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Let me get right to it. Insurance would not cover...

Let me get right to it. Insurance would not cover my procedure. My first option was Dr Garcia ($4,999.00) for the single incision. However due to financial reasons I decided to go to Dr. Maytorena ($2,999.00) and the thousands I'm gonna save can go towards my protein supplements, vitamins, garments, new wardrobe etc. I'm 5'5", 215lbs according to the doctors scale.

Stocking up...

I'm so excited for this next chapter, I haven't been able to sleep at night...I'm just really excited. I've stocked up on a Premiere Protein Shakes. I'm waiting on my Isopure to get delivered as I could not find it at the local health store.I'll be making some bone broth the weekend before surgery. This is what I got today..any suggestion or questions please comment below..


So I'm under a week to surgery, I started the pre-op diet. My doctor suggested I did a high protein lo-carb. I decided to do 2 protein shakes, and a healthy dinner. Prior to my pre-op diet, I went crazy eating whatever my mind decided. I gained weight which didn't surprise me. On Sunday I was up to 218. I started my Pre-op diet Monday 11/7/16 today Wednesday11/9/16 I weighted in at 214. So it's not bad. It's hard, I want to eat everything, but I also want great results so I must control my inner I'm posting some pictures. Hoping that by this time next year I will be in my goal size.


So I was sleeved in Tuesday, by Dr Maytorena. I slept really well at the clinic. I had gas, I'm not sure if the gas x Helped.I had this feeling every time I had to get up to pee of strong pressure on my chest like I had to vomit nothing came out just painful gas. The nurse gave me nausea meds. I wasn't nauseous, but at the time I couldn't explain it, I was so tired.In the morning we were taken to do the leak test we then got dropped off at the recovery house. It was very clean and quiet. I was sleeping most of the time. That night we had a second leak test. All was well we were then given chicken broth. One spoonful and I couldn't do anymore I had strong chest pains which I new it was gas. Finally I burped and it came out. I slept through the night. Woke up around 6AM the nurse removed my IV line and allowed me to shower. Around 9AM the dr came in and removed the drain this did not hurt me at all. I was waiting for it to never did. I waited for my ride got a medical fast pass to cross the border faster. I finally made it home around 8pm. I was directed by the doctor to take meds. I did,I crushed them. Five minutes later I puked the meds out. It hurt so bad. I really don't want to take them anymore.

Feeling great!

So I'm 5 days post op, and I feel great. I felt good yesterday just tired and still sore. I was able to sleep on my tummy last night best sleep since VSG!!! I do sleep with a bottle of Gatorade and take sips at night. The first two nights back from the procedure my mouth felt dry, and in my opinion was because I couldn't get enough liquids in. So I've slept with Gatorade every night.Today was different I have energy, I even tried eating a little cream of wheat made with premier protein. I'm tired of Gatorade, broths, Jello and Isopure. The cream of wheat must have been too thick it hurt my chest. Weight loss....Did I mention my breast are shrinking, my face has slimmed down, my belly has gone down. Now my numbers aren't drastic like others because my BMI wasn't high like others. I am happy with the loss.
Pre-Op diet weight 218
Surgery day weight 211
Current weight 205

1 month post op.

I feel great, my current weight is 192 lbs. at week 2 and 3 I did not consume enough water due to my dad being hospitalized and me caring for him. I think I could've dropped more weight, but life happens. I'm still happy with this weight. I feel great, my scars are healing nicely. I can fit size 12 jeans from American eagle. My 14 are lose and I'm constantly pulling them up. I haven't started working out, I'm not rushing to work out lol it's so cold I'm always cold now. I just want to focus on my diet and consuming lots of water, and getting my system regular.
Starting weight. 218lbs
Surgery weight- 211 lbs
Current weight 192

Month 2

I'm doing great! My energy is up. What can I say besides that I'm always cold. I did go to the doctor on Friday and had labs done waiting on results. I've had no problems, besides that when I drink liquids my stomach makes lots of noise and I let out air. After I eat I get the hiccups. Almost like I've been with me being cold my liquid intake has been low.when I do drink it's been coffee or a warm Premier protein Shake. My current weight is 185.2Lbs. Yes I'm Happy with the progress!!!!

Month 3

Let see....well I'm freezing. I can't drink water cause I'm so damn cold. I started drinking coffee with sugar, my protein intake is very low. My hair is thinning out. I'm currently at 180lbs so not bad I'm sure I could've lost more but I'm not doing my part.

7months out

Down 50 lbs...sure it's slow... but my water intake sucks...and my skin is holding up boobs are gone currently I'm wearing a c cup????...i have lots of excess skin on my boobs...but I would rather have this than the excess weight. So far so good. I haven't had any problems. I love the quest protein bars and carry them with me. I got burned out on premier protein...I feel amazing. Current weight is 168.4 lbs. attached is the pic of my boobies...horrible.

Customer service so far is been great no complaints.

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