Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr. Maytorena - Tijuana, MX

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I just scheduled my surgery today with Dr....

I just scheduled my surgery today with Dr. Maytorena in Tijuana, Mexico. I'm really nervous and excited to finally have this amazing tool in my weight loss journey. So far the staff has been very nice and extremely helpful. Rubén is my coordinator and has answered any questions that I've had. All of my paperwork and receipts have been sent to me promptly.

Less than 2 weeks away!!

I'm 12 days away from this life changing surgery! I must admit I'm getting ready to start my preop diet in a few days and I've kind of had a food funeral the last few days. Has anyone else done this? I saw my PCM this morning and got his blessing! I'm so excited.

SW: 224.5
GW: 130

Less than 1 week away

I have my surgery next Monday so I'm less than a week away!! I started my preop diet and I have to say it's a little rough. I don't like a lot of the food that are on there. Cottage cheese is a hard no for me. I just can't do it. It's the texture and the taste. What did your doctor have you do for your preop diet?

I made it!!

Surgery went great! TJ Plast is a beautiful and clean facility. All in all there were zero issues. I'm still kind of bloated so I'm not sure where I'm at weight wise. Ruben (patient coordinator) and his assistant Julia are wonderful!!! So nice and caring. The nursing staff at TJ Plast is awesome. Veronica was by FAR my favorite. She was hilarious. I am extremely happy with my decision to use Dr. Maytorena. He's a quiet guy but he'll take great care of you.

Things to be aware of:
1) get a passport. The guy riding back with us through the border was harassed pretty bad. It's just easier.
2) you MUST book your return flight for 3pm or later, otherwise you should spent the night in SD and fly out the next day. If you don't you'll miss your flight.
3) Ask for your pain meds. They won't give them to you unless you're hurting.
4) if you bring nothing else with you GasX strips are a gift from God and you WILL NEED THEM.

7 days post-op

It's officially been one week since surgery! I'm still struggling with a little nausea and I REALLY want to chew something lol. So far I've lost 15lbs and I'm rapidly approaching Onderland. This whole thing takes a lot of getting used to but well worth it!

Weightless going well.

Just an update but I'm officially 20lbs down!!!!!

I have not met or spoken with him yet.

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