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I wished I would have known about the Gastric...

I wished I would have known about the Gastric Sleeve 1 year ago. I did things completely backwards. I got liposuction, fat injections for dimpled areas and a tummy tuck about a year ago. Yes my stomach is flat and I don't look horrible to everyone else, but I just feel frustrated every-time I look in the mirror, and now that I know about the sleeve, I wished I would have done that. Even though the outside was worked on I still have a large frame which makes me feel as big as a house. I have never been bigger than 170 and that was in high school since my last child 8 yrs ago I just cannot keep the weight off!! I have done so many diets I should write a book. I am currently 208lbs and cannot get below 188lbs. I am used to being 143 and feel very happy and healthy at that weight. That weight is my goal weight and just don't have anymore dieting in me. As for the vaginal reconstruction, my sons shoulders were too big and the Dr pulled him out and tore my nerves in the process. It hurt so bad I literally collapsed. I didn't pass out but thankfully I wasn't holding him because my whole body went limp. I am hoping this surgery helps because that area has been numb since then and it causes me to not even want to be sexually active with my husband. I do to keep him happy but I am not pleasured at all. Crossing my fingers. I researched and researched to try to decide who I wanted to use for the sleeve and could not decide as there are not too many reviews or Drs for Tijuana. I came across LTVSG not only do they have a fantastic price, but have a lot of patients that use them and post video reviews and updates. I researched them and have not found or heard 1 bad thing about them, so as you can guess this is my choice the Drs name is Dr Maytorena. He has also allowed me to have the vaginal reconstruction at the same time since I mentioned I would already be asleep and he agreed I could do it, so I found a gynecologist, his name is Dr Herrera. So I am getting the vaginal done first and then the sleeve and since I am using 1 surgery center, 1 anesthesiologist, 1 cardiologist ect... it really cuts down the cost making it $2000.00 for a total surgery cost of $4999.00 I'm nervous but hopeful. will update once I have the surgery.
Oh and most Drs have you do a liquid diet for 3-7 days depending on your BMI prior to surgery, this Dr actually is different, he has you do a low carb high protein diet to shrink your liver. I'm a little skeptic on that, but again he does these surgeries on a regular and everyone always has great things to say. So if it works fine with me to eat regular food before surgery. I'm scared because of what I won't be able to eat afterwards :-) but the way I see it is by eating all the good tasting foods is what has my body where I'm not happy with. High Blood pressure and stretchy clothes is all I want to wear. Not me at all!! But it is whom I have become over the past 2-3 years.
I pray to god this helps me!!

I was unable to rate both Drs. Dr Hererra was my vaginal reconstruction Dr in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr Hererra has been great and answers all of my questions via email with very quick responses. He saw me after surgery and again the following morning. He knew I was still sedated so offered for me to email him with any questions or concerns, which I have. His bedside manner is very good and I rate him 5 stars for everything.

Long over due

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know I am doing great!! I am down to 135lbs from original weight of 208lbs. I love everything EXCEPT my skin looks like crepe paper in a few areas and the bottom of my butt is a little saggy. Scared to work out cause I am afraid if I do I won't have any type f fat what so ever to do fat injections. As for the skin I haven't decided what to do with that. Thinking of rubbing olive oil on my skin right after shower or coconut oil. Not sure if that will change the appearance. I wanted to get butt injections months ago, but the plastic surgeon said I needed to wait for my 1 year anniversary to stabilize ect... which I don't understand. She thinks that if I just exercise everything will firm up. I don't feel this is true BUT she could be taking my money to do something she does and she is telling me no. That is the only reason I am waiting because if she feels this strongly rather than doing the injections and taking my money she is diligent in her thoughts and that makes me feel like there is hope to get a round booty back. I soon did everything backwards. The thought of gastric sleeve never crossed my mind until 1 year after I had everything else done. Hoping I don't need another mini tummy tuck, everything is tight when I stand up, however I do have a minimal amount of loose skin when I sit. Nothing I can't live with, but if it wasn't too expensive I would probably get it done.

Dr Maytorena is very good at what he does and you recover at a recovery house, not a hotel like many others. My incisions are really small and only 3 visible and 1 in belly button. I wish they would take time to follow up. I know he is busy but it only takes a few minutes to make sure everyone is being successful with the procedure.

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