiting my turn. It has been very helpful reading stories on RS, therefore I want to pass my story along as well! 21 days and counting!!!


My bad, typo in last post. I meant to say that my sister received 720 ml each cheek plus some on each hip.

Soooo close!

I will be headed out to Cancun for my surgery in less than 2 days and I am so excited! I have so many thoughts going through my mind right now. How bad will it hurt? How much fat will the Dr. be able to harvest? What will my results be like? What about recovery? Trying not to get all up in my head about this.
My sister just went through the same surgery minus the tt by the same doc, so her experience has really kept my anxiety in check,not to mention that she had an angel ( our sister-in-law who is also a nurse) by her side and who will also be with me!
I am also going to a dentist for an estimate on some dental work that I may have done when I return next spring for the top half of my remodel. I will be sure to chronicle my journey for all who may be interested in the surgeries or medical tourism. Now, I'm off to pack!!! Ps-if anyone knows how to change my docs name on my review, please let me know.

Tt with Bbl

What a trip this has been! So after deciding to have a tt and bbl I made the trip to Cancun with my sister-in-law. When we arrived, Chris our concierge met us at the airport and off to the clinic for lab work I went. The cardiologist was next, and I found out that I had an arrhythmia. Yikes! However I was assured this wouldn't affect the surgery, it just gave me more to worry about. Then to Dr. Carmona's office to be marked! Dr. Carmona who is fluent in English then marked me up and went over the plan, gave me antibiotics and tramadol for pain. I did bring some Vicodin from home but have only used it once as the tramadol has been sufficient for the pain. Then off to the hotel room to get ready for the morning! Hospital Amerimed was fantastic and did really ease my nerves. I am a registered nurse back in the states so I think that I felt at home in the hospital scene, not to mention that the staff was so kind and professional. The hospital was quaint and immaculate and there was always someone who spoke English there to communicate. I received general anesthesia, which always makes me nauseated, so I did deal with that upon waking, however my pain was blessedly little. I woke up on my behind and have continued to lay this way as the tt has made it impossible to do otherwise, however I am not worried as my sister had a bbl last month from Dr. Carmonas and he assured her that she could sit or sleep however she was most comfortable as the technique is what counts with a bbl. she has sat/laid on her bottom since day one and still has beautiful results. I spent one night at the hospital and then back to my room for my shower. Chris from Dr. Carmona's office has come by daily and was there to help me with the compression garment. My stomach was beautiful, so flat and I couldn't believe my belly-button, but I have to say that I cried my eyes out when I saw my butt! It was not what I wanted as it looked square with huge high hips and no cuff left at all. I thought that my before pic looked better and I will say I had a melt down! Chris was on the phone with the doctor who was at my bedside in minutes to calm my fears. He said that what I was seeing was swelling and that it would shape up nicely. He further said that if I didn't like it I would be the first unhappy patient but that he would fix anything I was not happy with in 3 months for free. I had a double drain placed that was draining quite a bit but on post-op day 3 as I was standing up, I did step on it and proceed to pull it out! Ouch!!! I sent a text to Chris and voilĂ  the next morning ( Sunday) Dr. Carmona was at my bedside to evaluate the situation. He used a syringe to drain about 150 ml and will see me again in a couple days to repeat if necessary. My tummy is numb so there was no pain involved with that. So today at post-op day 4 I can kind of see some shape to my butt and it looks like it is settling down lower in my cheeks like I wanted. I still have much swelling but I think it may shape up nicely. I will update with more pictures as the swelling goes down.

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Carmina and his staff ( especially Chris) have been great throughout this whole procedure. I am a nurse and can have diva tendencies when nervous, however he was able to calm my fears and fulfill my dreams. He has been at my bedside twice since the procedure and has made himself available for anything. Dr. Carmona has the skills of a master and the bedside manner of an angel! I will recommend him to anyone who is interested in cosmetic surgery.

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