26 Yr Old, Single Mama of 3, Needing Her Old Body Back! Mexico, MX

I'm a 26 yr old, single mama of 3 beautiful kids...

I'm a 26 yr old, single mama of 3 beautiful kids that have took their toll on my body :( I used to have a banging one (tiny waist, 41" hips/butt, and a nice perky set up top) and I NEED it back! I have loose skin on my tummy and a little bit on inner thighs and my booty right now is at 51" but I want it a teeny bit phattet and perkier so I figured if the dr is taking fat off then let's not let it go to waste! I will see if I can muster up the courage to take some pics of my naked bod :/ but no promises. I will however, post pics of my wishes and of course, post op. I am wanting to get an ETT, some lipo on back and arms, BBL, and fat graft to breasts (if possible). I do suffer from pretty bad depression, anxiety, very mild sleep apnea, and some fatigue due to some isnomnia so fingers crossed I'm completely cleared for surgery soon so I can get an exact date (hoping to schedule for spring break). I am choosing to go with Dr. Campos because that man is an artist for sculpting curvy women! I have done an email consult but will need another one and hopefully have a face to face before surgery as well. Yes, I am new to Realself (just lurked for a couple years lol) and I am just getting started on this journey! I am really looking forward to hearing from you beautiful ladies that are on the same road or have already taken it! Any suggestions or tips on what to pack when I'm ready and how to prepare for this surgery??

Pics of my body now

So this was very hard for me but I finally mustered up the courage to post pics of my body now and man is this is depressing. I did not realize just how bad it was until I took a couple quick pictures of my body naked. :'(

Stay at La Casa de Lilas, Beauty Care, or Club Med?

So I am researching on what place to stay at. It's between Club Med, Casa de Lilas, or Beauty Care. Any suggestions ladies...? What should I pack?

Vitamins, diet, and birth control???

I have started eating better and working out a little but I am unsure on what vitamins to start taking for prepping my body for max healing AND I read my birth control (Yaz) is a tad bit higher than others for blood cots as a side affect. That's a scary thought. :'( Has anyone been on Yaz and had surgery? And what about the vitamins what do yall recommend other than arnica tablets...??
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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